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In search for Atlantis

While visiting in Europe and walking in Spain (in 1979) with his disciples, Sarkar explained that Atlantis was now under water except for parts of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland...If Sarkar said so, and if it was correctly understood, it is sure Atlantis was there. But then there is also another claim according which he has said that Atlantis was between India and Australia. Somehow I trust it was rather in Atlantic, though may be the Atlantean people moved also to Indian Ocean area after destruction of Atlantis, who knows. D DharmaVedananda was entitled to make notes every moment when Sarkar spoke during his visit in Spain. Sarkar even remarked him when DVV made a mistake in spelling - the only time he made such.

Sarkar said: “I remember one old story; in the medieval stage – this means over 2000 years ago – when the Roman empire was on its pinnacle of glory, they came here crossing the Mediterranean on east to conquer Iberia. A fierce battle was fought.” He pointed to a concrete slab about 150 meters away: “Perhaps this is the place and that monument commemorates the battle.” (Notice Sarkar never had been before in that place). One listener ran on the slab and came back: “It is true, it is the monument about the Roman battle.” Sarkar didn't pay any attention to people's astonishment. He said that Iberian language is part of Latin language...He still mentioned that when Romans attacked Iberia, there was not much difference between Iberia and Italy that time.

At Valencia airport while waiting for flight, DVV was still taking notes. Sarkar remarked; the bay of Basque (Biscay?) was originally a part of Atlantis, that's why it is so shallow. Wherever the sea is shallow, there are big waves...There should be cultural, geological, zoological and other surveys around the cost of Iberia, because some new clues may be found about Atlantis”. On the plane he continued; “For Iberia, the past was bright, the present is cloudy and the future is full of sunshine. I love the people here very much...” And “The name of the old mixture of Spanish and Portuguese was called the Iberian language. Even today some of the Spanish dialects vary more from standard Spanish, than from Portuguese. If the European Common Market system was extended to all countries of Europe, then Spain and Portugal would both be benefited”. Sarkar mentioned in other occasion that people of Atlantis were not that advanced as commonly believed.

In his book Sarkar mentions: From Occido-Demi-Latin evolved two languages, Spanish and Portuguese, and a demi-language, Basque. (Basque can be called a half-language, because it is a mixture of the Spanish and the French languages... Basque language in Spain have been suppressed. Ánáras [pineapple] is an Iberian word.

One of the main races in India is Mediterranean Aryans from Southern Europe. They include the Brahmins and other people of Kashmir...India has two groups of Mediterranean Caucasians, the Cytheo-Mediterraneans or the Gujuratis. They descended from the Shakas, Huns, Kushanas and Yucins. They came in the second phase of the Buddhist era. Khrisna's time (ab 3000 BC) India was vast: from China and Siberia to the Indian ocean; and from the Mediterranean Sea to Japan. Krishna lived

The Aryans first moved from West Asia and migrated... to the Danube Valley and then to Central and West Europe. They advanced and settled in Iran, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, North Africa and Spain, and along the Mediterranean coast. They spread out from West France to the British Isles, and later spread to the Indus Valley, Korea and Japan. 

(You may see also; Budha lived ab 500 BC. 

Gordon Marshall, an Australian Archaelogist; Interestingly enough Ireland is said to have been a part of Atlantis, along with bits of Wales and possibly Cornwall. I did a bit of work on some of the Danish megalithic sites, which were not Atlantean! Egyptian culture may have come from Atlantis; you will remember that Edgar Cayce's prophecy about a chamber under the Sphinx's paw proved correct. This has now been opened, but I believe the contents are being suppressed. Cayce said that it contained records about a war between Atlantis and Egypt.!search/profile/person?personId=1384462208&targetid=profile; British and Irish ancestors were Basques, not Celts say professor Oppenheimer at Oxford University. Bretons derive from a former ice-age refuge in the Basque country, Prospect Magazine. The genetic evidence shows that British ancestors came as hunter-gatherers 15,000 to 7,500 years ago. Also Berbers, Iberians, Mauritanians, Lusitanians, Aquitanians were all Ice Age refugees from Atlantis. While Celts, Angles, Saxons, Vikings and Normans were immigrant minorities.
Archaeological Evidences; Atlantis-Rising. Spanish archaeological evidence 2003 underneath the sea, near Gibraltar; shows it could be the Atlantic civilization. Described by Plato; Columns of Hercules (Straits of Gibraltar), next to the region of Gadeira (Cadiz, Andalusia) and of the Atlas (Morocco). First time in history metal devices have been discovered under the sea in a location that agrees in a 100% with the descriptions offered by Plato on the place where the Acropolis of the Atlantis was. Spanish Diaz-Montexano, German Ritcher and Dutch Berghman keep it the only possible location for Atlantis.

Andalusian "lost" city of Tartessos, the metropolis of Atlantis? National Geographic Channel. In 2000, Diaz-Montexano; Atlantis was between Andalusia and Morocco, also Kühne Antiquity. In 2011, Richard Freund; "memorial cities" in Spain rebuilt in Atlantis's image;—buried-mud-flats-Spain.html.Contact - ready?

