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Cosmic brotherhood

Briefing from (For background read;

Wilcock writes about the Pentagon "good guys" with 134-nation alliance - to free this planet. The plan for mass arrests, a highly secretive operation, since from 1979 - concerning about thousands on high positions - is about to occur now and revelations with 22 truckloads' worth of documents. He starts from Berlusconi who paid a British lawyer $600,000 to lie in trials:, besides tax evasion, false accounting and sex scandal.

He thinks elections will need to be organized in US, because most politicians might be arrested, but the military doesn’t need to take over the government, or declare martial law. Already 90 % of the military are partly aware of this plan - including ETs (also Bob Dean mentioned ETs walking in Pentagon) - and over 60 % support it. The warriors pledged their lives by taking an oath: To protect the Constitution of the US and its people. How could they just watch while the life and entire planet is under destruction? The negative forces seemed impossible to be defeated, but the higher spiritual beings were allowed to intervene due to humanity evolving into a higher state of consciousness.

Prophecies of ancient cultures (Mayan, Egyptian, Greek) mention a 26,000-year cycle in the Earth's axis in 2012-2014 (Hindus 2014 related to rare conjunction), ushering in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity. Wilcock is in contact with the ET helpers, and UFO cover up intelligence sources; the technologies in Star Trek, Stargate and any sci-fi movie are available now -- ready to use. Earth humanity is already an interstellar species.

He thinks ETs have followed our evolution behind scenes in every ancient culture. And now even the "bad guys" are seeing "Angels or Aliens" doing things with non-worldly technology – but they are scared to speak out as things are highly classified - Wilcock takes the risk. In Section II, Wilcock will explain how this Divine Intervention is occurring. And Section III, who is behind these increasingly bizarre interventions – and it´s about prophecies on actual dates taking place. Planetary movements affect the life in earth.

Signals that the mass arrests are about to happen; CEOs and executives are now resigning. "American Kabuki"; 450 high-profile resignations since Sept 1, 2011, with 48 % increase in Dec and Jan. Wave of CEOs cashing their options, to step down - stocks rise and executive compensations.

Mass arrests on the Fox-owned Sun in England - and Hackgate: -- the total number of arrests 47 people. Rupert Murdoch's son, James resigned Febr 29th, which is the "Day Out of Time" in the Mayan system, "day that never happened before and will never again". Majority of the mainstream media will eventually face arrests. And suicide attempts: A similar expose in Australia:, The public hearings that will result from mass arrests will break the Financial Tyranny wide open.

Project Camelot: There is a shadow network behind the normal telephone network. It involves criminals – and government types who tap into phone calls, and then sell them for example to market traders HFTs . This is why Murdoch's boys did not have to tap anyone's phone directly.

Murdoch´s News International also owns the right-wing hate speech industry in the US. When Limbaugh labelled law student Sandra Fluke as a "prostitute" -- for lobbying birth control, 142 advertisers dropped Limbaugh. Rush has scrubbed his website of offending content, but he can't escape accountability for this. And Glen Beck left Fox; companies refused to advertise on Beck’s show. Without the advertising money, these programs will quickly suffocate.

Los Angeles; The law was passed, 13-2, to deny racial and sexual crudity. And more this will come. "Clear Channel's talk stations affiliated with Fox News Radio has also positive aspects; Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, marvellous program. Once the conspirators have been arrested, these people will be able to make a difference, though it may well be a very different world then already.

March 13th, 2012 was given as a pivotal moment in the defeat of the OWO, when Mayan Calendar cycles went into full lock-step synchronization and will now remain harmonized until the end of Calendar on Dec 21, 2012. Near the 13.3 prophetic date on 14.3 2012 - a top Goldman Sachs official blew the whistle on Financial Tyranny avalanche. Greg Smith, in a New York Times on March 14, 2012 – a revolutionary "Muppetgate." The sociopathic "Illuminati" mindset revealed to the mass public; Goldman executives call their clients "Muppets" - to be exploited and stolen from. Goldman a "toxic" place. Goldman Sachs is one of the main Fed banks, and if Goldman crash, so does the Fed.

Just two days after the critical Feb. 29th Mayan’s "Day Out of Time" -- the Huffington Post anticipates Muppetgate: And Businessinsider; One out of every 10 Wall Street employees is a clinical psychopath, the CFA Institute reports in its latest Magazine. Did "STFU" warnings come from the higher-ups?

Five days after "Muppetgate," JPMorgan (JPM.N) announced they were cutting off the Vatican Bank's private accounts - why such urgency? Vatican at highest levels are Illuminati - now scatterings of factions before the avalanche hits:, because of lack of transparency at Vatican, while1.5 billion euros passed through it in 18 months to another IOR account in Germany. In Sept, 2010, Italian investigators froze 23 million of Vatican money due to possible money-laundering. "Vatileaks" scandal, including letters to Pope Benedict, published in Italian media....

Whistleblowers Svali and Leo Zagami; the Vatican is the "spiritual head" of the Illuminati. In her radio interview Svali; all members are forced to endure secret human sacrifice rituals in the Vatican. . BBC Conspiracies program in 2001; "Satanic Panic" at 6:24 Svali. Either link works: Svali may have been killed.

Furthermore, within days after we published Finanical Tyranny, Lord James of Blackheath publicly blew the whistle on 15 trillion dollars of fraud before the British Parliament - validating everything that Wilcock had just reported. Specifically mentioned is 750,000 metric tons of gold - more than has ever existed in the "legitimate" economy.

Transcript of Blackheath's Febr16th, 2012 speech: The combined world GDP is only 62 trillion, but Yohannes Riyadi, the richest man in the world, has $36 trillion in his bank account alone, the wealth of the emperors of Indo-China. The Fed Bank of New York gave him $500 million as a cash payment to buy out worthless bonds. Wilcock title: Part four truth or fiction? (As I wrote before; real faked bonds or faked real bonds? DA)

While there is more black gold than "legitimate" gold, Blackheath cannot comprehend their findings. And next day Italian authorities seized six trillion dollars' worth of Fed bonds. These were in Chicago Fed boxes and chests that looked exactly the same as the ones in pictures Wilcock published in his Financial Tyranny page.

Wilcock has now 30 different links to the Italian bonds scandal to organize for publishing. Besides he mentions: Massive ET interventions are preventing any attempt of starting World War III. A 7.4 earthquake on March 20th in Mexico was man-made. 9/11 was critical error that triggered a global awakening and the cabal's own defeat. Wilcock had hours interview with high-level whistleblower - soon to be released…

This was just short cut for those no time to read, but the original with updates, spread the link: All thanks and rights reserved to Wilcock and
Related; Vladimir Putin: Russia Issues International Arrest Warrant For Rothschild Henchman & Leftist Savior George Soros!Better you see yourself:

Ure, Washington Post "Mich. militia cleared of charges of plotting war against government." "EU nears one-year boost in Rescue Fund to $1.3 Trillion." That's just to stave off disaster for a while in the EU, but you may rest assured that when $1.3 trillion gets created there will be some "leaking" into the stock market which should push things on to new highs. By creating more paper, things will go up in price. Same thing on "hard assets" like silver and gold…higher prices for metals are just ahead. Nationally, the price of gasoline is up to $4.19 average for premium. Having money printed drives up prices.

Cosmic brotherhood by Sarkar:

With the passage of time the range of unity has been widening. During Old Stone Age human beings wandered alone, but later they formed groups, then tribal clans and villages. Kingdoms, nations and finally global structures were formed due to evolution. Soon with the advancement of science human beings could travel and settle to the other planets. This ever expanding trend of human civilization show that humanity is struggling to achieve unity and cosmic brotherhood - although at one side the humanity is reaching the cosmos, but on the other hand materialism, racism, individualism, and economic disparity are pulling back.

Thus to reach Cosmic brotherhood according Sarkar: The inspiration of Cosmic sentiment will depend upon certain objective physical problems which must be solved on a collective humanitarian basis. These are:

Common Philosophy of Life; spirituality provides a human being and humanity at large with that subtle and tremendous power with which no other power can be compared…The complete rational theory dealing with all three phases – spiritual, mental and physical – of human development shall be a philosophy common to humanity in general.

Despite these obstacles, a Social Blending of Humanity is in progress and needs a common constitutional structure to be evolved to cement the solidarity of the world. A world government is also very essential for exercising full control in certain spheres; for example, there should be only one world militia….

Common Penal Code; any theory which does not hold a parallelism with the ever-changing conditions of time, place and person, is sure to decay and be lost in oblivion. All those actions which help in the growth of the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of human beings in general should come under the category of virtuous deeds, and those actions which go against humanity in its spiritual, mental and physical development must come under “vice”.

Minimum Essentialities of Life plays a vital part not only in achieving world brotherhood, but also in the development of human personality.

The Marga advocates progressive utilization of mundane and supramundane factors of the Cosmos. Those who support this principle may be termed “Proutists”.

