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Keshe calls Obama for peace...Obama jumps to Mars

By Alfred Webre; Third whistle blower confirms Obama’s participation in ET-human jump room project, involving the Greys and the US government in early 1980’s. Bernard Mendez (assistant to President Nixon) made allegation during a seminar held in Vancouver, that Obama was a participant in the CIA’s teleportation program. Mendez stated that he, Obama, DARPA director Dugan, and whistle blowers Basiago and Stillings attended a jump room training by Maj. Dames in1980 and jumps from 1981 to 1983. On Nov 8, 2011, first report, made with Basiago and Stillings, revealed Obama's participation. Also in Coast-to-Coast AM. Maj. Dames called the show to deny his involvement. Then, in Jan 2012, through Vietor, Obama also denied his attendance. Other participants identified by Mendez and Basiago, Dugan (now CEO in Google), and female (member of a Presidential family) have neither confirmed nor denied. Mr. Basiago and Mr. Stillings have confirmed that Mr. Mendez was their fellow chrononaut. “Jumpers” were reporting up to 40 participant injuries per month occurring during jump room “teleportation”, yet several days after the reported injuries disappeared. Mr. Mendez explained that his mission was to evaluate the CIA’s jump room program discrepancies.

Mendez began a series of
test jumps. On one such test jump he recalled teleporting with Obama and Basiago to a planetary environment in space that was initially thought to be Mars. Mendez recalls that when he had Obama shoot a flare at the sky, the flare bounced off a ceiling at about 62-foot, indicating that they had teleported to domed enclosure of some kind. After multiple jumps he came to conclusion that the jump rooms were actually taking them to a “synthetic quantum environment”, SQE, "folds" in time-space created by the Greys, which the Apollo astronauts called “slots.” The US government has identified 153 slots constructed by the Greys ranging 400 miles from Earth and beneath the surface of the Earth.

Mr. Mendez was tasked to negotiate with the Greys; the Greys indicated that the slots built by them were for purposes of educating humanity to be able to sustain a future role among intelligent civilizations in space and in multi-verse.
As contrary view Mr. Stillings believed that the destination was Mars, because the Martian moons Phobos and Demos could be seen. Basiago; Even if it was not Mars that we were visiting, all three of us agree that it was an off-planet location in time-space.

Mendez explained that the young Americans involved were selected by the Greys. So President Obama is a contactee selected by the Grey ETs and trained by the CIA. Obama, as a full time covert CIA operative for life, since age of 19, is also deployed to infiltrate, perform surveillance on and report back on activist, Leftist, African nationalist, and Islamic circles.

Sept 9, 2012 Forum, entitled:
“Who is Barack Obama?: The Time Travel/Teleportation Connection” with Basiago & Alfred Webre. YouTube: And:, And: 23356271. See whole article;

CIA has been suppressing evidence that Obama was pre-identified in 1971 via time travel technology as a future U.S. President and groomed for the job by CIA since 1980. Interview on Coast-to-Coast AM, Andrew D. Basiago, a childhood participant from 1968-72 in DARPA’s secret Tesla-technology Project Pegasus; Basiago confirmed that he had personally met Obama in Los Angeles in1982, Obama stated he knew he was going to be a future U.S. President. Basiago stated that Bush senior, Bush junior, Bill Clinton and Carter were also pre-identified by Project Pegasus as future U.S. Presidents.
Basiago has described how as a child serving in Project Pegasus in the early 1970’s, at lunches held in Old Town Albuquerque, NM that were attended by project principals and future US presidents; Bushes and Bill Clinton, while informing them that they would one day become Presidents. Project Pegasus; Jimmy Carter, future president.

According to Basiago, Webre's book Exopolitics was, among others, physically retrieved from the future by Project Pegasus. At that time,1971, Mr. Webre was in NY City Environmental Protection Administration and had been placed under time travel surveillance. Jimmy Carter a UFO/ET Abductee?;, and;

Coast-to-Coast interview with Basiago; Jesse Ventura & Piers Morgan’s CNN clash over Obama CIA ties;
Articles on Project Pegasus Tesla-based time travel program by Alfred Webre;

Americans for Keshe Foundation | Facebook;
Mehran Keshe: Wolrd peace treaty: The public signing of the Keshe Foundation World peace treaty 21.4.2013. We have delivered the peace treaty for signing by Obama (short cut); Your Excellency President Obama; The world is waiting for your call. Your Excellency, your nation through your office asked for the USB Key for the spaceship program...we gave you and your nation the technology as a gift as we gave it to Iran, China and Russia. Now with the receiving of this technology comes the responsibility and that is the responsibility of implantation of peace. With deepest love and care and respect for you and your nation. M T Keshe

Date: March 21, 2013. Time: 12 – 2pm EST. This
peace conference can be held any place on earth... for release of documents (see the PDFs), and now mankind has 60 days to set the scene to achieve what his forefathers could not do... by signing himself into accepting peace in its true sense individually and collectively. The Foundation will soon announce where it will make its new home. The Foundation calls upon world citizens... to become a MESSENGER OF PEACE for your home, city, nation and mankind, and take the messages in these four letters; An insight into the future_ed.pdf (163.7 KB. The status of scientists_ed (1).pdf (150.4 KB. WORLD PEACE TREATY.pdf (174.3 KB. World peace conference and treaty_ed.pdf (57.7 KB. Foundation Generators — delivery expected in April... News:Keshe – PESWiki, Plasma.

