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Wilcock; MH370 breaks cabal's house

Wilcock asking many guestions; The Cabal or "Illuminati" -- may have just tried world coup and start a world war III, but failed. Flight 370 may well be the straw that breaks the Cabal's back. Just one year ago 28 % of Americans believed there is Secretive power elite conspiring for New World Order. Later but before NSA disclosure 38% (88 million) believe NWO is real, number might be now double. And 92 % told Gallup they believed in God as of 2011.

Why were 20 scientists (Jim Stone says also 90 Chinese scientists?) with Cosmic Top Secret clearances on Flight 370 -- and did some group try to stop them? What if people passed out on the plane from lack of oxygen - while three agents on the plane would quietly put on small gas masks? What if the pilots suddenly had no control over what the plane was doing, and lost consciousness too? What if the passengers woke up with locked bags over their heads?

What if a similar "drone" aircraft than MH 370 had already been outfitted with explosives, scheduled to be flown into The Hague on March 24, 2013, to kill heads of the top 53 nations? (Nuclear Security Summit and List of 58 participants). Why would the military-industrial complex want to kill people leading some of its key countries? Would it be the only event distracting enough to stop the military-industrial complex from finally being defeated? The only way to start WW III? Hague drone attack Quietly published in the mainstream media by CNN -- but never linked to the Flight 370 story. Explanations; LAN Cargo forgot to apply for permission to land or didn't know airspace restrictions were in place for the summit...Flight UC 1503 wasn't able to land in Amsterdam "because of an error in the special classification of the flight.”???

But Preston James on Veterans Today; Duplicate Boeing 777 Planned to Crash Into World Summit; On March 8, 2014, the NeoCons went for broke with their hijacking of Malaysia MH370. A sister ship (Boeing 777) purchased along with this aircraft to be used in a “bait & switch” False-Flag attack to start a WW3 between Russia and US over Iran, Syria and the Ukraine. This Flying-Bomb 777 heading directly into the Hague, was diverted by two Dutch Air Force F-16′s. Black-Box cloaking device of 777 was “neutralized” by interference of on ultra-high-tech alien technology, and resulted in the flight being recognized on the Dutch Defense Radar.

Northwoods, "false flag operation." The highest-ranking military officials in US, planned on killing innocent Americans and blaming it on Cuba. James Bamford; Fake Terrorist Attacks to Provoke War With Cuba; The plan was to use double planes to make Cuba look faulty. Operation failed. PDF form. Plan 9 of Operation Northwoods has stunning relevance to the mystery of Flight 370...

World War I started when the leader of Austria was shot to death. World War II started when Pearl Harbor was attacked. What if you could combine these triggers - namely political assassinations and air attacks -- into one single mega-event for World War III? What if the drone -- a matching Boeing 777 -- was crashed into a UN meeting, to kill the leaders from the top 53 nations on Earth? How many of these countries would then declare martial law and enrage the public – so that a new world war to have begun?

Sarah Bajc, the wife of MH370 passenger Philip Wood on CNN; Bajc says the general thinking is that this was a military operation. (But her claim flight followed by military jets - might be Hague flight escorted by F-16s). His husband Phillip Wood according Intellihub News; is in cell at the U.S controlled Diego Garcia. What if Flight 370 was remotely piloted to that huge US military base? CNN fighting back against the Cabal?: Flight 370 Flew on a Course Deliberately Intended to Avoid Radar Detection;

The dreams lately: "It's about to happen." On March 17, 2014 dream; I was inside a house owned by the Cabal, Illuminati. I tried to leave by the back porch, but it was crumbling apart. I barely made it back in alive. I was told it would "be fixed tomorrow" and not to worry about it. However, I soon realized that the whole house was crumbling apart. Ultimately Cabal was trying to convince me to join them. I told them "Not only do I disagree with your philosophy and your violent methods, your entire house is about to fall apart - and you are completely in denial about it!" The head ringleader replied. "Nothing can stop us. We cannot and will not be defeated." Right after the entire Illuminati house started shaking. I woke up -- and the entire room was shaking in real life! It was a real 4.4 earthquake in Los Angeles -- timed perfectly with my dream, at 6:30 AM! Synchronicity at best.
U.S. Government Covertly Invented a “Cuban Twitter” to Create Revolution; paid for and run by the U.S. Agency for International Development, for overseeing U.S. humanitarian aid. Australian administrator on the Cocos Islands from 1983-85 admitted in academic paper in 1987 that the islands’ strategic location was the main motivation to integrate this Indian Ocean territory.