'Atlantis; off Ancient Iberia?? Plato stated the Atlanteans loved 'bull fights'... 2004 by Helios - Atlantis Rising "...I started my search and three decades investigation and photograph with a team of divers... The roots of Atlantis can definitely be found in Spain, specifically Cadiz. Four cities lie underwater from Cadiz to Gibraltar. Inscriptions near Gibraltar show people escaping a flood in boats. The survivors of Atlantis went up to Ireland and Danube River in N-Europe... in Iberia lots of evidence of Atlantis as well as 1500 years old scriptures written in medieval or archaic Spanish (also in Vatican Library and monasteries in Italy) many in private collections. Plato also wrote ab mountain range rich with minerals, north of the Atlantean Plain, clearly Sierra Morena and Nevada, the main source of the wealth of Atlantis.

Atlantis in Britain/Ireland/France? Submerged ruins reported off Cornwall in Cardigan Bay, off Tory Island, and off the Brittany coast of Keris, part of Atland in the ancient book Oera Linda, also known as Atalan. And Atlantis between Britain and France on the Celtic Shelf, by Spence. While Dunbavin argues that Atlantis was large island in the Irish Sea, drowned due to a comet followed by pole shift and changed earth axis, ab 3100 BC.

The history of Atlantis is the key of the Greek mythology. The gods of Greece were human beings...tendency to attach divine attributes to great (Atlantean) rulers...Mythology tells us that the Titans retreated into the interior of Spain;...empire of the Titans was the empire of Atlantis. Titans were: Oceanus, Chronos, and Atlas - all sons of Uranos. Plato says; "all their gods came out of the ocean; Chronos was the son of Oceanus and Atlantean “god”.

The wanderings of Ulysses, as "Odyssey" written by Greek Homer, are strangely connected with the Atlantic Ocean. Murray tells; Pluto's kingdom was "the under-world" of the dead (the grave of the drowned Atlanteans?) in the remote west. When Ulysses goes to the land of Pluto, he "reached the far confines of Oceanus," beyond the Pillars of Hercules.

'The Hekatoncheires, or Cetimæni; beings each with a hundred hands...represented the frightful crashing of waves...The Kyklopes described; Brontes, thunder; Steropes, lightning; and Arges, stream of light - flashing eye... was description of gunpowder derived from Atlantis? Kyklopes having sea-going ships with a light burning at the prow, and armed with explosives, which roar like thunder, flash like lightning, and destroy those against whom it was employed?' (The natives of the West India Islands regarded the ships of Columbus as living creatures, and sails as wings).

Berosus tells ab ancient days of Chaldea; 'In the first year there appeared, from the Erythræan Sea Oannes, whose whole body was that of a fish; and had another head, with feet also below... Quannes gave them an insight into letters and arts. He taught them to construct cities, compile laws, and explained geometry. And when the sun set, this being, Oannes, retired again into the sea...' This is clearly the tradition preserved by people of the great ships of Atlantean civilized nation, who colonized their coast and introduced the arts and sciences. And ship was a living thing with fish head.

Chronos was "the harvest-god" of the Agricultural Period, and made Romans to call Atlantic the "Chronian Sea." 'Chronos came to Italy and instructed them in agriculture and many other arts unknown to them. By such means he at length raised the people from barbarous condition to one of order and peaceful occupations, which why he was everywhere held in high this Golden Age.' (Murray's Mythology," p. 32.) All this accords with Plato's story. He tells us that the rule of the Atlanteans extended to Italy. The civilization of Rome p. 302.

The third god was Zeus. He was called "the mighty thunderer." During the time of Zeus Atlantis seems to have reached its greatest height of power. He was recognized as the father of the whole world; he rewarded truth, faithfulness and kindness; was merciful to the poor, and punished the cruel. See story on Murray's "Mythology," p. 38. Zeus took many wives. (Ibid. p. 47.)

Poseidon, according to Greek mythology, was a brother of Zeus, and a son of Chronos. He fell heir to the ocean and islands, and to the navigable rivers; in other words, he was king of a maritime and commerce. He was the first to train and employ horses. This agrees with what Plato tells us of the importance of the horses in Atlantis with race-courses. Poseidon helped to build the walls of Troy; thus tracing the Trojans to an Atlantean source. He settled Attica and founded Athens, named after his niece Athena. He sent a sea-monster to ravage Trojan territory. In the "Iliad" Poseidon is ruler of the sea...

Several Atlantis-researchers seeing Atlantis in South-Iberia, in Andalusia, in Arabian "andaluz", Egyptian "Atlantis". There is the "Atlantis" in the myths of many nations of the world, which sunk in a terrible catastrophe. According Platon Atlantis sank ab 9000 B.C years ago... but there was no Bronze Age that time on earth. There were no settlements in Greece, no Athens, which could resist the penetrating Atlantians, as Platon tells. It is because the mentioned 9000 years were moon-years. This calculation was usual in all old cultures, also by Celts.(D) The 9000 moon years... is 729 years. Added 500 B.C., when Solon was in Egypt, comes 1229 B.C. So 1250 B.C Platon's Atlantis sank, which was the cause for "migration of the sea-people"; the whole Near East as far as Egypt and India was rolled up by the penetrating "Atlantian" people. In 2005, the German Wickboldt suggested that the Atlantean war refers to the war of the Sea Peoples 1200 BC.

