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Cosmic brotherhood

Briefing from (For background read;

Wilcock writes about the Pentagon "good guys" with 134-nation alliance - to free this planet. The plan for mass arrests, a highly secretive operation, since from 1979 - concerning about thousands on high positions - is about to occur now and revelations with 22 truckloads' worth of documents. He starts from Berlusconi who paid a British lawyer $600,000 to lie in trials:, besides tax evasion, false accounting and sex scandal.

He thinks elections will need to be organized in US, because most politicians might be arrested, but the military doesn’t need to take over the government, or declare martial law. Already 90 % of the military are partly aware of this plan - including ETs (also Bob Dean mentioned ETs walking in Pentagon) - and over 60 % support it. The warriors pledged their lives by taking an oath: To protect the Constitution of the US and its people. How could they just watch while the life and entire planet is under destruction? The negative forces seemed impossible to be defeated, but the higher spiritual beings were allowed to intervene due to humanity evolving into a higher state of consciousness.

Prophecies of ancient cultures (Mayan, Egyptian, Greek) mention a 26,000-year cycle in the Earth's axis in 2012-2014 (Hindus 2014 related to rare conjunction), ushering in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity. Wilcock is in contact with the ET helpers, and UFO cover up intelligence sources; the technologies in Star Trek, Stargate and any sci-fi movie are available now -- ready to use. Earth humanity is already an interstellar species.

He thinks ETs have followed our evolution behind scenes in every ancient culture. And now even the "bad guys" are seeing "Angels or Aliens" doing things with non-worldly technology – but they are scared to speak out as things are highly classified - Wilcock takes the risk. In Section II, Wilcock will explain how this Divine Intervention is occurring. And Section III, who is behind these increasingly bizarre interventions – and it´s about prophecies on actual dates taking place. Planetary movements affect the life in earth.

Signals that the mass arrests are about to happen; CEOs and executives are now resigning. "American Kabuki"; 450 high-profile resignations since Sept 1, 2011, with 48 % increase in Dec and Jan. Wave of CEOs cashing their options, to step down - stocks rise and executive compensations.

Mass arrests on the Fox-owned Sun in England - and Hackgate: -- the total number of arrests 47 people. Rupert Murdoch's son, James resigned Febr 29th, which is the "Day Out of Time" in the Mayan system, "day that never happened before and will never again". Majority of the mainstream media will eventually face arrests. And suicide attempts: A similar expose in Australia:, The public hearings that will result from mass arrests will break the Financial Tyranny wide open.

Project Camelot: There is a shadow network behind the normal telephone network. It involves criminals – and government types who tap into phone calls, and then sell them for example to market traders HFTs . This is why Murdoch's boys did not have to tap anyone's phone directly.

Murdoch´s News International also owns the right-wing hate speech industry in the US. When Limbaugh labelled law student Sandra Fluke as a "prostitute" -- for lobbying birth control, 142 advertisers dropped Limbaugh. Rush has scrubbed his website of offending content, but he can't escape accountability for this. And Glen Beck left Fox; companies refused to advertise on Beck’s show. Without the advertising money, these programs will quickly suffocate.

Los Angeles; The law was passed, 13-2, to deny racial and sexual crudity. And more this will come. "Clear Channel's talk stations affiliated with Fox News Radio has also positive aspects; Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, marvellous program. Once the conspirators have been arrested, these people will be able to make a difference, though it may well be a very different world then already.

March 13th, 2012 was given as a pivotal moment in the defeat of the OWO, when Mayan Calendar cycles went into full lock-step synchronization and will now remain harmonized until the end of Calendar on Dec 21, 2012. Near the 13.3 prophetic date on 14.3 2012 - a top Goldman Sachs official blew the whistle on Financial Tyranny avalanche. Greg Smith, in a New York Times on March 14, 2012 – a revolutionary "Muppetgate." The sociopathic "Illuminati" mindset revealed to the mass public; Goldman executives call their clients "Muppets" - to be exploited and stolen from. Goldman a "toxic" place. Goldman Sachs is one of the main Fed banks, and if Goldman crash, so does the Fed.

Just two days after the critical Feb. 29th Mayan’s "Day Out of Time" -- the Huffington Post anticipates Muppetgate: And Businessinsider; One out of every 10 Wall Street employees is a clinical psychopath, the CFA Institute reports in its latest Magazine. Did "STFU" warnings come from the higher-ups?

