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New finances on making and Disclosure

I hope this is opening up our eyes to see wider perspective than what the mainstream media displays. And don´t worry things will turn for the best one or another way.

Better you read The whole article: is just shortcut, and notice - I don´t even mention here who said and what, but some are written straight according their text. They claim:

Two huge underground cities were destroyed (in main stream news called “earthquakes”) on Aug 23 rd in Colorado and near Washington DC. Many sources confirm this attack really happened. 80 countries are now in alliance against the Old World Order / Cabal. Fulford and Wilcock discussing, listen Audio: See also background info; Neil Keenan and Keith Scott and other info.

All started from Bretton Woods 1944, Britain, France and the US were given the right to control the world’s currency and make Marshall Plan to develop Africa, Asia and Europe. They instead started to fake a “cold war” with the Soviet Union – designed to support the military industries. Then non-aligned 77 nations pooled their assets into global collateral accounts…to start the Marshall Plans for Asia and Africa. President Sukarno [of Indonesia] was the signatory of the account. President Kennedy agreed to go along and passed a law allowing Congress, not the Fed, to create dollars, global collateral was backed on 140,000 tons of gold. Kennedy was assassinated and Sukarno taken out of office.

The Bretton Woods expired in 1994. The Chinese and the non-aligned nations were pressuring the oligarchs (I call here cabal) to hand over control of the dollar printing press – the financial system. The Fed were told to hand over the gold on Sept 12, 2001.And 9/11, they started fake, global war on terror, in attempt [to control the planet]. Russia kicked them off. They lost control of – the oil industry – and plan didn´t work. While China stopped buying US treasuries, Obama adm tried to offer partnership for China in a world dictatorship; “G2”.

If you look at the statistics, you realize that 90 percent of the world’s savings was being sucked out of the system by the US military-industrial complex. They have big factions in China, in the US and in Europe. In 2006, the Chinese went to Africa, South America etc, and started spending their dollars on real things and the cabal was told that we would no longer accept dollars printed within the US. That’s the Lehman crisis. See Oct or Nov 2008; 76 % yearly drop in Japanese car exports to the US. See also Baltic Dry Index: the shipping dropped 90 % right after the Lehman shock.

Now they are running out of money, being cut off. The White Dragon Society and White Hats group are involved in the fight to overthrow the cabal. Fulford is spoke person, had experienced 6 murder attempts.

This cabal has made many attacks in Japan, US and Europe recently in order to get money. People aren’t anymore accepting their (US) dollars worldwide, but while there are 800 US military bases around the world, so Pentagon need money.

Fulford suggested Pentagon guys: “You can have a Starship Enterprise future, just work with us”. A lot of them turned into White Hats. They blew up the underground bases, which the elites were going to use to hide after their nuclear holocaust. Pentagon have alien technology that could bring humanity into the Starship reality.

Over 6,000 patents (See American Academy of Sciences; 5135 classified patents) suppressed for “national security” reasons. One is anti-gravity. And: David says once the cabal is defeated, they will stop the UFO cover-up. Vatican people know ab the 25,920-year precession of the equinoxes cycle prophecies, that a Golden Age would result after 2012.

The people in cabal are mostly Washington DC, and the Wall Street crowd. So Why to reduce population? They believe in eugenics; too many stupid people breeding useless eaters. They only have now control of the G5 countries; Italy, France, England, Germany and the US. Most of the countries in Asia, Russia, China, Eastern European countries, South America; 80 countries were invited by to discuss in Poland cutting these people off financially. African Union put out their own currency backed by Gaddafi’s gold. And there is no real global economic collapse, when you look at the public statistics. It’s mainly crisis among the countries controlled by this cabal.

The WD and WH think they are reaching a point where the new financial system is going to become public, on the news. But five companies control all the major English - news media, TV, and the Hollywood studios. Cabal don’t control the world’s money anymore. Once they lose the control of the goons, the guns (and media) then that’s it. At a certain point, the Pentagon might send people in to the TV in the US. "You’re going to see new faces and a totally different story coming out on your TV sets soon".

From Pentagon most of the staff are on board, only generals and like Petraeus are not on board. The lower levels support Ron Paul – and they know that there’s something totally wrong. The opinion polls in the US show that 87 percent of Americans don’t trust Washington. The leaders of the cabal are (the Neocons): Kissinger, Bush Senior and Junior, Rumsfield, Wolfowitz, and Blair. "You pull away the curtain and you see a little old man sitting at the control desk."

They have found the Global Collateral Accounts, which show who’s been using the world’s money since the end of World War II – and for what reason. For example, who financed the Vietnam War and why? All that kind of stuff. We’re having people abandoning that cabal like rats jumping off a sinking ship. In the meeting of 57 countries in Monaco, it was shown detailed maps of these underground bases.[The Pentagon gave evidence to] leaders: “Yes, it’s true. These crazy people were planning to kill 90 percent of humanity.”

According David dollar might collapse, due to coordinated international effort – followed by the official declaration of bankruptcy by the US gov, perhaps before the end of the year or in six months. But nothing is sure as things are unpredictable. The recent announcement of the bankruptcy of the US Postal Service brings closer to this point.

