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Sarkar aids Bhopal and Ostriches

The Bhopal gas tragedy, 1984; Out of sentiment D R had kept for years thousand rupees, which he had got from Sarkar for relief work. But when Bhopal gas tragedy happened – and Dada was sent there to do relief work – he thought he should use that money to help dying people there. So he went to the market to buy food with that money. He took the food to Hamidia Government Hospital. The worst cases were on the second floor in bad shape. It was very crowded, the cots were full and many more people were lying on the floor. After taking permission from the hospital director Dada started distributing the food; fruits, bread and milk products.

Later on the day he started also receiving money, which had been collected from streets of Bombay. Next day Dada returned to hospital with truck full of food. The director was sitting in his office with other doctor. He mentioned to the other doctor, that this swamiji came yesterday and that he doesn't know what medicine he has given, but all the patients that he tended previous day have recovered. Dada heard it and was surprised. He asked them; “how that can be? The patients were in so serious condition.” The doctor asked; “what medicine you have given them?” Dada told that he had given only food and no any medicine. Then he requested permission to do further distribution of food to other floors as well and people in the camps. Dada understood that the miracle happened only because the money had been given directly by Sarkar. Mother Teresa message to Bhopal; See some masters;
Ostriches 1986; One day Sarkar started talking about ostrich and its history. He told that in ancient times soldiers used to fight on ostriches and that they were capable of running faster than horses – nearly eighty kilometers per hour. “Sadly” he said, “the day will come when these species will disappear from the earth. We should make every effort to save these birds, so that future generations will have chance to see them.” Sarkar expressed his desire to obtain some ostriches. Sectorial Secretary of Nairobi was given the duty to arrange it. He contacted his South-African worker, who was originally from Botswana, where his father was minister of environment, wildlife and tourism. He informed that he would obtain a pair through his father. The young female and male ostriches were traveling in boxes in the airplane to Delhi and Dada R had been given duty to receive them and bring to Calcutta.

Dada contacted a veterinarian doctor in Delhi, who used to check animals in airport to get them out of quarantine, so he helped to arrange the ostriches to fly to Calcutta. In the meantime the Indian wildlife authorities found out that two ostriches from Botswana had been imported to India. The ostriches were a rare, endangered variety and since there was no such variety in Indian zoos, they wanted to get the ostriches.

The ostriches had arrived to their destination in Calcutta, Tiljala, and fence had been made for them. Sarkar came to see the birds. He was very happy and said that these were the birds he wanted to save. He praised those who had participated into operation of bringing the birds, and sat down and watched the birds. Then he told that they had been human beings in their past life and that they had conceived a samskara to see him. “I wanted to see them and they also wanted to see me,” he said. He also emphasized that they should be given special attention.

A short time later the wildlife officials appeared on the gate with police. They told that they had come to take the birds to a zoo, where they could be properly cared for. “We have information that this variety of ostrich is on the verge of extinction”, they said, “you will not be able to take proper care of them. This is our responsibility. It belongs to Indian zoo where everyone will have a chance to see it.”

When we informed Sarkar that they were at the gate demanding the birds, he told us to protest. “What right they have to take these birds,” he said, “they did nothing to bring them here. We have all the documents, don't let them enter.” The authorities finally kept on bothering, but finally they gave up. The local people came often to see the ostriches. The birds remained some time in Tiljala, but when they grew to their adult size, they were sent to Pashaka wildlife sanctuary that Sarkar had started in Ananda Nagar, so that they would have sufficient space to roam, he didn't want them to be caged.
Sarkar wanted to visit Philippines 1979, but president Marcos didn't allow him to get visa due to pressure by Vatican. Instead Sarkar flew to Taiwan, where the government dealt with him as a VIP guest, although Taiwan didn't have any diplomatic ties with India. Government officials were receiving Sarkar in the airport and they had arranged 14 rooms hotel accommodation as well. Sarkar would not accept the hotel rooms and told to government officials graciously that one local member had arranged already more simple and homely stay for him and his companions. The visit lasted 19 days and Government provided cars for transportation. About 70 members got personal contact with Sarkar. Most of them were crying afterwords, as they had felt so much love during the sitting.

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Make your own gold!

Sarkar in seventies; Everything has been created with particular types of mental waves. If by a scientific process we are able to create differences in the waves, then we will be able to convert this into that, iron into gold. Mercury can be converted into gold very easily by removing the difference in the waves.

And now Keshe knows how to make gold from mercury! He claims he has released the receipt of making gold in his USB stick. If there is any truth in that... you can just imagine what kind of things we would see, depending whether the bad or good guys would first start making mountains of gold, anyhow eventually it would lead into collapse of gold price.