Plato’s Critias and Timaeus; empire of Atlantis was clearly bronze age, with trireme ships, global navigation, bronze age weaponry, megalithic cities, and kings - not 12,000 years ago, but time frame of the Exodus. Plato was using the word nesos which means peninsula - the iberian peninsula (now Spain and Portugal)... Plato wrote that Poseidon bestowed ten districts of Atlantean empire governorship to his sons....confirm the vast range of the Atlantean empire....comports with the biblical timeline, that the Ice Age ended circa 1500 b.c.

The Mayan and other nation's "Atlantis" of the Flood happened on the whole earth. Big asteroid or comet sank in the sea....Bermuda... Nearly all human and animal life disappeared. The gigantic wave arrived also in Europe, Asia and Africa. Predominantly accepted theory; the asteroid caused rolling of the earth spin with postponement of the poles.

Edcar Cayce: Atlantis reached from Spain to Bimini, where some roads are found under sea. The size of Atlantis was equal to that of Europe, including Asia. The three main islands of Atlantis were Poseida, Og and Aryan. Bimini and Andros Island were one island in 10,000 B.C —called "Poseidia. The giant laser-like crystals for power plants were responsible for the final destruction of the land. There was an exodus of many Atlanteans to ancient Egypt etc. Cayce attributed the Flood of Noah to be a result of the sinking of the last huge remnants of Atlantis. Atlantean society was divided into two political factions; an "evil" faction called the "Sons of Belial" and "good" faction, the "Sons of the Law of One"; "Through prayer we speak to God. In meditation, God speaks to us." At times of Atlantis, soul could incarnate in such a way that male and female qualities were manifested simultaneously.

Project Aquarius by MJ-12. Alien interaction with Homo sapiens in the Basque culture? by 'Bill Cooper'. Basque people; 'Majestic-12' and 'Operation Majority'. Hyperboreans and Thule society (Celts) were in contact with “alien cultures” R- (?): Basques, Irish, Icelanders, Bretons, Spaniards and Portuguese have lots of RH-. 'UFO's and the Occult Reich'. And ‘Mother race,’ the Celts. The Nazis believed Jesuit Spiritual Exercises (Loyola) were from Atlantis. Basque last Atlantean race, 'The Luminous Lodge'. Berber-Ibero-Basque, Cro-Magnon society reached from Morocco to the British Isles (Stone Henge, similar in France, near Basque, and Lixus). Basque has alien vocabulary (?) syntax is extremely complex and orderly. Welsh, Erse and Gaelic use the same syntax. Mayas spoke almost the same language, 'Atlantis Forgotten. The extinct Iberian language is related to Basque... 
Belief in Atlantis was common in Greece, Egypt, Mayan and Aztec Empires. The Basques, Guals of France, tribes of the Canary, Azores, Holland, and India all speak of their origins in sunken Atlantic, 'Atlantis, Golden Ages'. The Basques have measurement based on the number 7... and unic cranial and breast bone. (But this genome survey does not confirm Basque's unic blood...) '' Hyperboreans got RH- from aliens, Star Children. Cayce; Atlanteans fled the final destruction prior to 10,000 B.C. survivors went to N- America, Egypt, and the Pyrenees Mountains or Gobi. DNA Analysis Confirms Cayce. Basques, Berbers of Morrocco, and Mayan DNA match... Source:

Timaeus and Critias by Plato [360 B.C]
The Oera Linda Book, [1876]. Descendants of the lost Atlantis--of the North Sea.
Atlantis, the Antediluvian World [1882]The 19th Century bestseller that started the Atlantis craze.
Also in
Project Gutenberg. The Age of Fire and Gravel [1883] comet impact, the death of Atlantis.
The Book of Dzyan [1888] Blavatsky's channeled sacred text from Lemuria.
The Story of Atlantis [1896] Theosophic history of the Earth, human evolution and life in Atlantis.
The Lost Continent [1900] The decline and fall of decadent Atlantis.
A Dweller on Two Planets [1905] automatic writing by a teenager.
The Sacred Symbols of Mu [1933] the other lost continent.
Selestor's Men of Atlantis, [1937] channeled vision of an ancient sage.
I Remember Lemuria [1948] tunnel-dwellers who rule the earth, the UFO craze.

Sources and Links: Brètons and Algiers;,
Discussing concerning Atlantis in Iberia;
'The Search for Atlantis. By Razib Khan; 2010. 
Plato video: youtube (dot) com/watch?v=yvY9KgTxCuE. 
Records of Atlantis are saved in three places.
Good videos: 
Google my previous artickle: Proutscandinavia, The Sands of Saraswati and civilization

See also video remote viewing project ab Atlantis;
This could possibly explain why there are two kind of stories ab where Sarkar said Atlantis was. Courtney Brown explains that in time of Atlantis, they made a hole on the other side of planet, near Australia, but it caused effect to other side of world Atlantis area. Interesting.

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