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Peaces and Wars

Keshe Foundation is outing some info - in order to prevent future wars: Iran has been made an axis of evil due to nuclear triad agreement between the USA, UK and France, signed by President Reagan and Mrs Thatcher in the late seventies.

Keshe explains, that in his early work at the British nuclear classified site, he had an opportunity to read some documents.. which made it clear that these countries were attempting to control the future world...initially by bringing the world economy down and then using the nuclear industry and energy resources for controlling all nations.

The British would use US military might to attack nations, rob their resources. Then US was entitled to manufacture the nuclear power stations, while British took over proliferation and recycling of nuclear fuel worldwide. French got part of the structural work and the fuel production in EU. Thus this triad of nations have shared out the future world energy supply once the oil runs out (if not by artificial oil crises).

Iranian aircraft engineers, due to US sanctions, have made own Boeing 747 jetliner and parts for it. Iran also produce spaceships and even has left NASA behind. In the mid-fifties the US used uranium from Hamadan in Iran. Iranian nuclear scientists, due to US and presently Russia, have gained enough knowledge to build nuclear reactors. In the past 3 years Iran begun reprocessing fuel and became competitor - not only in oil, but in nuclear industry too - for the triad nations.

Also Keshe explains how Teheran University plant produces low level nuclear isotopes for the medical sector. Canada was the major producer of these isotopes for years, but due to problems cannot produce anymore enough for the world medical market. Iran took over to fill this vacuum and without these isotopes no brain scan, no MRIs etc can be carried out.... This does not fit to the axis of evil...(By the way, Keshe told before that Canadians arrested him on transit and copied his computer etc).

EU boycott against Iran; German government was let to use any nation to cover the Canadian gap, so nuclear center in Belgium is building a replacement. This is the reason why suddenly Germany has joined UN in negotiation over Iran's nuclear program.

Now Iran in enforcing world peace through its spaceship program in these enforced crises in the world. What if the triad or their proxies decide to attack Iran? The Keshe Foundation is developing systems to eradicate tools of destruction and greed. Iran showed part of its new technology in last Dec by capturing 27m long, American spy plane, controlled by 8 satellites. Iran has shown its generosity to other nations and religions without firing a single shot with its new SSP program.

April 2012 in Keshe Foundation showed to the world delegations the SSP system capacity. And within 36 hours on there was presidential effort to silence Keshe...For the first time they realized how they lost their drone to Iran. With this technology the aircrafts, military ships and submariners to attack Iran through the Straights of Hormuz will cease working on the borders of Iran. Satellite communication will be brought to an absolute halt.

We call the triad nations and Iranian government to meet under the banner of world peace. And everyone join us to serve our human race under one banner. 'From this point on kinship is among the souls of mankind and not through the physical body. We thank you Iranian nuclear scientists.... you have put your lives in danger while serving the rest of mankind.' See M T Keshe's original text;
Netanyahu’s Secret War Plan: Leaked Document Outlines Israel’s ‘Shock and Awe’ Plan to Attack Iran, Global Research, on RT Op-Edge; including cyber-attack and barrage of tens of ballistic missiles would be launched from Israel toward Iran
Fulford: Obama now directly implicated in 311 nuclear-tsunami terrorist attack against Japan (source MI6). Obama ousted Australian PM Rudd in 2010, when Rudd warned of nuclear terror threat to Japan. The embassy had forwarded the proof to PM Rudd as well as to Obama. “Ambassador” Stevens (under Bush Sr and Nakasone) was in charge of the terror attack on Japan, killed in Libya.

The Russians intensifying their attack on Nazi influence by confiscating German assets in Russia to retaliate for the EU grab of Russian money in Cyprus. Some plan exist to force the Germans to give up on the Euro, may be by “finding” problems with German cars sold to the 180 nation in BRICS block. Efforts to start WWIII. Chemical weapons used in Syria by the Nazi/Zionist Muslim brotherhood....Top U.S. officials including H Clinton knew ab it, WND. And The NY Times confirms; since 2012, Benghazi as the center of CIA, Arabs and Turkey shipping weapons to Syria. Confirmed: US shipping Weapons to Syria – “Mystery” Sponsors. Western ambassador to Syria; “children being trafficked, sold for transplants etc”
................ Finance ministers of the BRICS, met in S-Africa on its fifth summit and is expected officially announce of new development bank. The BRICS has alternative solution to the Western Bretton Woody World Bank and IMF; to be exchange reserve and a fund for developmental projects. China and Brazil removed half of their trade out of the US dollar. Each of the five BRICS will contribute10 billion dollars (on national currencies) in the bank, which could take several years to be running. BRICS countries are 40 % of the world’s population and 25 % of the global GDP.

Maduro lead of more than 10 % over Capriles on Polls before Chávez’s death. Capriles accuse that Maduro officials lied about Chávez’s illness... led to Senior officials using words “Nazi” and “fascist” of Capriles, who has Jewish ancestors. Chavez daughter; “Stop playing with the pain of a nation and a devastated family... they now say we were lying about the date of his [death] … Focus on politics”.
And assassination of Chavez;

BBC News; US Defence Hagel has scrapped its EU missile defense shield in Poland, citing problems and funding cuts, announced quietly. Could open another round of talks between the US and Russia on nuclear arms; The FBI suffered a dramatic setback in its use of hyper-secret gagging orders to obtain the private data of US citizens, federal court struck down the practice. US officer of 15 years - fears law enforcement!