Spirituality stands for evolution and elevation…

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Colombia's ambassador in Peru Arrested:

Mortgage fraud charges target top executives:

Most big financial institutions in the US pass a Fed System stress test:

Obama and the PM Cameron discuss Afghanistan, Syria, global economy and Iran:

Febr 29 SEC files civil suits against banks:

More arrests:

New life in space, billions of 'habitable planets' in Milky Way, a new study:

Svali: BBC Conspiracies Satanic Panic part 1 of 3, Skip to 6:24:
YOUTUBE Svali, Tech TV Conspiracies:

Cable Piracy closed:

BBC; ITV Digital was destroyed by hacking codes:

Hong Kong arrests:

Putin 27.March:
Pravda real case:

Many who pulled their adds from Rush are now begging to come back:

Washington's Blog, What Really Happened:

The Canadian released its budget, Flaherty spends at taxpayers expense: http://viableopposition.blogsp...erity.html. Harper and Flaherty...
They are hot on the defensive...

Fiscal Times link:

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Shiva created family system, now crumbling?

That was about 7500 years ago!

I have come across some concerns about families – at present society - turning into single, three wheelers or same sex couples. There is no more just wife, husband and children, but one example; lesbians with disposable father - just for getting child. What is the future then going to be, if this is the expanding trend? Are the heteros going to be minority soon? Are the family values lost or just to be renewed? One person told recently that she got a child - and now she is encouraging others to get children - without husband. Many questions come to mind; i.e does child have right for both parents?

Before we welcome the laws to abandon all the restrictions, there should be some research. I have seen only one research, which shows that children more likely become homos in homo families. I have known also some homos past and I observed their mothers were somewhat too close to their sons, and fathers were distant or nonexistent. Does homosexuality really have something to do with parents and how they deal with kids?

In Russia they seem to be restricting; The law stipulates fines for the public dissemination of propaganda of “homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderness” among minors;

Sarkar didn’t want anyone to encourage homosexuality, or to tempt others for homosexual relationships. And although he wanted us to deal respectfully with any kind of people, he didn´t want homosexuals to take up leader positions, probably due to possibility that they might promote homosexuality. What about transsexuals, bisexuals and so many others whose sexuality is not ordinary type? So many questions to be considered, as they might have soon huge impact to the society as a whole. In yoga there are methods to check the sexuality that one may control it, although not to suppress it. I have seen also ancient writings somewhere about changing sex into other kind with yogic methods. I heard that while changing sex with medical means and operations, women has to be first sterilized. Sarkar said that sterilization will affect the psyche of human being and should not be done. Anyhow eventually the children will be made in test tubes and sexuality would lose its importance while people become spiritual.

And then comes the question of active euthanasia??? Sarkar probably didn´t accept that, because it is better to go through ones karma. Although there are other means to lessen the karma, but sure not by someone killing.

Some texts by Sarkar about marriage how it started etc: The same Shiva who applied a healing balm to human beings’ external life by inventing medicine and the science of healing also regulated all levels of human life and gave humanity the top rung as the supreme and final achievement [tantra].

From what we observe in the early and medieval periods of the Rgveda, we can conclude that a well-regulated social order was not yet evolved… Family instinct was no different from that of the elephants, lions, pigeons, etc. Due to this inborn instinct, males and females arrived at a loose, but workable compromise regarding family life. But in that there was no sense of responsibility born out of a developed conscience; rather, due to their loose relationships with each other, one person used to desert another and go anywhere he or she liked. The number of such libertines was very high, and they used to disturb the peace and harmony of the so-called family members and become the cause of many serious quarrels.

The women of that day stood at Shiva’s door and said: “O Sadáshiva, save us from this beastly, distressful condition...” Shiva’s heart melted; he understood their pain. He introduced the custom of marriage and firmly fixed the rights and responsibilities of the father. For the first time human beings felt the contact of a peaceful environment in social life.

Still some wicked-natured men remained and some libertine women as well. Then, with the help of his followers, Shiva obliged those wicked men to marry by punishing them with the rod and rope. Just as there were libertine men, there were also some libertine women…

These sinners used to make úh-úh sounds in pain and tried to flee… The followers of Shiva forced the makers of this úh-úh sound to marry and to accept the responsibility of caring for their offspring. Over time this úh came to mean “to marry”.

In today’s society also there are a few of these wicked-natured men. The leaders of the society or the state should make them utter this úh sound by creating the requisite circumstantial pressure. This introduction of the system of marriage raised human beings one step higher than the animals.

Shiva was the first man to marry in earnest so the people of that time called him vyúd́ha out of respect. Shiva saved the womenfolk from complete ruin. He also saved the men from cultural degradation. For this reason every person in the world is indebted to Shiva.

Sarkar said also: The need for marriage differs with individuals. For example, marriage of those persons who suffer from some physical or mental disease, or who are not financially well off, or whose present circumstances are not favourable for marriage…those engaged in the fulfilment of an ideal, or some mental occupations, should not marry, because they will not find it possible to fulfil their family commitments properly. The marriages of such people are harmful to the society in many cases. Although marriage is not desirable… there remains a possibility of their indulging in vices stealthily if they are not married. To avoid this, they should work for the attainment of some high ideals or do rigorous spiritual practices…one has to exercise control in every sphere of life, whether big or small. Such control does not imply killing the desire but controlling it.
Sarkar introduced revolutionary marriage to further cultural blending of human race. The husband and wife to be from different race or culture. The marriage is rather based on spiritual equality; both being in same level spiritually. In that case the race, cultural, psychic etc differences would not hamper the successfulness of the family. Besides he went further; the society should care about the family´s physical, psychic and spiritual well being. In practice, this means i.e, if there are problems in the marriage, the society would have mediators to help with the problems.

He also created the so called sannyasi system - nuns and monks dedicate their life entirely for social service and teaching spirituality for the welfare of humanity.

Sarkar considered spiritual satsanga (spiritually elevating company) and unity important aspect of human well being.

Sarkar said about sannyasiis: These exceptional people are sometimes seen as a bunch of lunatics by others, but the fact is, these so-called lunatics do something new and constructive for society.
Nr Yajiṋa [service] is of four kinds: (a) Shúdrocita, (b) Vaeshyocita, (c) Kśatriyocita and (d) Viprocita. [Physical, financial, intellectual and spiritual service].

Sarkar about happy society: The six factors which guide society, which make it vibrate in bliss and dance in bliss when its different entities realize the fullness of existence in every fibre of their existence, are the śad́aráh samája cakra [six spokes of the social cycle]. [Spiritual practice, spiritual ideology, social outlook, socio-economic theory, scripture and preceptor.]

The inner import of society is collective movement. The primary stage of this movement is morality. The idealistic element of mind which inspires the human beings towards the cosmic goal is moralism… Without spiritual ideals true morality based on universal love cannot be awakened.

If there is no proper adjustment amongst physical, psychic and spiritual movements, the psychic side of humans will get unbalanced and many new psychic diseases will get created. This is the present position of the world.

In the absence of discipline, social security may be endangered. So for social security, both justice and discipline are essential.

You should remember that in human society nobody is insignificant, nobody is negligible. Even the life of a 100-year-old lady is valuable. In the universal society she is an important member – she is not to be excluded.

O human beings, build the social structure considering the needs of humanity. Do not try to do anything for your petty personal and group interests, because whatever little you want to do with your limited outlook cannot last.

To maintain the unity and solidarity of the social structure, all spheres of social life must be strengthened and developed.

The task of the family man is more difficult: he has to serve both his small family and his Universal Family. For the renunciate [nun, monk] there is only the Universal Family to serve. A family man cannot serve the Universal Family 100 percent; he must attend as well to his small family. To dedicate oneself completely to the service of the Universal Family, one must follow the life of a renunciate.

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World shortly

Short cuts, I hope not repeating from previous:

UK Daily Mail: Europeans moved to Africa during ice ages. New DNA study suggests people moved between continents 10 000 years ago. Ure: web bot: "The earthquake on 20th, was two days off the 188 day cycle. Also, the last three 188 day quakes affected the planet axis.

The recent research suggests that ancient structures i.e in Ireland, Malta, southern Turkey and Peru, were designed to manipulate sound to produce certain sensory effects.

Is NASA hiding magnetic pole shift of the sun or is it; Los Alamos/Garching: the y-component of the plasma flow within the low latitude boundary layer and magnetopause current layer is oppositely directed that in the adjacent magnetosheath.

