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In the land of Sadhus, Swamis and Sannyasis

I'm visiting India...Spirituality is the greatest treasure of Indian culture, but in many cases it has gone ashtray into dogmatic fate, and more filth is creeping in - although mixing with Western materialism is not only a negative thing. I'm not interested of roaming around in tourist places including ashrams and monasteries. I have seen enough in previous years, while this is my 15 th trip to India. Nowadays I purely come to have spiritual satsanga with our great sannyasis and fellow spiritul soldiers. 

Spirituality is a not much theories and habits, it is rather practical experimenting and experiencing true love and its opposite states - arising from past karma, or own misbehavior - to be conquered. I love it...nowhere else you can have such internal struggles finally always ending up into deep internal peace and joy to be, to live, to do. And long touching meditations, listening spiritual stories, attending programs with infinite sea of people. I have got many times in past chance to read New Year's message in my mother tongue to about 10 000 people. Let's see if it is going to happen again.

I heard here from one sannyasi what Sarkar had said about Jesus Christ; One yogamonk came near Maria's (mother of Jesus) place. Maria fall in love to him and she became pregnant. The Guru of that yogamonk ordered Him back to Himalayas, as the monk did mistake by getting engaged with women. Maria got married with another man Josef and they got the child Jesus. When Jesus was ab 13 he went to visit his father to Himalayas and stayed there studying meditation practices. Later when he came back and the people were planning to put him to the cross, he asked mentally his Guru, what to do. The guru said: Just use your powers and let them crusify you, but get out of your body before and take a new body. Jesus asked: what about the blood which suppose to come? The Guru answered: You know how to do that, use your powers. So Jesus did accrdingly so he didn't actually die on the cross. (Swami Rama in his book Living with the Himalayan Masters tells about how yogis could voluntarily cast of their body and even enter into another body if it was available, as well they could decide how long to lived).

Sarkar to Dasarath: Take a peep into the immediate past life of this soul and see who he was or what was he then. Dasharathji: he was a businessman from Kiul. Sarkar; now look into his future life and tell us into whose womb will he be reborn. Dasharathji: his next birth will be in the body of a black dog.

Hearing this Sarkar said with disgust: Tsk tsk. How shameful indeed. To think this man came from a respectable and wealthy family. Moreover, he had the rare and golden opportunity for a human birth. But now he has lost it. All through his life he was devoured by greed... Let us suppose that by the will of God, this dog is born again... and is able to retain the memories of his past life. In this case, due to hunger he would certainly go back to his previous home in order to eat something...his own wealth and fortune. But how will his own family members, sons, daughters, wife react when they see him entering the house? They will drive him away with a stick. Now how many years will he have to spend in animal life before he can once more get a human birth? Likewise today, most people are squandering away their precious human life.

It is immensely difficult to gain a human birth...But out of ignorance one ruins this precious life through own misdeeds. Then one is caught in an endless cycle of births in lower... degraded forms of life...After countless such births one once again attains this rare human birth. That is why I say over and over again, every human being must consider his life as precious. With this in mind one should make full and proper utilization of one’s life... in performing good deeds. One must fulfill all one’s worldly duties and responsibilities and at the same time one must be very clear about one’s ultimate goal in life.

Sarkar said ab Sadhus; Not only do human beings have physical needs, they have more subtle ones as well. Those who have no desire for any of the physical necessities sometimes leave their homes and embrace the life of a monk... What sort of desire prompted Mahaprabhu Caetanya to accept the life of a sannyasi? What prompted Buddha to relinquish his beautiful kingdom? They all had no further physical desires. There was no further need for káma and artha in their lives. But why did they choose to completely give up their worldly lives? The reason is that there was a very deep desire in the back of their minds. Having just entered that higher stratum, they are unable to understand the subtler expressions of life. This leads to a longing for the spiritual.

Some Indian sadhus, swamis, sannyasis; In the mid 1800’s, Mahavatar Babaji created Kriya yoga, a discipline involving purification through breath control techniques for spiritual evolution. In 1963 a young bramachari from Assam followed ray of light - the call of Mahavatar Babaji. For the next twenty years under all kind of weather – the young bramachari, known as Bengali Baba or Hariakhan Baba, sat under a rock next to Babaji’s cave in Tibet.

