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Time for News and Channelings

Popular conspiracy blog NWOhavaintoja in Finland is afraid, that NATO is going to take over Finland. According this blog the secretive host partnership agreement between NATO and Finland means that NATO can take over Finnish army in case of a conflict situation. Now in the spring time NATO is bringing its troops to Finland for military exercise, but as well they may stay forever with pretext like Ukraine situation. 

Fulford; Chinese Central Bank abandons US dollar. But US is getting gold for upkeeping itself alive. War wagings going on all over places. Pope blackmailed. And 13 Biggest Retailers In US Are Closing Down Stores.

You may see who own the banks; 

 And who owns the world; 

MH370pilot?; PF; this man is not connected to the MH370 flight, but he is a fisherman, found in poor health and having memory issues, related to some fishing expedition. People don't want this case to go unforgotten. PF's final conclusion; MH370 was misdirected, taken over, camouflaged to look like the MH17 and then later shot down. The passengers that have crossed over into spirit.  MH370 Pilot... Found ??

5D Quartz Coin Can Store All Human History for 14 Billion Years; Testimony by an Ex-Roman Catholic Nun with wicked and barbaric priests of the Roman Catholic church;
US; U-Plug Products power systems are powered by rare earth magnets and should last around 20 years, clean, portable, continuous, very quiet, with zero maintenance. This generator is only 24 inches tall, 6 in diameter, produces 115 volts at 17.3 amps of power [1990 Watts], and weighs 20 pounds. 
While Keshe is struggling to get his Magrav Power Units working properly, OzzoG, is a gravity-harnessing technology in Mumbai, India. Their self-powered generator is listed at Source Sterling D. Allan
Keshe is still warning about 10-20 Megaquak to hit California, US West Coast and separate American continents with megatsunami. Dutchsinse; California hit by strong M4.9 (M4.8), but he thinks it is due to fracking. West Coast + EAST Coast Volcanoes hit by Earthquakes - New Unrest Brewing; 
Breaking, UFOs, many; And SETI “Looking For A Potentially Hazardous Comet”. Six Singers Encountered Aliens; Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Elvis, Elvis Presley, Russell Crowe, Nick Jonas, Dan Aykroyd. ETs in hypnosis about 9/11;

In Gaiam episode Corey Goode had meeting in the Kuiper Belt where a plan for disclosure and SSPs was being decided, approved by clandestine organizations. Feb 23 episode. Partial disclosure plan includes whistleblowers being asked to come forward with their testimonies, and documents.

Ivan Teller has done lots of channellings with aliens; The chemtrail, mind control, etc projects are controlled from Africa. There are stargates and human shadow governments, with the help of reptilians esp in Congo. They have there labs to create diseases, new drugs, etc experiments, esp in Johannesburg. And people are not allowed to go in certain areas. 
Many leaders and government officials are cloned with alien technology, done by human beings in Mexico bases. The clones don't know that they are cloned and controlled. Also they clone media and control them. Previous Dulce workers in the other side have now realized what they were engaged in their life time and are helping to prevent things. 
Energy level will increase strongly end of this year. We are reversing the control of reptilians, disabled HAARP almost. We talk most of your governments, to heal humanity, also stopping wars going on in your oceans. Nuclear war is not possible. Babies heads shrinking is not caused by zika virus, but reptilian technology, to shorten life span.
They control also Putin but he is doing ok, not perfect. Pleiadians help Putin. Russian goverment is more Illuminati. Dalai Lama is corporate figure of your spiritual world. He shows spirituality exist, but is not doing. Religion has poisoned spirituality. Secret governments are using him, and pope. Commonly all these ETs talk how they help us, to prevent wars, nuclear, pollution, etc etc.
Aliens have weapon storage in Antarctica, they are melting the ice in order to get the weapons out. But no alien war is going to happen, they are just rather protecting human beings. The Pleiadians are helping humanity commonly. They say; Love is more effective than fear and hatred. Be brave to share the info, but 'don't let it overwhelm your mind! A bit more from Ivan source. And Google earth; strange Antarctic entrances. And UFO Wreckage And Alien Storage Facility.         ............................................

The crystal and rainbow children are coming to help raise consciousness. Very important and powerful movement. They do work behind the scenes, and they are very busy on the subconscious level. They do have some ESP. Encouraging and spreading knowledge is a great way to help them. The PTB will do what they can to keep their vibrations lowered.

Tila Tequila mentions she is on the 7th dimension. She and also B.oB believe earth is flat. PF thinks earth is not flat.

