maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2012

Good news are pouring in

Wilcock has updated his page and has more proof to show that the gold and these bonds really exist for everyone to see. Some examples; Chinese gold got intercepted by Japanese. Oct 25, 1938, Ab 2.488 metric tons' in gold. Spain Seizure of 1.64 Tr Fed Bonds, UK Independent, Oct 28, 2003. GATA Nov 3, 2011.

Wilcock told earlier that Mr Riad started lawsuit to reclaim of his stolen bonds on Dec23, 2011. Wilcock wrote: “Astonishingly, US government agents confirmed to Riad that his bonds were genuine…” Now Riad was also mentioned the source of the 15 tr by Lord James case?

Wilcock is investigating the story of six trillion in “fake” Fed bonds in Italy, through the various contacts available to Neil Keenan and Keith Scott – “specifically to discern whether these are, in fact, real bonds or elaborate fakes”. And they are also investigating the Lord James case in the UK; of 15 Tr Dollars and Gold. Zero Hedge has picked up Wilcock´s story, and pointed out the identical Chicago bond chest pictures.

Wilcock thinks that Whitney Houston might have been sacrificed just hours before the Grammys in the same house, where instead of her remembrance, Minaj was put to perform a weird ritual and the more as they made profit out of it while ab 40 million people saw it. And this was after Madonna in Superbowl…
Others: related to Financial etc Tyranny; Busted Pedophile Network in Italy involves over 700 people.

Essentially all Bob, Clifford and Kettler are saying we now have powerful off world ET helpers who are actively interfering to protect humanity and the planet and have no intention of allowing the cabal/Illuminati to succeed. This directly corroborates and adds to the information uncovered about gold by David and his investigation., O'Collins has uncovered in his investigations:

Russia issues arrest warrant for George Soros?:
$2 Trillion in US Bearer Bonds seized in Manilla:
Recover of the Chinese currency boxes:
Project Camelot:, Alex Collier.

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