Swami Rama, also called Bhole Baba and Rama Dandi – was a disciple of Bengali Baba. Swami Rama founded the Himalayan International Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy with centers throughout the world. He was initiated in early childhood and studied with many adepts including with his grandmaster Mahavatar Baba. 
Swami Rama received his higher education at Bangalore, Varanasi, and Oxford University, England. At the young age of 24 years he became Shankaracharya of Karvirpitham, the highest spiritual position in India. He disposed useless formalities and rituals and encouraged the instruction of women in meditation. He renounced the prestige in 1952 and returned to Himalayas for intensified 11-month meditation session. Then he was determined to serve humanity by bringing the teachings of the East to the West. He was teaching Eastern philosophy at many Western universities, and assisted parapsychological research in Moscow. He then returned to India, where he established a clinic and ashram in Rishikesh. Later he went to Japan, where he established a major spiritual center. He came to the US in 1969 at the request of his master.

Swami Rama dedicated his life towards the unification of science and spirituality. Swamiji presented his case to science and showed how, by controlling the mind, one can control one’s bodily functions, including heart and lungs. Under laboratory conditions he stopped his heart for 17 seconds, produced a ten degree difference in temperature and specific brain wave patterns on demand. He was a frequent figure on national television shows such as “Good Morning America” and the “Phil Donahue Show.” Through his work with the Menninger Foundation he helped to pioneer the use of biofeedback as a therapeutic modality, to lay the foundation for stress management and holistic health programs, and to generate interest to experience consciousness. Swami Rama died in 1995. He is author of many books.

This was one of the tests in Menninger Foundation in1969; Swami concentrated in silencing the conscious mind and bringing forward the subconscious mind. When he did that we observed theta waves in significant amounts in his brain-wave pattern. When asked him afterward what that state was like, he said all of the things that other people wanted him to do, all of the things he should have done, but didn’t do, came up and began screaming at him. 'It is very noisy and very unpleasant. Usually I keep that turned off, but it is useful to look in there once in a while to see what is there', he said. Beyond Biofeedback 1977. And World Book Science Year Annual 1974. And Time Life Nature Science Annual 1973. And Britannica Yearbook of Science and the Future 1973. More Probe Magazine 1973. And Swami Rama the Himalayan Master;
Devraha Baba lived for over 250 years, before entering samadhi in 1989. Rare video footage for a Russian television channel around 1987-1989;

He was a sadhu who preached harmony between religious communities.[4]. Swami Rama ab Devraha Baba; I have heard that first president of India Prashad say that from his own experience Devraha Baba is more than 150 years old. He said that in his childhood his father took him to this baba, who was then very old man. At the time he gave this statement Dr Prashad was himself seventy years of age.

He doesn't allow anyone to touch him, but gives sometimes discourses on divine love. I tried to find out how he lived to be so aged. I discovered that he practices certain aspects of yoga regularly and that he eats only fruits and vegetables. During my conversation with Baba he said; “Happiness is the greatest wealth of all. Punctuality is essential. Practicing advanced methods of breathing is equally important. The technique of agelessness is the technique of pranayama."
Kashmir bandit told to Swami Rama about Jesus Christ (from manuscript written in Tibetan and translated by Russian; The unknown life of Jesus Christ;;  Jesus' carb was original Kashmir carb, his hair style was Kashmiri and the miracles that he performed are well known yogic miracles. Swami Rama tells; Garwali Sadhu was comparing Bhagavat Gita and the teachings of Bible and Sermon on the Mount and The Book of Revelations to yoga system of Patanjali. ........

Sadguru; How spiritual experiences cultivate in different ways;

Acharya Shree Yogeesh; True Master Among Fake Spiritual/Enlightened Swamis & Gurus;

And fake Guru Nityananda?;
In our Proutist mission we have sannyasis all over the world. We live life of monks and nuns, but we don't go to Himalayas for self-realization, but serve humanity in practical daily life. We might or might not have - depending on individuals - extraordinary powers and abilities, but we avoid using them for show. They are the fastest way for downfall, becoming egoistic and making one even sick.

Chandranath, Family Acarya; speaks in English, translation in Spanish.

Google also; Proutscandinavia, The Future Super Power India and its Kalki Avatars?

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News, but not breaking

Nature is messing up; Snow hits Cairo first time in 100 years. And 'Historic' Israeli Snowstorm...; Journal Nature; the “clearest evidence yet” that our universe is a hologram. (My goodness!) Natural News; Seeds placed near the Wi-fi routers don't grow... (better you try!) Food poverty in UK; ‘public health emergency’. And No Polio in the Philippines Since 1993, But Mass Polio Vaccinations for Typhoon Victims...Water scarcity in US: 11 cities demand for water exceeds supply; -run-out-of-water/? Aliens just zapping military base;

Video from potrblog; Emergency rooms in Hong Kong are bursting with patients with Influenza ILI. Estimate. Internal Hospital emails show that the #H7N9 infected Indonesian maid tested positive on Nov 28th, five days before quarantine action was taken; And Zero Hedge; The Black Death Is Back, the bubonic plague?!