The cabal is planning riots and social upheaval, but it will not be that bad. The majority of the military will turn on those who try to harm the public. Also highly classified and effective (alien) technology will be used against the conspirators. These “fragging” events will be “friendly fire”. Cabal have planted demolition charges to blow up critical bridges and runways – isolating and causing food shortages - blamed on “terrorists” hitting America. Exposing here these plans spoils the ugly surprise. Many, if not most of these explosives will be neutralized in advance and critical food etc supplies will get where they are needed.

The official bankruptcy announcement, and the shock of some detonations, will be followed by mass arrests; senators, congressmen, judges and executives, top military brass, top intelligence personnel, defence contractors, top media moguls, executives, Fed staff, top financiers (ab million total) in the very same “detention camps” they had originally planned on using against American citizens. The cabal members have their pilots and aircraft now on 24-hour notice to escape and hide. North Korea is considering helping them.

Humanity have the technical ability to end poverty and stop environmental destruction within a year. New institutions that are fair, transparent and meritocratic would be built up and unprecedented prosperity and happiness would follow.

Cabal insiders are now reading David´s book; Source Field Investigations, which is ab suppressed alien science, that the cabal already use daily in their secret jobs. They are well aware of the benefits of this science being publicly disclosed to humanity. While they don´t want to risk their lives exposing things, they just recommend people to read the book. Now these insiders are sending the SFI books… to governors, senators and congressmen - groundwork for the Disclosure coup itself going on. Cabal had planned Dec 2011 for evacuation of the White House due to an “alien invasion”.

Update: "about 4000" of cabal, behind the scenes, have already been arrested, taken to very remote location and the cabal has now formally agreed to surrender, but they might still try to push some of their goals forward. Former Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries are supporting the growing movement toward proper financial management of the Global Accounts around the World. We are on the cusp of a whole new era for the world., also see other related matters.

Update: 8 underground bases are now emptied with alien technology and nobody died.
The cabal has no shelter now while the resistance movements hits the streets.

Thanks for David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford for sharing their info, and sorry if I have made mistakes on writing.
PS: There was some meeting (I suppose another one) in Poland, where most EU finance ministers and central banks participated and where Geithner went without invitation, to advice. Liikanen Finnish Central Bank bos and Urpilainen, Finnish Finance Minister attended. Liikanen said, that the meeting was not meant for making decisions. And:
Sarkar: You are never alone and helpless the force that guides the stars guides you too.

Didi Annapurna

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Sarkar and others predict the future

Sarkar (who lived 1921-1990) predicted many things during his life time, falling of Berlin wall and Communism etc. His predictions were mostly correct, although humans have free will and time seems to be relative matter.

Sarkar said in 1990: Communism is a matter-centred philosophy and it is dead. Now the bell (death knell) is ringing for the self-centred philosophy — Capitalism. Very soon you will see that it also disappears… Then the bell will ring for…the dogma-centred philosophy (religions). Then people will accept God-centred philosophy (spirituality).

Communism was the first to go because it is matter-centred and is farthest from God. It does not even accept the existence of God. Self-centred Capitalism is next farthest from God. Though it accepts the existence of God, it does so for its own selfish reasons. So that will be the next to disappear. Dogma-centred religions are closer to God than matter-centred and self-centred systems, but their relation to God is based on dogmatic faith. It will be the last to go.

He then added: Communism died a peaceful death. But the dogma-centred philosophy (religions) will have a sanguinary end. The reason is, while Communism was not accepted by the people and was thrust on them by the party and the Government, dogmas have been accepted by the people in their hearts. So in order to uproot that, there will be bloodshed.

From: P (short cut); Sept 26, 2001; As early as 1983, Sarkar started talking about the end of Communism and in 1989 Sarkar would enact mysterious dramas which nobody understood at that time. He would indulge in a long talk of how Communism had died and asked: "GS see Communism is dead. A rotten smell is coming from its body and what are you planning to do? Do you want to cremate it or bury it? For the cremation of such a gigantic structure, how much firewood will be needed? Is it worth wasting so much firewood on a structure which brought so much destruction and suffering to humanity?"

All those things didn't make any sense to us. Little did we know!! Everybody thought that Communism was still a very powerful force in the world and Gorbachev had made communism stronger. That was the general feeling in those days. But Sarkar would say that Gorbachev was trying to pump artificial life into a dead structure.

Sarkar said also: "The scenario of the world is going to undergo very fast change and it will create a big vacuum. You must all try to fill this vacuum with your ideology. Otherwise a defective idea will fill it up and prolong the suffering of the people." Sarkar became a bit grave and said: "The whole world will be aghast to see the speed with which change is coming."

Here Sarkar has left us one task: when the void will be created after the collapse of self-centred and dogma-centred structures, we have to fill it with Cosmic Ideology... As per Sarkar´s assurance; “when the Cosmic Mind will start thinking that people should accept God-centered philosophy, the idea will be reflected in the unit minds too. Now the void is starting to appear. Let us try diligently to do our part.”

D S: In the Mahabharata, Krsna´s time, battle was good versus evil. But Sarkar told that now there are not enough good people to fight, so the battle is now the battle of the evils. They are going to destroy themselves, and then the spiritual age will begin. Sarkar said for us to be careful, don’t choose sides in the conflict because that battle is not of us, it's the bad destroying the bad. Sarkar has also said that "the worst sufferer will be the Arab countries."