An insight into the future (short cut); Over the centuries the violent behavior of the human race has been broadcast live across the universe to other creatures who exist there...These observers have recorded all man’s injustices to other men and all of his fighting to possess meager pieces of land and worthless earthly materialistic riches by the use of war and weapons...These leaders of nations and religions will come to be ashamed of their dishonorable and disguised actions and intentions, as their work will soon be played back for all other people of the planet... This has been the status quo up to now, but this will change from now on with the release of new technology....It is sad to think how long it will take for man to be mature enough in his thoughts, behavior and deeds not only to create a peaceful earth community, but to be able to join the tranquil community already existing in the universe. M T Keshe.

1.2.2013; Bolivia, the latest nation to receive the spaceship program USB sticks. Researchers in Amir Kabir University of Technology have developed a power supply for plasma focus... Here is a great example of how the Kf tech craft could use magrav fields inexpensively;

Update: World Peace Conference will be held in Iran. Keshe Foundation has recently offered his new technologies and new solutions to major global problems such as famine, water shortage, lack of electrical power, climate change and all world leaders in attempt to usher in world peace.

More Keshe in youtube:

There is a world that has moved backwards in time, shortened life spans, poorer diets, freedoms lost, so much to redress... Obama, is ready to begin the process of normalizing relations with Iran. US will be able to cut military spending by up to 20% if the Persian Gulf is stabilized. Last week, Vice President Biden announced that the US was willing to begin “bilateral talks” with Iran. Gordon Duff;

Predicted by the 1971 DARPA and 2010 Farsight Institute probes for the year 2013; catastrophic global coastal event. Perhaps could be caused by an inner solar system flyby of our dual Sun. Our solar system is part of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, [exopolitics] which is being consumed by the Milky Way galaxy. Celestial bodies from the incoming Milky Way galaxy could cause the predicted catastrophic global coastal event. Marshall Masters reported; an object seen from Costa Rica, twin star to our Sun: Also web bot is expecting global coastal event.

Figure I is a NASA SOHO photograph, dated July 4, 2012, showing triangular interdimensional portals or stargates on the Sun through which large inter dimensional UFO craft enter into our solar system. Ancient artifacts released by the Mexican government in 2012 show extraterrestrials shielding Earth, triangular portal on Sun.

Warning about the Irradia couple: Ziria is not from the Ukraine. They are quite negative in their orientation... very upsetting on multiple levels. We really took her on her word and tried to help her and she consistently lied and later when she realized that we were breaking contact, began a destructive attack on us. She and her "husband" are two GRU (Russian secret service) officers.
Sarkar: While working, vital energy is transformed into mechanical energy. The same vital energy can be transformed into electric energy also, but in that case, the body will be electrocuted and the person will die. Human vital energy can be converted into magnetic energy as well.[The process of conversion can involve many possible effects.] In the case of conversion of vital energy into spiritual force, it does not affect the body and mind. But in the case of conversion of vital energy into magnetic energy, it does affect body, mind, etc.

Demonstration: Sarkar told one sádhaka to take off his garments and sit on his woollen cloth without touching the ground (woollen cloth is a non-conductor). Then Sarkar touched his right and left ribs and navel and told him to concentrate his mind. After a few minutes, his palm was trembling. Then Sarkar asked another sádhaka to [touch the left rib of the first sádhaka.] The second sádhaka did so and felt an electric shock. Then three sádhakas more touched the first sádhaka's body and felt the same kind of shock. Next Sarkar took the sádhaka on his lap and... touched him on the trikut́i (between the eyebrows) and helped him to go into a trance. This time his vital energy was reconverted into spiritual energy.]

Sab deshe mor desh ache, Ámi sei desh laba bújhiyá. [All countries are my native land;
I shall select my own homeland.] What to speak of this tiny earth, every planet, satellite, star, meteor and galaxy is the homeland of human beings! If anyone wants to deprive people of this birthright, human beings will have to establish it by force.

Psychic equilibrium is peace. We must consider what brings about psychic equilibrium and what disturbs it. Spiritual practices will lead to psychic equilibrium and belief in superstitions will disturb it. Hence for the preservation of peace spiritual practices and struggle against superstitions are necessary.

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