Severe, acute kidney injuries have doubled over the last decade and continue to rise by 10 % a year, study by University of California. When you look at all the studies showing kidney injuries in animals after 90 days on GMO foods, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out “why” humans also get it; And;

Project camelot; Galactic Superwave Could Occur this Coming Year, (G2 Cloud), fireworks to begin at the Galactic center? Could cause Galactic core explosion...Earth has have been impacted by 13 superwaves in the last 5300 years. In 1993 Paul Laviolette reverse engineered the B-2 bomber's, classified propulsion technology and more recently has disclosed the microwave beam technology used in the super secret Skyvault Project. He discoverered the superwave phenomenon, which trigger Earth's climate, and bring high concentrations of cosmic dust.

RCHoagland; In Enterprise diagrams; the deviation of ISON from the previously published flight path is HUGE; "Someone" is demonstrably lying about this. Why? And Kerry Cassidy; The secret space program coming out of the closet.

AP. By thermionic conversion, energy — such as heat from the sun or fossil fuels — can be converted into electricity with very high efficiency. JRSE; New thermionic generators; Electrons are kicked out by light from the hot plate, then driven to the cold plate, where they condense. The resulting charge difference between the two plates yields a voltage “without moving mechanical parts”, Mannhart, Max Planck Institute, Germany. And

Gabriele Diamanti, seawater boiler; It functions by filling the black boiler with salty sea water, then tightening the cap. As the temperature and pressure grows, steam is forced downwards and collects in the lid, which acts as a condenser, turning the steam into fresh water. It won award,

Cobra; A battle continues for the control of the new financial system by The Eastern Alliance:, SWIFT, and the BIS. Jim Willie says that one kg gold bar will be the center piece of the new international trade system, which will kill the dollar. On the other hand, the Jesuits have infiltrated the Eastern Alliance to hijack the process; Jesuit Pope Francis as their frontman and portraying themselves as the good guys; They are including Bitcoin and teamed up with the Rothschilds: Financial Times; Eastern Alliance has allegedly made a trading attack on Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, disrupting Jesuit financial machinations.

PressTV’ and Cobra wanting for Event; transformation on Earth into Golden age culminating in 2025. And Cobra Dec 14; 12,000 people voted and over 88% of them are in favor of Event. The Event will happen when all aspects of divinity, us here, the Resistance and the positive ET races, will align... to trigger the pulse from the Galactic Central Sun!!!
Neil Keenan WARNS of Cabal Gold grab and plan for USA war with China; Keenan escaped from cabal abduction attempt. Rothschilds met with S-Korean leaders in attempt to steal 300,000 metric tons of gold from the Asian Family to the cabal (US/Fed, Australia, Biden, Soros and Emperor of Japan) to finance the China war. Indonesian Elders are getting security due to threats to global collateral assets. Geithner in CFR work with Merkel to collapse EU economies and bring Fourt Reich (by Cyprus-style asset seizure), in order to pressure Russia from the west while the USA Corp goes after China in the east. Prelude to global war, but China and US Pentagon good guys has had enough...and nations awakening.
US missile cruiser nearly collided into Chinses warship..., South China Morning Post. Why China forced a confrontation at sea with US Navy?. And Japan and S-Korea hold joint rescue sea drill... in international waters covered by China’s new air defense zone. US plans for Guam missile base as countering strength of China. And London Telegraph; Kim Jong-un executes uncle, most serious political upheaval in the country. Bill Gertz; China holding large-scale military maneuvers near the N-Korean border.

RIA Novosti; Russia Says Iran Deal Makes US Missile Shield Plan Redundant. Deputy PM says Moscow “preparing a response” to U.S. plans for missile shield in Europe. Mr Putin decried the “review of norms of morality” in the West and elsewhere; This destruction of traditional values from above not only entails negative consequences for society, but is also inherently anti-democratic because it is based on an abstract notion and runs counter to the will of the majority of people”. Encouraging homosexuality is not allowed in Russia. US 'concerned' ab India gay sex ban... And Australia's top court overrules gay marriage...

