torstai 1. heinäkuuta 2010

Time for Prout?

This world is controlled besides business leaders by powerful secretive groups that are functioning behind the scenes - behind the elected governments and bodies. Their decisions often supersede the democratic processes. Their power is based on money, media, sophisticated weapons, economic hit men and intelligence. Politicians and governments are bound to listen them.

They have had for centuries common goals, but now different factions are fighting amongst each other. Thus destroying their power to influence and controll.

At same time there is silent revolution creeping in the world. Spiritual awareness is growing, mostly due to meditation and other spiritual practises and amount of “indigo” children increasing. Children are more spiritual than older people.

It is not so easy to notice this revolution, especially by those who are manipulating the world matters, as they don’t have spiritual awareness themselves. When people do meditation their consciousness is rising. They act differently; materialism and money are not anymore the main interest. One can’t bribe them; one can’t manipulate them so easily. They are courageous and righteous, caring for everyone, concerned of human rights and ready for profound chance.

One doing meditation can teach thousands of others, that’s how the silent revolution is spreading like wildfire. On the other hand there is tremendous flow of spiritual energy coming to our solar system and our planet. It will help those seeking for spirituality to right direction, but it will harm those that are destructive or self-destructive. That might be their end, if they don’t change their nature.

When the low minded controllers are loosing the game, there will be vacuum to be filled. Prout is a ready made structure to be adjusted to emerging situation. It can be modelled in consideration of local, national and global needs.

Prout is formulated for the spiritually inclined society, so now more than never before it is the time for Prout.

Sarkar about Prout: The principles of PROUT will not change, rather the application of PROUT will adjust with the changing circumstances.

History moves in rhythmic waves – in a systaltic flow…then there is a galloping jump… and another galloping jump…. All of a sudden there are galloping jumps – epoch-making eras. We are now at the threshold of this jump. We are not only at the threshold; we have just crossed the threshold of a new era. We are now at the threshold of something new – of the new age – and we are now passing through such an age. Do you realize it? We are no more at the threshold. You should be ready for great changes, otherwise balance will be lost.

In all the areas of life metamorphosis must occur. Metamorphosis is taking place not only in the realm of physicality but also in the realm of psychic structure. Changes are fast coming in the psychic arena and in all the realms of human expression.

Just now I said that in the field of spirituality there cannot be any complex, but there are complexes due to social defects. It is our spiritual duty to rectify the social order…

I cannot allow this to happen. For this reason the theory of Prout has been given so that every person can progress speedily in the field of spirituality without any complex.

Didi Annapurna

Why the present global economy can't be fixed as such?

There are huge loads of money somewhere, if it would be used for recovering the economy i.e through increasing the capacity of purchasing power of poor, we wouldn’t have much problem, but instead the money is more and more accumulating to the hands of wealthiest, seems like.

Anyhow may be this crisis was needed to take down the extreme materialism, as human being is not meant to be greedy, selfish materialist.

Although revovery is preached, it doesn't seem such, as the purchasing power is not increasing, loans and unemployment decreasing remarcably and production is not recovering. People concentrate now paying their huge debt loads away, so soon nobody is buying things. Prises might go down for a while. That will take the production further down and increase unemployment. But necessary food items prise may go up.

Depending also if the UFO disclosure is happening soon and we are getting alternative free energies and sophisticated technologies. But that would mean total change not only economy, but as well the life itself in this planet - that’s why - some are fighting against it with teeth and nails.

Besides people are getting tired of materialism, competition, accumulating wealth and keeping up status. Instead they are becoming spiritually inclined and will consume less. Economic recovery back to previous is not possible, because humanity is growing above materialism and exploitation.

Although Prout advocates maximum amenities and maximum utilization of resources, still it does recommend aparigraha - simple life style - and take into consideration natural resources and environment.

Sarkar: Guaranteed availability of foodstuff, clothing, medical assistance and housing accommodation should be arranged so that human beings may be able to utilize their surplus energy (energy up till now engaged in procuring the essentialities of life) in subtler pursuits. Side by side, there should be sufficient scope for providing other amenities of the progressive age. To fulfil the above responsibilities, enough purchasing capacity should be created.

Special amenities are to be guaranteed to capable people. Special amenities are for people of special calibre as per the environmental condition of the particular age.
These amenities must be good for the physical and psychic development of human beings or at least one of them.

The common people should be freed from stresses and strains. This can be achieved through the provision of super-natural amenities which can be developed artificially through science and technology.

The satisfied physical needs will lessen the physical obstacles which inhibit human progress, and human beings will experience all-round development, especially in the intellectual stratum.

As you know, physical pabulum is limited, so the mind continually runs from one thing to another. This process goes on in a never ending order. But in the realm of intuition the goal is infinite. When aspirants come into this realm, their desires, their longings, are fully satisfied. Thus the controlling point is the spiritual order.

Can physical thirst, psychic thirst and spiritual thirst be quenched? Only spiritual thirst can be quenched. Unification of the unit with the Cosmic can quench the spiritual thirst.

Non-indulgence in the enjoyment of such amenities and comforts of life as are superfluous for the preservation of life is aparigraha. Therefore, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration to determine an individual’s necessity for the preservation of life. The minimum requirement of a person can, to some extent, be determined and decided by the society.

…the society may help individuals to be established in aparigraha by setting a standard in certain spheres of life. But the complete establishment in aparigraha ultimately depends on the individual.

Aparigraha is an endless fight to reduce one’s own objects of comforts out of sympathy for the common people, after ensuring that individuals are able to maintain solidarity in their physical, mental and spiritual lives for themselves and their families.

In practising aparigraha the objects of pleasure will increase or decrease with person, place and time; but the definition of aparigraha, as mentioned above, will be applicable to all persons, in all countries and at all times.

So I advise each human being that as long as you are alive, you should try to build yourself in a nice way, in a complete way. But you should not only build yourselves, you should also build human society in the same way. To achieve this you will have to take the help of PROUT.

Didi Annapurna