torstai 26. tammikuuta 2012

From negativity to positive approach - by mysterious Microvita.

I attended yesterday an alternative Economic Forum in Helsinki. The concern that people had there, was how to turn the negativity of present world situation into positive; new solutions. Seem like effort of applying positive microvita to neutralize the excess negative microvita at least on thought level with increasing awareness, awakening, love, unity, selflessness, cooperation, local democracy, self-respect, etc. Same seem to be concern in the simultaneous World Economic Forum, Davos; some economists calling for reducing inequality. And same with Obama in his last night speech.

Sarkar: So you will have to become more active and work jointly with maximum speed and maximum zeal to do something concrete with the help of positive microvita.

According to their nature, microvita(1) are of three types – negative, ordinary and positive. Negative microvita function on their own through nature, while positive microvita function through specially created waves. When the waves of positive microvita are widespread, they influence everyone and help in their all-round development. Negative microvita function in a better way in the physical and physico-psychic strata, and positive microvita in the psychic and psycho-spiritual strata.

The desires to attain success in all worldly affairs are created by both positive and negative ones. But the negative ones make a person selfish and the positive ones make a person a universalist. Like this, the longing for physicality or physical wealth comes from negative microvitum, and the longing to attain something cosmic comes from positive microvitum. One does not tolerate injustice when inspired by positive microvitum. Greediness is encouraged if there is want of spiritual practice or spiritual pursuit; that is, in that case negative microvita will increase greediness in human minds. Hypocrisy in the human mind is also increased as a result of the influence of negative microvita on the sidereal plexus.

As a microvitum is the minutest entity, it cannot have a structure like that of an atom or a solar system…By nature it is more energy than matter, so it travels and moves through inferences, whereas other entities cannot move through inferences. The collection of microvita forms a carbon atom.

In order to kill negative microvita before the end of their life span, the number of positive microvita has to be increased by good thinking and sádhaná (spiritual practice)…The disease can be cured only when the numbers of positive microvita are increased, and they devour the negative microvita. There are certain person who can cure diseases merely by touch. The science behind this is also the application of positive microvita.

Positive microvita are concerned with energy or the psychic realm and negative microvita are concerned with the physical body because the physical body contains inferences, that is, matter… Microvita exist in the world of ideas as well as in the crude world. That which exists purely in the world of ideas is beyond laboratory research, but in the latter case research can be done in physical, chemical and biological laboratories.

Good people should not go to the Himalayan caves. Rather, remaining in society, they should serve the society in the physical and physico-psychic strata with the help of negative microvita, and in the psychic and psycho-spiritual strata with the help of positive microvita. If good people neglect the use of negative microvita in the physical stratum, catastrophes are sure to come.

Positive and negative microvita maintain equilibrium in the subjective chamber of the Supreme Attributional Principle. There should not be negative use of negative microvita and there must not be negative use of positive microvita. You should always be positive.

In communist and capitalist countries, there is plenty of unutilized positive microvita because of the excessive use of negative microvita in the physical and physico-psychic strata in the society… There must be full utilization of the accumulated excess positive microvita through sádhaná, service, etc. to solve this problem. The lower plexus is the abode of negative microvita and is the approach of analysis. Communists are only concerned with the lower plexii so their minds are gradually becoming crude. Imperialism is a negative force, a destructive phenomenon, which generates exploitative and unjust conditions in individual and collective life. Such a poisonous radiation of black force attracts negative forces, negative microvita…If the lunar plexus is attacked by negative microvita, the world moves fast towards degeneration, and that degeneration is now active in this universe…

The upper plexus is the abode of positive microvita and is the approach of synthesis. PROUT will be established by spiritual aspirants because the approach of spiritual aspirants is synthetic. So positive microvita has a more important role in establishing PROUT.

You are to do something concrete to save the universe from its depraving effect, otherwise the future of not only humanity but of all living beings is dark. So you will have to become more active and work jointly with maximum speed and maximum zeal to do something concrete with the help of positive microvita. Negative microvita will not help you in this connection.

...Microvita come from outer space, from the extended universe and the universal planes, through sound and other inferences…During the First World War the decaying bodies of dead soldiers attracted negative microvita from other stars and thus the influenza disease originated.