If we try to analyze the reason for that, we can see few. One is — all Petro-Dollars are either deposited in American and other western banks or in their stocks or real estate. These will all collapse towards the end. Suddenly the Arabs, most of whom are wealthy because of oil, will see that all their earnings of last 25 years are wiped out in a matter of days. Secondly, they will also see that due to the extreme slowing down of the world economy and the reduced demand for oil, the price of crude will drop very low. Having no other source of income and depending on imports for everything else, they will definitely be the worst sufferers. This coming collapse may strengthen fundamentalism in many of those countries, and they might be able to take over weaker countries.

Sept 25, 2001 D P; Sarkar had said also
: “Towards the end, the Islamic world will be engulfed in war within themselves and with outside societies. This will bring about the end of Islam". The destruction that this will bring on the whole world will provoke human reaction against all kinds of dogmas and will lead to them being rejected. The wider conflict involving Islam will come when the capitalist countries have become weaker after the depression.

1989 Sarkar said in front of fifty acaryas: "There will be a huge drinking water crisis in the whole world starting from 1999, so try to save water. Communism will be gone from this world in this century; capitalism will be gone in no time, like a firecracker. That is why I am not stupid — I gave Prout a long time ago. When these two economic theories fail, Prakrti does not like a vacancy. So Pout will fill up the gap. After capitalism and communism are gone, the Muslims will rule over the world for a very short time. Then the new era will evolve.” Sarkar also gave some hints where Prout will be established first: in some Scandinavian country or Australia! Sources mention code DDNN; Finland ends in D, Greenland ends in D, Lisbon ends in N, Dublin ends in N.

A J 2001: One year before the Iran-Iraq war, Sarkar said that ‘it’ would start in one year and this would be just the first step of death knell of Islam, fundamentalism – Sarkar said this was “the action of a dying snake.” When a dying snake is cornered it strikes out furiously without reason, biting and biting until it dies.

Many sources claim; Sarkar told: In Muslim countries there will be wars between 2009 and 2018...China will attack India (enters only to Ganges). Later Russia and USA will help India. (China has ab 11 percent, whereas India has about 90 percent arable land, so China needs land to grow food.) Pakistan might take over Kasmir, but will then merge to India. Sarkar spoke one hour with previous Indian Prime Minister...

D J was reading article about the future by a south Indian fortuneteller. Sarkar said, "Give me the main points in the article." So D started reading: 1: The savior of the world is coming from the east. Sarkar nodded, "That's right." 2: He will be a gentleman and will wear white clothes, but he will do all his work through the red-clothed people. Sarkar´s answer: "No, not red, it is orange." 3: He will rule over the world with a stick. Sarkar: "Very correct." 4: He will be the king of the world. Sarkar´s response: “Wrong; he will be the king of the kings of the world.” 5: He will give an all-round philosophy for humanity. Sarkar: "Very good." 6: There will a huge destruction caused by humans and through natural calamities in this world, and then the new era will come after 2005. Sarkar answered...can´t wait that long…

Sarkar left His advice: “So you should prepare yourself physically, intellectually, morally, intuitionally and spiritually to fill up the vacancy of the dogma-centred theories of religion, the matter-centred theory of communism and self-centred theory of capitalism”. Prout in a Nutshell, part 18. And finally Sarkar said that those…who are strict in Sadhana twice a day and try to follow Yama-Niyama, will be saved.

Some others predictions; given even hundreds or thousands of year back: Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita: 'Whenever righteousness is in decline, and unrighteousness is in the ascendant, I come in human form. To protect the virtuous, to destroy the evildoers and to establish righteousness on a firm footing, I am born age after age'.

Buddha: In due time another Buddha will arise in the world, a supremely enlightened One, endowed with wisdom, auspicious, embracing the universe, an incomparable leader of men, a ruler of angels and mortals…He will establish his law, glorious in its origin, climax, goal, spirit and in the letter. He will proclaim a righteous life, wholly perfect and pure, such as I now proclaim. His disciples will number many thousands while mine number hundreds.

Bovista Silvigar, Hungarian prophet: India will emerge as a great power, but for that it has to undergo a great struggle. There will be born a great Messiah, who will assemble thousands of little people and infuse in them so much courage and conviction that these very little people will collide against powerful materialists and will disprove their claims and values. Afterwards these simpletons and sincere will receive regard and respect. While the conditions of deceit, fraud, murder, theft and robbery will become rampant, human values will equally develop out of much clash and cohesion... visible by 2000 AD. After this it will be the world of love, compassion, kindness, integrity, benevolence and brotherhood.

Persian, Shah Valli-Sahib: America will be a predominant player in the 3rd world war. After war it will be totally wiped off. India will emerge as a Super Power of the World. To achieve this status, India will undergo many painful, trying times. Divine Messenger of God will be born in India who will gather laymen and make them valiant. These men will challenge the beliefs of hard-core materialistics and emerge victorious. Thus sacred, idealistic people will flourish in the world and establish eternal peace and bliss in the entire world.

Shrii Ananda Acarya: Dharma will flourish in the form of an organized institution. Its founder and director will be a householder. He will prepare a systematic code right from the social obligations of man up to the pragmatism of world peace. The coming catastrophes and the world war in 1999 will change the course of materialism. The keenness for materialism will give way to the urge and anxiety for Atman, Salvation. The… Mahabharata will be taken up and completed by this new religious organization.

