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World shortly

Short cuts, I hope not repeating from previous:

UK Daily Mail: Europeans moved to Africa during ice ages. New DNA study suggests people moved between continents 10 000 years ago. Ure: web bot: "The earthquake on 20th, was two days off the 188 day cycle. Also, the last three 188 day quakes affected the planet axis.

The recent research suggests that ancient structures i.e in Ireland, Malta, southern Turkey and Peru, were designed to manipulate sound to produce certain sensory effects.

Is NASA hiding magnetic pole shift of the sun or is it; Los Alamos/Garching: the y-component of the plasma flow within the low latitude boundary layer and magnetopause current layer is oppositely directed that in the adjacent magnetosheath.

While Dutchsinse claims the latitudes dragged along shifting earth North Magnetic pole…growing number of scientists worry possible magnetic pole shift underway to be the real reason behind climate change. NASA claims: major breach in the earth’s magnetic field. This breach allow solar winds to enter the earths atmosphere, and mess up the weather; causing super storms etc. Present society with its reliance of electricity and electromagnetic effects may be vulnerable. Water Shortages may destroy entire nations, warns US. Natural News; The U.S. government paints a grim picture of so-called global warming; water shortages, as the causes of major global destabilization. So CNS news; Obama Requests $770 Million to Fight Global Warming in developing countries. London Telegraph: Britons Urged to Inform On Their Neighbors For Using Hosepipes, as Britain’s March heat wave is expected to continue all week. In Georgia few months ago strange "explosion" reports...Read, so you will understand what is going on in Wisconsin: Underground explosions caused by Dormant Volcano, Fracking , or Nuclear plant. Booms, tremors in second town, police in Montello reports. Proof that its a object and not a storm:

Natural News, Vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals that antibodies are not necessary to fight viruses. The body’s natural immune systems work together to ward off disease without vaccines. In tests, antibodies were shown unable to fight infection by themselves… they actually damage the body’s innate immunity.

CNN: Nodding disease; Could cripple children across the globe? Turns thousands of children Into "Zombies". New outbreak struck in Uganda, cause not known;; Children set fires, wander aimlessly and gnaw at their restraints like "zombies".

Social media: Researchers found; narcissistic personalities had more friends on Facebook; tagged often and updated regularly. Young people are becoming obsessed with self-image and shallow friendships;”self-absorption, vanity, superiority, and exhibitionistic tendencies. Financial Astrology; forecast of the financial markets. Astrologer: the Sun in the Comex chart and Sun in the U.S. chart is almost at the same degree. Two hour discussion, video that will curl your toes. Exec Order that Obama signed on March 16th.

Alex Jones: Lindsay Williams claims that the financial collapse is being delayed (no market crash in March-April-May-June, with Greece, Italy or France defaulting). They try to get all the countries of the world in extreme debt, so that when the crash happens, countries will be taken under control and forced to accept the NWO currency. Wait until you hear to the buzz word; the 'derivatives', it will start the total collapse (3-4 weeks after the Euro crash)… Derivatives; Insurance for things, not in any records. Obama might not be re-elected because the elite is angry about Obama cancelling the Keystone pipeline in favour of his Muslim friends in the middle east...

Japan and China have moved trading without dollar, as well as Iran and S-Arabia moving off selling their oil without using the US dollar. (S-Arabia by building huge oil refinery to China). This will precipitate the collapse of the value of US Dollar at the end of 2012 (hyperinflation). Food prices will sky-rocket, gasoline $6 or $7 per gallon. Buy gold; any coin minted in US prior to 1933, or one ounce silver coins. This all will happen very fast at the end; oil, gold surge, dollar devaluation. Ron Paul; Stop the Fed’s Covert Bailout of Europe. Ron Paul breaks down the Fed’s secretive bailout of European banks. "OECD pushed for $1.3 trillion eurozone crisis fund". Evidence that everyone is in on the same Secret boat? Someone RE: the Gnostics. “Alexander Romanov” presents conflicted ideas… claims to be "heir to the Russian throne" and "grandmaster." Replacing the current Satanic hierarchy with an "enlightened" hierarchy?

Fulford answer: This Alexander Romanoff or Richard Sorge represents dangerous people. That is why I opened a dialogue with him…pyramid type hierarchy must be completely transparent and meritocratic… we must avoid having a single leader at the top but always at least a small council representing main groups.

Toyota producing cars, that go over 100 kilometers per liter. Last week 200 senior bankers arrested and 450 resigned… as new financial system went online and abundant financing is…or soon to be made available. Japan set up an international economic planning agency with an initial funding facility of $10 trillion, according to Japanese government sources.
There will be some sort of announcement (and high profile arrests) on March 27th, according to illuminati and WDS sources. (It suppose to happen already 13.3, but something happened, let´s see if now, DA). Gnostiks:

Wilcock, ET intervention: The plan for mass arrests has been very actively in the works for at least 33 years.

A staggering wealth of irrefutable evidence is backing this plan, including over 22 eighteen-wheeler truckloads' worth of documents that have long since been scanned and secured in multiple locations.

Multiple insider sources, each of whom have been "vetted out" for their credibility and trustworthiness, have now confirmed that mass arrests of thousands of key conspirators in this vast cabal are about to occur.

Someone in Fulford blog: The largest lawsuit mounted since the tobacco awards; Fulford: you can say the pharmaceutical and chemical industries are the world's worst mass murderers… by the Du Pont family. Someone: Accusations and lies at: Fulford: The "former white hat," is an agent, Mike, Mr, Cottrell, London. He along with Leo Wanta looted Russia and helped cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. Leo Wanta is a good man, but the funds belong to the people of the world.