Transcript, short cut Keshe; To make gold, we need mercury and one neutron. If you put one neutron in the mercury, it changes to a proton and an electron, then you have unstable mercury, which becomes gold and helium. I have been telling the British, how many tons of gold do you want me to put in the Central Bank of Libya for you to get out of there? I have taught eight people how to do gold, and now they are teaching other people online. You should be able to make 2 or 4 kg of gold by tomorrow morning. So very soon you can buy gold as cheap as copper. 

There have been three attempts on my life by the Belgian police...signed by the king of Belgium personally. We have a case regarding the murder of a scientist through the same system as I. Good police officers don’t agree with this, they give us information. We need to bring mankind to one point, and that is the peace without aberration. And if my life will be the cost for it, then that is okay.

I used to be very high level business man for 20 years. If my protection is reviewed by the Belgian government, my governments will reduce some sanctions or do other things. This is how high level I am considered and worth millions. Northern Ireland peace would have been impossible without the collaboration of my companies. I masterminded it, I executed it, I delivered it. This information is in three different places. If anything happens to me, it will be released.

The first day I told the knowledge seekers one thing: do not hold back something you know, because the minute you give the knowledge away, you receive new knowledge. The more you empty the jar, the more you ask to receive. 

We have a put a target to build the first space ship this year. Funnily enough, nobody has come up to say, I would like to pay to build part of this reactor. This is what I tell you: the whole society is based on robbing as fast as you can. I am ashamed to be in the body of the man because it is so shameful what the man does to himself. We need 55 million to build this ship. It is for humanity. People now pay 10 million, 15 million to go into space for a few days.

I built multimillion organizations, unknown to anybody. I have traveled to over 65 - 70 nations and traded in over 120 nations. When I was in Washington, next door to the White House I have seen a dead man on the boulevard. I thought, that what a shame when in looking distance to the White House you can see a dead body! With this technology we put an end to making the magnetic gravitational field of any vitamin or mineral you need. We can produce food as much as you like.

This patent which has been released yesterday has been the biggest fear of governments and multinationals. Real soon not me, but the people who now receive the patents, will change the material in every bullet of this planet. And they can put an end to the wars.

KC: One person is asking, if you are able to make gold, why don’t you finance your foundation with this gold? MK: We do not teach to produce things to sell things. We are not here to destabilize the situation. KC: You are concerned that the markets will drop around the world if these things are being sold? MK: The Americans understood the potential of this technology. They said, the world has already had a crash. It cannot stand another devaluation. We are not here to disturb.

I am not in charge anymore. I have given a lot of control and decision making to the panel of knowledge seekers. And we will share who is looking after which part of the SpaceshipInstitute. The energy reactor now is in the hands of the Italians. We have a close communication with the Brazilian government. We need a lot of Russians, because Russian space technology is very advanced, 20 - 25 years ahead of NASA.

We gave the USB stick to the governments a year and a half ago, and now it is in the hands of the people. Governments can build security systems, that the knowledge and technology cannot be abused for terrorist activities. They need to collaborate with the Foundation. First in the hands of the world police force. (Will governments cooperate???)

We need a very rapid structure through governments and UN - I don’t know who or how many people can leave this planet in the next 10 to 15 years…This will be a nightmare. It is the rich boys and scientists who want to see what is happening in the Bahamas, and they go. Now, it will become Venus and other planetary systems...There is life in every corner of this universe. This is the third attempt we are making on this planet and this final time because the human race has matured enough intellectually to be able to take that leap into the universal community.

We can put a reactor in the car and end up on Mars tomorrow morning. Any single car can fly...The flying carpet is a reality. We were going to show the first flying car on the in Eindhoven 2 or 3 years ago, but Mr. Hans Bracquené said, “Do you have a flying license? If not, you can’t do so.” They confiscated the material in my lab. So obviously, it was a set up. Our reactors, our technology, the Flemish side (Belgium) wanted to produce this, but a lot of their ministers were threatened.

I put a notice directly to his eminence the pope: Make my house a church. You know, the priests when they rape children, nobody goes into the church to arrest them because it is a house of god. This house is a house of god. People come here to learn how to save humanity. Make this a holy place because we are teaching Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, house of the nations. We eat together. They stay here until 10 or 11 o’clock at night, and they come at 9 o’clock in the morning. They enjoy the unity of man in science and technology. And they look after each other, like we live in space. We have brought the essence of unity into our work.