Donald Marshall (also B.o.B etc.) claims that during night when he sleeps REM phase his consciousness is put into his clone body in cloning center and tortured...PF; we do have the power to control and prevent it. The power of mental intent is huge. Before going to bed tell yourself (and believe) you are protected. State that "all lower energy is prohibited from your space." You can place organite and crystals around your home and pyramid shape under your bed, they offer protection. You have all the tools you need, you just need to believe it and use them.
There is fear associated with the planet of Nibiru possibly hitting our planet, in fact, it was more of joyful flow of energy in relation to how close their planet will come to ours. Sort of like, old friends re-uniting. This planet come near want to touch earth, but Niburu is no concern. Channelled message; 
And more channeling; The guy says sinkholes are due to earth expanding. No inner earth civilizations anymore, there are huge spheres on the sky, reptilians are not trapped here, but there is protective field around earth. Incredible Complete QHHT W/Hank & Lars #1and 2; (Corey Goode says reptilians are not alloved to leave;
Learn how to become psychic: Learn to use pendulum; Strange hypnosis related to 9/11;

Incredible hypnosis session; Corrado Malanga: Explanation and Hypnosis with Israelian military. During WWII they put microchips on her, kind of parasitic being. The hypnotiser explains how he removed it and also a paracitic alien etc;

Sarkar about possession, luminous beings etc.
What is exorcism? Possession by ghosts usually occurs in a state of shock or fear when there is a loss of eternal awareness after concentrating on an imaginary ghost. In this state of possession the person establishes the feeling of oneness with the imaginary ghost. The kámamaya kośa becomes suspended and the manomaya kośa fails to think independently.
Such people then, heedless of propriety openly express the imagination of their sub-conscious minds. 

When the exorcists come to exorcise the “spirit” they try to set right the mind of the patients by making them inhale the smoke of different objects; they try to bring the conscious mind to normalcy and awaken the Kámamaya Kośa by arousing in the nervous system the sense of reality with blows or abuse. 
You may have encountered yet another type of demoniacal possession, which does not weaken the conscious mind very much in the wakeful state; but during sleep such strength of mind does not exists, the person sees nightmare of imaginary ghost. Dreaming is an act of the sub-conscious mind. So you see how blatantly harmful it is to give indulgence to fear. 
Those who were decent human beings and deeply spiritual, and used to collect money for a noble cause, but in the process of fund raising attached greater importance to their fund raising at the cost of Parama Puruśa –they attain the state of yakśa devayoni after their demise. Yakśa is not any entity, but has a luminous body. 
The work of siddhas is to help Sádhakas in meditation. At times when you are sitting alone you may see a luminous body - some light. These Siddhas inspire a feeling of Dharma, righteous ideation, in the mind of a devotee. Suppose someone is thinking, “I will sit for Sádhaná in half an hour”. Then a feeling emerges, “I will sit right now, why wait half an hour?” This inspiration is given by a Siddha. 
A crow has a natural premonitive instinct regarding storms. An owl and to some extent a dog can sense beforehand the possible occurrence of an earthquake. Such power of apprehending phenomenal vibrations exists in innumerable species of birds, as paramount necessity in their rigorous struggle for survival. Such a power did exist, too, to some extent, among the prehistoric people. But today human beings, having become extremely ease-loving, have lost that power through misuse and lack of necessity; just as their tails... 

Didi Annapurna 

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Take Them Down, Who is Afraid of Prout

I have written two articles in Beforeitsnews. 

Here is one; Take Them Down according the song, Take Them Down, which says it all;

First here is one comment that I added;
According maverickstar; North magnetic pole is splitting into two, that's why we have two cold areas. The coolest regions of the earth (Canada/N-US and Siberia/Japan) are the regions where the strongest magnetism is. (Could this explain why spring and autumn are colder and winter quite warm in Poland? DA). 

This is having detrimental effects on farming and food production in the cold regions, and sadly it is going to get a lot worse before things get better. (South Pole seems to be moving towards Australia, DA).

Magnetic reversal is major event that should be in the news weekly. We are developing real time tracking equipment to monitor the pole migration and that data will be posted soon weekly on this web page.
(Anyhow it is not going to be such a big thing after all. Even nature events depends on us. Our spiritual rising will have positive effect on everything. DA)

Someone else comments; We are obviously wobbling a lot larger circle right now, because we are getting patterns of really warm, then switching to very cold at close to 2 week intervals! 

Here is maverickstar's video;
Continue reading, recommend, comment or share, it is about news, predictions and so on; Take Them Down...

The other article's name is; Who is afraid of Prout?

