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Remote Viewing Murder Cases

Vanessa Hogle remote viewed recently many old and recent murder and disappearance cases. In 1959 in Dyatlov Pass, Russia, 12 hiking men and women rushed out of their tents and died in strange condition on snow. Vanessa says; ‘Military weapon experiment caused it, like the bass from a very loud stereo, the force of it was shaking insides. They happen to stumble onto it. There is cover up going on’.

Psychic Focus saw something similar; ‘It is like unic ET technology that the Russians got a hold of. Something went wrong when testing it, as it can seek people. It is like some kind of sonic push of air’. It was no more used. Medium Jorge Raul Olguin: ETs tried to experiment.  ……………………………..

Actor Natalie Wood drowned while boating with her husband Robert Wagner and friend Christopher about 35 years ago. Vanessa Hogle says; Her husband pushed her in water. They were in argument. Wagner was jealous as everyone loved Natalie.

Channeler Jamie; Natalie is saying she was arguing with a “guy”. Natalie: ‘I remember being hit multiple times. I was pushed to sea’. Q; ‘Did he know that you were drowning?’ Natalie: ‘No, he left. He was too drunk to know what was going on, too drunk to really care or want to help’. (For security reasons they removed names, DA)

 Vanessa Hogle about Jon Benet Ramsay, the child beauty; Parents made money. Father molested and killed her. Father wrote the confession letter with wife’s handwriting style.

Channeled Jon Benet tells; ‘It was a planned death, before I came into this world. When your life is taken from you, it just feels unfinished, even if it’s planned that way. There was mistrust between parents. I didn’t do anything wrong.

Psychic Focus; Jon Bonet an icon, deal was to serve to the PTB. Parents hired someone to kill her. They were having some financial problems, and this was really related to insurance.          …………………………….

Jack the Ripper, serial killer, was active in impoverished areas in London. Some victims were prostitutes, some pregnant and some not known. His last name was Brown, 46 years old, according Vanessa Hogle.

Psychic Focus; Jack The Ripper had mental problems, but was fairly good at hiding them. When his compulsions took over he sought out victims that he felt would not be “missed.” He had uncontrollable urges to torture his victims. He felt like he was justified and “getting back” at something.

Robert Lees, a psychic saw in advance how the Ripper’s victim had her ears cut off. Scotland Yard received a warning letter from the Ripper: “To prove that I am really Jack the Ripper, I will cut off the ears of the victim”. Shortly, they discovered the body of the Ripper’s victim, whose ears were cut.

In search for the Ripper, Lees reached at 74, Brook Street in Mayfair, the police was stunned. It belonged to Sir William Gull, physician to Queen Victoria. Sir William’s wife told them that her husband was at times uncontrollable sadist. After Ripper murders her husband came with bloodstains on his clothes. The mad doctor was lodged into hospital under a pseudo name “Thomas Mason”.
Lee never publicly admitted this to be true, although it was published in the newspapers. There are also other speculations;  
Jack the Ripper, John Higgleman, (Heigelman?) was a surgeon and that time he couldn’t experiment with dead bodies – as it was deemed immoral – but at present time, he wouldn’t need to kill people for that. He did some discoveries, but had difficulty to get them published for other people to learn. ‘Every productive life has value, I took only life of worthless people (and who were signed up for it before their life)’. He says he did not have the craving for death, but for understanding from were the life sustaining signals in the body came from.’      ………………………

Vanessa thinks that the Zodiak killer in California was police officer, 29, who then killed himself. Code, that he released, meant nothing. Similar claims by Psychic DeLouise; Zodiac killer was 28 years old. Committed his early murders primarily to “bug the cops”. May have been a former police or reporter. Psychic Noreen Renier saw the face of the Latino shooter, Eddie.

Psychic Focus; The Zodiac Killer got pleasure in harming people to feel better about himself, a sociopath. He became very ill, had tremendous shaking in his extremities and ended up in a nursing home. He died on his late 50s.     ………………………………

Keddie murders took place in 1981. The victims were Glenna Sue Sharp, her son John, daughter, Tina, and her friend. According Vanessa; the oldest boy and two other persons were involved. Big cover up going on.

More evidence was found recently, April 2016; the Plumas County sheriff hopes a rusted hammer and a long-forgotten phone call will help solve the Keddie murders case.  …………………….

According Vanessa, JFK, was killed by predecessor. Johnson knew. JFK junior died in tragic accident. Psychic Focus about JFK’s death; he was about to uncover something and some got out, but CIA made sure that he didn’t get the rest out. JFK junior tried to finish what his dad did. Something was put into the plane that after a distance/temperature/altitude (??) created explosion. CIA, “Big Bush Sr” and his son George knew.

