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Murder of "Saint Olof", the Palme

Save Link As' to download your ENGLISH copy of Coup d'etat in Slowmotion by © 2013 Ole Dammegård. Really profound investigation into Palme's case, lets hope he will survive from this, as so many have died...

On the night of Febr 28, 1986, I headed the police patrol first at the site of the murder of our prime minister, and thereby found myself in the middle of one of the largest political and legal scandals of the 20th century in Sweden...I would like to mention ”Coup d’Etat inSlow Motion”. the fascinating story, the extensive research and also the information concerning global Free Masonic networks. Therefore I give this book my very best recommendations... on the murder of Olof Palme and the reasons behind it.
Gösta Söderström. Hampus Lyttkens, professor in Lunde ab Saint Olof; “This is exactly how saints were created in earlier times, a hero who became a martyr and was endowed with mythical dimensions.”

Here is short cut of Ole's fictional story based mostly on real evidence: The atmosphere was tense in the control centre in the underground facilities... “Big Brother” looked around. People everywhere, in inconspicuous plain clothes...He was used to coordinating operations with the intelligence services of different countries. He felt uneasy: the more people involved, the greater risk of leaks.

However, each one only knew his own task, no one at this level had an inkling of who the real employer was... During the six months’ planning, an extensive investigation had been carried out of the victim and his background, delegated to several instances on different continents. The secret police in Chile had been willing to cooperate. Palme's approaching trip to the Soviet Union had given an impetus to right-wing extremists and haters of Russia both in Sweden and abroad. And Palme headed the boycott against S-Africa.

All participants had received a guarantee that no legal consequences would follow. Hoodwinking the public was no problem. As Adolf Hitler once said, “The greater the lie, the easier people can be made to believe it.” Accidents and suicides were ordinary methods to silence...and scapegoats were going to make the approaching murder into an eternal mystery.

Time was running short. the Swedish PM had started to go soft and question the Elite in which he himself had participated for many years. He had lately made several daring and obstinate moves. At the same time, he seemed to play some form of double game. For example, he was on the brink of a huge weapons deal with India which included Swedish nuclear waste. S- Africa was an important junction in the international illegal weapons and narcotics smuggling...Enormous sums were at stake, and at a series of secret meetings the final decision had been made: Olof Palme must die.

But that was not all. Only brutal violence could scare the masses into subordination and silence. That is why the site of the assassination was chosen to be an open street right in front of the public. It was time; the victim and his wife had chosen to spend the evening at the cinema. the Victim was without his bodyguard. All participants had been alerted by an amateur play on the local radio. This was a starting signal known to all. It was now ten minutes past eleven and everyone’s attention was focused on the large monitor showing the audience leaving the cinema lobby. After a few minutes, the Victim, his wife and a younger couple appeared, Victim’s son and his girlfriend went separate way. The streets of Gamla stan were deserted.

The loudspeaker crackled: “Calling Big Brother!” “Big Brother here, over!” “Victim out, I repeat, Victim is out.” “Fine. Run to the back, continue down Holländargatan, and take up your positions! The Palme couple preferred to walk. “Attention all units! Victim out and on the way to Position Termination.” Big Brother drew a deep breath and pressed the microphone button. “Subject Scapegoat is just now located at the Slussen underground station.” “Good make sure you have the prepared evidence ready so there is no snag when you get him. ““Bluebird here. We’ve just put up the false threat letter in the lobby of the broadcasting house!” 28 radio traffic recordings at both the police and security force control centres are shut off. Police reinforcement is on its way via the Tranebergsbro, and we’ve got military helicopters in case of panic or disturbances after our job is done. We’ve stopped all traffic that might interfere with the operation.” Security police have assisted with the technology, operation via the walkie-talkies distributed among the hit-team, but assassination-group consisted of several different nationalities. “You know Finnish, you keep in contact with X-Ray One.”

