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Antarctica Disclosure?

There is lots of commotion and speculation coming from Antarctica. High ups from all over the world have visited there recently. An old video from Russia, Secret Bases in Antarctica. Germans went to Antarctica during WWII,

An anonymous wrote: 'I'm a civilian contractor for a defense industry company. We sell advanced hardware and electronic gear mainly to the US Army and Marines. There is an instant order to move a tons of material down to Antarctica. All civilians are getting evacuated. Currently the Russian ship Admiral Vladimirsky is heading to Cape Town. There is a huge unexplained ice crack next to New Swabia Land. Also Kent Dunn has video, both Russia and US going to Antarctica,

Fulford sources; All civilian personnel evacuated from Antarctica. Top US and Russian generals Joseph Dunford and Valery Gerasimov on Febr16th “launched a combined US-Russian force steaming toward Antarctica after the cabal set off nuke”, the source of radiation being detected in EU etc. 
Simon Parkes; The reports of radiation over parts of the US and Europe are results of an explosion in a nuclear submarine.

Corey Goode; Germans 1939 started to clear out areas in Antarctica in order to build bases. Corey thinks Antarctica disclosure plan is going to be about stolen huge Mayan gold store, ancient human civilization and prehistoric animals, same time with arrests of the Cabal. There are bodies of humans with tails, short and tall humans etc. Next, they will disclose secret space program SSP, copter-type anti-gravity vehicles and eventually the ETs. Scientists started to study in secrecy the ruins of an ancient ET civilization in 2002.

Corey has seen in Antarctica ice caves, laboratories, spaceships, library, and bodies of 12-14 feet tall Pre-Adamites, who came from Mars. Some of them survived and put themselves in stasis before cataclysm ab 12,800 years ago. (Insider Pete Peterson has said; “They're going to announce that they found a mothership in Antarctica.)”. 

Ruins of lost civilization in Antarctica by seeds of info so people are not shocked when they hear the rest. Flash Frozen Antarctica Civilization,

Elena has made many interesting videos, starting 9 months ago. She also claims to have visited on Antarctica with SSP scientists. She describes Ship Building Bases, Humanoid Hybrids, and Research Labs. Some of the humanoid hybrids have elongated skulls, alien DNA spliced with the human genome. 

On 28th of Febr she remote viewed about radiation coming up from Antarctica. There are Earth Alliance, SSP, ICC, and Nazi bases in Antarctica and outposts of Atlantis. Radiation is coming across Europe, Canada, US from missile on Nazi docking port in Antarctica. Earth alliance base is there, because there is also a fountain of youth mineral water coming up.

Similar claims already long time ago about water coming from Agartha in Antarctica through holes made by Agarthans to bring healing energies up on surface. These opening holes heat and melt the ice. They are cleaning up the damage done by humans. There is water also coming on surface on many places of earth to clean pollution. Second sun also has some effect on earth,

Mass Evacuation Of Antarctica as Special Ops And Military Moving In. More about evacuation of Antarctica, NSA warns about Antarctica, 11 Strange Discoveries in Antarctica,

Uhm… British Scientists are looking for WHAT in Antarctica, . And, Alien Ship Being Stored At South Pole 1/23/17, Military bases on Antarctica, nuclear accidents, and warm areas, you won't believe this, 

Did A Nuclear Event Just Occur In The Arctic? 2/21/17, And what is NASA doing, only playing with Balloons in Antarctica! Antarctica News: Antarctica Reseachers Rescued From ice Bound Ship. A lot of information about historical events in Antarctica, Antarctica: UFO War Erupts, Seems flat earthers also are on the move with their claims on videos.

As there is going to be disclosure of ancient civilizations commonly here a bit about history of Sanskrit, Aryans and Egypt by Indian P R Sarkar;
Samskrta is the mother of all the mother languages of South Asia and Southeast Asia. The Vedic offshoots of Samskrta, may be of non-Indian origin (Aryan), but the Samskrta language is of Indian origin. The English word “Aryan” comes from German and originally from the Vedic word arya. Sarkar also mentions, the Aryans – the original inhabitants of the northern part of Central Asia and Russia – were drinking and engaged in sacrificial rituals. 

The original homeland of the Aryans was Europe and the areas lying near the Caucasian mountains in central Russia. Aryans moved through Iran and Afganisthan to India. In northwest India and in Kashmir there is a good number of people of Aryan lineage. The civilization and culture of Rarh is the oldest of the entire world, and in the Rarh district of Bengal the percentage of Samskrta words is more than 92%. 

Ancient Egyptian civilization had some special characteristics. The various social groups from Asia and the southeast European countries were inherently stronger in their collective waves than the Egyptians themselves, and this led to the destruction of most of the Egyptian civilization. Thus modern Egypt has ideologically nothing in common with its ancient past.

In eighties Sarkar has told to some people, Islam will conquer Europe and America, then Islam will die off...and other religions too gradually will have the same destiny. He also stated life to earth came from Mars.

Expanding Earth and Pangaea Theory, 

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