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New finances on making and Disclosure

I hope this is opening up our eyes to see wider perspective than what the mainstream media displays. And don´t worry things will turn for the best one or another way.

Better you read The whole article: is just shortcut, and notice - I don´t even mention here who said and what, but some are written straight according their text. They claim:

Two huge underground cities were destroyed (in main stream news called “earthquakes”) on Aug 23 rd in Colorado and near Washington DC. Many sources confirm this attack really happened. 80 countries are now in alliance against the Old World Order / Cabal. Fulford and Wilcock discussing, listen Audio: See also background info; Neil Keenan and Keith Scott and other info.

All started from Bretton Woods 1944, Britain, France and the US were given the right to control the world’s currency and make Marshall Plan to develop Africa, Asia and Europe. They instead started to fake a “cold war” with the Soviet Union – designed to support the military industries. Then non-aligned 77 nations pooled their assets into global collateral accounts…to start the Marshall Plans for Asia and Africa. President Sukarno [of Indonesia] was the signatory of the account. President Kennedy agreed to go along and passed a law allowing Congress, not the Fed, to create dollars, global collateral was backed on 140,000 tons of gold. Kennedy was assassinated and Sukarno taken out of office.

The Bretton Woods expired in 1994. The Chinese and the non-aligned nations were pressuring the oligarchs (I call here cabal) to hand over control of the dollar printing press – the financial system. The Fed were told to hand over the gold on Sept 12, 2001.And 9/11, they started fake, global war on terror, in attempt [to control the planet]. Russia kicked them off. They lost control of – the oil industry – and plan didn´t work. While China stopped buying US treasuries, Obama adm tried to offer partnership for China in a world dictatorship; “G2”.

If you look at the statistics, you realize that 90 percent of the world’s savings was being sucked out of the system by the US military-industrial complex. They have big factions in China, in the US and in Europe. In 2006, the Chinese went to Africa, South America etc, and started spending their dollars on real things and the cabal was told that we would no longer accept dollars printed within the US. That’s the Lehman crisis. See Oct or Nov 2008; 76 % yearly drop in Japanese car exports to the US. See also Baltic Dry Index: the shipping dropped 90 % right after the Lehman shock.

Now they are running out of money, being cut off. The White Dragon Society and White Hats group are involved in the fight to overthrow the cabal. Fulford is spoke person, had experienced 6 murder attempts.

This cabal has made many attacks in Japan, US and Europe recently in order to get money. People aren’t anymore accepting their (US) dollars worldwide, but while there are 800 US military bases around the world, so Pentagon need money.

Fulford suggested Pentagon guys: “You can have a Starship Enterprise future, just work with us”. A lot of them turned into White Hats. They blew up the underground bases, which the elites were going to use to hide after their nuclear holocaust. Pentagon have alien technology that could bring humanity into the Starship reality.

Over 6,000 patents (See American Academy of Sciences; 5135 classified patents) suppressed for “national security” reasons. One is anti-gravity. And: David says once the cabal is defeated, they will stop the UFO cover-up. Vatican people know ab the 25,920-year precession of the equinoxes cycle prophecies, that a Golden Age would result after 2012.

The people in cabal are mostly Washington DC, and the Wall Street crowd. So Why to reduce population? They believe in eugenics; too many stupid people breeding useless eaters. They only have now control of the G5 countries; Italy, France, England, Germany and the US. Most of the countries in Asia, Russia, China, Eastern European countries, South America; 80 countries were invited by to discuss in Poland cutting these people off financially. African Union put out their own currency backed by Gaddafi’s gold. And there is no real global economic collapse, when you look at the public statistics. It’s mainly crisis among the countries controlled by this cabal.

The WD and WH think they are reaching a point where the new financial system is going to become public, on the news. But five companies control all the major English - news media, TV, and the Hollywood studios. Cabal don’t control the world’s money anymore. Once they lose the control of the goons, the guns (and media) then that’s it. At a certain point, the Pentagon might send people in to the TV in the US. "You’re going to see new faces and a totally different story coming out on your TV sets soon".

From Pentagon most of the staff are on board, only generals and like Petraeus are not on board. The lower levels support Ron Paul – and they know that there’s something totally wrong. The opinion polls in the US show that 87 percent of Americans don’t trust Washington. The leaders of the cabal are (the Neocons): Kissinger, Bush Senior and Junior, Rumsfield, Wolfowitz, and Blair. "You pull away the curtain and you see a little old man sitting at the control desk."

They have found the Global Collateral Accounts, which show who’s been using the world’s money since the end of World War II – and for what reason. For example, who financed the Vietnam War and why? All that kind of stuff. We’re having people abandoning that cabal like rats jumping off a sinking ship. In the meeting of 57 countries in Monaco, it was shown detailed maps of these underground bases.[The Pentagon gave evidence to] leaders: “Yes, it’s true. These crazy people were planning to kill 90 percent of humanity.”

According David dollar might collapse, due to coordinated international effort – followed by the official declaration of bankruptcy by the US gov, perhaps before the end of the year or in six months. But nothing is sure as things are unpredictable. The recent announcement of the bankruptcy of the US Postal Service brings closer to this point.

The cabal is planning riots and social upheaval, but it will not be that bad. The majority of the military will turn on those who try to harm the public. Also highly classified and effective (alien) technology will be used against the conspirators. These “fragging” events will be “friendly fire”. Cabal have planted demolition charges to blow up critical bridges and runways – isolating and causing food shortages - blamed on “terrorists” hitting America. Exposing here these plans spoils the ugly surprise. Many, if not most of these explosives will be neutralized in advance and critical food etc supplies will get where they are needed.

The official bankruptcy announcement, and the shock of some detonations, will be followed by mass arrests; senators, congressmen, judges and executives, top military brass, top intelligence personnel, defence contractors, top media moguls, executives, Fed staff, top financiers (ab million total) in the very same “detention camps” they had originally planned on using against American citizens. The cabal members have their pilots and aircraft now on 24-hour notice to escape and hide. North Korea is considering helping them.

Humanity have the technical ability to end poverty and stop environmental destruction within a year. New institutions that are fair, transparent and meritocratic would be built up and unprecedented prosperity and happiness would follow.

Cabal insiders are now reading David´s book; Source Field Investigations, which is ab suppressed alien science, that the cabal already use daily in their secret jobs. They are well aware of the benefits of this science being publicly disclosed to humanity. While they don´t want to risk their lives exposing things, they just recommend people to read the book. Now these insiders are sending the SFI books… to governors, senators and congressmen - groundwork for the Disclosure coup itself going on. Cabal had planned Dec 2011 for evacuation of the White House due to an “alien invasion”.

Update: "about 4000" of cabal, behind the scenes, have already been arrested, taken to very remote location and the cabal has now formally agreed to surrender, but they might still try to push some of their goals forward. Former Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries are supporting the growing movement toward proper financial management of the Global Accounts around the World. We are on the cusp of a whole new era for the world., also see other related matters.

Update: 8 underground bases are now emptied with alien technology and nobody died.
The cabal has no shelter now while the resistance movements hits the streets.

Thanks for David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford for sharing their info, and sorry if I have made mistakes on writing.
PS: There was some meeting (I suppose another one) in Poland, where most EU finance ministers and central banks participated and where Geithner went without invitation, to advice. Liikanen Finnish Central Bank bos and Urpilainen, Finnish Finance Minister attended. Liikanen said, that the meeting was not meant for making decisions. And:
Sarkar: You are never alone and helpless the force that guides the stars guides you too.

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