Saint Ramchandraji (before 1930)
: Today Marxism is all over the world, but it will be buried to naught. Today Russia, America and Europe are at the peak of material, political and social success, but in future they will face gloom both materially and spiritually. America’s wealth will be shattered. Cosmic Divine Power (God) will incarnate on earth. As soon as the Divine mission is accomplished on earth, Mother Nature’s transformation too will be completed. Despite taking up a human body, this Incarnation will be an ocean of divine love and sacred sentiments. He will ward off the sorrow of world humanity and thus will transform this era…with great struggle… and bring thought revolution in the entire world. He will manifest his Raudra (horror) form via calamities like earthquakes, wars, epidemics, famines etc…although hazardous yet it will uproot all evil elements of the world. After this pious natured people will experience a new era full of heavenly bliss. Indian spirituality will be adopted and India will become the leading power of the world for a long time. Spirituality, culture, economy, industry, wealth will be for the peace, prosperity and brotherhood. People will give up differences like gender, nationality, race, culture etc. Today that Divine Power is working steadfastly to achieve this goal of Era Transformation.

Anderson: He will prepare one single constitution for mankind … and one language, one world federation, one Supreme court and one flag – He will instill in mankind a sense of compassion, discipline, good conduct, justice, right diplomacy, sacrifice and large heartedness, His followers will be in news headlines for their “exemplary service, sacrifice and courage”, which will arise the sentiments of the people.

Mr Jule Burns: His followers will manifest themselves in the form of well established organization and in on time will influence the whole world and will fulfill the apparently impossible looking tasks early through devotion”.

The conference of yogis, astrologers and saints, on 1939 concluded: He, the coming avatar will be the controller of an organization and He will prepare detailed codes for human conduct right from Supreme being down to the principles of mutual conduct and those codes shall be acceptable to all logicians, rationalists and educated people. He will be the great scientist of all scientists with His greatest contribution being the investigation of Self and Atman.

Some more Astrologers: New forms of government and political concepts will be brought into being out of necessity. The end of this period 1984-2000 will produce the beginning of the world government. At the time about 2000 a new civilization will be born, based on enlightened humanitarianism and on a science using new technology and new forms of energy. This will mark the beginning of a thousand years of peace.

Nostradamus: At the end of the 20th Century, Modern Science will become so advanced, that majority of mankind will become atheists. Social behavior will get tainted along with man’s character. People from the high strata of society will indulge in fashion and vanity. People will eat more in hotels than their homes. At that time a great soul will be born in a religious nation of East. That historical Cosmic man through His little and insignificant followers will create upsurge in the whole world.

At the end of the 20th Century Mother Nature will show Her ire as never before; i.e water will enter land and land will enter water. Some places will experience floods and other places dire droughts. Many volcanoes will erupt and an army revolution will be seen in many countries. Inner strife at the end of the 20th and first part of 21 st Century. Later human values and ethics will be imbibed everywhere. World humanity will shed the cloak of taints and thus will usher in heaven on earth…

Marpa, Tibetan sage: The sun and the moon dance and blow the trumpets, and a little child shall turn the Wheel of the Law. Secret of the body of the Word and Heart of God, His innermost breath is the steed of the Bodhisattvas. While Shrii R N Tyagi simply. “Lord has come”.

Benjamin Creme (1970s-1990s): Christ may be on planet Earth at this very moment. I do not do so blindly or without thoroughly researching such claims…. If I am correct, we are about to witness a total transformation of every aspect of our lives: we will create a new brilliant civilization…and those who cannot let go of their fear-based, self-serving ways of living; greedy corporations and business leaders, the White House, the military, FBI, CIA, the Vatican, Israel etc. Their karma is due. Their moment of truth has come.

Keys of Enoch, Hurtak (1973): There is presently occurring a space-time overlap with the 'Higher Evolution' as the Earth's solar system enters an electromagnetic vacuum area in space which will change the magnetic forces of creation. The Earth will go through gross geo-magnetic and catastrophic changes as the magnetic regions of the North and South Pole release 'their torque,' spinning the shell (crustal surface) of the Earth into the new program of existence…a 'New Age' will occur for all of mankind surviving the great changes...

Norma Milanovich, Ph.D. (1980s): You have already seen the signs with the violent weather changes, volcanoes that will continue to erupt, earthquakes, and the changing ozone layer... The energy of humankind has polluted beloved Terra long enough. The cleansing will be complete…But souls must choose…there is love and Light, or there is fear. 

E. T. Zoev Jho (late 1980s): The old world's systems are in collapse. Those who wish to continue in those systems will be graciously asked to leave, because their motivator, fear, is being relocated to another planet where its subdivisions are still welcome.

The blind medieval poet, Surdas: until the middle twentieth century resolves this riddle: The corners of the world will catch their breath to witness such a spate of sudden death. Acts of God and man will hide earth's face in mourning: then a thousand years of Grace will start…They shall escape this doom alone, who follow him. Let Surdas say this much.

Lee Carroll (1990s): Will it be necessary for large numbers of humankind to be terminated in order to achieve balance? Yes. The numbers, however, only approach one percent of the life force here…It will be the graduation of the human being into a new consciousness, and new ways of life…formerly hidden.

Nostradamus: Out of the country of Greater Arabia Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed. He will wear a blue turban. He will be strong in the law of Mohammad. He will gain rulership over all the countries of that area. He will start a world war and invade Europe by land and sea. The Arab muslin leader Prince Mars, (Mars is the god of war) will make the Vatican fall by conquering Italy. He will be the terror of mankind.

