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Common Folks Waiting For Disclosure, also ETs Protesting the Delay

From Psychic Focus, shortly; UFOs over Dresden during Bilderberg Meeting June 2016 was very real. This was like a peaceful protest showing their presence and reminding TPW (The Powers that Were) of the rules they agreed to regarding disclosure. Eventually a forced disclosure by ETs and sightings with many witnesses will happen. Odd disclosure (feels like they tell the truth without actually telling the truth) will happen within the next presidency. (Later she comments that they were not the UFOs mentioned on above link, but some other ships. DA). UFOs: Real or Photoshop.

May be Jean-Claude Juncker took the ET reminder seriously and started the disclosure in his EU Parliament speech: “I have met several leaders of other planets “; Interestingly there was nothing about other planets when translated to members of the EU Parliament. Tricky!.

Blake gets surprisingly positive answers when interviewing common people about existence of UFOs and ET life, 7/6/2016

Really weird; Cigar shaped UFO flashing and splashing, 7-6-2016;

Weird UFO Morphing in Texas 7-6-2016;

Many kind of alien ORBS show up during Hypnosis Session 

Update concerning the previous video; An ET explains what they were doing to Lars on the video; They were boosting him with energies and helping that he is able to sense and communicate more easily. Lars is working on the free energy project. Human light workers, scientists, are developing new free energy technology, which will be introduced to humanity very soon, and in couple of years it will be in common use. There are many groups of those scientists working connectedly and together with ETs. Earlier the elites could stop any new technology project by withdrawing its finances etc means, but now these free energy groups are protected by ETs. More from 15th dimension.

Nazi Connections Message From The Nordic ETs; US (Rotchilds) financed Nazies in Germany to wipe out other than white race. Some of those Nordics engaged with humans were negative, some positive. Anyhow WWII struggle also helped to elevate human race. Elites have already world government, using chemical warfare to keep people off developing spiritually. Russia is getting free of the NWO. China has their own kind. US is deep into it, Nazies are still in control. Net messaging is changing the world, helps to unite. Death is big scam, your relatives are still around in spirit. You are not alone there are spirits everywhere. Rothschilds have internal war, young generation disagreeing with the old;

ET Yahyel admits that they have created human/ET hybrids. Many of them are born in the earth in order to help earth humans to ascend. They want to live on earth and share their technology etc. Humans are ascending to 4 Dimension gradually.

Guru Neem Karoli Baba channeled; The ETs are like guardian angels, they protect earth from destruction. They connect with Gurus, saints etc.

Best UFO Sightings from Asia Official;

Kid Films a UFO He Says Has Been Following Him For Weeks;    
Steven Greer Chronicles, He witnessed an earth sized UFO;

Sarkar said that there is alien life on many planets, and that the PROUT, socio-economic system, is in practice on many planets. You may see more; The Prout Handy Booklet

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The Future Human ET 

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