While Dutchsinse claims the latitudes dragged along shifting earth North Magnetic pole…growing number of scientists worry possible magnetic pole shift underway to be the real reason behind climate change. NASA claims: major breach in the earth’s magnetic field. This breach allow solar winds to enter the earths atmosphere, and mess up the weather; causing super storms etc. Present society with its reliance of electricity and electromagnetic effects may be vulnerable. Water Shortages may destroy entire nations, warns US. Natural News; The U.S. government paints a grim picture of so-called global warming; water shortages, as the causes of major global destabilization. So CNS news; Obama Requests $770 Million to Fight Global Warming in developing countries. London Telegraph: Britons Urged to Inform On Their Neighbors For Using Hosepipes, as Britain’s March heat wave is expected to continue all week. In Georgia few months ago strange "explosion" reports...Read, so you will understand what is going on in Wisconsin: Underground explosions caused by Dormant Volcano, Fracking , or Nuclear plant. Booms, tremors in second town, police in Montello reports. Proof that its a object and not a storm:

Natural News, Vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals that antibodies are not necessary to fight viruses. The body’s natural immune systems work together to ward off disease without vaccines. In tests, antibodies were shown unable to fight infection by themselves… they actually damage the body’s innate immunity.

CNN: Nodding disease; Could cripple children across the globe? Turns thousands of children Into "Zombies". New outbreak struck in Uganda, cause not known;; Children set fires, wander aimlessly and gnaw at their restraints like "zombies".

Social media: Researchers found; narcissistic personalities had more friends on Facebook; tagged often and updated regularly. Young people are becoming obsessed with self-image and shallow friendships;”self-absorption, vanity, superiority, and exhibitionistic tendencies. Financial Astrology; forecast of the financial markets. Astrologer: the Sun in the Comex chart and Sun in the U.S. chart is almost at the same degree. Two hour discussion, video that will curl your toes. Exec Order that Obama signed on March 16th.

Alex Jones: Lindsay Williams claims that the financial collapse is being delayed (no market crash in March-April-May-June, with Greece, Italy or France defaulting). They try to get all the countries of the world in extreme debt, so that when the crash happens, countries will be taken under control and forced to accept the NWO currency. Wait until you hear to the buzz word; the 'derivatives', it will start the total collapse (3-4 weeks after the Euro crash)… Derivatives; Insurance for things, not in any records. Obama might not be re-elected because the elite is angry about Obama cancelling the Keystone pipeline in favour of his Muslim friends in the middle east...

Japan and China have moved trading without dollar, as well as Iran and S-Arabia moving off selling their oil without using the US dollar. (S-Arabia by building huge oil refinery to China). This will precipitate the collapse of the value of US Dollar at the end of 2012 (hyperinflation). Food prices will sky-rocket, gasoline $6 or $7 per gallon. Buy gold; any coin minted in US prior to 1933, or one ounce silver coins. This all will happen very fast at the end; oil, gold surge, dollar devaluation. Ron Paul; Stop the Fed’s Covert Bailout of Europe. Ron Paul breaks down the Fed’s secretive bailout of European banks. "OECD pushed for $1.3 trillion eurozone crisis fund". Evidence that everyone is in on the same Secret boat? Someone RE: the Gnostics. “Alexander Romanov” presents conflicted ideas… claims to be "heir to the Russian throne" and "grandmaster." Replacing the current Satanic hierarchy with an "enlightened" hierarchy?

Fulford answer: This Alexander Romanoff or Richard Sorge represents dangerous people. That is why I opened a dialogue with him…pyramid type hierarchy must be completely transparent and meritocratic… we must avoid having a single leader at the top but always at least a small council representing main groups.

Toyota producing cars, that go over 100 kilometers per liter. Last week 200 senior bankers arrested and 450 resigned… as new financial system went online and abundant financing is…or soon to be made available. Japan set up an international economic planning agency with an initial funding facility of $10 trillion, according to Japanese government sources.
There will be some sort of announcement (and high profile arrests) on March 27th, according to illuminati and WDS sources. (It suppose to happen already 13.3, but something happened, let´s see if now, DA). Gnostiks:

Wilcock, ET intervention: The plan for mass arrests has been very actively in the works for at least 33 years.

A staggering wealth of irrefutable evidence is backing this plan, including over 22 eighteen-wheeler truckloads' worth of documents that have long since been scanned and secured in multiple locations.

Multiple insider sources, each of whom have been "vetted out" for their credibility and trustworthiness, have now confirmed that mass arrests of thousands of key conspirators in this vast cabal are about to occur.

Someone in Fulford blog: The largest lawsuit mounted since the tobacco awards; Fulford: you can say the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are the world's worst mass murderers… by the Du Pont family. Someone: Accusations and lies at: Fulford: The "former white hat," is an agent, Mike, Mr, Cottrell, London. He along with Leo Wanta looted Russia and helped cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. Leo Wanta is a good man, but the funds belong to the people of the world.

Number of banksters quitting
: (

Finnish politician Soini shortly: Euro that everyone is using, but nobody owning. Jim Sinclair: "Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa are meeting next week because of SWIFT war. EU banned SWIFT from Iran and their oil production fall by a 14% as US/West try to maintain dollar dominance and the BRIC countries moving away from dollar. Inflation keeps a lid on NK and Iran. Reuters: The "fake gold bars" is making rounds again: Zero Hedge, Tungsten-Filled 1 Kilo Gold Bar Found In The UK. Houston Chronicle: "Scarcity makes Tungsten Stocks Winners, According Detectives." US: Like the housing bubble, next student loan bubble.

Government buying out all the 5.56 Military surplus ammo and telling ammo dealers to stop selling to vendors and civilians, through the presidential election. While N-Korea says any criticism of its nuclear program would be a 'declaration of war.' Ure reader; China; Rumours of coup, but only internal rumblings as the Party is still in control, autumn top figures will change. The Jerusalem Post: "German TV broadcasts Iranian Holocaust denial"., Agence France-Presse: Ahmadinejad has spoken, again!!! U.S. delegation walkout in conference in Tajikistan. AFP PODCAST; The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie. “Holocaust” is used by global Zionists to justify the creation of Israel. Not one autopsy exists that shows the use of Zyklon B…and zero photographic evidence… Gregory Douglas: CIA agents Angleton and Crowley planned the assassination of the president JFK, March of 1963. J. Hoover, FBI, Lyndon B. Johnson, VP, and Lemnitzer, Joint Chiefs of Staff, were in the plan along with the Chicago Mafia and Israeli Mossad. French Intelligence alerted planned assassination to the U.S. Embassy, who apparently alerted no one. LBJ was assured by J. Edgar Hoover that he was not a target. Crowley was convinced the assassination was in the best interest of the country! JFK had a private line of communication with Khrushchev, which the CIA considered treasonous. (Wilcock claims it was question ab the dollar and settlement funds, others claim panned UFO disclosure and releasing info ab CIA, Fed by JFK etc). JFK had planned to reduce involvement in VietNam, LBJ engineered the Gulf of Tonkin. JFK was opposing the Israeli nuclear weapons — LBJ ignored these developments.

The Voice of the White House; The so-called ‘Oligarchy’(since Jeltsin´s time) was a Russian Mafia of Jews with American money, which bought up the rights to Russia’s oil and gas. Putin was mistakenly viewed as an easily controlled entity, but proved to be far less tractable and regained national control over Russian natural resources, removing and jailing a number of the Oligarchs. NATO also encircled Russia.

In Georgia Pentagon became fearful of shooting war to break out between US and Russian units, and ordered an immediate US evacuation, leaving behind tons of military equipment and secret documents. This (made Russia a hero, and) seriously annoyed the Americans and when Poland’s elite flew to Smolensk for a rapprochement with Putin, someone tampered with the controls of the airport, so the Polish pilot crashed the plane. It is well-known this was done by the CIA to teach the Poles and others a lesson. And when Putin announced his return to office, the CIA swing into action again, pouring American taxpayer money into demonstrations against Putin.

Escobar, Asian Times: Why Putin is driving Washington nuts: Anglo-American elites still squirm of his now legendary Munich 2007 speech, he blasted the then Bush administration for its obsessively unipolar imperial agenda…and increasing cooperation among the BRICS, emerging powers. Putin´s A new integration project for Eurasia, a “modern economic and currency union” stretching all across Central Asia. He loves judo – against the (NATO), the IMF and hardcore neo-liberalism.

The TEMPEST Plot. The static on your TV screen is emanation caused interference. Experts estimate that screen contents can be received over a distance of 1 km, and of 300 m using amateur equipment. As a response, the TEMPEST started; limiting electric or electromagnetic radiation emanations from electronic equipment. This pushed renovation costs from $1.5 million to $3 million just to ensure two US programs could not detect each other’s TEMPEST emanations. Finland attending Nato´s cyber exercise…

During 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in South Korea; Obama and Medvedev on open mic: ABC: Obama: missile defense…can be solved, but it’s important for him (Putin) to give me space....After my election I have more flexibility. Medvedev: I will transmit this information to Vladimir. And White House Rhodes admits: is an election year in both countries… it is clearly not a year in which we are going to achieve a breakthrough (in missile defense matters)." Missile defense have heated relations between the U.S. and Russia in recent years. U.S. missile defense; Turner said, that he wants to prevent any attempts to trade missile defense of the US to Russia…. Obama mentioned that Russia is surrendering to UN suggestion for Syria...but BBC; Russian antiterrorist forces arriving in Syria:

1000 Israelis March In Tel Aviv against Iran War. And Nationwide anti-war protest held in UK. RT: Anti-war activists warn the authorities against a potential attack on Iran. March 23, 2012. "Incarceration Nation:" More Americans in jail, than in Stalin's Gulags - 6 million, mostly due to drugs. US 760 prisoners, Japan 63 per 100,000.
2,500 illegals a week are pouring into Europe from North Africa...and most are Muslim and since this means 400,000 in three years, another million more legally?

