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Whether to Trust Psychics

First of all our Guru has said that it is not so good idea to become psychic, there are too many risks - to get manipulated or lost, and one more so; own ego will pop up. Spirituality is more important than psychic skills, so one should concentrate rather in spiritual practices. The psychic skills may develop through meditation also, but then one is already protected, the ego doesn’t pop up and rather one wants to help others.

Channelers, mediums and hypnotists seem to get different answers about the same things. So the whole field of supernatural and unearthly has to be taken very cautiously. For example angel specialist Lorna Byrne who is able to see all kind of spirits, is saying that animals don’t go to the other side, to “heaven”, so it is not possible to see or channel them. While animal mediums channel constantly messages from diseased pets in the heaven, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8x8bb8Y61Yg

Hypnotizer Calogero Grifasi finds almost in any case alien interloper controlling his customer, and he helps to remove the entity and mental implants. While Quantum hypnosis healer Alba Weinman usually finds diseased souls attached to customer and almost never aliens. Why Alba and Calogero have so different results?

Channeler, Karl Mollison also explains that when quantum healers make their customers to channel their higher selves, Karl says that those higher selves can be just any spirits speaking through the customers who are not accustomed on channeling. Karl also channels people’s higher selves, but he doesn’t put his unaccustomed customers to channel their own higher self, but Karl does it himself.
Karl also warns about many alien imposters, as channelers don’t know how to protect themselves with the help of divine. I have no idea if his own channelings are always pure, as he seems to channel so similar things about many of his customers. Short video about dangers of channeling by Karl, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZWP3F0QZ20
There seems to be some common features about JFK channeled by different people, but also some controversies. Here some examples
JFK was killed by the CIA. There was a story he was about to uncover, and it felt threatening to a lot of people, and they pleaded him for a long time, but he stayed true to what he thought. Some of the “story” got out, but they made sure that he didn’t get the rest out; http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com/2014/04/question-and-answer-session-ix-group.html.

Robert channelling JFK, 2013; he tried to end the printing of currency by the Federal Reserve which then loans it to the US government at an interest rate. Instead, he wanted the Treasury Department print the currency. He tried to end the functioning of Fed and IRS, because they were not created by Congress. Link lost, sorry!
According channeling Erik, JFK came to unite the people of the United States and give a common voice to all races. He had to die in this way so that the people could see the corruption of the office. His death was a highly planned event. Lee Harvey Oswald had been fed misinformation by a government purposefully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtcsCb9iS8M

JFK appeared to medium, and told that own secret service shot him. She describes the shots and info about the shooter. JFK said Governer Jerry Brown knows what happened. JFK soul is reincarnated again on earth, resembling her own girl Samatha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY2xjgEnfA4

March 2018, JFK states, his assassination backfired on cabal as they didn’t know how loved he was by people. Already while serving in armed forces he made plans to eliminate those who had not best interest of country on their mind. He couldn’t complete his mission in life, so he is still obsessed to bring light to earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrovlh1gSYo

Ivan channeling in 2015; For JFK race didn’t matter. He knew we were already on moon and other planets. He met positive aliens who expressed concerns, but politicians were already gone with negative aliens. He was not informed about black projects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOn-WhiLt1c.
Most controversial seems to be the opinions about Blue Avians. Like some sources channelled by Jim in Hucolo TV has given messages of benevolence of Blue Avians, while other source in Hucolo says; claims by Wilcock and Corey are often ridiculous, like the war underground, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_821gseP_A.
According Psychic Focus, Blue Avians are coming to this solar system to set up a base. They’re smart and waiting to see who wins here on earth. Cobra and Corey are just credible enough to get attention, but incorporate some disinfo from some scary people. Corey’s disclosure.


Here someone making fun about Blue Avians, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5bV7cNbngk

I’m fascinated how Calogero Grifasi educates his clients to become the boss in order to stop the interlopers controlling them. (In this way one may also chase them away just by ones own effort and divine help).

Here for example Grifasi has huge struggle to get his customer free from reptilians, that were using her energy etc. One was even taking her over many times during the hypnosis. Here the video with English translation, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=521uig__67Y.
Here you may check how angels communicate with you, but better not to start believing of all strange sensations coming from angels, https://blogs.psychcentral.com/life-goals/2016/07/ways-angels-speak-to-you/

Karl Mollison’s video about reptilians, gives good picture about their relationship with humans. I feel pity for them, humans have hope to reach ascension, but seems reptilians have more long way to go. Karl Mollison, channeling reptilian, https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=H7HYYDBAKXGN

This channeler explains how he was attacked, and also got a bit contradictory answers from different spirits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkUIVXuknQw

I feel all the psychics should practice meditation, and remember to request for divine protection, if dealing with these things, so that one will not get mislead or controlled.