Want China Post; Beijing mass pesticide suicide attempt due to Government demolition their homes. Sovereign Man blog; The IMF just dropped bombshell; Wants You To Pay 71% Income Tax.

Germany is not a nation state but rather a corporation, Rotchild's financial agency; "Bundesrepublik Deutschland Finanzagentur GmbH;

Back in the mid-2000′s, Mike Maloney, Hidden Secrets of Money was warning of the financial and economic destruction to come. In his assessment was right:

Keiser Report: Bitcoin Battle; China bans it for financial firms. Germany declares bitcoin to be private money and Merrill Lynch claims it can replace money transfer systems like Western Union. Dr. Vlachos, CFO; University of Nicosia now accepting bitcoin as payment. Dr. Vlachos hopes to turn Cyprus into a bitcoin hub. And; U.S. government target the Producer of Physical Bitcoins.

Washington Post; The firm that threatened to foreclose on hundreds of D.C. homeowners is a mystery: It lists no owners, no local office, no Web site. Aeon Financial operates from mail-drop boxes; Comedian; NSA inks landmark deal to share information with Central Banks;

Italian Riot Police Join Anti-EU Protesters; and Police in Thailand Join with Protestors. A photo released by Ukrainian Union Opposition shows US Assistant Secretary of State for EU and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland distributing cakes to riot police in Kiev. Pepe Escobar believes if the opposition went out on the streets with cakes in any western country, participants of such a rally “would be branded as a mob and dispersed”. Same Old Game? ‘US govt wants regime change in Ukraine’. Singapore shocked by worst riots in decades, #theguardian.

A US hacker has created a low-cost drone which hijacks other drones. Samy Kamkar's hacker drone hacking Amazon’s delivery drones??? Scientists, who tested Kamkar’s system; The misuse of small UAV’s by criminal or terrorist elements is a potential threat to critical infrastructure.” So swarms of zombie drones may take over the skies; t m/2013/12/05/skyjack-hacker-drone-that-can-wirelessly-hijack-control-other-drones/?...

America thought it controlled the Arctic but now Putin Orders Strong Military Presence in Arctic. Geoploitical Monitor; The Arctic Council has emerged as the primary institution for handling disputes between Arctic countries.’ Its members are Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the US. Canada and Denmark held joint exercises in the Arctic in 2012 and Chinese attempted to buy land in Iceland. titles; Obama met with S- African President Zuma on June 28 2013. Nelson Mandela died on June 26th, but was kept on life support until Dec. Guardian Express Mandela Cover Up... So why are the 91 world leaders in AFRICA in Dec, if Mandela died in june?… Obama, Carter, Clinton, Bush too, why? ….… US Today says funeral is Dec 15.…BUT wasn't it already? Jimmy Carter: Obama-Castro Handshake ‘Something Significant’.

Mr. Popa wrote to Bill Ayers and On Dec 9, Bill Ayers answered Mr. Popa: “I WROTE DREAMS!!! (Obama's book) Read p 197 198 of Public Enemy. I wrote it, but nobody believes me.” Bill. And everyone trying to take Obama to court; now Congress.

Washington’s Blog; Seymour Hersh, International Business Times; the main reason Obama backed down from war in Syria was strong opposition from a handful of patriotic Americans within the Pentagon. Other things that Pentagon heroes stopped; CENTCOM commander’s veto sank Bush’s threatening GulfAnd Pentagon stop Cheney to bomb Iran in 2007. And military folks stopped even nuclear attack. But new war on making; Central African Republic, US has ordered support to disarm people.  As US Hagel moving war materiel to the region. But At odds with Ecuador, USAID moves to leave by Sept 2014 due to an increasingly acrimonious relationship with President Correa. This comes six months after it was kicked out of Bolivia. knows ab Niburu;… and planet 11 times bigger than nibiru appears?
Obama: 'I Think I Just Became The First President To Ever Publicly Mention Area 51';

Jamaican authorities have seized 3,300 warheads and a missile-making machine at the port of Kingston and tracking the shipper, Video 40 second mark.

The head of the Home Office has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations...the Home Office once funded the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), which openly campaigned to legalise child sex; And And Sydney's Daily Telegraph; Unwashed children born from generations of incest lived with physical deformities in a 'cult' of 40 adults and youngsters in Australian valley;
Beaconlight of the Future; Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar wrote over 100 books on subjects as diverse as mysticism, cosmology, sociology, history, education, yoga, medicine, ethics, psychology, humanities, linguistics, economics, ecology, farming, music and literature.

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