Russia Today: Sarkozy strongly against extremism; Visiting hate and terror websites will be punished.

Sarkar said that sadvipras; service minded moral and spiritual leaders will emerge by demand to stand up and take the leadership in society. There would be sadvipra dictatorship, but not individual dictatorship. Sadvipras boards would make the decisions, but there might be some kind of president if I remember correctly, who can be taken down by the board, if he is not representing properly the leadership.

Those spiritual revolutionaries will work to achieve progressive changes in human society to elevate it in physical, psychic and spiritual spheres. Sadvipras have high standard of conduct and moral courage They will prevent exploitation.

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Coincidental or Intentional

Here comes the latest news, speculations, rumours and - lets see what they turn out to be:

Dutchsinse posted this: Mar 20, 2012: President Obama´s daughter Malia was in Oaxaca??? Mexico hit by 'strong, long' 7.4 magnitude earthquake…Epicenter was close to Oaxaca…and Malia Obama was staying in the town on a school trip. Michelle Obama's PR Kristina Schake told ABC News: '…we can confirm that Malia Obama is safe and was never in danger.' US Pres Obama's daughter…Miraculously, she's safe. The Pope is scheduled to arrive in Mexico on March 23rd.

Dutchsinse writes: Just so everyone know.. im totally sane, not suicidal…all in good shape! In otherwords, if I get "disappeared".. you guys should really look into things ! dutchsinse. Mexico quake: is my most recent post dealing with this earthquake: ,

Dutchsinse: This is disturbing: There was a verified "drill" planned for March 20, 2012 in Mexico for a 7.9 M earthquake "simulation"....Obama's daughter was at the epicenter: WTH is going on?! We need answers.. and I don't think (at this point) any of us are going to settle for "coincidence". Link to the documents in question:

Ure´s "coincidental"; Patrick Geryl solar activity/earth connection, more: Triple Line ‘Strength’... March 19-21, one and 22 April... 3! And Dec 1 2012 there are 3 line ups: 15-17-12 and 18-19-12 and 20-21-12. 20.3: The discussion earlier this week involving Patrick Geryl's…188-189 day earthquake cycle has become alarmingly accurate with the quake in Mexico this afternoon. And someone warning: March 18, 2012; everyone living in or near a seismic zone warned to brace for one of the top five earthquake events on March 22, 2012. Earth axis is expected to shift five+ inches, when our planet passes through a gravity connecting the Sun and the inbound heavy-mass object at the Leo Constellation (HMO). Earth axis shifts on a regular 188-day cycle.,_2012_Press_Release_Warning.html.

New York Daily News: City-based farming initiatives in neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., has successfully created a 250-square foot indoor farm that produces food for hundreds of local families. Child Development Support Corp has inspired many other managers throughout New York to implement similar hydroponic farms.
13 Mar 2012; Yesterday I came across with a couple of absolutely astonishing images taken by NASA SDO spacecraft, where we see a monster hole in the Sun’s corona, with almost perfect shape of an isosceles triangle. IMO that’s a STARGATE open by extraterrestrial technology.
DARPA: disruptive [manufacturing] technologies. Would anti-gravity machines crash the world's economy?

Health Inspection Service (APHIS) green-lighted a new variety of "drought-resistant" GM corn produced by Monsanto that admittedly grows no better under drought conditions than natural varieties do. And . But GMO Protesters Shut Down California Monsanto Office. Big Pharma Creates Resistant “White Plague” Through Mass Drugging; A heavily drug-resistant form of tuberculosis is now striking fear into the hearts of scientists and doctors alike…But Australian scientists claim; Manuka, jelly bush honey, killed every bacteria or pathogen (drug resistant) it was tested on. The honey is only from bees feeding off tea trees native to Australia and New Zealand.

But NHMRC in Australia is planning to nix homeopathy…The Age has the draft paper, which was recently leaked to reporters. Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that homeopathy can help treat respiratory ailments and allergies, influenza, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and attention deficit disorder (ADD) etc.
_Luc_Montagnier_Homeopathy.html. Big Lie of Peak Oil …? Daily Bell: The “oil scarcity” theme is one of the most malicious. The radioactive plume of ocean radiation from the Fukushima has now hit Hawaii. And radioactive sewage is piling up all over Japan, while nuclear ash that rains down.

For non ufo-believers:, TV cameras picked up a mysterious flash of light in Phoenix, Arizona this week:|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D142382.

Lockheed Martin's Hybrid Air Vehicle. As an eye in the sky, this remarkable airship can stay aloft for up to three weeks at an altitude of 20,000 feet. Someone claiming North American Union is Here. With the conclusion of the 12th “Beyond the Border” initiative meeting between Canada and the U.S. it is official, the border will be removed.

And Canada Free Press; “Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law!” Even Drudge Report posted the title with “Martial Law?” An executive order that Obama signed “NDRP” is an update of previous EO 12919, by Bill Clinton in 1994. But 201(b) the words “under both emergency and non-emergency conditions” have been added. Anyway the U.S. government has been operating under a constant state of national emergency since Sept 14, 2001. But Morrissey: “Unless and until someone [demonstrates any expansion of powers], I’ll consider this to be routine. The timing is a little strange… but this is really nothing to worry.

CNS News; Nato must investigate civilian deaths in Libya, says Amnesty; Nato no compensation to killed and inured Libyans. The British wife of Syria's president says SHE is the real dictator; Syria accuses Saudis and Qatar of arming rebels; RT. Washington Post: U.S. accelerating cyberweapon research. The Pentagon to develop cyberweapons.

Rabinovich Jan 12, 1952, in meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Hungary: "The goal for which we have striven so concertedly for three thousand years, before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave.

James Bamford ( of The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America. The Intel Hub alerts us to a shocking new defence contract… ATK Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity; deal to supply up to 450 million rounds of 40 calibre. Deliveries are expected to begin in June.

Occupynews: US, police officers massed on Broadway, a commander announced that the park was closed. Those inside shouted back that the park was obliged through an agreement with the city to remain open. The commander then announced that anyone who remained inside would be arrested and charged with trespassing.

CFTC from JP Morgan Whistle-blower: "We Are Fearful of a Cascading Credit Event; Wide-Scale Market Collapse". Yesterday, an open letter at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) by JP Morgan whistle-blower was removed, but indexed by search engines.

When this Ponzi scheme finally comes down it will be unlike anything we've ever seen in terms of economic collapse and financial asset annihilation.

Tehran Times noted that the Iranian oil bourse will start trading oil in currencies other than the dollar from March 20. “Recall that Saddam [Hussein] announced Iraq would no longer accept dollars for oil purchases in Nov 2000 and the US-Anglo invasion occurred in March 2003,”

Fulford short cut: Weekly Geopolitical News and Analyses: Turkey has purged the Sabbatean Luciferian network from the government, media and armed forces. However, Turkey is not in a position to defy the Pentagon. The so-called "White Hats" group are trying to get their hands on the new financial system… It is disturbing to see the Obama executive order, but to the best of my understanding the Pentagon and the agencies will not allow Americans to be rounded up and killed or put into concentration camps… Hitler was a member of the Rothschild family. Hitler's role was to chase the Jews out of Europe and force them to live in Israel where the Zionists were planning to set up a world dictatorship run from Jerusalem. Hitler was attacked because he began to go against the role he was put in. Rival emperor stakes claim to Japanese throne, real Emperor of Japan? Naoshi Onodera claims he is the legal and rightful emperor of Japan and that Emperor Akihito is descended from a group of illegitimate pretenders who were put up as puppet rulers by foreign cabalists …he is willing to have scholars and legal experts verify evidence, Onodera says. This is …intimately connected to the start-up of the new financial system and …regime change in Japan.

We're skeptical.... but... story out of Beijing that trouble in the upper ranks of Chinese government including rumors of a coup. There was a 1 percent drop in Chinese markets overnight, while most of Europe is also down 1% - and no revolution rumours floating around there. We are now hearing the new Metals Backed Banking System is in use in the Far East and is being blocked from use in the West. Casper 3-18-12. Quessings: Kony video's release was to beef up AFRICOM in order to maintain for the US access to African mineral resources, and how China's current "Rare-Earth Power-Play" contingency planning? London Guardian; Greece cashless currency (bartering), also Sweden but a bit different. BusinessWeek: How Putin will fill economic promises...

