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Clash and cohesion of the eart and the people

Some short cut news, sorry if mistakes, links don’t work here and still I don’t claim them to be all true: Moon astronaut Mitchell disclosures: His previous disclosures: Astronauts, Gordon Cooper:, Buzz Aldrin: Also Edwin Aldrin, Scott Carpenter etc. A football field-sized deep hole discovered on Mars by NASA.

Our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. Throughout space there is energy; Nikola Tesla, 1892.

Southeastern USA: It seems to be volcanic plumes or steam clouds all over the south today. A few days back there were several known "extinct" volcanos steaming including the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. Even in southern Mississippi is showing signs of plumes erupting today. While this person claims only controlled burns:

Dutchsinse is critisized about his HAARP rings, but at least he seems to know the weather events (like huge tornadoes in Alabama etc) before the forecasters, (whether caused by HAARP or not). The whole earth on state of "unrest”; earthquakes: Volcano webcams: More on the "new north pole":

Botox parties in homes around Finland. Botox is made of Botulin poison, they use it for taking wrinkles out, and there is no medical restrictions for its use. Botax kills the nerves and is used in spasmodic dysphonia treatment. Next bomb after breast implant scandal? gun that helps to quiet your opponents - by jamming the speech. British Medical Journal; antipsychotic drugs killing at least 1,800 dementia patients a year. This whole chemtrail issue is related to the plan for decreasing the world population dying with lingering diseases. (While in news new cow virus with longer gestation period): And Vietnam imported 7-mill doses of bird flu vaccine. London Guardian: Dutch mobile euthanasia units call to sick people to end their lives at home.

Japanese farmers (20,000) after Fukushima disaster using farming land in Australia to grow rice with funding from the Queensland Gov. Our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe.

CME arrived at the Earth. Radio disturbances and slowing down net, did you notice? Before already Ure told in Data cap; Internet outage at Pentagon and E-African countries. Growing E-African Rift due to expando planet...Australian's ISP Dodo caused big outage. Copper thieves stole wiring in Modesto (CA) airport." . Quakes of > 7.0 ab 3.8 per month, while small sized disappearing, mean Earth is "locked up" and could cause megaquakes or -volcanoes, crustal shift, planet wobble, or big X-class flares?

A 460-foot wide asteroid chance of hitting Earth in 2040 Christian Science Monitor. And RT; NASA; asteroid on Febr15, 2013 will pass on distance of 0 - 27,000 km; 2012 DA14. (And YU55 passed 200,000 miles of earth). Scientist Dunham: “We could paint it” to affect its Sunlight reflectivity and change its course. Naroenkov, Russian Academy, Izvestia; if asteroid crash, the impact is like the Tunguska, Siberia blast, which 1908 knocked size of Luxembourg.; Gov preparing For …Asteroids.

At genetics conference, half thought the male Y chromosome would disappear. Jennifer Hughes at MIT support the Y survival. Only one gene lost from Y since humans and monkeys separated their evolutionary paths. A few hundreds m years ago, the X and Y were the same size. Today, the Y holds 30 genes, against the X´s 800. ´Males are uncertain little creatures and different in mammals, insects and worms,´ said professor Jones.

Found; gigant´s city off the coast of Georgia: Ancient Indian legends refer to city of giants ‘with hair like red flames’. The Sapelo Complex, > 4,400 years old, was on land before the seas rose during small Ice Age (Great Flood) at period when giants ruled parts of South and C-America to N-America, parts of Asia, and some part of Europe. Ancient tools, towered far above Homo Sapiens which were barely five feet tall. The gigant men was 10 - 12 feet and women 9 feet. “Pieces of the falling Moon” disrupted the settlements and threw them into migration where they fought Indian tribes. Orthodox scientists, archaelogists clung to the belief that N-America was only populated by primitive natives yet to create agriculture.

Anonymous-occupy: AnonOps. Anonymous - victims of a Trojan Horse attack ? Fulford short cut: Bush Senior and Bill Gates arrested for sabotaging the new financial system after being fingered by Geithner, Pentagon sources say. The WDS to question former Hong Kong Police Chief Stevens ab Japan attack. The Gnostic illuminati (?) and Anonymous join forces with the WDS on Monsanto and other cabal strongholds. The cabal families will be rounded up if they do not surrender within March. The main backers of the new financial system are the militaries of Russia, China and some US. The old royal families finance it with $15 trillion backed by gold. Dragon family provide nations with funding of their debts. Fiat dollars accepted only inside the US, Germany, the UK, Italy, France and Switzerland. Banks of Basel 3 compliant are on the new system. The Dragon Family Royal Society supports the WD Foundation plan for setting up a meritocratic economic agency. The anti-bloodline Gnostics wants such an agency as a condition to call off mass demonstrations in EU and the US in April. In Japan coup d’etat against cabal. Berlusconi and Geithner detained for questioning about corruption, both have been released since. Geithner arrested? 116 bank resignations? Bangladesh: 33 insurance directors quit . Germany 80 raids in insider probe. Wealthy British banker killed. Iceland’s Ex-PM On Trial .

Constantly on going claims: Sheriff Joe Arpaio´s investigative team claims: Obama's birth certificate is not authentic, they found that the long-form birth certificate never existed in paper form. The president's Selective Service card also has "failed every test we put it through." They will request a criminal investigation. They claims to know a person who faked the birth certificate; And former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams affidavit swearing he was told by his supervisors in Hawaii that no long-form hospital-generated birth certificate existed for Obama in Hawaii and that no any record of Obama having been born in their medical facilities.

