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Take Them Down, Who is Afraid of Prout

I have written two articles in Beforeitsnews. 

Here is one; Take Them Down according the song, Take Them Down, which says it all;

First here is one comment that I added;
According maverickstar; North magnetic pole is splitting into two, that's why we have two cold areas. The coolest regions of the earth (Canada/N-US and Siberia/Japan) are the regions where the strongest magnetism is. (Could this explain why spring and autumn are colder and winter quite warm in Poland? DA). 

This is having detrimental effects on farming and food production in the cold regions, and sadly it is going to get a lot worse before things get better. (South Pole seems to be moving towards Australia, DA).

Magnetic reversal is major event that should be in the news weekly. We are developing real time tracking equipment to monitor the pole migration and that data will be posted soon weekly on this web page.
(Anyhow it is not going to be such a big thing after all. Even nature events depends on us. Our spiritual rising will have positive effect on everything. DA)

Someone else comments; We are obviously wobbling a lot larger circle right now, because we are getting patterns of really warm, then switching to very cold at close to 2 week intervals! 

Here is maverickstar's video;
Continue reading, recommend, comment or share, it is about news, predictions and so on; Take Them Down...

The other article's name is; Who is afraid of Prout?

The leaders of Russia and India in seventies feared so much Prout that the Gandhi Ministry imprisoned and tried to assassinate Sarkar, the founder of Prout, and even declared a state of emergency in India. During those times Gandhi wrote a letter to one Proutist in Sweden; “The declaration of emergency… I have acted not only to save democracy in India, but very existence as a free nation…Your sincerely Indira Gandhi”. This letter shows how troubled Gandhi was due to Prout, and although she banned altogether 30 organizations, half of them were related to Prout and Sarkar.
So why were these leaders so afraid of Prout...continue reading; Who Is Afraid of Prout? Link here;

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