YNet; Defense Minister Barak: Preferable not to carry out strike against Iran without US consent. AFP: IMF chief Lagarde says world back from financial ‘abyss’, but Lagarde warns of oil risk from Iran, if Iranian supplies were disrupted, causing “serious consequences” for the global economy.

Didi Annapurna

maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2012

ETs and Golden age

Here is short cut of Kerry Cassidy´s interview with Robert, Bob Dean, former US Army and SHAPE (NATO at Europe), who used to be very negative about the future of humanity, but he changed after Oct 2011 near-death experience and meeting the galactics - who showed him future of earth, after the shift - this year? Kerry while interweaving Bob and Clifford Stone is pouring out her own negativity fearing that there is a malevolent galactic presence to take over the Earth.

Bob Dean believes that the humans are in the middle of the battle of the good and bad guys since last ten thousand years, but he thinks third party has now intervened the game; an advanced spiritual culture. Because the human race has reached critical point in their evolution, the ETs are going to see that the human race makes this transition into a new species. He thinks it’s happening already, no more wars.

While Kerry thinks the Illuminati, run by Reptilians and Anunnaki, might not have their best interests in mind, Bob mentions that he was with ETs six weeks, and they said, that human beings don’t grasp who they really are and that we have a unique genome, covering at least 12 different races of the universe, one of the richest zoological garden in Galaxy. Clifford adds, that if we don´t grow spiritually, we are going to become victims of our technology, which they want to prevent.

Kerry mentions Iran and Israel, and Iran launching missiles into Venezuela, which the ETs prevented. She also mentions the chemtrails that ruin health of people and are meant to make the earth conditions suitable for some ET hybrids, that they can take over the earth. Clifford says that the benevolent ETs will neutralize that threat. He tells that 1952 US military was given order to shoot UFOs down. And he thinks the Soviet Union is still firing UFOs. He is having copy of the British report from 2000.

Kerry thinks that there is a rogue group running the US with ETs, against other ETs. But Cifford believes that the Watchers over this planet allow the evil for some time, but when it threatens the whole humanity, they step in.

Bob says that when Reagan and Gorbatchev were waging the cold war the good guys knocked off the computerized guidance systems and melted the warheads in missile silos and stole some of them in both countries. And the Chinese said, “You guys are not going to screw up this God-damned planet, there will not be a nuclear war.” And now these guys are in control.

Kerry thinks US is on the verge of civil war. She talks about the secret government and their black projects and ET technology suppressed from common folks while NASA is taking astronauts off the planet. And then she is asking ab Roswell case.

Bob says that he has known some of MJ-12s. He thinks that there is powerful third party to intervene the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, in a big way. He says that since he was near death in October and saved by ETs, he got strength to stand up and raise holy hell and to be a command sergeant major again. He thinks we are going to take our natural place in that infinite community of life and discard the doomsday. He has come to conclusion human spirit is infinite with power that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

Clifford wants his message to be a message of hope, while growing spiritually only travel to other planets is possible. NASA has technology and plans for setting up permanent bases on the Moon and Mars, but the quarantine is still there.

Kerry points out that the quarantine is off and we have been invaded every way by various races. She asks Bob that what the Anunnaki is doing while walking the halls of the Pentagon? Bob answers that most of them are basically good guys, while having met some of them face to face.

When Kerry is concerned about declining US economics, Bob says that it is bullshit and mentions his old organization, the Templars, who established the banking system, in the eleventh century. Then Kerry takes up the assumed tons of gold in the Philippines.

Bob knows that US has been bartering gold for Anunnaki technology. They turn the gold into ORME, powder gold, which makes their genomes immortal!

Bob remarks people don’t have to worry about that anymore, but more important is that the average guy out there realizes who he is, to be free. And remarks; if people don’t read and understand the Constitution, then they lose their rights. Project Camelot:

Stew Webb: Drug money for black projects:
Wilcock: ET Intervention will throw off any attempts to start World War III. Over 40 different attempts have been thwarted in the last 2 months. John Kettler is giving testimony that supports the "China's October Surprise" story. (See Project Camelot interview).

NASA is planning to fire off five rockets in five minutes March 18 for a mission that will create luminous milky-white clouds to study the high-altitude jet stream. Online; NASA “Chemtrails”with trimethylaluminum (Jordon) is flammable liquid and vapor. Harmful if inhaled or swallowed. May cause eye, skin, and respiratory tract burns. Reacts violently with moisture. Decomposes into dust that may cause liver and kidney damage. Self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing must be worn by rescue workers.

As someone succinctly termed it: "The purpose of chemtrails is terraforming (making the place for Dracos, Reptoids and Greys) and bioforming us. But there are aliens who even apparently have ships "eating" chemtrails!

More allies have joined the fight in burning determination to liberate this planet. And it is they who are holding the New Madrid Fault System together in the face of concerted efforts to rip it wide open, wrecking the country and killing untold millions. Their obvious efforts to enslave and kill us, is running scared.

Ure, There are expected quakes when 2 or more planets align on the opposite sides of the Sun etc.
4-7 March date. First Mars and Earth line up with the Sun Then Mercurius and Venus X5.4 Flare on 3/7 - Sunspot 1429.

Dates that we expect solar events, due to planetary alignments: March 21st. April 22nd, May 25th, June 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th, 25th till 27th, July 29th, Aug 12th, Aug 22nd till 28th, Sept 21st, Oct 3rd, 14th till 22nd.Nov 13th. Dec 3rd.
Let's look at the planetary alignments of December 16-17 2012, Jupiter, Earth, Venus aling (not with the Sun). Venus, Mars and Neptunus align (not with the Sun) And on 18-19 December... Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Sun align...

Update: Ure added this later: Patrick Geryl more: Triple Line ‘Strength’... March 19-21, one and April 22... 3! And 1. Dec 2012 there are 3 line ups: 15-17-12 and 18-19-12 and 20-21-12. : solar activity/earth connection.

Didi Annapurna

New participatory finances

You know the global alliance in effort to create new economics for the world. The people engaged in it are i.e the White Dragons and those that are leaving behind the evil secret factions. The Asian marshal artists, who are going along the plan, have some moral courage also and their effort is great already, but eventually I think a bit more is needed in order to turn it into lasting and successful project. I think the final solutions will start coming up only, when the people are able to uplift some really spiritual and selfless people as their leaders. Not the religions, as we have seen, they are not able to unite and inspire humanity for collective welfare.

There are many theories on making, how to organize the economics in a better way. One is called participatory economics. Their idea is consumer and producer co-operation for controlling the production, prises and environmental protection. At the present the consumers and the producers are not concerned what is the effect of the trade into the external society, environment etc. Individual advantages and comforts are placed ahead of collective welfare and environment. The rich are getting richer, due to inheritance, power and defective financial systems.

The participatory system will create decentralized economy with local control of things. The values include for example; equality - though the meritorious and industrious people can get more salary; Individual decision making and control of own life, until it doesn’t cross collective interests; Collective decision making; i.e heavy work will be shared; Solidarity, alternative values and efficiency are emphasized. The public services will be free and there would be minimum salary for those wanting to stay aside - this can anyhow be decided according time, place and person. There wouldn’t be any revolution to change into this system, as they think that would be fascistic. They think people will be longing for change due to awareness campaigns etc.

Prout theory has also many of those above mentioned characteristics, except no free public services and salary without work. Sarkar didn´t encourage laziness. If some people would have advantages and doesn´t need to work, others would also get discouraged to work. Also I suppose some people would waste things if getting free that easily. Sarkar also said that the world will become more spiritual, but the previous economical systems are not concerned about that, although they are not fighting against it also. It is the time of awakening, one need to become conscious, and that’s basically what spirituality is. Those others who lag behind have to be also dragged along, so there has to be some support for spiritual upliftment.

So we should take up the task of being the pioneers, to tune into the flow in every action and thoughts. One has to take time for higher thoughts; practising, reading, and listening. One needs to have moral courage to stand up for righteousness and welfare of all. Even if the poor get a little bit too much extra wealth and care that is not a problem, but the real problem is the huge cap between the rich brothers and poor brothers in this world. That’s why there is no real brotherhood, without mentioning our little neglected sisters. This makes the life miserable for whole human family. The economy has to be tightly controlled, that there can’t be exploitation and that the bankers and corporations can’t handle the governments. Even the revolution is needed in some case, although then all the different levels of society have to be involved with it.

Prout is holistic approach including also the cultural, environmental, educational etc values. It encourages simple life style, universalism, morality, scientific approach, collective ownership, sharing, etc.

Sarkar has said that Prout will be established in Europe first in one of these countries: Finland, Portugal, Austria or Ireland. Some other countries I have heard been mentioned. In the whole world Prout will be first established in Australia and may be in some Latin-American countries, but eventually it will be established all over the world, as it has been in countless planets in the entire universe. Basically Prout is simple and requires mostly just genuine love towards the whole creation and - cosmic brotherhood. Whether today´s Proutists will establish Prout or not, but it will be by someone. Sarkar was joking: even by the help of goats!

