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Ananda Marga Meditation and Service to Humanity

In my yogic path I have researched several yoga practices by different groups. I found Ananda Marga meditation and yoga practices far advanced than any others. Anybody doing Ananda Marga meditation will reach soon a state where daily life becomes like constant meditation practice.

The six different meditation lessons of AM develop one in different ways,opening the whole process of self realization, but that is not enough one has to do also service in order to progress on the spiritual path. Service means to practically help others in different ways. If someone doesn’t have enough food, one can’t concentrate on her mental or spiritual development, in that case you have to offer food. If one is mentally disturbed and unable to take care of oneself, you have to offer psychic and health related services. If one is yarning for spiritual elevation you have to offer spiritual inspiration and teach methods for spiritual upliftment.

Now why service is so important in Ananda Marga? If you don’t help needy, your ego may grow up and you will become isolated yogi in ‘Himalayan loneliness’, which doesn’t benefit much humanity. Fortunately when you do Ananda Marga meditation practices it increases also naturally empathy for others, besides the company where everyone else is doing service inspires everyone to help.

Meditation and Social Service

On the other hand while doing meditation one is able to help better, to stand better catastrophic situations, and it increases also creativity for finding ways to help. I have myself worked on service projects, in children’s homes in Africa and Romania and in collective farms meant to be service centers.

Humanity is on state where almost everyone starts to ponder questions like, who am I? Where am I going? What is the purpose of life? That is the beginning state of awakening, it can be also the beginning state of ascension if one chooses the positive path. One can advance just by oneself, but in order to really advance one needs a teacher. In Ananda Marga nuns and monks have dedicated their life to teach yoga and meditation practices. They roam around the world in about 150 countries. These yogis not only teach, but they are also living examples what they teach. Family people in Ananda Marga might not have that much time for service work, but they are also participating many ways, and living yogic lifestyle.

Starkids and psychics often seems to think that they don’t need to practice anything, and if they need help their astral helpers and guides will teach and take care of them. What I see they often have developed big ego, although some of them do also meditation and service like Reiki or other methods of psychic healing. If you just look at channeling webinars, most participants just ask advises for themselves from their spirit helpers, request infusions to heal their cakras etc. I do appreciate that they show up to the world, so that we can learn of their unic experiences, but they could get much further by doing more service, yoga and meditation practices.

What comes to common people, practical and individual instructions will benefit one much more faster and painlessly than if one would try to advance alone in the spiritual path. Fear of getting into something unknown is the biggest obstacle, one has to follow the hearth not the head. Not everyone is ready for serious yogic path, they might need first something else even religions. Any experiences on spiritual path even negative burn the karma, and make ready for further teachings. Best way is to ask divine guidance in every step of life, and search - you will find the right teacher or the teacher will find you.

How did I come to Ananda Marga? I have told this story many times, but if you still haven’t heard; I became interested of UFOs at a young age and was very inspired of reading a message from one alien; ‘one day on planet earth everyone will speak one common language, the language of love.’ I thought, ‘wow, there must be then already some group of people practicing this language of love.’ I started searching. I went to all sorts of groups, religious, spiritual etc. Once I went to Ananda Marga lecture. And I was totally ‘sold out’, (as we say in Finnish), when the weird monk often times staring at his third eye, spoke about the path of love, self realization and service to humanity.

I asked him to teach me their meditation process which he told he can’t do as the teacher needs to be a female. Besides I was told by a member attending the lecture that I was not suitable. I thought to show him and myself that I would be suitable one day, (although I was just ‘junk’ at that time). 

Me, I knew for sure this monk was a teacher of the language of love, and I wanted desperately to learn their language at any prize….I never regret of joining the path of the greatest yogis in the world, you may follow if you wish!

Didi Annapurna, if you post this for inspiration, link it here, thanks!

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