Every single generator sold will be reported to your government for taxation. There is nothing free energy. Who is going to pay for the school for your child and the doctors and cleaning the roads? Service to humanity and being a servant to humanity will become the pride and joy of the man, not how many cars you drive. Someone is asking, can you not protect your family by taking them into space with the Maghreb system? We do things because we know that our suffering will liberate man from all the hardness he has been living with.

When the Israelis or the Americans send intercontinental missiles to Iran, we have no need for it, but we have the technology to capture it the way we captured a spy craft two years ago. We have no room for nuclear warheads, but we can capture it. We are a peaceful nation. In a private letter July 24, 2013 Obama lays out more or less the way the peace talks with Iran have to go.

Somebody has made false accusations to people in NASA to block any communication with the Keshe Foundation. So I think we will use NASA more like a library. They have a lot of knowledge. I have a lot of respect for them. The Vietnamese government now has a space program, so maybe they will be in deep space before NASA because NASA still denies us.

Get the sample of MH 370 Boeing to us. We can place exactly where the plane has landed or where it is. If it is on another planet we can still find it. Tesla’s work is about matter. My work is about plasma. Tesla understood the matter level magnetic field, where we work with gravitation and magnetic field, which is repulsion and absorption. Tesla is like a child on first class making a car. We are working on the level of professorship. But Tesla has done a lot of good work.

Fusions are nonsense. I can produce plutonium...CERN looking for the Higgs Boson. “They call it God particle.” So, all of us are God particles. I wrote my paper in 2004 that black holes leak and are the source of life. Steven Hawking is now confirming how my theory was correct.
All the space around us is pure energy, quantum theory. If we tap into it then in a few short years we could be powering our planet with free vacuum energy;

The Chief Prosecutor establishes a link between the British, Dutch and Belgian royal families and the killing of Mohawk children in Canada. “Survivors of these rituals describe newborn babies being chopped to pieces, and their remains consumed by the participants” described the Chief Prosecutor to the Court. Kevin Annett led a public ceremony of “exorcism and replacement” at Catholic cathedral! and
Fulford; Cabal unable to act despite deadline; The best hope now lies with the US State governments. To set up an interim US government. UN is still a European instrument of colonial control. If then Republic of the US issues its own currency, a new institution needs to be set for internationally held US dollars. Obama is visiting Japan, S-Korea, Philippines and Malaysia to try to extort some money. Abe and Obama aimed at ratcheting up tension in East Asia. Perhaps the Malaysians could arrest Obama, the trigger that would bring about world peace...

The CIA chief visited Ukraine because 20 of his “Greystone” (Blackwater) murderers have recently vanished. They will continue to “vanish” until these criminals are gone. Also earthquakes are hitting New Guinea in an area of Nazi submarine base. In China, over 1000 officials linked to the cabal executed since Xi Jinping came into power. When the White Dragon moves, it must be absolute and overwhelming.….......
(Reuters) - Russia's parliament has agreed to write off almost $10 billion of N-Korea's Soviet-era debt, in a deal expected to build gas pipeline to S-Korea across the reclusive state. Russia has written off debts of many Soviet-era allies, including Cuba. N-Korea's economy is just 2 % of the size of neighbouring S-Korea's. Russia writes off 90 % of N-Korea debt
The highest faculty member at Chicago Law spoke out on Obama; “Professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings.” Doug Ross: Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn’t even considered. A few weeks later phone call telling lawschool to put him on the payroll, and give class to teach. More at; Zero Hedge; Is The US Military Preparing For The Collapse Of The Dollar? And Oklahoma militia joins fight with Feds...
US ground forces to Poland to expand NATO's presence there as events continue to unfold in neighboring Ukraine, The Washington Post. Pentagon has sent already 12 F-16 fighter jets and their support teams to Poland. Poles most worried about their independence in at least 23 years: poll. But Putin is Flying Russian Spy Planes in US Skies. And US in Russia. Self-aware killing machines AI Terminators. Click here. And;

Global Earthquake Watch; and earthquake movement taking place internationally: Solar Flare, Big Quakes, Cyclone Formation; Lenght of day is undergoing a secular variation of about +17.00 +-5.00 μs/yr, due to a different size of the earth. Earth might be expanding radially on a Global Scale.
Ebola in Pisa, Italy?; Italian officials deny the reports, but alternative media suggests this is the reason for a complete lock down of a hospital in Pisa, where it is believed to have infected some 40 individuals. The outbreak on national news was reportedly removed by the Italian government for “national security reasons.” Nanobots reality? And Anti vaccine web sites Being taken down.

