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Fashion of Today, Chakra Removal

Yogis, who have done meditation for ages in Himalayas, never recommended chakra removal. Simply because if you could even remove one chakra you would die. Secondly yogis have certain meditation lessons, which include methods of concentrating, cleansing and activating chakras, without chakras you can’t even do these meditation lessons. What will happen to kundalini energy which can rise only with the help of chakras if they are removed?
Here one weird example of Chakra Removal

According her the chakra system connects to matrix and is harvesting energy from humans; chakra system is imprisonment system. She admits that after removal of cakras, the matrix can still collect energy from you, so you still need to change the frequency in order to become untouchable. Anyhow at least she says that one has to confirm this info first from the infinite source by pendulum (!) before removing chakras!

People seem to believe that ETs, demons or MILAB have infiltrated humans through chakras, so they must be removed. I think better and less dangerous is to try to clean the chakras, or just remove those physical or etheric implants in order to recover from “slavery”.

Asanas have most effect through chakras, so why to do asanas if one doesn’t have chakras? And the most funny thing is that you can’t remove chakras even how much you try, whether you are psychic, yoga teacher or health expert.

Chakras have tremendous effect on human bodily functions and mind. They receive and filter information, impressions and vibrations from external world. Food has some effect on health of chakras. Chakras control the human glandular functions. Yoga asanas (posters) balance the chakras and thus through glands have effect on mental health. Each gland have connection to mental side as well as bodily functions. For example if navel (manipura) chakra is not functioning properly one may feel irritable, angry, jealous and have blind attachments. Physically one may have digestion and body temperature disturbances if liver and pancreas are dysfunctional on navel chakra area.

Chakra Removal, Very dangerous. He explains first why people think chakras has to be removed; aliens put implants into chakras in order to control and manipulate humans and to suck spiritual energy and set up alien programs. People also seem to think according him that the concentration on different chakras fragments consciousness, so the removal of chakras is meant to unify and increase concentration.

He thinks that belief into chakra removal is a sign of victim mentality – that you are not protected, worthy or loved, so you are subject to external attack, manipulation and imprisonment. Chakra removal is meant to give your security back. He says, if you believe so, you have to get your faith back. Everything in your life is your creation, you are not any victim. In reality anybody has to ask permission in order to control you. And actually you can never get free from chakras - but you may do meditation practise, so you will get your faith back.

Chakra removal is most demonic cult in the world

Psychic Focus explains; chakras are a beautiful gift given to humans, a way to connect our physical body to our spiritual / higher self. They also serve as a buffer between the physical and spiritual self to prevent us from frying our human 3D systems. Keeping chakras in balance and harmony will align our physical body with our spiritual body.

For example, if in this life you felt that your voice wasn’t being heard or you had communication problems, your throat chakra would eventually become out of balance. It could manifest in chronic sore throats, coughing, neck aches, etc. Without a chakra as a guide, you would be faced with putting “band-aids” rather than truly solve your issues‘.

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