Didi Annapurna

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Q & A about Yoga & Meditation

Psychic people, indigo children, alien contactees are all advancing spiritually, why one should bother to practice meditation, yoga, discipline and all that heavy staff?

Psychic people are often also spiritual, but if they would do yoga they would develop their body more suitable for spiritual practices, and spiritual practices would speed up their way for liberation and salvation. Just lack of discipline can make one to waste lots of time for nothing. Ananda Marga emphasizes also service, to uplift other’s conditions. Service mindedness keeps oneself humble and selfless.

Psychic skills can be even a burden, because one can take missteps, get involved with dark spirits and get ego from knowing things that others don’t know. Besides many healers take away others karma and has to face consequences themselves. Same concerns indigo children and alien contactees from most part. Expecting aliens to heal us, to save us and develop us is keeping ego going.

Practicing kaoshiki dance

How one can get liberation, when nobody can be so perfect that will not create new karma?

One should concentrate on doing most of the time good things and service. The negative things can be eliminated by meditation practices. We have mantra with inner meaning, which helps to make every action practically divine act. Of course one can’t remember it constantly, so the rest can be undone by the grace of Divine, Cosmic Consciousness. This grace we experience also in our daily life.

Our service projects makes it easier for us to practice selflessness and avoid karma creation in daily life. Service makes mind soft and grateful, and makes it easier to meditate, which also burns karma faster. When you want to do something negative delay it and you might not remember to do it at all or you may change your mind.

What should be the Goal of Yoga and Meditation?

For most people the goal seems to be only taking care of ones health, which is positive already. For some meeting great personalities, that one will not come across in daily life, which is great. For some deep, mystical experiences during meditation, becoming a real yogi. Simply the goal should be that all thoughts and deeds to be directed towards reaching oneness with Supreme Consciousness.

It is quite easy to stop eating meat, but is it really important to follow satvic diet with all strange restrictions, such as onion, mushrooms and coffee are not Ok?

Without knowing why one should not eat certain things, it is difficult to understand and follow satvic or sentient diet fully. For example while eating mushrooms, it absorbs your energy as it is a parasitic plant. Eating onion makes the mind restless, and the body has to suffer from explosion kind of effect as it is so intense, although it might kill some bacteria at the same time. In those countries were people eat lots of garlic their mind may be “explosive”.

In our yoga retreats for new people, there are always some driving in the mornings to cafe place as we don’t offer coffee and they get headaches. Doesn’t it show already how strong addiction coffee causes, and any addictions are not good for the mind and body. Easiest way indeed is to join our cooking course or yoga retreat and get used to eat only satvic food.

What is your relation to other religions and yoga societies? What is the difference to Hare Krishna?

We are recommended to read other’s religious scriptures also, and learn from them. We are to co-operate in some ways with benevolent organizations and groups, religious, economical and social.

Hare Krishna is practicing bhakti yoga, which is part of tantra yoga, that we practice. So tantra yoga is much more wholistic including karma yoga, raja yoga and social service. The original form of tantra yoga doesn’t include sexual practices.

One yoga monk from Hare Krishna told to me once, that you seem to have things better than us in the sense that your monks are living totally separate from nuns, and your monks and nuns, both make celibate promise. Indeed we dedicate our lives to social service, which would not be so easy if we had family. Celibacy for us is not a problem when we know asanas, food and other means to uplift our minds above sexual interest. We have also other departments such as education, arts and Prout-socio-economics.

What to think about Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is not good for the body and mind. Heat increases nervous tension. Also heart beats faster so one can’t really relax. We recommend half bath before asanas; cooling down behind ears, neck, face, hands, feet etc. Body should not though be too cold, and one should avoid draft, because those stiffen the muscles and makes chilly. If you have to meditate in sunshine, turn your back on it.

Why to do Kiirtan?

Isn’t fun and relaxing? While we dance we touch tip of big toe to the ground in order to relax the brain. Zone therapist uses the same spot to relax the person. Dancing and same time singing mantra makes us to think that love, which should be our daily thought while dealing with the worldly objects. Love increases the more you think about it. You are become more loving. Meditation after kiirtan becomes much more easy. If one has mental tension or even problems one should do longer time kiirtan than meditation. Personally I have changed mountains of negative worries and anxieties into positive loving feelings, and solved even my problems during kiirtan.

Dancing kiirtan, get inspired

What is your idea about opening cakras and removing cakras?

We don’t open purposely cakras, or remove them. They are just a fashion that some self learnt yogis have started in west. Thousands and thousands of years Indian yogis have practiced yoga without removing cakras, and cakras become activated naturally when one is advancing in yoga without opening them purposely. The explanation that cakras are manipulate by inimical forces, MILABS and ETs sounds funny at least. Spiritual people are used and their cakras perhaps used, in order to control them, but removal doesn’t give any solution, as simply you can’t remove even one cakra or you will die. One can easily protect oneself from manipulation by clearly expressing denial to be in those experimental programs, using protective mantras and asking divine help.

