maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2012

Some thoughts and things

If you have an exam and you are nervous about it, then you might more easily fail, but if you mention to others about your fears: ´for sure I will fail´, and they would say; no for sure you are not gong to fail´. Then you rather wouldn’t fail, because you start would fear they are going to laugh at you when you will pass. So now you are rather fearing passing, not failing so much anymore. In global level things might work like this also. Many people say now ´for sure the economics will collapse and for sure there will be Iran/Israel war etc.´ On the other hand there are people to claim opposite, the sheep and the spiritual ones expecting ETs to rescue us…or just otherwise waiting for golden age. Now what would you expect to be the result? That is interesting. Anyhow of course there are also other factors having their say on these mattes.

Now, if we think the Web bot prediction methods and that 2-10.3 tippings failed miserably. There was perhaps in people’s unconscious many fears of things to happen, but there were the opposite thoughts also, so the matters got neutralized, and then some but not much of them might happen in reality. But I think some also might be really happening without them knowing it, as in last November they expected tipping and the only reported to happen was Chinese missile over Los Angeless, but actually there was much more in that; according Wilcock; The aliens interfered in big scale and did remarkable damage to OWO cabals nuclear, underground etc facilities and scared them profoundly.

And the interference seems to be continuing: Kettler talks about Iran launching missiles, which the ETs prevented…as well as Bob Dean and Clifford Stone talk ab ETs preventing things and bright future awaiting us. See Project Camelot´s old boys, youtube. Besides Wilcock wrote in Febr 1 ab his dream message, which he felt he had to read again although he got it already after 9/11. The short cut dream message: no need to be afraid the war waging. And the “Son of Man” coming in the heavens soon (not like J Christt). Blessed those souls who prepare to reach to higher truth, and not only concerned of money. There might be lots of unrest during which the bankers will be beaten back, before new. Freedom from constrictions long imposed would be soon arriving. Time of great happiness is awaiting. (Wicock´s dreams have surprisingly often come true previously). So seems Web bot might predict just the tide that is turning with mixture of things.

And let´s follow the headlines: Artifact depicting the sun.!12.3-12 Sun disease; massive dark triangle shaped sunspots. strange object, ejecting itself from the sun! within the last 48 hours. Strange sphere with chord in Sun's corona: .Vast Increase In 'Star Bubbles' Proof Of Energetic Change? More than 5,000 star-formation "bubbles" have been identified in the disc of our Milky Way by scientists. Young, hot stars blow bubbles out into the surrounding gas and dust, providing a signpost to new sites of star formation. Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS).

CME awareness and scare came up and now rather would continue probably as a “release language” when people get used into it, when becoming constant phenomena. Some kind global earthquake going on, simultaneous tremblings throughout the core of entire earth. Same time Dutchsinse claims that North Magnetic Pole movement towards Siberia is dragging along the warmer latitudes towards North. Mysterious sounds booming from the sky still, even so loud they set off car alarms.

Some things, which Ure has figured out also: The KONY2012 , Invisible Children is backed by (page 22) Soros foundations, JP Morgan, Chase etc with links to USAID. (Also Amnesty International gets Soros-funding (annual report page 8). Plans of USS Enterprise global farewell. The "credit event" in Greece . An impeachment of Obama wars, while administration still claims that UN and NATO decide for them. Afghanistan is also getting hot place for US. Vice Pr Biden has agreed to help impeach the President. The Pravda article mentions Arpaio´s 6 month long Obama investigation and discovery of forged Military Draft Records. And 88 % of US people:

Fulford at least believes peaking up: Vive la revolution. The financial war since 2001 may be finally ending and the new financial system coming into light. Senior members of Iran government, including Ahmajinedad, the cabal plan to use a war between Israel and Iran to trigger WW3. The Pentagon, the Russian and the Chinese military are trying to prevent it. I do not think it will happen because the rest of the world is tired of Israel's anti-social behaviour. And White Hats and Lord James.

Now the cabal members are in personal prisons where they can no longer travel abroad, to Paraguya, but also they are not able to attend programs; Cheney, speech in Toronto, had to cancelled due to "security concerns. George W. Bush had to cancel speaking in Switzerland and Canada… Panetta, saying it was not planned attack on him... And Panetta's airplane ride into Afghanistan and truck fire on the airport. The more soldiers were asked to disarm for the Panetta´s talk. While Holder says still; anyone deemed to pose an "imminent threat" to other Americans…could face a sniper or drone-launched missile, or other killing techniques, that´s the NDAA.

Stratfor (private C.I.A) forces from the U.S, U.K, France, Jordan, and Turkey are already on the ground in Syria. states; “training the Free Syrian Army.” Osama bin Laden was not buried at sea and was flown to the US. Wikileaks. The Israeli daily Maariv citing diplomats and intelligence sources, that the Obama adm meeting with Israeli leaders offered them advanced bunker-busting bombs and long-range refueling planes, if he promised to postpone war on Iran until 2013. Iran was today eliminated from the SWIFT, And Iranian banks. Reuters, impossible to conduct trade. AIPAC Washington: Senator John McCain, calling for a U.S.-led air campaign against Syrian targets to establish “humanitarian corridors.”

This week Sarkozy and Vatican earlier calling for World Government, but rumours he is planning to resign amongst hundreds of others in high positions - mainly in the Central banks, all over the world - to quit. US scientists are calling for major federal action against the threat posed by monstrous Monsanto’s GMO crops. Monsanto’s Roundup is Killing Human Kidney Cells.
London Telegraph; Eating steak increases the risk of early death by 12%. Mr. Yampolskiy; biometrics and artificial intelligence, a computer scientist in Kentucky, danger to humanity from AI and super-intelligent computers. asks are BRICs the Hope of the World’s Future?
Russia, India, Brasil, China (joined S-Africa). Stew Webb ab drug money used to black projects.

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