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UFOs, Lindsay Williams, Web bot, Fulford et all

Battery Recharger Harvests “Free Electromagnetic Energy” From The Air. According to Siegel, University student from Germany have noted that we live our lives in a constant bombardment of electromagnetism, which can be converted to electricity — the device Siegel built takes a day to charge a single AA battery.

The most active, largest and oldest (25,000 years) pyramid site, pyramids as energy source. Dr. Osmanagich in Bosnia has been attacked by the media, scientists and researchers claiming this powerful energy creating ancient technology as hoax. The puramids have certain orientation on the planet and have concrete better than the best concrete today. Underneath is extensive, network of tunnels and chambers with huge cermaric blocks weighing 18,000 pounds. Energy beam transmits an unexplainable electromagnetic signal measuring 28 khertz, independently confirmed by physicist Dr. Mizdrak, Croatia, professor Debertolis, anthropologist, Italy, sound engineer Savolainen, Finland and electrical engineer Marjanovic, Serbia. And “The Giza Power Plant” and The power plant theory.

Soviet Ministry of Defense was working on a secret project aimed at creating a superhuman with paranormal abilities. The head of this top-secret project; Alexey Savin said that in the late 1980's experts knew that UFOs appear in places where military equipment and weapons are tested. "We dramatically increased the number of military flights and movement of the equipment, then UFOs appeared with the probability of 100 percent," explained Yeremenko. According to Savin, also a special method has been developed that allowed the human brain to tune into a contact "like a radio". The experimental results were impressive: six participants had physical contact, and two of them even managed to visit an alien ship. In particular, aliens talked about their government structure and education system, equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Finally politics intervened and the study was stopped in 1993. Yet, the core of the research team was preserved, work continues." In Pravda.Ru, Savin: "Why to hide something from people, they need to prepare.... .
Aliens Making crop circles:

Kalevi Riikonen, UFO contact person from Finland (whom I know personally, DA); the most developed aliens work in cooperation between galaxies. In this planet we have been many times at the edge of destruction, but we have passed now the danger. The galactic union has changed its policies to save humanity. The earth is more like the recycling place of souls. Masonic rituals from aliens for good purpose, but misutilized and misunderstood by factions. Kalevi has had contacts to aliens since 2 years old. Once he was in his car with his wife and suddenly they met UFO and ended up in totally different place with their car without having any memory of some hours what happened. Sometimes aliens are helping him nowadays, although earlier he had also negative experiences. There are also destructive races, but we should be more concerned of the negative elites in the earth, they cause much more destruction. He met once Swedish army UFO expert and the adviser for the king, who confirmed that the king is aware of UFOs. US has technology with which they can see even auras and also manipulate it. They are trying to find out how some courageous people have so much spiritual power. Many people who are sensitive i.e electicity might have reincarnated from other planets and have difficulties to adjust. Finnish movie about aliens:

Vatican Astronomer, Professor, Father Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti: Christians need to renounce their faith in God on the basis of the reception of new, religious content from extraterrestrial civilizations., TheUnhivedMind: the plan is to create a World religion by a fake alien invasion.

Obama warned that "people will lose their jobs; " Obama and Congress failed to reach a budget deal; i.e Sixty-thousand federal employees responsible for securing the nation’s borders and facilitating trade will be furloughed for as many as 14 days starting next month because of cross-government spending cuts. CNN reports. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano expects customs wait times to increase to 150 to 200 percent of normal; The sequester did not prevent the TSA to seal a $50-million deal to purchase new uniforms for its agents – manufactured in Mexico. Bernanke's reassurance, in congress to keep QE3 (buying stocks) on its present course, turned stock market into a record high," analysts at DBS Bank in Singapore. TheUnhivedMind.

Economic Collapse: Reckless money printing by Fed Bernanke has pumped up the Dow to a brand new all-time high, but it is divorced from economic reality, because of Fed policies. Remember, a bubble is always biggest right before it bursts and its going to be very messy. Dallas Fed Richard Fisher, Reuters; the market is “hooked on the drug” of easy money. Gordon Charlop; how does the wizard move the pin from the balloon without blowing the whole thing up?”. Druckenmiller, CNBC; I don’t know when it’s going to end, but my guess is, it’s going to end very badly. EU parliament refusing the cut budget. Finnish Bargaining policy with Greece and other support loans is thaught to be tight, but analyst say it is loosest throughout world, according main Finnish economic newspaper Taloussanomat. In Cyprus money laundering is under survey by same Moneyval which has been in charge of laundering policies. 
Lindsay Williams predictions based on elite revelations;; If the elite have their way they do not want financial collapse in two three years, because NWO want to have 2-4 years more forced debt creation in the entire world. They will tax middle class into oblivion, 2-3 000 more tax to each and by Obama care tax 20 000/family. Dollar devaluation going on in many ways, 3 % every month, loosing purchasing power. At same time grocery prizes going up, inflation 7-9% year, dollar value going down. Families use first their money to buy food, but millions stop paying house mortgages. Mortgages are already bundled together, and Fed is now shopping these mortgages...when you can't pay, then Fed takes over. Elites are not destroying America, they don't want any kind of revolution, but to control. NWO taking over. I said dollar will be to taken down end of 2012, it is already. BRICs met, they are not going to use anymore US dollar and 15 Asian countries. One half of world population no more petrol dollar, trillions of US dollars not utilized, huge catastrophe when Fed gets the dollars back in eight months or one year. US dollar is already dead, left is only a mirage. If China will lift their currency into higher value, as well as Japan their yen, then the cost for US dollar is 20-30 % more. Follow derivative market, when it collapses as a sign, then Fed also rises interest rate. President double crossed elites, now in trouble. Gold going to be 3000 dollar ounce... And The Next Four Years/How to Survive the Next Four Years. Order copy.....The biggest investement companies has started to get ready for rising the rates.... Wall Street Journal. The oil rose 70 cents on after the death of Chavez. 