American Jeane Dixon,
(1918-1997): A child born e in the Middle East on 1962 will revolutionize the world. Before the close of this century, he will bring together all mankind in one all embracing faith. He will walk among the people to spread the wisdom of the almighty powers. In 1945, Dixon warned an Indian official in US that on June 2, 1947, India will split in two due to internal controversy and that Mahatma Gandhi will be assassinated within the next six months by someone they least suspect. This came true.

“I have seen a government within a government develop in the US within the last few years... being controlled and financed by a well-oiled political machine of one of our leading political families. With their eye on the White House, I see them discredit any man who occupies it without their approval…I see this group succeed in taking over de facto control of the country. They will bring about increased social unrest. Foreign subversive elements will… infiltrate the unruly factions and cause fighting on the nation’s campuses and in racial ghettos.”

Faith Jani King (early 1990s): your transition be one of great beauty, joy and love, that there be absence of fear…. very soon in your historical times, the Earth will shift and change; the consciousness of humanity will expand and it will rise to what is called a higher density...

St. Germain (early 1990s): The rapture will allow you to perceive fourth density... therefore third density will no longer be able to perceive you, for you will be simultaneously existing, coexisting in the same space/time. The year 2012 of your time is the apex of it. It is a convergence point into unlimitedness...

Brinkley, "Life after life -book", in nineties: saw that the World Economy collapsed in a Crash, from which sprang New World Order. After the year 2000, the Dollar fell and America in economic isolation. In US massive earthquakes and there was no money to rebuild! Egypt would be taken over by fundamentalist Moslems…Israel will be more isolated in the World. Massive cement building exploded in a nuclear explosion…heard year 1986 and the word wormwood. (Chernobyl in English).

Collapse of the Soviet Union. Environmental destruction, where whole areas of the world were radiating…Biological engineer from the Middle East discovering a biological virus that would be used to create advanced computer chip, which could also terminate elderly and chronically sick people. Horrible wars everywhere! Heavily armed black veiled women walking through European cities. Because of increasing fear, people would give up all personal liberties in the name of security. Many coup d'etats all over S-America and Socialist governments taking over.

Mother Shipton´s prophecies, 1641: Then love shall die and marriage cease. And nations wane as babes decrease. And wives shall fondle cats and dogs. And men live much the same as hogs. Old worlds die and new be born. The tides will rise beyond their ken. The mountains will begin to roar and earthquakes split the plain to shore. And flooding waters, rushing in. He bares his teeth and fights and kills. Who survives this and then. Begin the human race again. A silver serpent comes to view. And spew out men of like unknown. Enlighten the minds of future man. To intermingle and show them how. To live and love and thus endow. The children with the second sight. A natural thing so that they might. Grow graceful, humble and when they do. The Golden Age will start anew.

In 1918 Rensburg prophesied for S-Afrika etc: I see there will be a time when the whole world will be ploughed under. This will be the beginning of the Third - and last - World War… Future Afrikaner leader would one day hand over power to the blacks (caused a fist-fight in S-A Parliament). Immorality will increase throughout the world. Disease will broke out in Africa (AIDS). Diana´s sudden death would plunge the whole of England into mourning, while dirty tricks involved in her death, and she would die in a car accident.

Hopies: Trees everywhere will be dying. People will build a house a throw it in the sky. Cold places will become hot and hot places cold. Land will sink beneath the sea and rise above it…Man needed to go within himself in order to gain spiritual understanding of what would be happening.

Patricia Pereira: Earth is in the midst of a quantum event. The radical speeding up of time is but one aspect of the ethereal adjustments being made in preparation for a massive spatial transfer of the planet and its inhabitants. The massive continental plates rumble and quake. Unleashed, nature’s energies - water, fire, and wind - escalate in intensity as Earth Mother cleanses herself in preparation for the transformation of her cellular mass into higher octave dimensions.

Patricia Kirmond (late 1990s): The US is experiencing a time similar to when the Roman Empire crumbled and when the continent of Atlantis sank... New cycles cannot begin until the karma of the previous cycle is cleared. The ascended masters have been warning lightbearers for years concerning the necessity for worldwide change and the possible earth changes that will need to occur as a result of mankind's misuse of energy.

Rasha (late 1990s); Death will become a routine fact of life, as the majority of souls currently incarnate will chose either to pre-empt the coming times, or make their transition en masse with the bulk of humanity. Political upheavals, wars, uprisings, mass chaos, wide scale societal breakdown, illness, 'accidents', seismic disturbance and unusual weather conditions will claim a toll in human life. There will be much suffering and much fear. And in the confusion you may choose to shift your energies to a mode of calm, determined action aimed at maintaining your spiritual equilibrium - the time for recognizing your unlimited, divine essence.

Q'uo on 2012: The interpenetration of third density with fourth-density energy in the time/space sector…is bombarding the Earth with denser kind of light that brings all entities worst fears to the surface and plays them out. You do not want to go on to fourth-density existence, with its greatly enhanced options for learning and for service, until you have done your utmost, not only to help others to move into fourth density with you, but also to restore and reconstitute the health of Gaia, of planet Earth….As one rises in densities, one becomes aware of the tremendous, unimaginable array of information.