Ure more: Dollar was up vis-à-vis the Euro and that drove down gold. "If gold goes down, the dollar goes up, so the Dow should fall." ECB has robbed senior creditors, investors say, forcing each to forgive a greater proportion of the debt. Rolling Stone: "Bank of America in Trouble?" ISDA: Credit Event Not Occurred due to The Greece Restructuring." CNBC; "For shippers 2012 Crisis." Baltic Dry Index back to 763.

Chinese counterfeiting gold etc:; Copy of White Hats letter published:…´account holders at Barclays, route funds onwards to the CIA, Bush /Romney etc´… Stew Webb on Project Camelot.

G8 suppose to meet in Chicago, moved to Camp David , because protest concerns, but what protest they expect? What is going on with Italy shipping: The disabled cruise Costa Allegra after Concordia. Jay Rockefeller wondering its taxes. And arrests on Italian Enrica Lexie; shooting Indian fishermen on Febr 15. A Greek tanker captain dead and his ship sunk with 10-crew members and 500,000 gallons of crude... Wikileaks; Emails sent by Burton revealed that Osama Bin Laden’s body has been shipped to US by CIA plane. Stratfor’s vice president urges the U.S. gov to show photos of Bin Laden’s corpse in order to silence “lunatics like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck”.

Meetings: Sheriff Arpaio´s sex crimes went for re-investigation after he suspects Obama birth certificate to be forgery. He also met whistleblower Breitbart who promised the Obama with radicals Ayers et all -video, and then Breitbart died to heart attack??? Interestingly Breitbart met also with Bill Ayers and Dohrn just last month. Breitbart called Ayers “a sociopath” and great chef. Radio talk show host Michael Savage also met Breitbart recently and urged him not “walk alone at night in the street”. CIA Video ab Obama is said to be released soon, but it might not be the one which they are trying to bring out now instead:

Even soldiers speaking out; emergencies?:

Voice of the White House: (has a list of e-mails of NSA workers). The western press full ab ‘imminent attacks on Iran by Israel or the US - all rigged propaganda. Israel just blowing up Iranian scientists and Iran Israeli diplomats. Athough Iran is capable of bombing any house in Israel by Chinese missile guidance systems. Russia in Syria, Iran etc and deepening bilateral ties with Maliki, Irak. Rolling Stone reveal the totally false picture of Irak and Afgan wars. While US/UK faction is loosing their grip in Egypt, Syria, Russia and Iran, CIA want to continue waging war due to profitable opium business: they burnt the box of Korans to cause violent response.

Ure: Gaddafi talks on African gold-back currency took out Libya, only Syria and Iran not hooked up to the corporate Central banks, so "game-changer" expected. Zero Hedge questioned also: Are The M-E Wars About Forcing the World Into Dollars and Private Central Banking? Navy Seals don´t want war:

Reuters: Iranian oil shipped to China via Singapore. China and India boarder conflicts: Chinese Ambassador to India told journalists to 'shut up' when questioned about boundaries: Suspicions between the China and its neighbors boundaries to the east, south and west. China's territorial claims:

Syria Danny’ British Propagandist in Syria, Cartalucci. And “Syrian Girl” who posted a video breaking down the role of the U.S. and Israel in provoking unrest in Syria. BBC reports that US SS H Clinton has acknowledged that Al Qaeda and others on the US “terror list” are supporting the Syrian opposition. She said: “We have a very dangerous set of actors in the region, al-Qaida [sic], Hamas… claiming to support the opposition [in Syria].”

Putin does not work for Wall Street: the US itself reveals Navalny and GOLOS is on the US State ( website. RT; BBC, Salbuchi: Putin is a break against neo-colonial West: China and Russia walls against colonial forces. I believe Putin is the only one to say this will not do. Russia is advancing as world power. World is overrun by power elite, you see Middle East. Geopolitical main powers love to see chaos in Moscow streets. Finnish parliament member Sasi was present with Finnish delegation in ab 20 election places in Russia: He was satisfied with the system and they didn´t see any violations.

1,600 Non-Neo-Nazies (?) attended demonstration to commemorate the Germans killed by allied bombs. And13,000 antifascist campaigners formed a human chain. Germany‘s far right is rather celebrating than condemning the NSU’s killing spree. A US Republican emphasized that ´Holocaust never happened´ on Huffington Post; ´It’s the blackest lie in history´. Climate change never happened too according Real Science: The claimed warming of the 20th century is gone, despite solar max and neutral ENSO. Inhofe asserts "The Greatest Hoax" for taxes and control. The well known climatologist Judith Curry’s concerns: "The IPCC gives diminishing returns, and they take up an enormous amount of scientists' time."

The House of Reprs voted 388-to-3 in favour of H.R. 347 bill that outlaws protests near government officials. Former president Bill Clinton is among nominees for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, Reuters reports.

Stewart, Staged Second Coming of Christ and the recent revelation of the Japanese Princess that she is in contact with aliens. CNN ab Jesus Christ:

One of our monks claimed while he was working in Srinagar he heard Jesus Christ stayed once in Himalayas, in Kashmir valley, and practised meditation there. He was shown the place where Jesus did Shiva´s meditation. Shiva became like a father or Guru to Jesus. When Jesus returned to Rome, he didn’t tell anything about his visit to India and meditation. The people used to call Jesus as Baba. (Indian term for most beloved).

Rockefellers Engaged in Mass Mind Control
: Infowars Nightly News : From the 1940s onward the Rockefeller Foundation has nurtured research into brainwashing techniques for the masses. Main research; how the individual deals with the ideas with which he is constantly bombarded, etc.

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