Fulford 20130304: Manhunt on for former “black pope” Jesuit, Kolvenbach, who after getting rid of the Pope was plotting to get rid of the Queen, in order to set up “one world religion.” Kolvenbach is now hiding in Lebanon and leading Muslim brotherhood “revolutions” in the Middle East. Queen was hospitalized in order to cover up the canceled trip to Rome where there was a real murder plot against her. Queen is cooperating with Asian groups and the WDS. Gnostic Illuminati trying to remove Obama, (suggested head of world government). While John Kerry (of homo Skull and Bones Vatican secret society), visited the Middle East in a fruitless attempt to get the NWO agenda back on track. Pentagon's 1-2 carriers in the Persian Gulf would be removed due to budget cuts. P2 was “joining the cabalists” to maintain the status quo. They may be plotting to blow up Rome...Threat of revolution in Europe? If there is a re-election in Italy, the Euro and Italy’s biggest creditors to crash. In the UK as well, the anti-EU Party won a bi-election. Signs of EU and the US falling into bankruptcy. The heavy pollution choking China... mean they are not keeping their sacred promises.

The Queen is to sign a new charter on Monday backing equal rights in every Commonwealth nation... The 16 areas of affirmation cover democracy, rule of law, international security and freedom of expression. The Church of England is against homosexuality and gay marriage and yet its supposed head is now signing and endorsing homosexuality.

NEXRAD RADARs have the functionality to act as small HAARP or EISCAT. Research published on Feb 27 by US Naval Research Lab, contradicts ALL the skeptics who said it "could not be done". RING/SPHERE was observed on RADAR from Poker Flats, AK refuting skeptics who said HAARP cannot be seen on radar. We found radar generate plasma in SPEAR (in Norway). Past HAARP ring / radar pulse events: HAARP making clouds:

Japan - Sakurajima Volcano impressive eruption on Feb. 27. Three big blast from sun: And; UK Daily Mail; ‘Something unexpected’ by the Sun, NASA: ‘Sunspot numbers are well below their values from 2011’. Solar physicist Dean Pesnell; solar maximum is now double-peaked. Also1989 and 2001 had two peaks. Solar activity went up, dipped, then rose again, lasted about two years; And like the entire edge of the craton is burning... Something up. Science & Technology. The world is rapidly running out of clean water, 40 percent of the population of the planet has little or no access to clean water, by 2025 two-thirds of humanity will live in “water-stressed” areas, American Dream.

The purpose of Sandy Hook is, that conspiracy theorists get blamed and confused: But Sandy Hook is nothing comparing this: August 2nd,1939 - a letter, signed by Jewish scientist Albert Einstein and co-written with three other Jewish scientists (Szilard, Teller, and Wigner) is sent to FDR to fund a research program for developing an Atomic Bomb; S-1 Uranium Committee. By 1942 "Manhattan Project; 3 years top scientists spent in research facilities with 100,000 workers, which culminated in Japan (Hiroshima, August 6, 45 and Nagasaki).

Bizarre FEMA exercise based around a fictional “zombie UFO crash” in Idaho has been censored from their website after criticism, but saved in some screenshots. Rockefellers flee to Fiji after they “stripped the US Fed System assets, besides Fort Knox gold: And

Anonymous has released data detailing the personal information of Wall Street CEOs and other high level Wall Street executives; #Anonymous #OWS #OpWallStreet #BofA #Bloomberg. And ab Bank of America;
University of Montreal; Mother Teresa: Anything but a saint…MT, alias Agnes Gonxha's lack caring the sick, questionable political contacts, suspicious management of the enormous sums of money, and dogmatic views regarding abortion, contraception, and divorce.... made the researchers dispell the myth of altruism and generosity surrounding Mother Teresa, in the journal Studies in Religion/Sciences religieuses. The problem is not a lack of money — but rather a particular conception of suffering: There is something beautiful in seeing the poor to suffer like Christ. Nevertheless, when Mother Teresa required palliative care, she received it in a modern American hospital. Millions of dollars were transferred to the MCO's various bank accounts, but kept secret; where the millions for the poorest of the poor have gone?"

Official information from Finnish school shooting cases reveals that all the shooters used the same mental drug called SSRI (in Finnish) which prevents serotonin formation. Jokela, Kauhajoki, Orivedsi and Hyvinkää shooters used the same depression medicine. According medication specialist, doctor Tapani Sipila 10 000 under 19 years old uses similar drugs in Finland.