Vangelia Dimitrova, Baba Vanga, 1911 – 1996, Bulgaria; 80% accurate i.e, predicted correctly break-up of the Soviet Union, the Chernobyl accident, death of Princess Diana, Boris Yeltsin election, Kursk sinking and Stalin's death. Sept 11 in 1989: "The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves howling in a Bush, and innocent blood gushing." (twin towers and president Bush).

Vanga speaks with an Alien race Vamfim. Nuclear and chemical war; radioactive showers will destroy most life in the Northern Hemisphere. Europeans will face an even threat from the Muslims who will use chemical weapons. 2028: Hunger overcome. 2033: The world water levels will rise as the polar ice caps melt. 2046: All bodily organs can be reproduced, easiest method of treatment. 2100: Man-made sun is lighting up the dark side of the planet. 2164: Animals turn half-human. 2279: Power will be obtained from nothing. 3797: Everything on Earth will die, human civilization moves to a new star system. 4308 people using their brains 34%. No hatred. 4509: Human can communicate with God. 4599: Immortality. 4674: Assimilation begins with aliens. 5079: End of the World.

2004, Tibetan Monks by remote viewing traveled to the year 2012 and wanted to tell the world what they envisioned. What they saw was war from now until then. 2010 World War 3 will be in the making. By 2012 all the nuclear powers will be at it and then something "miraculous" will happen. The monks say "supernatural divine powers" will stop the war and bring the world back to a spiritual civilization. According to the monks, the aliens will show up in a way that will not scare us. They say our world is blessed and should not be completely destroyed but given a chance to grow spiritually.

Edgar Cayce's Predictions will involve a pole shift and a huge change to the earth. And these will begin those periods in '58 to '98, when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen again in the clouds.

Eileen Caddy Cofounder of The Findhorn Community (1970s-1980s): This is the turning point for every soul. The die has been cast, and each soul has to make a choice: a turning towards the light or the dark. The day many have been waiting for is over. The cosmic power released at that appointed moment, felt by you and many others, has begun to reverberate around the universe. Nothing will stop it. And Ken Carey (1970s-1980s); you are being given an opportunity to enter a new reality. It is already here for those with eyes to see. Soon it will be the only reality to be seen. Those who tune into the new frequencies (of love) will find life growing more wondrous every day. Those who tune into fear will find things falling apart.

Elkins, Rueckert & Allen: I am Ra. This inconvenience (Earth changes) or disharmonious vibratory complex has begun several of your years in your past. It shall continue unabated for a period of approximately thirty of your years. (ab 1981 - 2011).

Wilcock David, American great "spiritual scientist": There will be major disaster in economics, but it would not affect most of the people. May be third world, but not in the west so much, but there will be temporary huge shock and part of it will be the ET disclosure. There is violent war on the planet between factions and they are all loosing the battle. Time shifting is happening, galactic energy penetrating, rewriting of DNA, now very fast.

Europe: Pavel Globa: The global crisis of 2010 will strike the entire system and will thus transform the world order. The crisis will last for ten years and will end by 2020. The European Union will fall apart, and so will NATO. Solovjev, 1900: Next century will be time of wars. Through war the United Europe will be born. Like US, it will have common governmental system. When the loose union is not easy to lead, it will be strengthened and made secure by becoming federation.

2008 World predictions; Yoga of India popularity will soar in the world. After 2020 humans will make advanced nuclear transportation with much greater speed than before. America and Europe will see their decline; their economies weakened and their influence waning. There will be no nuclear war; nuclear weapons will get destroyed by itself. Humans will find out that sun too revolves around some Great Invisible force. After 2050 Medical science will admit human life is also causal. Islam, Sikhism, Christanity will face much sorrow…leading to their destruction.
You may see updated predictions about; The Future Super Power India and its Kalki Avatars?

Didi Annapurna

tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011

World is safe place, but increased turbulences

Sarkar spoke very curious things about pole shift already starting to happen, he said i.e: “this shows that the shifting is taking place fast…” What fast here means could be anything while the history of the planet is millions of years.

“If the poles change their positions, the time taken by the Earth to move around itself will certainly be either lessened or increased. And similarly the time taken by the Earth in moving around the sun will either increase or decrease. That is why sometimes we see the seasonal orders are not maintaining proper adjustment with the months: this shows that the shifting is taking place fast.

Now as result of this change, not only the adjustment between the months and the seasons will be lost, but the environmental order as well as the ecological order of the Earth will be disrupted. And as a result of this disruption, there must be physical and biological changes in the structures of all living bodies, all living creatures, including plants.…And as a result of the change in position of the poles, some people say that in the eastern hemisphere, the north pole is moving from north to south and in the western hemisphere, the south pole moves from south to north, and it cannot be assured that their relative distance will remain unchanged. So we should be prepared for the future; we should be prepared for the resultant of these changes in polar positions, in environmental order and also in ecological structure.

As a result of this change the magnetic structure of this Earth will change, as a result of which other planets and satellites of the solar system will also undergo certain remarkable metamorphosis. (I wander if this is translation mistake? DA) And if the magnetic order is disrupted, then certain remarkable changes, certain remarkable metamorphoses in the electromagnetic vibrations of this Earth and also of the entire solar system, will occur. As a result of this type of change in the electromagnetic vibrations, human thought waves will certainly be affected.

