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Taru - tolerance please

Anger and hatred

We have lots of enemies; outside and inside. The internal enemies are more dangerous than external. Among the internal enemies are anger, jealousy, greediness, fear, anxiety, suspicion, impatience, ego, attachment. Anger is related to all these emotions, so it is our greatest enemy, which can attack us anytime, and completely destroy our discrimination and control, and bring us down to animal state. Even the mightiest people in human history have being defeated by it. Friends become enemies - the most loved becomes the most hated, and marriage turns into divorce. One outburst of anger can leave a permanent scar, or ruin the whole relationship.

Is the root cause physiological or psychological? Body and mind interacts with each other, so anger is not only mental problem. Root cause for anger is lack of mental strength. Weak minded person may get easily irritated, annoyed and angry at challenging situation, but person with strong mind will not be affected by the same situation, but will observe with cool mind.

Due to assault red alert goes on and stress mechanism is activated to defend, leading to biological changes in body. Eventually anger may even ruin our physical and mental health.

There are long time measures to control anger: conduct rules, balanced sentient diet, fasting, asanas, pranayama, meditation, and self introspection and reflection in each anger provoking occasion, which will make us to find ways to conquer our anger in the similar situations. Besides one has to take practical steps to discipline oneself. We have to learn to admit, and correct oneself, and do some service to others when we have hurt someone with our anger. Forgiving and forgetting is needed that our mind can become free. And tolerance and love will increase when anger leaves space for positive feelings.

Patience to wait a moment is worth of gold in situations where anger rises. When we prepare things well in advance with time and consideration we will be able to avoid many confrontations.

Every time when we manage to conquer our anger, other negative emotions will be also conquered - and not only our mental strength and will power increases, but as well our spiritual energy. When individuals learn solving problems without anger, then also the society can become tolerant and peaceful.
Sarkar: Have the power to endure like a tree. See a person react immediately to some action. Perhaps a person has a harsh word or two for you? You also give that person a stern reply right away. This is very easy. It does not test at your power to endure and as a result you do not get the opportunity to develop self confidence. But when you endure it, you test just how much capacity you have to endure in your life.  This capacity to endure strengthens your nervous system. And then what happens? Your chakras, your brain, your intellect - all become fortified. If your intellect  becomes strong then many difficult task will become easy. In this way your will easily be victorious.
"Let us suppose someone attacks you. What will you do? Will you grab your rile and run after them? No First see how much tolerance you have. Endure it to the extent that you are able. Afterwards, if the matter goes beyond your capacity to bear, then that is another matter.

Now, when you have proven that you have within you enough capacity to endure, then what will happen? Your courage will increase. You will have faith that a certain amount of strength is stored within you….

To be tolerant like a taru means that a human being must be as enduring as a vrksa or taru, which tolerates so many blows and counterblows. However, this does not mean that if a wicked person comes to strike you or kill you that you will bear it without protest. 

Sources: Prajina Bharati, Sarkar, see also what others say about conquering anger:;
Energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transformed. Every form of energy, anger included, has a spiritual origin.
Didi Annapurna 

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