Didi Annapurna

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Weird Things about ETs and Disclosure

Ivan Teller has posted 5 videos about approaching ET disclosure. Ivan seems to be the only one claiming, that Pleiadians are planning to do disclosure “performance” soon on the skies. He has mentioned in some videos that it will happen in couple of months and in some other video speculating whether it will happen this year. More on his Pleiadian disclosure, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rm8wZ1M4qEQ. Latest, UFO Disclosure Update: May 2018, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqwvI1fg7I8

Ivan Teller is also channeling Valian Thor, who claims some ETs walk among humans. Queen is human, but channeled by reptilian.

Then Hucolo source is claiming a bit different about same things; Aliens are not allowed to enter this planet in third dimension, in last 40 years. Valian Thor has something to do with the earth. The Queen of England is alien born human, so she attends meetings with leaders and aliens.

Kingship started when ETs wanted to speak with humans, they took one person and put translation ring on head so that they could communicate with him. The rings also gave kings occult powers. The ring became eventually crown.

Trump has his own agenda and has only small group of followers. Many are afraid of him, like N-K leader, but Trump is afraid to start wars. Illuminati are scientist minded and are falling apart, because metaphysical movement doesn’t support science. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhgAVyGBhE0

Real alien on video, people finding Skinny Bob to be real, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_uqAZW5YF0. Remote viewers about real alien Skinny Bob, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpXx5ROJJ20&t=640s.

Two women got married with ETs. They were even waiting babies for them. Then babies were taken out and are growing now in vats with ETs somewhere in the earth. Now Heather has seen physically her tall white (or Sarshar) alien “husband”, and Kari has been channelling recently her alien “husband”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6MlJxPf4lI

Corey Goode’s info is dividing folks, there are some taking him totally seriously, and there are others who find the stories partly to be created through manipulation by ETs and SSP.

Here one critical group about Corey. A group was remote viewing Corey Goode and Blue Avians. They came to conclusion that Corey is manipulated by Blue Avians. Most of the things and experiences might be true, but some are installed to Corey’s mind. The leader of the remote viewer group was threatened in different ways while doing these sessions, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS8CKx-qRgM

Light Hunter from Finland seeing strange lights on the sky constantly, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi543QOgIhc&t=10s

Eva has telepathic friendship with a reptilian, she hardly can believe herself it to be real, although she claims to have lots of evidence, but you decide, http://www.orionmindproject.com/stories.html

Emery Smith amazing whistle blower, examining ET tissues and bodies. Growing bodies and body parts: they put stem cells, and bone cells to grow inside titanium. And the body accepts it as a natural. When cloning humans brain doesn't grow as fast as everything else. 

You 3-D-print-up a being into full adulthood in as little as nine months. They're storing them in the thousands, until they activate them. They are also creating crazy monsters, and there are vats of failed beings in stasis, like the one person-tiger. ET-human hybridization is going on, probably duplicated 20, 30 species. China is saying openly they'll be growing clones to get organs transplants.

There's going to be a huge meeting soon with the Galactic Federation. They will take some leaders to galactic court, 300 major corporations responsible for the stuff they've done to all the people of Earth. Source, “Cosmic Disclosure”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnkUrXzco48&t=23s

Some other things

Astrological predictions May-July 2018, May: Changes in social media. Aeroplane and terror attacks. Bad times for pope. Revelations of advanced technologies start to appear. Things seems different at the End of May. Spiritual opening, healing. Explosive cleansing of governments. Fluctuation of economics end of June in US. Many things will be out of control May-June-July. Crises in northern areas of US and EU. California shaking. July government restrictions on money. May-June-July assassinations and deaths of leaders and stars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5Bub_CD7Ok.

Island is small isolated country, where incest is a problem. Accidentally falling in love with someone closely related is a real scare. The IslendingaApp was created just for checking from online database, how closely related people are to one another. https://gizmodo.com/5882644/iceland-is-so-inbred-it-needs-a-website-to-avoid-incest.

Axial pole shift according scientists is not going to happen, but magnetosphere is weakening leading to magnetic pole shift, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fS6egD9cSc

Fulford: EU can’t count anymore on US military. Attension on Malesia. Effort to take over Indonesia. Iran foreign minister threaten to expose bribed westerners who created the Iran nuclear deal, former and present leaders of France, German Merkel, Obama and Kerry. Kerry has not been around, recent videos are recycled.

EU will suffer most about sanctions against China. China and Iran are co-operating. Netanyahu attacked own country in Golan Heights, to start world war III, failed in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQL07hj-AT8.

Turmoil, rumbling in earth. The wild animals become unaware of humans, because their instinct and senses doesn’t work, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EABfsCVkjs.

Didi Annapurna