I don´t know whose ideas are these, but you may see: A one hour+ MP3 conference call explaing the new money system, educational value.

We can expect that new people indeed has to take over the finances, because the internet is exploding with lists of major financial industry CEOs and bank managers who are resigning, on a very high level. Bankers escaping[url], Goldman-Sachs executive quits and blames firm's toxic culture.
Why they abandon the ship, Financial Collapse Imminent? And whistleblower At JP Morgan opening up.

Ure: The US Fed has been printing money like crazy, with M2 money supplies up 9.9% , while reconstructed M3 is up around 5.7%. Compared with a year ago food was up 3.9% energy up 7%, gas up 12.6%. Wall St. Journal "Spain Gov Debt at 68.5% in 4Q, Highest Since 1995."

US total Outstanding Public Debt $15.516 tr, compare to Spain, 69.44%. And it doesn't count the check-kiting operation in "intergovernmental holdings".
The Pro Publica story about four whistleblower cases buried in the big banks settlement with gov.

Lets not forget Fulford: Vive la revolution: Bush, Kissinger, Geithner, Gates et all reported going around guarded by US marshals. Chinese government is getting into action; to install wind and solar power devices world-wide in order to free humanity from the cabal oil/nuclear grid. The cabal controlled central banks will be asked to redeem bonds backed by gold of holocaust victims. Secret revolution plan, to stop war-mongering by G-5: Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

March 1, 2012 – Intel reports, rumors and yet to be verified; The Dark Cabal Rats are panicky, threatening to kill each other and that´s why they are under protective custody. Thank You White Knights, Thank You Galactics, Thank You LORD" -- Morning Liberty/ Robert H. Hender, Jr. emergency oil stocks will be released by the US and the UK said two British sources in an effort to prevent high fuel prices in a U.S. election year.”

Western sanctions responsible for a 10-year low in oil production.
Thefts Sky Rocket; Masses Turn to Black Market For Essential Goods.

Didi Annapurna

Good news are pouring in

Wilcock has updated his page and has more proof to show that the gold and these bonds really exist for everyone to see. Some examples; Chinese gold got intercepted by Japanese. Oct 25, 1938, Ab 2.488 metric tons' in gold. Spain Seizure of 1.64 Tr Fed Bonds, UK Independent, Oct 28, 2003. GATA Nov 3, 2011.

Wilcock told earlier that Mr Riad started lawsuit to reclaim of his stolen bonds on Dec23, 2011. Wilcock wrote: “Astonishingly, US government agents confirmed to Riad that his bonds were genuine…” Now Riad was also mentioned the source of the 15 tr by Lord James case?

Wilcock is investigating the story of six trillion in “fake” Fed bonds in Italy, through the various contacts available to Neil Keenan and Keith Scott – “specifically to discern whether these are, in fact, real bonds or elaborate fakes”. And they are also investigating the Lord James case in the UK; of 15 Tr Dollars and Gold. Zero Hedge has picked up Wilcock´s story, and pointed out the identical Chicago bond chest pictures.

Wilcock thinks that Whitney Houston might have been sacrificed just hours before the Grammys in the same house, where instead of her remembrance, Minaj was put to perform a weird ritual and the more as they made profit out of it while ab 40 million people saw it. And this was after Madonna in Superbowl…
Others: related to Financial etc Tyranny; Busted Pedophile Network in Italy involves over 700 people.

Essentially all Bob, Clifford and Kettler are saying we now have powerful off world ET helpers who are actively interfering to protect humanity and the planet and have no intention of allowing the cabal/Illuminati to succeed. This directly corroborates and adds to the information uncovered about gold by David and his investigation., O'Collins has uncovered in his investigations:

Russia issues arrest warrant for George Soros?:
$2 Trillion in US Bearer Bonds seized in Manilla:
Recover of the Chinese currency boxes:
Project Camelot:, Alex Collier.

Didi Annapurna

Some thoughts and things

If you have an exam and you are nervous about it, then you might more easily fail, but if you mention to others about your fears: ´for sure I will fail´, and they would say; no for sure you are not gong to fail´. Then you rather wouldn’t fail, because you start would fear they are going to laugh at you when you will pass. So now you are rather fearing passing, not failing so much anymore. In global level things might work like this also. Many people say now ´for sure the economics will collapse and for sure there will be Iran/Israel war etc.´ On the other hand there are people to claim opposite, the sheep and the spiritual ones expecting ETs to rescue us…or just otherwise waiting for golden age. Now what would you expect to be the result? That is interesting. Anyhow of course there are also other factors having their say on these mattes.

Now, if we think the Web bot prediction methods and that 2-10.3 tippings failed miserably. There was perhaps in people’s unconscious many fears of things to happen, but there were the opposite thoughts also, so the matters got neutralized, and then some but not much of them might happen in reality. But I think some also might be really happening without them knowing it, as in last November they expected tipping and the only reported to happen was Chinese missile over Los Angeless, but actually there was much more in that; according Wilcock; The aliens interfered in big scale and did remarkable damage to OWO cabals nuclear, underground etc facilities and scared them profoundly.

And the interference seems to be continuing: Kettler talks about Iran launching missiles, which the ETs prevented…as well as Bob Dean and Clifford Stone talk ab ETs preventing things and bright future awaiting us. See Project Camelot´s old boys, youtube. Besides Wilcock wrote in Febr 1 ab his dream message, which he felt he had to read again although he got it already after 9/11. The short cut dream message: no need to be afraid the war waging. And the “Son of Man” coming in the heavens soon (not like J Christt). Blessed those souls who prepare to reach to higher truth, and not only concerned of money. There might be lots of unrest during which the bankers will be beaten back, before new. Freedom from constrictions long imposed would be soon arriving. Time of great happiness is awaiting. (Wicock´s dreams have surprisingly often come true previously). So seems Web bot might predict just the tide that is turning with mixture of things.

And let´s follow the headlines: Artifact depicting the sun.!12.3-12 Sun disease; massive dark triangle shaped sunspots. strange object, ejecting itself from the sun! within the last 48 hours. Strange sphere with chord in Sun's corona: .Vast Increase In 'Star Bubbles' Proof Of Energetic Change? More than 5,000 star-formation "bubbles" have been identified in the disc of our Milky Way by scientists. Young, hot stars blow bubbles out into the surrounding gas and dust, providing a signpost to new sites of star formation. Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS).

CME awareness and scare came up and now rather would continue probably as a “release language” when people get used into it, when becoming constant phenomena. Some kind global earthquake going on, simultaneous tremblings throughout the core of entire earth. Same time Dutchsinse claims that North Magnetic Pole movement towards Siberia is dragging along the warmer latitudes towards North. Mysterious sounds booming from the sky still, even so loud they set off car alarms.

Some things, which Ure has figured out also: The KONY2012 , Invisible Children is backed by (page 22) Soros foundations, JP Morgan, Chase etc with links to USAID. (Also Amnesty International gets Soros-funding (annual report page 8). Plans of USS Enterprise global farewell. The "credit event" in Greece . An impeachment of Obama wars, while administration still claims that UN and NATO decide for them. Afghanistan is also getting hot place for US. Vice Pr Biden has agreed to help impeach the President. The Pravda article mentions Arpaio´s 6 month long Obama investigation and discovery of forged Military Draft Records. And 88 % of US people:

Fulford at least believes peaking up: Vive la revolution. The financial war since 2001 may be finally ending and the new financial system coming into light. Senior members of Iran government, including Ahmajinedad, the cabal plan to use a war between Israel and Iran to trigger WW3. The Pentagon, the Russian and the Chinese military are trying to prevent it. I do not think it will happen because the rest of the world is tired of Israel's anti-social behaviour. And White Hats and Lord James.

Now the cabal members are in personal prisons where they can no longer travel abroad, to Paraguya, but also they are not able to attend programs; Cheney, speech in Toronto, had to cancelled due to "security concerns. George W. Bush had to cancel speaking in Switzerland and Canada… Panetta, saying it was not planned attack on him... And Panetta's airplane ride into Afghanistan and truck fire on the airport. The more soldiers were asked to disarm for the Panetta´s talk. While Holder says still; anyone deemed to pose an "imminent threat" to other Americans…could face a sniper or drone-launched missile, or other killing techniques, that´s the NDAA.

Stratfor (private C.I.A) forces from the U.S, U.K, France, Jordan, and Turkey are already on the ground in Syria. states; “training the Free Syrian Army.” Osama bin Laden was not buried at sea and was flown to the US. Wikileaks. The Israeli daily Maariv citing diplomats and intelligence sources, that the Obama adm meeting with Israeli leaders offered them advanced bunker-busting bombs and long-range refueling planes, if he promised to postpone war on Iran until 2013. Iran was today eliminated from the SWIFT, And Iranian banks. Reuters, impossible to conduct trade. AIPAC Washington: Senator John McCain, calling for a U.S.-led air campaign against Syrian targets to establish “humanitarian corridors.”