Our progress in the arena of science depends much on the progress of our knowledge in electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic emanations… You know, human existence is not only an existence of physicality, an existence in physical structure, it is a [mesh] of vibrations of so many wavelengths. So if the physical waves change, if the climatic conditions undergo a certain gigantic metamorphosis, certainly the emanations and perceptions of nerve cells and nerve fibres will be changed, and disrupted. It may be for the good, it may be for the bad, but change is a must. In the case of such a change in the physical order and also in the physico-psychic order, the change is sure to take place in the realm of spirituality. We hope that the movement – that is, the movement of humanity, and of each and every living being – is from matter to consciousness, from extroversion to introversion. So the thought waves of human beings will be more of a spiritual nature than they are at present. That is, humanity in that developed condition will be more spiritual-minded than it is at present.

Everybody moves – certainly the poles move – and they have already started their function of shifting their respective positions. And you see as a result of such a change, especially if the change takes place very fast, then another ice-age may occur here on this Earth. Between the pre-condition and post-condition of the ice-age there may be a long gap – that is, the pre-age and the post-age will have a long gap between them. But we have much expectation and hope from human intellect; and we hope, if a catastrophe comes, the human intellect will be able to overcome such a catastrophe and arrange for shifting the population to some other planet having suitable environmental conditions and a better ecological order. Let humanity rise, and let this development of humanity be more and more spiritually-oriented!”

What Sarkar ment with this curious discourse, nobody really understands fully, but he was usually right, that´s why I feel better to take his advice to "be prepared" seriously.

In Scandinavia there has been lots of thunderstorms and summer has been very warm, while the last two winters have been unusual cold, besides let’s not forget that the sun was rising couple of days earlier than normal in Northern hemisphere – so it is clear that things are not normal.

NASA is also expecting sun flares, so called CMEs, possibly to damage electric systems. Some researcher tells, (Tennessee Tuxedo fame) of the last 62 solar events (CME) 55 have translated into >6.0 earthquake in earth. The amount Lenticular clouds has increased, those appear often before earthquake. (see "lenticular-spotting" in Wikipedia). According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adm, there have been 10 major disasters in the US this year. On average is usually ab 3 major disasters a year. Last year, FEMA declared an all-time record of 81 disasters. This year already over 100. 9/5/2011 -- 10 LARGE earthquakes in the past 2 weeks = today 6.4 and a 6.2,

Japan nuclear accident might not be the last one while big earthquakes, sinkholes and volcanoes are clearly more than it used to be for centuries. In U.S. alone there are 104 nuclear plants.

New research out of CERN is showing that, cosmic rays apparently form clouds in the atmosphere. What else the increased cosmic rays might cause?

Obviously NASA and other agencies know much more what is going on or expected to happen. In US and many other countries there are huge secret underground bunker cities for leaders and elites to go into safety - there much be reason why those have been built. Rumours going around that it was underground explosion. War underground?“uninhabitable-” NASA is also warning their staff families about coming emergency times, as well as interplanetary threat???

One concern is also Comet Elenin and " An official JPL/NASA website is tracking it. Hoagland claims: Elenin is NOT "natural" -- Sent for "interplanetary Mission”. Arthur Clarke wrote many years ago; "some kind of "ark" or "time capsule"... sent at this crucially-important time to give us the means to "save the Earth." “On Nov 8 and 9, also the asteroid 2005 YU55 coming a distance closer than our moon.

UK Daily Mail new cancer cases up a fifth in decade and expected to rise dramatically over the next decade…due to life style etc

London Telegraph: Prince Charles warned that mankind faces extinction, unless humans becomes ascetics; stop mass consumption and destruction of wildlife etc. New massive oil slick near Deepwater Horizon site.

Besides crises and calamities there are emerging good news too and will increasingly: Albuquerque Journal, Pegasus Global Holdings plans to build small city in New Mexico for testing and evaluation of new and emerging technologies; smart grids, renewable energy integration, next-gen wireless, cyber security. Large Hadron Collider question Superstring theory in physics.

Dislosure and spiritual news: Wilcock´s Source Field Investigation, SFI, on NY Bestseller List: Disclosure Source Field at18! Wilcock and other disclosure people have told that aliens are protecting earth from devastating nuclear war or nuclear armageddon. Sarkar also said that humanity will not die due to nuclear or any other accident.

Didi Annapurna

torstai 8. syyskuuta 2011

Purchasing Power

In Europe the Greece bail out effort is stuck mostly due to Finnish people demanding collateral by Greece for the possible loans. I said Finnish people, because it is not only the ministers…. The right extremist Finns-party (True Finns) became popular while demanding, that Finland should not bail out anymore failing EU countries. The Finns-party success couraged the regular left and right wing parties to keep better their promises to voters and to be strict with the bail outs, which is actually the real spirit of Finnish people: to be responsible with finances – naturally this means loans to be guaranteed. Finnish person actually is amongst most honest people in the world, so cheating and manipulation is been taken as serious offence. Finnish people help only when the other party is sincere and trustworthy. This delay with bail doesn’t mean much for Greece but might be more damaging for EU banks. Finland might get treatenings if not sabotage due to this sincerity, but that is the fact in every case when you stand for righteousness.

Finnish government has increased also the basic income of its unemployed people, which is good example, what governments should do instead of giving up to IMF type of treatment; reducing benefits and public services. Anyhow that is also happening some other ways in Finnish politics. While the economics is in crises or under recession, good care has to be taken of the purchasing power of the people, that they are able to buy necessities… that production can go on… that there is no need to cut jobs, which would mean purchasing power going further down. And so on circle going on…

These efforts - to bail out banks and cut down public services - we see now in many countries. Those countries will have great difficulties to step out of financial crises, if ever they can do it. Island so far didn’t go down the road for bailing out banks, which gives chance to the country at least somewhat to recover. Although Island has very severe disadvantages; transportation to other countries is expensive and as cold country its food production is dependent on other countries. While food prises are souring, they face more difficulties.