Project Camelot; Letter posted by Field McConnell and Matthias Chang; There is deafening silence of the Military establishments of the US, Thailand, Singapore who were involved in the annual military exercises “Cobra Gold” and “Cope Tiger” led by the US ending 21st March, 2014. Where they deployed to search for MH 370? If not, why not? Malaysia’s military personnel sought verification of their military radar identification. If so, what were their responses? Etc.

An airplane runs on electronics... there would be electrical signals emitting from the indicate either the engines are running efficiently or there could be malfunctions. HQ monitors all engines while in flight. Since 1995, Boeing has Uninterruptible Auto Pilots. BUAP, March of 2007, lawsuit by McConnell. Voice of Russia, interview. Agencies (from US, China, Russia, UK) has the ability to remotely take control of that airliner and the crew could have done nothing [about it].

Greenwald; Soon You’ll See The Larger Scope Of NSA Abuses; Germany is a victim on the one hand and a co-perpetrator on the other. Washington Free Beacon; The US State Department lost some $6 billion due to the improper filing of contracts mainly during the tenure of Hilary Clinton, released Inspector General report. Related: Government Blatantly Wastes $30 Billion This Year.

Chinese President Xi Jinping's economic diplomacy counter to the Washington faction’s effort to bring confrontation between NATO and Russia. He proposed that Germany and China cooperate on building a new “economic Silk Road” linking China and Europe. PressTV: China heading off cold war through economic diplomacy. The Daily Sheeple; Do Chinese Know More On Ab MH370? Or just new way of finding a needle in a haystack.”; The longsoon Hijack; China has developed their own very powerful and completely secure microprocessor totally lacking NSA back door. The entire country is switching over to it. There were 80 Chinese tech workers onboard MH 370, that mysteriously slipped all media attention and it is my guess that these workers were involved in chinese data security, which the NSA would want to breach before launcing world war 3. I give the Longsoon hijack theory at least a six on a scale of 1-10.

The drone control center seizure; involves a successful Taleban heist of a US drone command and control center which was subsequently sent to Malaysia and sold to China, and was loaded onto flight 370 in six crates at the back of the passenger area. (During the pull out from Afghanistan, Taleban seized complete drone command and control center). It was smuggled into Malaysia embassy, from which it was loaded onto flight 370 in six pallets, confirmed, but whether they contained this drone control system? Israeli intelligence figured this out, and worked with US forces to electronically hijack flight 370 and get it to Diego Garcia. I would give this theory an 8 on a scale of 1-10.

The Philip Wood story; successful post to the web by an IBM employee who was on flight 370, no proven way to write the story off as false. Even my site got hacked within hours of posting it and the accompanying picture was destroyed. I upgrade this theory to 9. Obviously this does not play into any reason to hijack flight 370 to begin with, Phil who worked with IBM data security, was rather collateral damage.

Gene Chip Tatum;; What could INMARSAT hope to gain by providing satellite information? In 2008 U.S. Hedge Fund Harbinger Capital owned 28% of the Imarsat. Harbinger Group Inc originating from an oil company started by a group including the George H. W. Bush, linking to CIA. So why they are providing misleading data through Inmarsat and sending the world to the southern Indian Ocean? Freescale was involved in a classified project with the U.S. Defense. And Malaysian government refused to release the cargo list. Was there something onboard that aircraft, developed by the Freescale to be sold or turned over to the Chinese? 
According to Boeing Phantom Works and the Federal Government, you can not handle the truth! It refers to the Safety of Flight in ”Fly by Wire” (FBW) Aircraft, that is flown by electronic signals rather than by cables or hydraulic systems...used in commercial aviation 40 years. The 777 is the first commercial craft manufactured by Boeing with total (FBW) Flight Control System. Chip Tatum also thinks the claims of Rotchild take over of the Freescale patent is not true, Manifest (PDF). And Patent (PDF). And still; Patent from the U.S. Source;

Psychic focus, I was shushed by an ET; the reason either because we as a society aren’t ready for the truth, or they ETs aren’t ready to reveal what it is they plan to do. Negotiation will need to be made in order to “bring them back”. Our government actually has an Alien Ambassador, as does other larger countries, communicating with ETs. I don’t get that the ETs are trying to be malicious, they have the technology to bring people back. They just ask in exchange that we disclose their existence in way that makes them look helpful rather than evil.

Government know but don’t want to answer because the truth is way worse to admit...I hear a phrase telling the people; “Yes, we know where they are. We are working with ETs. We have a tactical plan to rescue these people.” Governments will fake wreckage, to try to get this story off the news, but when the truth comes out, they will have to be able to have a spin on the story to bring these people back or have an explanation. 