Five days after "Muppetgate," JPMorgan (JPM.N) announced they were cutting off the Vatican Bank's private accounts - why such urgency? Vatican at highest levels are Illuminati - now scatterings of factions before the avalanche hits:, because of lack of transparency at Vatican, while1.5 billion euros passed through it in 18 months to another IOR account in Germany. In Sept, 2010, Italian investigators froze 23 million of Vatican money due to possible money-laundering. "Vatileaks" scandal, including letters to Pope Benedict, published in Italian media....

Whistleblowers Svali and Leo Zagami; the Vatican is the "spiritual head" of the Illuminati. In her radio interview Svali; all members are forced to endure secret human sacrifice rituals in the Vatican. . BBC Conspiracies program in 2001; "Satanic Panic" at 6:24 Svali. Either link works: Svali may have been killed.

Furthermore, within days after we published Finanical Tyranny, Lord James of Blackheath publicly blew the whistle on 15 trillion dollars of fraud before the British Parliament - validating everything that Wilcock had just reported. Specifically mentioned is 750,000 metric tons of gold - more than has ever existed in the "legitimate" economy.

Transcript of Blackheath's Febr16th, 2012 speech: The combined world GDP is only 62 trillion, but Yohannes Riyadi, the richest man in the world, has $36 trillion in his bank account alone, the wealth of the emperors of Indo-China. The Fed Bank of New York gave him $500 million as a cash payment to buy out worthless bonds. Wilcock title: Part four truth or fiction? (As I wrote before; real faked bonds or faked real bonds? DA)

While there is more black gold than "legitimate" gold, Blackheath cannot comprehend their findings. And next day Italian authorities seized six trillion dollars' worth of Fed bonds. These were in Chicago Fed boxes and chests that looked exactly the same as the ones in pictures Wilcock published in his Financial Tyranny page.

Wilcock has now 30 different links to the Italian bonds scandal to organize for publishing. Besides he mentions: Massive ET interventions are preventing any attempt of starting World War III. A 7.4 earthquake on March 20th in Mexico was man-made. 9/11 was critical error that triggered a global awakening and the cabal's own defeat. Wilcock had hours interview with high-level whistleblower - soon to be released…

This was just short cut for those no time to read, but the original with updates, spread the link: All thanks and rights reserved to Wilcock and
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Ure, Washington Post "Mich. militia cleared of charges of plotting war against government." "EU nears one-year boost in Rescue Fund to $1.3 Trillion." That's just to stave off disaster for a while in the EU, but you may rest assured that when $1.3 trillion gets created there will be some "leaking" into the stock market which should push things on to new highs. By creating more paper, things will go up in price. Same thing on "hard assets" like silver and gold…higher prices for metals are just ahead. Nationally, the price of gasoline is up to $4.19 average for premium. Having money printed drives up prices.

Cosmic brotherhood by Sarkar:

With the passage of time the range of unity has been widening. During Old Stone Age human beings wandered alone, but later they formed groups, then tribal clans and villages. Kingdoms, nations and finally global structures were formed due to evolution. Soon with the advancement of science human beings could travel and settle to the other planets. This ever expanding trend of human civilization show that humanity is struggling to achieve unity and cosmic brotherhood - although at one side the humanity is reaching the cosmos, but on the other hand materialism, racism, individualism, and economic disparity are pulling back.

Thus to reach Cosmic brotherhood according Sarkar: The inspiration of Cosmic sentiment will depend upon certain objective physical problems which must be solved on a collective humanitarian basis. These are:

Common Philosophy of Life; spirituality provides a human being and humanity at large with that subtle and tremendous power with which no other power can be compared…The complete rational theory dealing with all three phases – spiritual, mental and physical – of human development shall be a philosophy common to humanity in general.

Despite these obstacles, a Social Blending of Humanity is in progress and needs a common constitutional structure to be evolved to cement the solidarity of the world. A world government is also very essential for exercising full control in certain spheres; for example, there should be only one world militia….

Common Penal Code; any theory which does not hold a parallelism with the ever-changing conditions of time, place and person, is sure to decay and be lost in oblivion. All those actions which help in the growth of the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of human beings in general should come under the category of virtuous deeds, and those actions which go against humanity in its spiritual, mental and physical development must come under “vice”.

Minimum Essentialities of Life plays a vital part not only in achieving world brotherhood, but also in the development of human personality.

The Marga advocates progressive utilization of mundane and supramundane factors of the Cosmos. Those who support this principle may be termed “Proutists”.

Spirituality stands for evolution and elevation…

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