Robert channeling JFK; My family and I were killed by the Mossad. They hired Lucien Sarti, because I tried to end the oil depletion and denied funding for Israel weapons program. See more interesting things about JFK;

Channeling Erik about JFK: A public death was necessary so that the people could see the corruption of the Office’. It was part of government who killed him’. ………………………

According Vanessa, Hoover killed Marilyn Monroe, because she knew too much. Psychic Focus; It was an “encouraged suicide.” She was in sad state, and someone was feeding her drugs until she overdosed.

Jamie channeler: Marilyn is calling it an accidental overdose. Marilyn; ‘I didn’t take the medications that I wanted to be dead. But I took more, and my body couldn’t handle it. I wasn’t raised to be a woman who created lies and hold secrets, and it broke me’. ……………..

Steven Avery was in jail because of some murder case, but was able to prove his innocence by DNA proof. Due to this he suppose to get a huge financial win too. Then Teresa Halbach died. A Police found Teresa had done suicide. The police wanted to protect her family, cremated her and planted her remains on the Avery property. Avery was arrested again. Teresa appeared to Psychic Focus herself, and told that she shot herself. Also according Vanessa, Steven Avery was not the killer.
More from Vanessa Hogle, Remote Viewing Mysterious Cases

More readings from Psychic Focus about lost people
Dylann Storm Roof murdered 9 black people in a church in Charleston. The name is fake. “DIE LANN,” lann means church. This event was planned to happen in a church to evoke a stronger emotion. Dylann was paid, masked Federal Agent.

Britanny Murphy, the actress and her boyfriend had small doses of arsenic administered slowly by the person that did their shopping. Brittany was sacrificed by the PTB due to remarks she made during the filming of one of her movies.

On Smoky Mountains National Park in 1969, Harold Key’s family heard an enormous, sickening scream and a man moving stealthily in the woods. ‘The boy was totally numb looking as he was taken by a beam of light to an ET ship. He now looks to these ETs as his family, communicating telepathically. They study him. William Colby, CIA director in the early 70′s wanted to expose ET life, but fellow CIA members disagreed. He left his family – out of love to protect them.

Film maker Stanley Kubrick was killed by chemical induction. When he made his films, he agreed that he would “see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil” in exchange for privileged information. At one point it was viewed that he breached this “contract.”

Kurt Sonnenfeld had evidence of Ground Zero on 9/11. He got a video of explosive, and something tangible away from the scene. The CIA visited him, and he was taken to prison for allegedly killing his wife, which he didn’t do. Now he has political asylum in Argentina. 

Beatles Paul considered leaving the group, or going against the system. He could see what the controllers were tying to do for the Beatles. The “powers” decided silent death for him and started to search for a double. Tupac faked his own death and is still alive. Christopher Dorner, alleged about murders, is now living in a mud cave.

Amelia Earhart’s plane ran into trouble on her world tour. She made a rough landing in the West-Africa, but got injured. She was helped by some locals, but she was never conscious enough to even tell them her name.

Did Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Indian great freedom fighter, die in a plane-crash? ‘He was a great man of high integrity. He truly wanted the best for his country, and people followed him. He escaped wounded and was hoping to return, but couldn’t due to injuries. He did live to an older age on a mountain protected by monks.’ You may search more murder cases from:     ..………………….

Sarkar taught meditation to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. People saw him doing long meditations even in the middle of war. After Netaji disappeared 1945, Sarkar used to take his disciples to “remote viewing missions” to Himalayas on cave near monastery Ling Popo (Lim Popo?), where Netaji was meditating.

In 1971 Sarkar said, ‘Netaji attained nirvikalpa samadhi. What Netaji has done will inspire every human being in the future’. The Congress leaders and Gandhiji opposed Netaji, but Indian people loved him. Here my recent article about Netaji; Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Never Die   ……………………
Sarkar; Criminals by Nature. Some humans are born with a deranged mind, concealed within the defects of their body and glands.

Other type born criminals revel in displays of cruelty. They become members of criminal gangs and commit horrendous acts. They consider compassion to be mere frailties and prove their intelligence when dealing with the police and the public. Their natures and lifestyles are as diverse as their crimes. They may differ physically and may have capacity to foresee into future.
Doctors quarantine those with an infectious disease. Similarly born criminals should be isolated from other people into a corrective centre. The cooperation of psychologists, physicians and sociologists is essential, but the science might not be yet enough developed to cure them.

Some Cases solved by psychics;

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