This week Sarkozy and Vatican earlier calling for World Government, but rumours he is planning to resign amongst hundreds of others in high positions - mainly in the Central banks, all over the world - to quit. US scientists are calling for major federal action against the threat posed by monstrous Monsanto’s GMO crops. Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells.
London Telegraph; Eating steak increases the risk of early death by 12%. Mr. Yampolskiy; biometrics and artificial intelligence, a computer scientist in Kentucky, danger to humanity from AI and super-intelligent computers. asks are BRICs the Hope of the World’s Future?
Russia, India, Brasil, China (joined S-Africa). Stew Webb ab drug money used to black projects.

Didi Annapurna

torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2012

Prout in Finnish Social Forum 2012

Sarkar adviced to unite the moralists and those fighting for righteousness! Social Forum is one part of it.

Finnish Social Forum, at Arbis, Dagmarinkatu 3, Helsinki at 21-22.4
Entrance is free. About 100 groups will attend by organizing programs.
Info: raija.korhonen(at), puhelin 050-3019616.

Proutist Universal will also take part with seminar:
Proutist Universal: Ekoyhteisöt ja energiaomavaraisuus. Eco societies and energy self sufficiency. Su 22.4 klo 13-15 class 44, in Finnish

by Ekodoctor Sauli Siekkinen

Death is nesessary, related to the previous artickle

Quite same text you might find earlier about death, but once more here:

Sarkar: Change in the human body is inevitable, and to bring about this change, death is necessary. Death is nothing but change. From childhood… boyhood… adolescence… When an old man dies and a babe is born, it is also a change. But where the link between the preceding stage and the succeeding stage is missing, we say it is physical death.

We have seen earlier that death is only disassociation of mind from body and not the death of mind. Hence a human being’s individuality and his or her feeling of “I” will not die…Mind is the entity which acts and does not die, hence it alone will have to experience the reactions (karmaphala).

At the time of unit consciousness leaving the body, Prakrti, which is an inseparable counterpart of unit consciousness, also leaves the body. Mind, which is a creation of Prakrti, will naturally leave the body with Her.

Mind and brain are so closely connected that one cannot work without the other… A dead person’s body has a brain, but it does not function because it is dead and there is no mind in it.

Similarly when a person becomes unconscious or is made so with the help of anaesthesia, his or her brain becomes non-functional for some time with the result that the mind also does not work, as its physical base, the brain, is not fit to function. The state of unconsciousness and that of death are similar except that the former is momentary…neither unit consciousness nor mind leaves the body.

Now, what is death? After death the mind becomes suspended, and the mind and átman become dissociated from the decaying body. So on the Day of Judgement, who will rise from the grave? The body cannot rise since it has already turned into soil. And where will the bodiless mind go? Here is another point – human beings do not have to wait for the Day of Judgement, their judgement is tied to their actions. Wherever there is an action there is an equal and opposite reaction...

It (mind) had however been performing some action or other right up to the moment of death and will have to experience the reactions of those actions. In fact, it is - in order to experience these reactions and because of its inability to experience these reactions without the brain - that the mind has to take shelter in a new body in a subsequent birth. Thus it is seen that once one is born one has to face death, and that rebirth after death is also inescapable.

Hence the concept of hell or heaven where human beings are supposed to proceed after death is entirely incorrect… Pleasure and pain cannot be experienced by the mind which in the state after death is a non-functional unit, until it acquires a new brain at the time of rebirth. It is in this mortal world only that one has to be reborn to experience the pleasures of heaven and the sufferings of hell…Good (action) results for good deeds and bad results for bad ones.

If rebirth has been rationally accepted, the question of the existence of ghosts does not arise. If mind could function without a brain, it could carry on intuitional practice for the onward march towards the merger with Cosmic Consciousness in its existence after death, but that is not so. It is because of this characteristic (dharma) of mind that rebirth has to be accepted and the existence of ghosts denied and considered only imaginary.

But:…Beings that might be construed as ghosts; A devayoni is actually a human spiritual aspirant who after death, due to his or her saḿskáras, undergoes a transformation in which “… he gives up his physical structure, that is, the solid body, and gives up his aquatic structure, that is, apatattva, also, but the other three factors – tejas (luminous), marut (aerial) and vyoma (ethereal) remain with him, with his detached mind.

People who commit suicide… get the status of kabandha after death. Wherever these entities happen to see other human beings under the spell of psychic derangement, they incite them to commit suicide. Both devayoni and pretayoni are temporary conditions experienced after death.

After death Prakrti selects the proper field to suit the potential reaction. Such a field may be available in a day, or it may even take millions of years to discover it (but as the mind doesn’t function without a brain, so it can´t visit mediums either?), for the mind cannot take shelter in a body till a field which suits the requirements of potential reactions is obtained. There may be innumerable worlds where life exists. Unit consciousness and potential reactions may get a suitable field in any of them. Thus it is not even necessary that one be reborn only on this earth.

Death is necessary. Assuming that unit consciousness could continue in one body as its shelter till it gets merged in Cosmic Consciousness (no rebirth), we are faced with the possibility of one body continuing for millions of years, as the chain of actions and reactions may not free the unit consciousness earlier than that. This would result in a total stoppage of the evolution of factors in a body for millions of years.

People often hold Parama Puruśa responsible for calamities that befall them, but in fact they alone are responsible, as the suffering of fate is only reaction of their own previous actions.

All beings want to preserve their existence to attain happiness. People do not want to die, for they know happiness cannot be achieved after death. This is the main cause behind the dread of death. Thus you will find that those who do not find pleasure or happiness at all in life, and do not see even the remote possibility of any happiness, become weary of their lives and commit suicide, thinking their lives to be a burden. It is because they no longer regard life as a means of attaining happiness that they destroy it. People commit suicide for the same reason that people in normal conditions seek to destroy those factors that are detrimental and hostile to their happiness.

So, in accordance with one’s saḿskáras, one gets an appropriate physical body. If a human being constantly hankers for food, the person is bound to get the body of a pig. Similarly, if one thinks of money all the time, one will become crudified and find oneself as a safe in some bank or in the home of some wealthy individual… Human movement towards animality is not life, it is death…

It should be borne in mind that the fat stored in the human body is nothing but its work energy in latent form. When fasting or doing physical labour, it becomes liquefied, then transformed into vital energy or work energy. So when people perform little manual labour, their fat becomes their enemy and pushes them to their death.

When… anger creates its own vibrations in the mind, it exerts a tremendous influence on the nerve cells in a very short time… the flow of blood to some parts of the body increases, and the functioning of the heart is disturbed. Anger leads to premature death.

The mind will have to maintain parallelism with the physical structure while moving towards a certain object. Association by proper adjustment and parallelism between the psychic and physical bodies causes life, and dissociation under adverse conditions results in death – the body and the mind will dissociate.

There are two causes of death: physical and psychic. Physical death occurs when the waves of the physical structure become crudified due to old age or any other physical deficiency. Psychic death occurs when psychic clash with either subtler or cruder thought-waves results in increasing or decreasing the wavelength of the mental waves respectively. In this case, also, loss of parallelism will occur, and the physical and psychic bodies shall dissociate... Death can be postponed if a person’s glands are replaced…

For the vulture, the smell of the corpse is not foul, and the rotting flesh of the corpse is not harmful for its health either. But if a human being eats rotten flesh, his or her death is inevitable.

The only way to do service to one’s mother after her death is to help every female member of the universe to progress on the path of highest development.

The moment a man is born he starts his journey. The end of his journey is death. The gap between these two is life. It is a small gap. Waste no time. Every minute takes you nearer to the grave. This mission of life – to be one with God – has to be fulfilled here and now. And that’s why when one is ensconced in that supreme centre; one establishes oneself beyond life and death…one is established in immortality. Death will not be painful for you, because in death too you attain Him. Merge with Him with all your love. By knowing Him alone one overcomes death.

Some other kind of deaths from Sarkar:

Communism has already died a premature death while still in the stage of youthful vigour, but when capitalism dies it will die a mature death.

So why capitalism has to die? It has lived its time, achieved what it suppose to, and humanity - while developing spiritually - needs now something better, thus Prout is based on spirituality.

From Finnish spiritual researcher

I have to mention that I don´t fully agree some of Juha Aalto-Setälä´s ideas, and also then I felt a bit difficult to understand even. Anyhow some things I wrote up last night discussion:

He claims that the earth is already in fifth dimension or density and waiting for human beings to follow and reach the fifth dimension with fast transit through fourth dimension. Humanity is in very special, critical moment. And we are watched by ETs. Those who are not willing to follow - as human beings have free will - are looking for external, and have to be born again on third dimension planet; on one of the 60 million planets in our galaxy or more faraway. I think he means that those who don’t want to develop higher from third dimension, has difficulties to adjust anymore in this fifth dimension planet, so they get easily sick and die gradually???