Negative microvita cause various ailments in the human body and mind and spreads them. Negative microvita are not only carried by the inference of smell, but also by the other inferences of sound, touch, form and taste... Some ocular diseases are contracted by looking at the infected eyes of a diseased person, while some other diseases are transmitted by the smell of the particular disease – like cholera, for instance. Although the negative microvita that cause small pox and influenza are carried by all kinds of inferences, they are mostly transmitted by taste, colour and smell. Similarly, from various planets and distant nebula, varieties of positive microvita bring pious, sentient thoughts and elevating sentiments.

When there is the sudden appearance of powerful celestial bodies or a sudden change in their angle of rotation, their gravitational pull may disturb the seasons and the natural order of creation. For example, as a result of the strong gravitational pull of a powerful comet or meteor, clouds may not be formed. Certain deviations of celestial bodies like meteors, comets and satellites take place due to the concentration of a huge number of positive and negative microvita. Movement in universal space is subject to the movement of positive and negative microvita, and this also affects life on earth. The angularity of the movement of celestial bodies also affects the minds of human beings…In all aspects of human life this subtle balance must be maintained. This is ecological balance.

For research into the subtler part of atoms, psycho-spiritual practice is needed. When the cruder part of atoms could give energy for atom bombs, nuclear bombs, etc, much more can be achieved by exploring the subtler part of atoms… This is yet to be seen. When research into the crude and the subtle part of atoms proceed together, then only will there be great benefit for the entire creation. The subtler part is closer to idea and the cruder part is closer to matter.

There may be a shortage of petroleum but elements for creating petroleum are available in the world. We will be able to produce synthetic petroleum. Petroleum can be artificially synthesized with the help of microvita. So this microvita theory will adjust science with time and space. Naturally, there will be a change in the pattern of international commercial transactions as a result of the production of commodities with the increase or decrease in the number of microvita.

There are two types of fertilizers – organic and inorganic. When fertilizers are used, bacteria is also being used indirectly. This bacteria functions in two ways – one is positive and the other is negative. When you utilize bio-fertilizer bacteria, that is organic fertilizers, the function of the bacteria will only be positive. You should start practical research into positive microvita from the study of bio-fertilizers and their positive functions. Microvita will link organic with inorganic. A unified field will be created. The air of the margosa tree destroys the harmful effects of bacteria. It can also fight against negative microvita. This is the reason why margosa is also recognized as one of the five sacred trees (paiṋcavati).

To receive positive microvita, the body should not be carnivorous; it must be vegetarian. Non-vegetarians are not fit to receive the application of positive microvita. If a large quantity of positive or negative microvita enters a person, there may be instantaneous or gradual death. If the body is not properly developed, as in the case of boys below 16 years of age, or in the case of women whose minds are very sentimental, the application of positive or negative microvita may bring about instantaneous death.

In the age of microvita, the appearance of the physical body will change. Human beings will become more psychic than physical, and in the next phase they will become more spiritual than psychic. Positive or negative microvita can affect the protoplasmic cells of a structure directly, and even bring about a change in the genetic structure. Microvita may affect the glands and sub-glands or the nuclei of the nerve cells, and even the transformation of species and the transformation of sex may occur.

As a result of the inter-transmutation of microvita, positive and negative, can a mango be changed into an egg? Yes. If change is brought in the nuclear mass of the protoplasmic cell of a mango by properly harnessing the quantitative value of its microvita, this change can be brought into effect.

Wilcock: Russian scientists, such as Dr. Peter Gariaev, took the eggs from a salamander, shone a laser through them and redirected that laser light with the entire salamander DNA in it, into frog eggs. The frog eggs whole genetic material metamorphoses into salamander DNA. And what you now have is a salamander. It completely and totally behaves like a salamander in every way. It can breed and get salamander babies.

We now have a way to retool DNA from one form into another energetically. What we’re seeing; there are these cycles of time in which this appears to be happening itself in the galaxy. There are also certain cases where gravitation spontaneously transforms into electromagnetism…When you get a gravity-gate like that; you are now able to draw electrical energy out of gravity. So, when you create a machine that actually can create a gravitational field, you also create seemingly limitless amounts of free energy at the same time.
Once trainees in Training Centre in India got strange, deathly disease. One trainee died and all others got seriously sick. Sarkar told that negative microvita in the form of disease had reached from other planet. Then he advised how to cure the trainees, i.e. all materials of training centre had to be burnt and the whole TC to be moved in different location. Also he gave some blessed flowers with mantras to remove the negative microvita. The disease disappeared and nobody else got anymore sick.

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