Victim and company on their way south on Sveavägen. We follow on both sides, as well as two of the escape cars. Yea, they are coming straight at me, but there are too many people here”, answered the mercenary. “Here they come!”...30 “Minut tunnetin! I am recognized. What do I do?” “Abdul must hurry over and take his place. NOW!” The American driver then turned right into Tunnelgatan and stopped in the slight slope down past the post office, so that Abdul could jump out of the rear-seat and hurry to the corner of Sveavägen. “Calling Escape One! Holger?” “I am parked in front of the tunnel entrance on Snickarbacken ready to pick up whoever gets the Victim.” Big Brother; “Abdul will almost certainly run up the stairs after the liquidation, so make sure the way is free!

Abdul will be in direct contact within five seconds!” Everybody in the underground premises held their breaths. Via the monitor they suddenly heard two sharp cracks. “The Prime Minister has been shot!” There was no end to the cheering and Big Brother looked triumphantly around – the operation was successful! “It is vitally important that this ambulance is the one picking up the body, so that we can remove the bullet before the body arrives at Sabbatsbergs hospital. Get rid of all evidence as fast as possible.” Abdul is in Escape One after the fake chase.

Big Brother; Make sure Abdul has changed his clothes and take care of the bag with the guns. From there to the barn at Rosersberg. The local guys are ready to change the number plates, we dump the cars afterwords and set them on fire. All serial and engine numbers have been ground off beforehand.” “How are the others?” They are in CG’s flat, removing their make-up and changing. The others were picked up close to Norra Bantorget and Gallerian to be scattered to the four winds in planes, bus or cars. And as for Abdul, in the villa in Björklinge until March the fourth when we can get him out under diplomatic immunity. Back-up Team Four were quickly informed of the situation. When the Scapegoat has been apprehended, we shall confiscate the transmitter as evidence. And then it is simple to pin him to the terrorist organization Ustasha.”

But the story doesn't end up here, investigations are still going on;
Ole himself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63n7els5GyU

Bush did it according Anderson and Tatum, CIA whistleblower;
Operation Pegasus by George Bush: http://www.leopoldreport.com/JohnA.html 

Palme was campaigning against nuclear weapons, opposing apartheid of South Africa, supported the African National Congress (ANC) and PLO, met Cuba's president Fidel Castro and planned to visit Russia. 1968, Palme (as Minister of Education) participated protest in Stockholm against the U.S and Vietnam war. The U.S freeze its diplomatic relations with Sweden several times due to Palme.
Regarding Palme: Acarya DS contacted many officials in Sweden to help the Sarkar´s case in India. (Biggerst reason for jailing him was Indian and Russian government's fear of Sarkar's PROUT, to take over communism). DS collected 10 000 signatures which then required action by the Swedish government. Swedish officers took the matter up in United Nations Human Rights Floor, condemning India government of violating human rights while torturing Mr Sarkar in jail without any relevant reason. The Indian government was unpleasantly surprised, but Sarkar was released only in 1977.

DS contacted also PM Olof Palme (probably ab 1976) and requested him to grant asylum for himself and Sarkar in Sweden. Palme gave him letter to be taken to Swedish Immigration department. The immigration officer spoke with DS more than five hours and arranged first asylum for him. Officer also told that if Mr Sarkar would come to Sweden, he would be given all respect. The officer left DS the task to arrange Sarkar to Sweden. When DS went next week to get his asylum papers, he was given Swedish passport.

DS claimed that Palme's death had something to do with the fact, that Palme tried to negotiate with Indian government ab releasing Sarkar from jail, so Indian intelligence might have something to do with Palme's murder.
Not only that Sarkar was in prison, the whole organization had to go underground (or jail), when Indira Gandhi declared national emergency and banned many organizations. But lets not forget, that most of our people who went to jail, organized there meditation sessions and yoga.
The first sacrifice was on 5th March 1967 when 5 sannyasiis were brutally killed in a well planned mob attack by communists, on Anandanagar. Also 17 sanyasis including a sanyasini were killed on 30th April 1982 by Communist goons in broad day light in Kolkata. One of victims survived inspite of attack to her forehead. She had got once Nobel prize, so the case got lots of international attention. These are the reasons why we fasted half day today, did then collective meditation and paid homage to those who had to sacrifice their lives.
Google also; Proutscandinavia, Sarkar, Indira Gandhi and Olof Palme
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