The leaders of Russia and India in seventies feared so much Prout that the Gandhi Ministry imprisoned and tried to assassinate Sarkar, the founder of Prout, and even declared a state of emergency in India. During those times Gandhi wrote a letter to one Proutist in Sweden; “The declaration of emergency… I have acted not only to save democracy in India, but very existence as a free nation…Your sincerely Indira Gandhi”. This letter shows how troubled Gandhi was due to Prout, and although she banned altogether 30 organizations, half of them were related to Prout and Sarkar.
So why were these leaders so afraid of Prout...continue reading; Who Is Afraid of Prout? Link here;

Didi Annapurna

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The Mysterious Origin of Life

Scientists have tried to explain life from materialistic point of view, but eventually one has to go beyond and find a metaphysical explanation. According scientist P. R. Sarkar – also a master of intuitional science – Microvita, the mysterious emanation of cosmic factor, is the causation of life. The universe is an internal thought projection of the Cosmic Mind, and the assisting Microvita provides an explanation how our reality is created. Microvita are either positive or negative living things.

Scientists know that amino acids, necessary for the manufacture of proteins, DNA and RNA, can be created, but getting from these basic stuffs to living cells is a big jump. Unfortunately explanations of the origin of life involving supernatural causes are not considered scientific.

Big Bang and how DNA evolved

According the Microvita theory there is some kind of “Big Bang” that evolve matter from Cosmic Mind and simultaneously there is the evolution of life and mind back to the loving Cosmic Mind, so that the universe never ceases to exist. Microvita are emanate from the Cosmic Mind and are structuring the Five Fundamental Factors (etheric, airial, luminous, liquid, solid) which are spreading from the “Big Bang”.

Sarkar said that Microvita are the root cause of life and not carbon atoms. Carbon atoms contain millions of Microvita. How these carbon atoms then create DNA, RNA and proteins in order to build up huge structures, like human beings? The Cosmic vital energy directed by Microvita get the Five fundamental factors forming growing chain of building blocks for making DNA, RNA etc.

According the assumption from homeopathic research about “water memory”, the Microvita of the original antibodies create new anti bodies by dilution and shaking, this suggests that similarly DNA or even viruses could be created by diluting and shaking the original DNA. The same could have easily happened naturally during earth’s early history. How then the first DNA came into existence? Sarkar says that all originate from the Cosmic factor – from non-protoplasmic intelligence. My understanding beyond that ends here.

The Origin of Species

Microvita theory challenges to Darwin’s theory of natural selection and random mutation. Sarkar says that due to collective longing for physical objects, a group of living beings may cause a change in their physical structures over time (but only if it is supported by macrocosm). Plants, animals and humans may transform themselves into different varieties or species, if the group collectively doesn’t like the present situation.

Let’s say if the human beings start to work more with their brains and less physically due to increase of robots, then we may desire collectively to have more big and effective brain and end up getting it – and perhaps start looking more like ETs! Lots of people are also longing to reach fourth density, so let’s see what changes that will bring!

Sarkar explained how a protoplasm can be affected by bringing a change in the nucleus with the help of Microvita – and thus change the whole structure. This way for example mango can be changed into egg. Russian scientist Dr Gariaev has used lazer to grow salamanders from frog eggs. David Wilcock says that at the present time these kind of things appears to be happening even itself… gravitation transforms spontaneously into electromagnetism. Scientists may also be able to change the human DNA with the help of Microvita (it might be already happening, and at least plants are gene manipulated).

Sarkar also states that viruses are result of the effect of Microvita. Could it be that the retro viruses might be able to carry or modify DNA and thus change the physical structure of individuals and hereditarily the whole species? This is just sort of further speculation about the possible role of viruses in creating life.

Interesting is that the developing embryo often go through embryonic stages of it’s ancestors. If the present DNA is eliminated, one could recreate ancient species. Teratology is researching also cases with ancestral organisms. (There are some claims that through purposeful manipulation of embryos’ DNA, some humans are born into ancestral body, but who knows).

Sarkar says; The need for human tail disappeared some hundreds of thousands of years ago. Also in ancient past human beings used to have an appendix for accumulating excess food and ruminating it, because there was uncertainty of getting food daily.

A cute baby critter, which can regrow its body parts

But let’s not forget, that according Sarkar, the whole creation is knowingly or unknowingly longing for, and returning towards its loving source. This longing for the source is a driving force behind evolution as a whole.

Sarkar has given some hints where to start Microvita research

If one of two test tubes with same content is heated with coal gas and the other with butane gas, the result will be different. If two similar cells from same tissue are put into identical cultures and all other conditions are same, still after some time the cell cultures can be very different.

Scientist should find out the subtler nature of atoms, and by reversing the nuclear bomb release process – and cleaning up the waste – they could learn to solve many other problems. If highly conductive liquid mercury can be changed into solid, it becomes a great superconductor.

Besides of changing structures by Microvita, scientists could even develop a new combination of Microvita and allow it to attract some of the Five Fundamental Factors in order to create a structure. Even petroleum can be created by Microvita, says Sarkar.