Web bot predicts, hot times: Clif predicts spring time whole crapstorm of bad stuff... end of this month things happen in a way that ain't pretty. Obama in Israel around March 27-30. New CIA director....Kid window (N-Korea), when the US has a large number of carriers in port ready to steam up and head out? Iran stuff due summertime... Data Gap (internet close down) starts around end of March till the end of May. Alignments; March 27, April 27 and May 8. Also Courtney Brown’s Remote Viewing indicates a Coastal Water event possibly bef June. Ed Dame suspects springtime series of EMPs...Patrick expects: earthquake on March 28, size 9.5...and March 11 - 12: 6.5 possible, March 17: 6.5 possible. The Atlantic; N-Korea Says the Korean War Is Back,...if S-Korea and the US don’t cancel their joint military exercises by March 11, they can consider the whole 60-year-old armistice agreement over. WashingtonPost: The Pentagon’s Cyber Command will create 13 offensive teams by the fall of 2015 to help defend the nation against major computer attacks from abroad, Gen. Alexander testified to Congress; Pentagon creating teams to launch cyberattacks.

New York City’s literacy rates are on the decline: nearly 80 percent of high school graduates lack basic skills like reading, writing and math and are required to relearn them before qualifying for community college. Experts have warned this could threaten the country’s future economic growth.
US-Saudi funded/armed terrorism in Syria, so-called “Free Syrian Army” have taken dozens of UN peacekeepers hostage – just days after the US announced it would fund the terrorists further, and the West’s Arab partners granted the terrorist faction Syria’s seat at the “Arab League. And West pleads ignorance over the identity of the militants held up in the jungles of Malaysia’s Sabah state. The Free Malaysia Today; “10,000 Tausugs to sail to Sabah. The highest religious leaders have given statement demanding the people of Syria to defend the country along with the military. More than 100 prisoners in Guantanamo are on hunger strike after their corans had been taken away.

Strange Days, opponents to Obama seem to fall like flies. The Administration has tried to put a stop to Bridges’ act, because Obama is deeply offended. You Tube: Steve Bridges cause of death is not known at this time, but we will publish more information on his website; (

Jim Marrs; Looking like some major event(s) is/are coming as persons with insider information retire en masse and then relocate to survivalist enclaves, same with ex-feds and Wall Street executives. NSA, CIA, DHS and FEMA are retiring and going into seclusion. Operation Mountain Guardian. retired officials from the DHS and the CIA, have developed their own enclaves in the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver. The structures are largely natural, but are very well equipped and the resources include a self-contained air supply. Recently, retired officials from the NSA have relocated to an area in the Ozarks where they have access to underground safety zone, mini-villages of self-sustainable protection. Retired FEMAs are relocating to mountainous areas, in North Carolina. and

Head of DHS “quits” unexpectedly; 'The Nintendo Medal'? New Military Award for Drone Pilots Draws Hill Protest. Russian/Eastern European DHS troops in US; Tennessee people are reporting being questioned and stopped by Russians; Russian's Troops at Fort Carson, Colorado:; Internment camps for political dissidents in the U.S. aren't a conspiracy theory. The Department of Defense document entitled; Internment and resettlement operations proves; FM 3-39.40: The story of the U.S. government stockpiling huge quantities of ammunition has finally gone mainstream.Government ammunition stockpiling story breaks through media censorship.

Febr 1st 2013 the parliamentary group of The Movement in the Icelandic Parliament, the Pirates of the EU; the Swedish Pirate Party etc nominated Private Bradley Manning for the Nobel Peace Prize; Judge Napolitano : First American to shoot down a Drone will be an American Hero; Coming soon: Bigger drones;

Siberian permafrost thaw warning sparked by cave data; NASA Antarctic Sub Goes Subglacial; Space gold rush should not be a free-for-all;

Cape Cod community considers taking down wind turbines after illness, noise US teen designs compact nuclear reactor;

Fragments of continents hidden under lava in the Indian Ocean; India to launch mission to Mars this year;

Bio-engineered human ear;
Sarkar: According to PROUT the minimum requirements of life should be assured through the availability of essential goods and purchasing power. In the economic structure of the society, the purchasing power of the people plays the most important role in their all-round physical welfare.

To save society from depression, the approach of PROUT is to increase purchasing power by increasing production, reduce disparities in the value of wealth, and increase the circulation of money; that is, by keeping money rolling. Empty slogans will not do. Attention will have to be given to increasing the level of production

It may be questioned whether it is wise for any government to guarantee the minimum requirements. If the state is to supply cereals, pulses, salt, gram, ghee, butter, etc. to all people then naturally the state has to institute some process of control which people may not like. Hence PROUT's view is that people should be guaranteed the provision of sufficient purchasing power to meet these requirements. In that case the state need not adopt control measures. The other disadvantage of guaranteeing the supply of minimum requirements is that if consumable goods are supplied to everyone, people will become lethargic. They should therefore be supplied with purchasing power in exchange for their work according to their physical, psychic or spiritual capacity. The greater the purchasing power of the people, the higher their standard of living.

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