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Friends of Ghosts Research in Finland

Finnish research team Aavedata (ghostdata) is investigating regularly haunted places. The team has made nightly research so far in about 20 haunted castles and other places in Finland.  

The team studies first very well the history of the haunted place, and then does research with many modern instruments, such a EMF meters, digital voice recorders and thermographic and video cameras. Besides they try to make the environment familiar to the "ghosts" by performing different activities related to the history of the place.

When Juppe one of the researchers was in holidays in Greece – surprisingly a Finnish speaking spirit Matti appeared there also. He seems to be always following Juppe to any place he goes. This is from their video: Unbelievable Ghost box sessions in Rhodes island by a Finnish paranormal team called Aavedata! Jupe Keskitalo, (founder of the team) gets direct answers from P-SB7 device in his own language in Greece! Is this “Matti” his guardian angel who is speaking with him or another spirit? 
Subtitles in English; 

In the next video, they spend a night in a castle, which name was before Milavida, owned and built by Nottbeck. As a museum now the castle is called Näsilinna.

It has been a civil war scene with temporary prison. The so called Whites and Reds occupied the castle by turns. Later Näsilinna has been also used as a school and hospital. It is also interesting to notice that the castle has many Freemason signs.

This Näsilinna castle research is once again confirming that the "ghosts" are actually souls of now dead people who have lived earlier in the place. For some reason they stay in their old home and don’t go into light or continue into next life.

The so called ghost voice box recorder magnify the speech of the spirits, and one can hear sometimes clearly accurate answers to inquiries. Often when there is a soul near by the researcher, he can also feel how the temperature goes down, which is then measured. Besides it is common that the body hair stands up near the ghostly being. During the sittings the souls mention often Nottebeck, the name surely familiar for the occupants during their life time.

It is sad to notice that many of those souls that they come in contact with, are asking for help. Often the team concentrates on helping those stuck souls to go into light from the earthly plane. 

The group has done only one possession research, during which they couldn’t help the victim, but witnessed eventually how two spiritual healers helped the victim to get free of the possessive beings.

The Näsilinna Palace has had lots of civil war deaths, and thus many restless souls seems to have stayed guarding the castle – some even demanding that the team has to leave the place. You really want to see the video? with English subtitles

More about their research in English;

There seems to be also a new movie about the civil war fightings in the Näsilinna Palace with English subtitles. It is free HD movie, but you have to sign in, I have not yet seen it myself.


There has been now twice UFOs like orbs over Helsnki in recent month. First time people reported ab 40 balls;

Putin just visited Helsinki, someone interpreted what he spoke threatening if Finland joins NATO, but he was rather joking. Here one English video;
Why Finland has the Best Education by Michael Moore;

Sami Folk Music and yoiks are sang in Northern Finland and Scandinavia. You will love this one; Mari Boine - I Come From The Other Side;


My article about ghosts; Ghosts as Such Does not Exist

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