By finding the reason for different blood groups and the coincidence between the characteristics of metazoic cells and multicellular protozoic cells, many medical problems could be solved. ……………………..

Allopathic medication uses negative Microvita to kill the disease – caused by negative Microvita – but in the process creates new diseases. Homeopathic medicines neutralize the negative Microvita, but there is more than that. It might be easy to research Microvita with homeopathic medicines. ……………………..

There has been some efforts to produce actual Microvita medicines. Personally I took once Microvita medicine for inflammation instead of antibiotics, but probably the amount of positive Microvita in it was too strong, because I got extremely severe aggravation of the symptoms (as we know homeopathic medicines also cause some aggravations). Luckily the symptoms disappeared very fast and I recovered totally. This made me to realize that more research has to be done in order to rely on those medicines. ……………………………

Even atom bomb can be neutralized by Microvita. Nuclear scientist, Keshe, has been claiming that he is able to stop weapons, clean nuclear waste, heal diseases etc. He also claims that his plasma products can be affected by the human mind. There are many Secret Space Program etc people claiming that ET s have been preventing nuclear bombs from detonating for decades.

Microvita is the medium, and vital energy assistant, through which the Cosmic Mind maintains also the structures of families, societies, planets, solar systems, galaxies and the whole universe. Sarkar has said that in some capitalist countries, there is plenty of unutilized positive Microvita, because of the excessive use of negative Microvita. That positive Microvita could be used through meditation and service to stop the destructive forces. …………………………………………………

Ac Dharmavedananda writes in his book; Travels with the Mystic Master; When Sarkar was walking on Alps in 1979, he told that life on our planet came from Mars and started in Alps. “At that time the surroundings were very hot. Life began only up in the mountains at zero degrees centigrade – the necessary temperature for the process to start.” Sarkar also seem to have mentioned that the first humans are from the Alps. ……………………

Since there are now new energies carrying both positive and negative Microvita entering into our solar system, it depends on each individual human being, which ones they attract. Actually Sarkar has even mentioned that for the first time in human history, the collective application of positive Microvita is being done to elevate the spiritual standard of the general mass. When the waves of positive Microvita are widespread, they influence everyone. ………………………..

Simply we can say that Microvita is the tool used by creator to give birth to things and keep them going. Philosophers duty is to find the link between the creator and his creation. Scientist should start practice meditation in order to increase their understanding of Microvita. Hoping the age of Microvita will come soon, and bring scientists together with love and enthusiasm – approaching the golden age! ……………………
Sources; Book Microvita Cosmic Seeds of Life by Ac Ratnesh, PH.D. Ac Dharmavedananda and Sarkar’s books on Microvita. The memory of water research; …………………………….

More info; and Book for downloading;

Part 1 – Microvita & Biopsychology I; Reflections about the Nature of Microvita; Hierachy of Life;


Video; Shiva’s Mind – The Cosmic Mind and Microvita.mp4; And Keshe plasma orbs appearing.


Quantum physics has its roots on Tantric spirituality. In 1929, Heisenberg spent some time in India with Rabindranath Tagore. Heisenberg later told Fritjof Capra, “After these conversations with Tagore, some of the ideas that had seemed so crazy suddenly made much more sense. That was a great help for me.” Uncommon Wisdom: Conversations with Remarkable People” by Fritjof Capra.

Also Kumud Das has said; CERN told the world that it has found the god particle, but Higgs Boson is an Indian discovery mentioned in Vedas 18000 years ago;

Although the standard model of particle physics already comprises a full particle zoo (wiki/Elementary_particle), it became a lead to speculate, whether the fabled ‘God particle’ has been discovered additionally. Microvita are the entities bridging the gap between the imaginary and the real space-time. Permalink. …………………………

Psychic Focus; As a specific vibration was applied to energy, a physical manifestation (life) resulted. God was always there, and was not created from anything.

Erik: God is “Prime Source Energy.” Where did that come from? That’s going to stay a mystery; And “Einstein”: The Big Bang created the Universe, but consciousness existed always. Human life is all an illusion, but what you experience has truth. Theory of relativity and quantum physics can coexist, but has to develop.

Some speculations from scientists about origin of life

Life could have come from outer space. By cracking open space rocks, astrobiologists have discovered amino acids and nucleobases found in RNA and DNA. Easy to make them, but how did the right building blocks get incorporated?

“We know a lot about LUCA (single-cell organism) and we are beginning to learn about the chemistry that produced building blocks like amino acids, but between the two there is a desert of knowledge”;

A pair of simple compounds, possibly abundant on early Earth, can give rise to simple reactions that produce biomolecules for life to get started. Although it does not prove that this is how all started.

Didi Annapurna

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