Update;; Fariq Hamid, pilot is in the cockpit, they hit some turbulence. He is holding on tightly to the controls as if they had to turn off or assist the auto steering. Then I see him with this very strange look on his face as if something took the plane over. The plane looked as if steering itself smoothly. Then zen like silence. Mary Burrows, very distraught and worried. They often chew on Betel Plant leaves - has a calming effect. They gather fruits and berries. Passanger JU Kan, from China, age 32, excited and stutter, anxious. One more psychic; Previous FM of Australia ab MH 370; Better A Whitewash Than Bankruptcy For Malaysia; And Malaysia Airlines jet climbed high; after drastically changing course, Malaysian aviation source.
Shiva Siddha Seer Dr. M. Govindaraj Swami; India. The missing MH370 was hijacked by two terror groups. The plane landed in the Seychelles, Al-Dabra Group, Picard Island, (West Island) on 9th March 2014 at 3.30am. Terrorists are planning to carry out something like 9/11 attack, with bombs on the plane. Interpol, Mr Ronald Noble has told to the press that it is not act of terror.

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US and Israel, come on!!!

It seems that US and Israel, the naughty ones, are loosing all of their companions and getting isolated. EU and other countries don't anymore tolerate what is going on in Ukraine, with Malaysia flight and especially threatening the Hague nuclear summit, where the leaders were peacefully playing "war games". Israelis were not even there, and although Obama was there, did he know that it was just threatening or did "they" not care ab him also??? Come on!!!

Fulford: Surrender or die US; IMF members lined up 187 to 1 to relinquish against US veto in IMF. (Already 2010 Germany asks US to give up its IMF veto – Massive ongoing attack on Fed petrodollar. Ukraine - historical cabal defeat; Putin insisting that EU and the Ukraine pay for their gas with euros....Obama, under Soros, promised China control over all of S-E Asia and Japan, if Chinese Army pressurises Russia. Cabal has no intention of handing over World Bank or the IMF, so new bigger funding institution will be set up. The EU begun supplying Tesla free energy technology to help India and Japan - move against the petrodollar and option other than a China/Russia or China/US petrocurrency. Obama is coming to Japan soon to ask PM Abe to attack China and Russia, but Japanese and Pentagon forces in Asia will not go along with such a plan.

This regime remotely hijacked MH 370 and flew it via Diego Garcia and Israel to Florida, and loaded with nuclear weapon to threaten world leaders in Holland “nuclear terror summit.” This will further distance the EU. After Obama asked Iran and S-Arabia to drive the price of oil down and bankrupt Russia, but they feel betrayed by the Obama. Last week Rockefeller and Bushes negotiated with WDS.

Earth is under quarantine because of cabal. Demand is that corporate media in the US tell the truth ab 911 and 311 before the end of this month and that all funds stolen to be returned. Lot of powerful people demanding CIA or Pentagon etc agencies must act or they also will be jailed. Eastern Alliance kindly advise cabalists to do some yoga:

Wilcock; US again refused to sign the deal to give BRICS their fair share of control of the world financial system in meetings on April 10 - 11th in US. Additionally, JP Morgan has cut off banking services for all foreign diplomats in the US.

IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report chart warns; “ Implosion in sight”, Biggest Credit Bubble in History, ‘Seek Cover’. And EU; Bail-In Regime Opposition ...but Secretary Lew Tells EU; to Ramp Up Money Printing. And; ab US crises and NATO and EU to divorce. And “Bloodbath” Coming to DC in May;

Incredible, tasering people like that; NaturalNews; The Bureau of Land Management, BLM, says its 200-man armed siege of ranch in Nevada is protecting an "endangered tortoise." But BLM is actually in the business of raking in millions by leasing lands to energy companies that engage in fracking operations.; The BLM just cashed in with $1.27 million in oil and gas leases in Nevada. KLAS-TV, LasVegas, people won! US Revolution 2.0: Battle of Bunkerville won by the People without single shot.

"ICH" - Besides de-coupling of its trade from the dollar, Russia's trillion dollars hydrocarbon trade also will be carried out in rubles and local currencies – Voice of Russia. Also, RT: Russia to break world monopoly of rating agencies. And Russia’s Press TV – China will re-open the old trading Silk Road, linking Germany, Russia and China (press TV, April 6, 2014). BRICS are preparing to launch new currencies and reserve currency. Along will come a new international payment settlement system, replacing the SWIFT and IBAN, other countries will flock to the ‘new system’ gradually isolating US and NATO. This may bring the empire to its knees, Peter Koenig, former World Bank staff;

Donetsk and Kharkov area demand independence from Ukraine. RT: ‘Giving out pies in Maidan not enough’: Putin urges West to really help Ukraine. The Media scare, that US will bring gas to EU, is technically impossible. Russia’s finance minister; Ukraine should recognize Crimea’s independence, reform the country’s constitution, regulate the crisis in its eastern regions and guarantee the rights of Russians, then only Russia will provide financial and gas assistance for Ukraine. Now Russia threaten to stop gas subsidies to Ukraine, Eric Kraus: You can’t really ask the Russians to fund this regime, can you? It will be the EU’s problem if Ukraine steals their transit gas, RT.

