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New participatory finances

You know the global alliance in effort to create new economics for the world. The people engaged in it are i.e the White Dragons and those that are leaving behind the evil secret factions. The Asian marshal artists, who are going along the plan, have some moral courage also and their effort is great already, but eventually I think a bit more is needed in order to turn it into lasting and successful project. I think the final solutions will start coming up only, when the people are able to uplift some really spiritual and selfless people as their leaders. Not the religions, as we have seen, they are not able to unite and inspire humanity for collective welfare.

There are many theories on making, how to organize the economics in a better way. One is called participatory economics. Their idea is consumer and producer co-operation for controlling the production, prises and environmental protection. At the present the consumers and the producers are not concerned what is the effect of the trade into the external society, environment etc. Individual advantages and comforts are placed ahead of collective welfare and environment. The rich are getting richer, due to inheritance, power and defective financial systems.

The participatory system will create decentralized economy with local control of things. The values include for example; equality - though the meritorious and industrious people can get more salary; Individual decision making and control of own life, until it doesn’t cross collective interests; Collective decision making; i.e heavy work will be shared; Solidarity, alternative values and efficiency are emphasized. The public services will be free and there would be minimum salary for those wanting to stay aside - this can anyhow be decided according time, place and person. There wouldn’t be any revolution to change into this system, as they think that would be fascistic. They think people will be longing for change due to awareness campaigns etc.

Prout theory has also many of those above mentioned characteristics, except no free public services and salary without work. Sarkar didn´t encourage laziness. If some people would have advantages and doesn´t need to work, others would also get discouraged to work. Also I suppose some people would waste things if getting free that easily. Sarkar also said that the world will become more spiritual, but the previous economical systems are not concerned about that, although they are not fighting against it also. It is the time of awakening, one need to become conscious, and that’s basically what spirituality is. Those others who lag behind have to be also dragged along, so there has to be some support for spiritual upliftment.

So we should take up the task of being the pioneers, to tune into the flow in every action and thoughts. One has to take time for higher thoughts; practising, reading, and listening. One needs to have moral courage to stand up for righteousness and welfare of all. Even if the poor get a little bit too much extra wealth and care that is not a problem, but the real problem is the huge cap between the rich brothers and poor brothers in this world. That’s why there is no real brotherhood, without mentioning our little neglected sisters. This makes the life miserable for whole human family. The economy has to be tightly controlled, that there can’t be exploitation and that the bankers and corporations can’t handle the governments. Even the revolution is needed in some case, although then all the different levels of society have to be involved with it.

Prout is holistic approach including also the cultural, environmental, educational etc values. It encourages simple life style, universalism, morality, scientific approach, collective ownership, sharing, etc.

Sarkar has said that Prout will be established in Europe first in one of these countries: Finland, Portugal, Austria or Ireland. Some other countries I have heard been mentioned. In the whole world Prout will be first established in Australia and may be in some Latin-American countries, but eventually it will be established all over the world, as it has been in countless planets in the entire universe. Basically Prout is simple and requires mostly just genuine love towards the whole creation and - cosmic brotherhood. Whether today´s Proutists will establish Prout or not, but it will be by someone. Sarkar was joking: even by the help of goats!

I don´t know whose ideas are these, but you may see: A one hour+ MP3 conference call explaing the new money system, educational value.

We can expect that new people indeed has to take over the finances, because the internet is exploding with lists of major financial industry CEOs and bank managers who are resigning, on a very high level. Bankers escaping[url], Goldman-Sachs executive quits and blames firm's toxic culture.
Why they abandon the ship, Financial Collapse Imminent? And whistleblower At JP Morgan opening up.

Ure: The US Fed has been printing money like crazy, with M2 money supplies up 9.9% , while reconstructed M3 is up around 5.7%. Compared with a year ago food was up 3.9% energy up 7%, gas up 12.6%. Wall St. Journal "Spain Gov Debt at 68.5% in 4Q, Highest Since 1995."

US total Outstanding Public Debt $15.516 tr, compare to Spain, 69.44%. And it doesn't count the check-kiting operation in "intergovernmental holdings".
The Pro Publica story about four whistleblower cases buried in the big banks settlement with gov.

Lets not forget Fulford: Vive la revolution: Bush, Kissinger, Geithner, Gates et all reported going around guarded by US marshals. Chinese government is getting into action; to install wind and solar power devices world-wide in order to free humanity from the cabal oil/nuclear grid. The cabal controlled central banks will be asked to redeem bonds backed by gold of holocaust victims. Secret revolution plan, to stop war-mongering by G-5: Italy, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

March 1, 2012 – Intel reports, rumors and yet to be verified; The Dark Cabal Rats are panicky, threatening to kill each other and that´s why they are under protective custody. Thank You White Knights, Thank You Galactics, Thank You LORD" -- Morning Liberty/ Robert H. Hender, Jr. emergency oil stocks will be released by the US and the UK said two British sources in an effort to prevent high fuel prices in a U.S. election year.”

Western sanctions responsible for a 10-year low in oil production.
Thefts Sky Rocket; Masses Turn to Black Market For Essential Goods.

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