There are now many troubles and signs that the global economy is going further down. Besides people´s purchasing power going down all over the globe, many predict (even Goldman Sachs) collapse of EU and US economy, and with them many more countries. Roubini expects 60 % chance of a recession worse than 2008 in 2012. Also autumn is the time when economics go down the road usually. In Scandinavia Nordea (2000), Nokia and Eriksson are laying of workers. Finnish paper industry, once the base of economy, is now constantly on lay off mode. Global banks plan to lay off more than 60,000 workers and they have $2 trillion exposure to PIIGS. Banks are afraid to give loans, like in 2008. People save and invest to gold, lands and other non productive assets. Money flow commonly is becoming more stagnant. Consumer confidence is going down in US, EU and also in Finland.

According Bloomberg, when GDP fall down below 2%, it usually leads to recession…. Other headlines express; U.S. economy 80% chance of recession. UK Telegraph; banks boldly predict; "Market crash 'could hit within weeks." Latest on WPost; robo-singing of mortgages may go back 1998. Fed and ECB are printing more money (inflation) and buying debt. Corruption and manipulation of markets has increased. US housing bubble is not solved yet at all. Countries are overburdened with debts. The calamities such as Fukusima, Irene, volcanoes and riots and wars are causing huge local and national expenses. There are panic feelings in stock market, due to uncertainty. Global controllers of finances are battling against those who want change - causes tremors and even destructive attacks.

What can we do to protect ourselves? I think small - at least for over winter - food storage (and other important things), and some alternative cooking and heating systems might be good to have, as also other types of calamities might come.

Sarkar: In the economic structure of the society, the purchasing power of the people plays the most important role in their all-round physical welfare.

Though there has been inordinately high investment, the purchasing power of labourers has not been sufficient for them to meet the minimum requirements. Hence, while on the one hand labourers received less consumable goods due to less purchasing power, on the other hand entrepreneurs have captured excessive purchasing power and consumable goods causing excessive disparities in wealth. Economic balance has been upset.

The minimum necessities of human society should be guaranteed. We are not only to recognize these requirements, but also to guarantee the availability of the requirements, which includes our social responsibility of supplying individuals with purchasing power… if consumable goods are supplied to everyone, people will become lethargic. They should therefore be supplied with purchasing power in exchange for their work according to their physical, psychic or spiritual capacity.

Depression is not a natural phenomenon. Pause is a natural phenomenon. In a Proutistic structure pause may occur but depression will not occur.

Political democracy has no doubt granted voting rights, but it has snatched away the right of economic equality. Consequently, there is gross economic disparity between the rich and the poor, immense inequality in people’s purchasing capacity, unemployment, chronic food shortages, poverty and insecurity in society.

The purchasing capacity of common people in many undeveloped, developing and developed countries has been neglected, hence the economic systems of these countries are breaking down and creating a worldwide crisis.

The first thing that must be done to increase the purchasing capacity of the common people is to maximize the production of essential commodities, not the production of luxury goods. This will restore parity between production and consumption and ensure that the minimum requirements are supplied to all.

There are two main causes for economic depressions – first blockages in the rolling of money and secondly the concentration of wealth.

The money will have to be kept in circulation. It must be understood that the more the purchasing capacity of money is not utilized or money is kept stagnant, the more the economic stratum is damaged. The second is that money, and indirectly its interest, can bring about disparities in wealth if it loses its ability to be the unit of economic equilibrium and stability. If these two fundamental factors of economics are even partially forgotten, a worldwide economic depression will result.

When they (capitalists) discover that the investment of money does not bring profit up to their expectations, then they stop rolling money. This keeps money immobile or inert; consequently, there is no investment, no production, no income and hence no purchasing power. The situation becomes so dangerous that there are few buyers to buy commodities.

However, if a country discontinues trade related to direct or indirect economic transactions and commences barter trade instead with other countries, it will not suffer much from such an economic depression.

The difference between the previous depression and the future depression will be that in the previous one there was little inflation, but the future depression will be associated with inflation. Hence, it will be more detrimental to the integrated development of human society.

If the circulation of the capital decreases as a result of staticity and the quantum of production also goes down, then inflation is bound to take place. If a country has a constant deficit in foreign trade, in that case also there is the possibility of inflation. On the other hand, if there is sufficient production and adequate supply, but suddenly the quantum of demand falls, then the value of money suddenly increases for the buyer. This is called “negative inflation” or “deflation”.

An endeavour should be made to shorten the span of this economic depression. Before the final culminating point comes, it is possible to avert the disaster and accelerate the speed of social movement…As the world is passing through a most critical phase, we should be more active and create an impact. If the positive impact we create coincides with the explosion, the effect will be excellent.

Sometimes, due to economic depression or devaluation, many people die because their existence was solely on money. But when your existence is pinnacled, that pinnacled existence comes in contact with the Supreme. So it is said that the devotees are the most cunning fellows. Who are the most cunning fellows? Devotees are the most cunning fellows. Others are fools.

Didi Annapurna