Tel Aviv knows all about US plans to force Putin’s hand in the oil-rich Arctic. Yes, to force Canada to allow massive US military presence in north areas and Alaska, preparing to military, air and naval bases north of Hudson Bay. How about “Free, International Arctic” to open it up to free commerce and our President saving the Arctic Seals? Putin and Lavrov are becoming positive historical figures while ours get “best class clown” prizes. Source;

Letters in high levels; Putin Letter to 18 Countries, Threatening to Cut Supply of Gas; 30-Year Gas Deal With China Expected. While; Venezuelan Maduro also sent letter to US people in New York Times calling for peace.

Greg Palast ab President Maduro, I can say that I’ve never met a head of state (and I’ve met many) who absolutely gives a real shit about the average working person of his nation!!!? But Palast continues; What impressed me about Maduro and his boss Chávez was their reaction to the Third Ring and the attempted Florida-tion of their election. Instead of ordering mass arrests, their response was to strengthen democracy with a no-tricks voting system. And Pulitzer: Snowden Journalists Win Top Honor.

11.4 Sierra met with Pope Francis who said that he will exposure of their dark deeds over the ages; expect this to happen soon. And here it starts; Pope Francis has asked for forgiveness for the “evil” damage to children caused by sexual abusers in the clergy. Predecessor Pope Benedict XVI also apologised to victims of child sex abuse;

Yukako Saito, Spaceship Institute, is testing in Japan with Keshe nano-materials to remediate radioactive particles. The preliminary results look promising, with a dramatic reduction in radioactivity more. And Mike Harris interview with MT Keshe...three million listeners! Spaceship Institute news;

Laura Eisenhower (Great Granddaughter Of Past US President): We are now in a process of being ‘saved’ by the ‘good guys’from outer space... and to spiritually awaken. We are moving into the Photon Belt, no Ozone holes... We cannot deny chemtrails, Fukushima radiation, GMO foods, media and mind-control...Deals made with ET’s long before Eisenhower; In 1934“Grenada Treaty” between the Greys (reptilian-like) and the US. Pleiadians made treaty with Hitler and Nazis in exchange for technology and that Nazis would not attack the Jews. Greys gave Nazies trauma-based mind control technology. Many UfO crashes before Roswell. Eisenhower deals in case of doomsday; blast holes in the stratosphere, that heat and pollution escape, underground cities for elite or moving to Mars. © 2014 Laura Eisenhower. See the original; or

Hole in Natural Protective Layer of Earth’s Atmosphere; And Cardinal Grand Cross 24.4- 2014 – Quantum Potential, powerful energies at play this month.....And Are they seriously going to Mars? TRN -- A 4.8 earthquake in the ocean less than 25 miles from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Site in Japan and a new radiation leak at the plant!

Storm was created out of Cannon Air Force Base New Mexico. Myself, and thousands of others watched this happen live on RADAR, as they first tried to HIDE the data, then cut the feed when we figured out what was happening; There was also storm on March 18; Massive plume that triggered storm alerts in NMexico originated from Directed Energy Weapons Lab [DEW]. Based on the Air Force’s  Shiva Star power system. And

'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' likely; Harvard Theological Review; The papyrus "Gospel of Jesus's Wife," discovered in 2012, includes the phrase "Jesus said to them, 'My wife...'... "she will be able to be my disciple". The Vatican said it is forgery, but scientists suggests that it is indeed part of an ancient manuscript and wasn't tampered.—politics.html; The Air Force’s secret space plane has been up in orbit for nearly 500 days. But, the Pentagon still won’t say what the X-37B is doing up there, or when it might come back. Chimera from Orion infiltrated militaries in 1996: Navy new program to create drone-like autonomous aircraft;
Sarkar: here have been efforts all over the globe to solve the problems of the world by whistleblowing, holding meetings, and by formation of alliances. People also expect to see saviors such as extraterrestrials to appear and make a difference. Some call for change through politics, others by education or religious solutions, and a few expect a revolution to take place in the economy. But revolution is not just something to be done spontaneously, it needs serious preparation for all round change, not only economic. One also needs to develop oneself and cooperate with others. A comprehensive ideology of life has to be introduced to lead humanity on right track, in order to restore universal human values, so that human being can live in dignity and help each others to do the same.
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