Diego Garcia; I see the behavior of people; chaotic and I keep getting the word “scramble.” I do not see a plane or the people, but more than normal activity and nervousness. People in charge know, give orders, change them and make intentional confusion amongst unaware staff? Adaman Islands; some compelling energy. Similar events have happened in the Bermuda Triangle: 

Anonymous; Perhaps you look to the islands at the northern tip of the Andaman Islands; 2 Islands there called Little Coco and Great Coco, with large runway. Wall Street Journal article: US military eyes Cocos Islands as a future Indian Ocean spy base; Updated; see Proutscandinavia, Psychics know where Malaysia plane 370 is?

Fulford; High level cabalists killing each other. Ft. Hood shooting was against Bush and T-shirt with the number 44 being held in front of Obama. Obama need to stop blocking the new financial system, 44 number means death. Rothschild eliminate those testifieng against them. They believe the Rockefeller family is about to be jailed. Putin thinks the entire Rothschild family needs to be killed in order to end the ongoing financial crisis. The Russians offer the Western Ukraine to Poland...against cabal controlled UN.

Who was behind the plan to “save the environment” by killing 90% of humanity? Rockefeller blame Bush Nazis. The Nazis believed it was the Rothschild/Saxe Gotha. The Rothschilds say it was the P2 lodge. They say it was one of their faction to kill 90%. This group was purged, Pope maledict resigned.

Visiting the new Pope; Putin, Obama and Queen Elizabeth. Upcoming blood moon on April 15th will it bring any announcement? If not, then WDS will attack on the petro-dollar? Members of Cobra resistance showed a video of mass production of free energy devices, by 20,000 groups in Taiwan???(Keshe; And

The latest mass killing at the US army base in Texas, in which four personnel were shot dead and 16 others injured, symptom of how the American military is at war with itself. And RT;Pro-Russian protesters seize govt buildings in Ukraine’s Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov. Protesters have seized the regional department building of Ukraine’s SS, ITAR-TASS.

My Natures Medicine; Baby Monkeys Develop Autism Symptoms After Vaccines. And Los Angeles trembles in anticipation of The Big One. Seven Volcanoes In Six Different Countries Erupting Within Hours. A new island has appeared in the Pacific; But Scientists dismiss claims that Yellowstone volcano about to erupt. Then EARTHQUAKE--M 6.0 - Solomon Islands, earth bangs. And 7.5 Temblor On Puente Hills Thrust Fault Would Be ‘The Quake From Hell’. PM Medvedev said, that Russia has enough space and resources to produce organic food so RT: Russia will not import GMO products. And Obama In Shock After US Oil Giant Sides With Putin.; Official admission of massive deaths in the Indian residential schools showing that a Vatican and Church of England child sacrifice cult, the Ninth Circle operated there. The Commencement of The Trial of Pope Francis and others on the first closed session the Prosecutor's Office announced that the Court will be issuing legal Proclamation of enormous global and historic significance on April 20, 2014.

(Reuters) – 48 members of the U.S. House of Reps and the Senate have announced plans to leave their seats before Nov congressional elections; “90% of the value of the US dollar comes from the US military.”Former Housing Secretary Fitts;

Feds mull DNA testing for security clearances: Looking for the bloodlines... And Retail Tsunami: 16 Chains Closing More Stores. So Russian Ambassadors Discuss Invading Miami, California In Leaked Call. And Russia defending Judeo-Christian values. World Congress of Families VII in Moscow, Sept. 10-12'. Then Pope Francis to Be Seen Worldwide In 3D on April 27th! Russia Says Iran Deal Makes US Missile Shield Plan Redundant, Nullifies Needs for EU Missile Shield – Putin's “Holy Grail” Gas Deal With China. And Putin suggest Russia’s Gold Ruble Payments, Delinked from Dollar? And; Global Research.  See;Ukraine Shocks Population With100% Heating Price Increase.

Individuals, whose physical and psychological needs are satisfied are better able to develop higher capacities, and act more selflessly. What kind of a haven the world would be, if no one would have to live in misery! 

You see how sharing could make a difference; it would be like in my home village as a child, where I observed that nobody wanted to take anything but everyone wanted to give. The result usually was that when one “forced” the other to take something, the other “revenged” by giving something instead. Bartering and “talkoot” (where farmers and small house owners gathered to help each other in farming, construction etc) were rather joyful occasions, and collective meals with children playing around made the day. Those were the days about 50 years back. Since then things have changed into the selfish capitalistic outlook in the Finnish countryside, while the farms have grown into EU standard size and been tempted into profit making through EU funding.

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