The other third dimension planets are very different, but their basic elements are the same, emotions are externalised; others or circumstances are blamed for ones misfortunes.

On third dimension violence is on physical level, wars, mutilations etc. In fourth dimension the psychic power can be used as a weapon for mass destruction, but if one chooses to love the nearest, one is able to move onto higher dimensions.

There are two paths, one is self-centred path, and the other is love and service motivated. Those who turn inside and those who stay tuned in external, their worlds will not meet, those people are not able to come along together.

When we are still in third dimension, we can’t see the higher vibration neither of human beings nor the higher vibration of the planet. We are using only 5 % of our capacity of DNA. In fourth dimension we will use 35 % and in fifth dimension almost 100 %.

Those who want to elevate themselves into fifth dimension, they must look inside. They are able to uplift the vibration of their body and mind, and live then longer perhaps even 200 years. Their bodies will be renewed (?).The babies that are born now are already fifth dimension beings. To look inside means i.e to see each and every occasion like ones own “fault”, to learn from it and to understand and change it into positive with love.


Sarkar never spoke about different dimensions; he only said that in the future, the earth will become more psychic.

Sarkar: Now the element of physicality is predominant, but in future the psychic element will become predominant. All the ectoplasmic and endoplasmic potentialities of the entire creation are fast being converted into psychic potentialities. At that time human beings will be making tremendous progress in the realms of intellectuality and intuition. The efferent nerves will be more active than the afferent nerves, and subtle experiences will be more common than they are now.

To move ahead from physicality to intellectuality is the Proutistic order. And that day when the entire living world – dashing through a transitory phase of psychic – will become spiritual will not be in the distant future. One day the physical and psychic structure of human beings will become divine…

Human beings will have to move forward by recognizing and adjusting with changes in time and space. Time and space are changing…Humans will remain on this planet for a little while longer, and they will undergo further change.
Then some scientists talk about expando model; according it the earth is growing!!!

More in next article about death etc.

Didi Annapurna

maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2012

Recent happenings and dramas

Lots of solar flares with CME, because the Sun is in ascending phase of its 11-year cycle, peaking next year. The cycle is unusually late… Was internet traffic slow down caused by sun flares; Asia at packet losses 34%, N-America at 25%. Pilots noticed elevated number of on tower lights being off? More SOHO/; M6.3 flare; CME arrival at the Earth March 11 - 12. A strong geomagnetic storm?

Quakes connection:
A 7.1 hits a S. Pacific nation. The USGS 6.7 with map. Any HAARP impact of the CME?, Mar 7: Solar Flare, CME / quake connection… Notice the LACK of earthquakes on the east side of the N-American Craton ! Japanese NICT;

London Telegraph: Space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock expects “five or six” more major sun flares in the coming months. The well known climatologist Judith Curry; "The IPCC gives diminishing returns, and they take up an enormous amount of scientists' time." Our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. Throughout space there is energy. Tesla, 1892.

Underwater city found off the coast of Georgia, where the giants ‘with hair like red flames’ dwelled before Ice Age covered it (Great Flood).The Sapelo Shell Ring Complex is 4,400 years old. According Red Indian legends giants ruled parts of S and C-America to southern N-America, and Europe to Asia. The men were 11 feet and women nine feet. “Pieces of the falling Moon” (asteroids) killed some giants and threw the rest into migration and fighting with Indian tribes. Orthodox scientists archaelogists clung to the belief that N-America was only populated by primitive natives yet to create agriculture.

KONY 2012: awareness campaign. Ure at thinks this could be a manifestation of the “global-revolution” meme, and interestingly released on March 5; Kids talk about the child-soldiers & the girls forced to be sex-slaves. As one 8th grader watcher says, that if this works, using the internet force, the world will become better place. Between 3/5/12 and 3/8/12 over 40 million views... Internet mass consciousness. But Prisonplanet thinks; Kony 2012 propaganda is a crude hoax to legitimize re-colonization of Africa...

Mysterious sounds still booming from the sky, even so loud they set off car alarms; from Europe to Canada groans and powerful horns. In Germany YouTube video, with car alarms going off in the background. Physics professor St Maurice told CTV: electromagnetic noise emitted from auroras and radiation belts. According to Nasa, the Earth has natural radio emissions, (but why not heard before, DA?) Earthquakes sub-audible sounds, seismologist Stump Dallas. mysterious-sounds-coming-from- the-sky-that-are-so-loud-they-set-off-car-alarms/.

Vaccine-cures-all claimed, but didn´t cure polio. In 1955 “polio” was a low-incidence disease that was falsely represented as violent crippler by Basil O’Connor’s advertising. Deadly strain of virus infected the Salk polio vaccines, and paralyzed hundreds of children. In the meantime, homeopathy, acupuncture and naturopathy are making big comebacks.

TSA $1 Billion Dollar Body Scanner System Is Critically Flawed, and Proven Worthless; Corbett carried a metal case through the scanner in his side pocket. Because metal appear black on the scanners; it can’t be seen on the black background. “I personally believe they now have no choice but to turn them off.” said Corbett. And YouTube has placed this behind an age restriction wall ! The TSA threatening the media not to report it. tells about Coup 'd Etat; Testimony by Defense Panetta and Joint Chiefs Gen Dempsey; their authority comes from UN and NATO. Panetta: ´Our goal would be to seek international permission, whether or not we would want to get permission from the Congress.´ Here by Congressman Jones´ query against Obama´s rush to Libya; “impeachable high crime”. Gun Purchases, Fears Over Obama Re-Election. And Massive Run On Guns. Reuters.

But Holder said that anyone deemed to pose an "imminent threat" to other Americans…could face a sniper or drone-launched missile etc attack (seems even without permission from UN, Nato or anyone, DA)." The Washington Post: Holder ; president is not bound by the Constitution to delay assassinations of American citizens…

Since 1940s, Rockefeller Foundation has been doing research into brainwashing techniques for the masses. But awakened Global days of action will shut down Monsanto on March 16 & 17? Protests have dubbed Monsanto's headquarters, research facilities and lobbying offices.

Italian paper mentions that the pope will resign on April 15th? Recently Vatican called for World Government and now Sarkozy; “We must have a new global order. We must expect a new global hierarchy”. The Fed (with 91% in long term bonds) is now the biggest holder of U.S. debt, bigger than China.

Ure mentions; Daily Dose of Greek Happy Talk - 85.8% of Greek private sector creditors buying off on the restructuring proposal covering €177 billion. Fulford says if the ´bankrupt´ banks are willing to get anything back from Greece they have no option, but to agree to forgive Greek loans, otherwise all the banks would really `krupt´. Bush, Kissinger, etc while out always have a US marshal with them. They are not allowed to do things like flee to their Paraguayan hideouts.

Iran: A former chief of the Israeli Mossad is urging not to attack. And the Israeli public is becoming wary of possible war.
And the Chinese government has announced it will start the mass installation of wind and solar power devices on rooftops world-wide to free humanity from the cabal controlled energy grid. The cabal controlled central banks will be asked to redeem financial instruments backed by gold stolen from holocaust victims. There is a promise to start a bottom-up revolution in cabal controlled countries like Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

Sarkar ab women: We stand to create powerful, dynamic and upsurging social consciousness, especially amongst women, so that they are inspired to rise, awake, abolish dogma, annihilate all symbols of slavery, and usher in a new era of co-ordinated co-operation and glorious achievement.

For those who were proud about their high cast or position, Sarkar said there is no permanent dress or address for anyone. He would tell about their past life as lower cast person and in next life looming possibility of being again poor… But one is able to get free from high/low circle in this life alone by i.e fighting vigorously against inequality and doing spiritual practises… Everyone should have equal rights for basic needs and opportunities in life.

Sarkar: Those who criticize science are trying vainly to take the flow of the Ganges in a reverse direction… But where the development of civilization is utterly negligible and science gradually attains the apogee of development, science only paves the way for destruction instead of doing any good for humanity. And so study and practise of science, though unavoidable, should not be given a higher place than civilization.

Those who are wise will strike a balance between the two and move towards overall progress. Where there is control and rationality in the different expressions of life, there is civilization. (Example;) Those who rationally think that over eating is bad – think, that restraint from it may be good - are called civilized.
Your ideal is represented by your contact, your learning. - Your social or economic status has got nothing to do with your ideal.

The Supreme spirit within humanity – neglected for ages – has awakened today. This awakening will initiate a new chapter in human history. You will all be pioneers of the new trend...Encourage everyone to build their career in a nice way. Let none get scope to think that their life has become useless.

The marching together of all in unison is termed as the society. Instead of despising those who have lagged behind, help them advance. This alone will be your social dharma.

Didi Annapurna