Reuters; While new President of Cyprus hesitated over an EU bailout, euros for "humanitarian supplies" was oozing out of his country's closed banks (and from abroad as UK branches not closed?). EU negotiators knew something was wrong when the Central Bank of Cyprus requested more banknotes from the ECB..World's bitcoin ATM announced; First location: CYPRUS. The only ATM functioning soon? next and Slovenia starting the process.

Ure' links and comments: MarketWatch; If euro held in a Cypriot bank account can’t be moved, withdrawn or spent as well as euro held in German banks, then “Cypriot euro” is less worthy than euro common currency'. And 40% haircut in Cyprus was upped to 80%, at Laiki/Popular Bank. Ure expects mid-April that public will loose trust on money. And 'I said look for train derailments before the global coastal rising. And now; "Train cars derail in Minnesota, spill crude oil." And the 15-car train derailment in Louisiana?' Ure expects some data cap (internet), but as web bots are greatly exaggerated, lets consider this one: Global internet slows after ‘biggest attack in history, BBC. A row between a spam-fighting group and hosting firm affected the wider internet.

Rumours US: Highly agitated bank manager stated that within 60 days banks will be reducing their operation and adding "paperwork": Withdrawals reduced to $500-2000 per day per account, etc:

And rumours from Heneghan: IMF Lagarde to veto the Cyprus bail out ponzi scheme, with worthless JPMorgan-Deutsche Bank derivatives. IMF ordered Deutsche Bank decapitation. Merkel received a $3 million commission from ECB in the Cyprus negotiations through Central Bank of Japan, a partner with Fed... Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols final implementation on April 1st. Ambassador Wanta coerced by the Bush-Clinton into using US money to ponzi scheme on the yen futures.

Kerry's Blog heavily under attack... nonstop. Nostradamus: 'Pope not from Spain, but from ancient France, will be elected for the trembling ship [the Bark of St. Peter]'...Actually Pope Francis is “Spanish”- speaking and pope's father renamed his son as “Francesco” (i.e. “French” – Francis). Nostradamus; 'this pope is the last pope, Peter of Rome...He will make a promise to the enemy, who will cause great plague.' This is also the Peter of Rome of Malachy prophecy and besides there is TV show, similar to Case prophecy;, to Project Free TV. Planet x show:

Natural News; People who eat junk food are angry, say scientists. The things you eat have a direct effect on your state of mind, and behavioral patterns. Britain's white Easter but get ready for a heatwave next month!
Obama signed the "Monsanto Protection Act" into law, stabbing America in the heart...It allows Monsanto to override U.S courts on experimental, even dangerous, GMO crops... causing plague.; And

Hitler made real central state bank and issued currency at ZERO interest. This refusal by Hitler to allow the Jewish banking cartels skim “profits” from German economy, was the central factor behind Germany's rising prosperity at a time, when other world's currencies under Jewish control, were in the great depression…and German war (WWII) orchestrated by these same Jewish bankers. The holohoax was to forever bury the knowledge of economic successes of National Socialism and prevent any country of attempting to free their economies of Jewish control.
Fukushima dai'iichi plant lost power for one day last week and more radiation was released. Nuclear engineer Arnie Gunderson was called to Japan to consult. Hided by TEPCO, Japan and the US, all complicit in this disaster. Video by Arnie; when nuclear fuel pools catch fire; And At least 10 million Japanese still abandoned in high-radiation areas. Fukushima radiation much higher than Hiroshima bomb. AP; US Hanford Nuclear storage leaking;
Some things that Sarkar has mentioned about Iran: The Yajurveda (part of veda) was composed in Iran, Afghanistan, northwest India and certain parts of what is modern Russia.The Persian and Afghani languages are very close to Rg Vedic Saḿskrta.
The Aryans accepted Persia as their proper homeland. Happily they stayed there and wandered through it. Thus they gave it the Vedic name “Áryańyavraja” that is, “the bountiful land of the Aryans,”whose altered form became the modern “Iráńaveja”. Nowadays the country has been given the name “Iran”.
During the Muslim period, the Islamic rulers forcibly imposed Islam in India, Iran and Egypt. Islamized Arab ideas suffered the same set-back in Persia on the east as they did in Egypt on the west. Persian society had its own distinct characteristics and only accepted Islamic thought-waves externally, while its own Persian ideology remained for a long time as a subterranean flow. It remains even today, though only as a thin current. From Persia we have gotten the sitar and the gazal.
And about wars: It is capitalism and communism that have caused two world wars and so many other sanguinary battles in the world in the recent past. And how many wars have been fought in the name of religion? So, far from being a unifying force, religion could be seen as a cause of disharmony... Where is the unity which creates a common bond among human beings? To get the proper answer, one has to go deep into human psychology because true unity lies in the realm of the human mind... This hostility, this enmity, is something external. Internally, all human beings feel a deep attraction for others. By nature human beings are peace-loving, not war-loving.
Not only has national sentiment given humanity rude shocks in the world wars of the present century, but the social and cultural blending of the present age also shows the domination of cosmopolitanism in world affairs. Vested interests, however, continue to cause certain fissiparous tendencies. There are some who fear loss of their economic or political domination and are directly responsible for these detrimental or retrograde reactions
 .....You may google: Proutscandinavia, Keshe flyes faster than NASA or Keshe, free energy and Iran war

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