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Astral Travels and Astral Photos

Robbert van den Broeke from Holland takes photos of dead people,  appears in astral to others and invites ETs to make crop circles. Astral visits happen when some people are in need of help. Many tests are done even by M.I.T, B.L.T, about his ability of photographing spirits and dead people's faces with the camera given by researchers, showing clear evidence of paranormal phenomenon.
In 2005 Robbert got Pope John Paul II image to appear on a film at the presence of TV crew. In 2010, he photographed angels with strange dark band across the forehead. He also received an image of film maker Aaron Russo, who expressed that he had wanted to change the world better, but couldn’t do much. Once he was even able to photograph an apologetic diseased sceptic. Photo of crop circle maker ETs, and Robert with an astral being


In 2012 a Dutch TV crew was filming Robbert inside a crop circle in Holland. Robbert received photos of blue ET. In 2013 he received images of Jesus on top of the earth. In 2014 Robbert’s friend Stan documented Robbert obtaining photo of astronaut, Neil Armstrong. Short video, Robbert is tested

Recently Robbert witnessed an UFO with 10-15 group of people, while visiting a crop circle.  Robbert’s credibility is confirmed by video testimony with seven witnesses, who saw the UFO above the crop circle. Robbert says that he is able to know before UFOs appear and communicate with ETs, and that ETs have expressed to him wanting to show up to groups of people. One crop circle even appeared on his request near his place.

Besides five persons in the same video are claiming to have received Robbert for a visit at their homes in a spirit form, bringing love and healing in difficult moment of their lives. One of them, Joran didn’t even know who Robbert was, before requesting his lawyer to find out. In his next encounter Joran gave a code word to the spirit of Robbert, which Robbert confirmed later by sending it in e-mail. You may see yourself this amazing video

Robbert appears again to somebody, posted yesterday, Thirdphaseofmoon just posted also amazing UFO from Holland.

Robbert visiting many crop circles;
Most beautiful Easter message by Robbert;
Research proof pages,

Psychic Focus got ETs to make crop circle in Ohio. They make them by sound. See her fascinating reading; Erik appears as an orb and when her mother asks him to come to his hand, the orb touches her hand twice;

A lot of people are now putting videos about orbs to Youtube, they are taken with infrared camera. Here some; Taking Pictures Of Spirits,
Real Spirit Orbs with EVP Validation Proof in my home. PROOF Orbs are intelligent beings NOT Dust Particles #2;

This was from Finnish friend's article, short cut

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