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Past life is past, or is it?

In my past life I have been living in Amazon jungle in one of the native Indian tribes according some clairvoyant person. (Here one tribe of them; White conquerors came and made the tribals their slaves - even trying to change their religion into Christianity. I had become speechless and upset about things as a 12 year old boy and at some point had hided in the jungle from the conquerors - and got lost. I had been living in the jungle alone for some years and finally had joined another tribe, but because they had different language, religion and habits I had had difficulties to adjust. 

I can believe this to be possibly true, as I have had awful fear, up to speechlessness, of people trying to persuade me into their beliefs in this life time. During youth I liked to live summer days in the forest 'jungle' and eat what I could find from there. I felt always difficult to adjust to my family. So who knows! Today I seem to end up living alone by times as renunciate yogi...DA

The reincarnated children; Dr Jim Tucker's incredible stories, which he writes in his book, Return To Life: Extraordinary Cases Of Children Who Remember Past Lives; Three-year-old Hunter claim to be legendary American Champion Bobby Jones? He saw Jones on TV and demanded to be called Bobby. Hunter is potentially the next Tiger Woods...but as he is now older his memories are gone.
Three-year-old Lee was likely in past life Sidney Howard - the Oscar-winning author for Gone With The Wind. When Parents mentioned Gone With The Wind amongst other film titles, Lee said, 'I wrote that movie'. He insisted his birthday was June 26 (Howard's birthday - on 1891) and not June 21. Howard had died at the age of 48, tractor mowed forward and crushed him to death. 
Return To Life by Dr Jim Tucker here. Dr Tucker explains the phenomenom with quantum mechanics... the brain is a conduit for consciousness to inhabit our bodies in different lives.
Two and a half years old Titu Singh began to tell his family of his past life in Agra, a city in northern India. He said that he had been the owner of a radio, TV and video shop, his name was Suresh Verma, he had a wife named Uma and two children. Titu's older brother decided to travel to Agra to check out his young brother's claims. He found a video shop called Suresh Radio, which was run by a widow named Uma whose husband had been shot, just as Titu had described. 
Uma Verma decided to visit the Singh family. When their family arrived unannounced, Titu shouted to his parents that his "other family" had come. Titu asked Uma to sit near him—which is unusual for a five-year-old in India. Then Titu was taken to Agra. He was tested by Suresh's two children playing among many other children. Titu recognized them immediately. Suresh's parents are certain that Titu is their dead son reincarnated. Titu told details of 'his' murder in Agra court and convinced authorities that he was the reincarnated murder victim.

The Boy Who Lived Before - My Shocking Story; Two years old Cameron Macauley from Glasgow told of his past life on the island of Barra in white house, on the beach, where he played with his brothers and sisters. He told also ab his dog and airplanes landing on the beach. Barra is outpost of the British Isles with thousand people. His Barra dad he explained was called Shane Robertson and he was knocked to death by a car. Mother made journey to Barry on his demand. See what happened;

Tom Harper, Stevensen and Tucker researched 2500 cases; One case; Reincarnation - Airplane Boy (abc Primetime); Six decades ago 21-year-old Navy fighter pilot was shot down by Japanese. Claims that six-year-old James is the pilot, reincarnated;

Speculations of past life ab Marilyn Monroe etc;
David Wilcock was Edgar Case in past life;

The Story of Nicola, Reincarnation Experiments; 

Mandy recalled a past life in same family. She went with her mother and researchers on an evidential mission.

Still one story how one decides to come back from death, real or not you decide;

Sarkar explained that most of the children under age of 5 remember something about their past lives. They might not talk about it, or parents don't believe it such etc...but... Sarkar says; it is meant that children forget their past life after five. A single body cannot tolerate the clashes of two minds, hence psycho-physical parallelism would be lost leading to eventual death... What is the use of recollecting the history of your past life? Try to learn only about the future.
When, in rare cases, a person does not forget his or her past life, nor dies, he or she becomes a spiritual genius, a hermit, or a worker of a missionary organization. If, in a particular life, one performs sádhaná but does not attain salvation, one will have to come back again. Under such circumstances one may or may not remember one's past life – it depends on the pituitary gland. And those who have attained salvation may or may not remember their past lives according to their own sweet will.

Let me repeat again even if your past life was depraved from now on from this very moment...let your life begin anew. Take to sádhaná (spiritual practise) from this very moment. Do not put it off until tomorrow, for tomorrow's sun may not rise on the horizon of your life.
See also Proutscandinavia, When science proves reincarnation....some religions will be gone.

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