Number of banksters quitting
: (

Finnish politician Soini shortly: Euro that everyone is using, but nobody owning. Jim Sinclair: "Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa are meeting next week because of SWIFT war. EU banned SWIFT from Iran and their oil production fall by a 14% as US/West try to maintain dollar dominance and the BRIC countries moving away from dollar. Inflation keeps a lid on NK and Iran. Reuters: The "fake gold bars" is making rounds again: Zero Hedge, Tungsten-Filled 1 Kilo Gold Bar Found In The UK. Houston Chronicle: "Scarcity makes Tungsten Stocks Winners, According Detectives." US: Like the housing bubble, next student loan bubble.

Government buying out all the 5.56 Military surplus ammo and telling ammo dealers to stop selling to vendors and civilians, through the presidential election. While N-Korea says any criticism of its nuclear program would be a 'declaration of war.' Ure reader; China; Rumours of coup, but only internal rumblings as the Party is still in control, autumn top figures will change. The Jerusalem Post: "German TV broadcasts Iranian Holocaust denial"., Agence France-Presse: Ahmadinejad has spoken, again!!! U.S. delegation walkout in conference in Tajikistan. AFP PODCAST; The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th Century’s Biggest Lie. “Holocaust” is used by global Zionists to justify the creation of Israel. Not one autopsy exists that shows the use of Zyklon B…and zero photographic evidence… Gregory Douglas: CIA agents Angleton and Crowley planned the assassination of the president JFK, March of 1963. J. Hoover, FBI, Lyndon B. Johnson, VP, and Lemnitzer, Joint Chiefs of Staff, were in the plan along with the Chicago Mafia and Israeli Mossad. French Intelligence alerted planned assassination to the U.S. Embassy, who apparently alerted no one. LBJ was assured by J. Edgar Hoover that he was not a target. Crowley was convinced the assassination was in the best interest of the country! JFK had a private line of communication with Khrushchev, which the CIA considered treasonous. (Wilcock claims it was question ab the dollar and settlement funds, others claim panned UFO disclosure and releasing info ab CIA, Fed by JFK etc). JFK had planned to reduce involvement in VietNam, LBJ engineered the Gulf of Tonkin. JFK was opposing the Israeli nuclear weapons — LBJ ignored these developments.

The Voice of the White House; The so-called ‘Oligarchy’(since Jeltsin´s time) was a Russian Mafia of Jews with American money, which bought up the rights to Russia’s oil and gas. Putin was mistakenly viewed as an easily controlled entity, but proved to be far less tractable and regained national control over Russian natural resources, removing and jailing a number of the Oligarchs. NATO also encircled Russia.

In Georgia Pentagon became fearful of shooting war to break out between US and Russian units, and ordered an immediate US evacuation, leaving behind tons of military equipment and secret documents. This (made Russia a hero, and) seriously annoyed the Americans and when Poland’s elite flew to Smolensk for a rapprochement with Putin, someone tampered with the controls of the airport, so the Polish pilot crashed the plane. It is well-known this was done by the CIA to teach the Poles and others a lesson. And when Putin announced his return to office, the CIA swing into action again, pouring American taxpayer money into demonstrations against Putin.

Escobar, Asian Times: Why Putin is driving Washington nuts: Anglo-American elites still squirm of his now legendary Munich 2007 speech, he blasted the then Bush administration for its obsessively unipolar imperial agenda…and increasing cooperation among the BRICS, emerging powers. Putin´s A new integration project for Eurasia, a “modern economic and currency union” stretching all across Central Asia. He loves judo – against the (NATO), the IMF and hardcore neo-liberalism.

The TEMPEST Plot. The static on your TV screen is emanation caused interference. Experts estimate that screen contents can be received over a distance of 1 km, and of 300 m using amateur equipment. As a response, the TEMPEST started; limiting electric or electromagnetic radiation emanations from electronic equipment. This pushed renovation costs from $1.5 million to $3 million just to ensure two US programs could not detect each other’s TEMPEST emanations. Finland attending Nato´s cyber exercise…

During 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in South Korea; Obama and Medvedev on open mic: ABC: Obama: missile defense…can be solved, but it’s important for him (Putin) to give me space....After my election I have more flexibility. Medvedev: I will transmit this information to Vladimir. And White House Rhodes admits: is an election year in both countries… it is clearly not a year in which we are going to achieve a breakthrough (in missile defense matters)." Missile defense have heated relations between the U.S. and Russia in recent years. U.S. missile defense; Turner said, that he wants to prevent any attempts to trade missile defense of the US to Russia…. Obama mentioned that Russia is surrendering to UN suggestion for Syria...but BBC; Russian antiterrorist forces arriving in Syria:

1000 Israelis March In Tel Aviv against Iran War. And Nationwide anti-war protest held in UK. RT: Anti-war activists warn the authorities against a potential attack on Iran. March 23, 2012. "Incarceration Nation:" More Americans in jail, than in Stalin's Gulags - 6 million, mostly due to drugs. US 760 prisoners, Japan 63 per 100,000.
2,500 illegals a week are pouring into Europe from North Africa...and most are Muslim and since this means 400,000 in three years, another million more legally?

Russia Today: Sarkozy strongly against extremism; Visiting hate and terror websites will be punished.

Sarkar said that sadvipras; service minded moral and spiritual leaders will emerge by demand to stand up and take the leadership in society. There would be sadvipra dictatorship, but not individual dictatorship. Sadvipras boards would make the decisions, but there might be some kind of president if I remember correctly, who can be taken down by the board, if he is not representing properly the leadership.

Those spiritual revolutionaries will work to achieve progressive changes in human society to elevate it in physical, psychic and spiritual spheres. Sadvipras have high standard of conduct and moral courage They will prevent exploitation.

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