torstai 29. maaliskuuta 2012

Shiva created family system, now crumbling?

That was about 7500 years ago!

I have come across some concerns about families – at present society - turning into single, three wheelers or same sex couples. There is no more just wife, husband and children, but one example; lesbians with disposable father - just for getting child. What is the future then going to be, if this is the expanding trend? Are the heteros going to be minority soon? Are the family values lost or just to be renewed? One person told recently that she got a child - and now she is encouraging others to get children - without husband. Many questions come to mind; i.e does child have right for both parents?

Before we welcome the laws to abandon all the restrictions, there should be some research. I have seen only one research, which shows that children more likely become homos in homo families. I have known also some homos past and I observed their mothers were somewhat too close to their sons, and fathers were distant or nonexistent. Does homosexuality really have something to do with parents and how they deal with kids?

In Russia they seem to be restricting; The law stipulates fines for the public dissemination of propaganda of “homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexualism and transgenderness” among minors;

Sarkar didn’t want anyone to encourage homosexuality, or to tempt others for homosexual relationships. And although he wanted us to deal respectfully with any kind of people, he didn´t want homosexuals to take up leader positions, probably due to possibility that they might promote homosexuality. What about transsexuals, bisexuals and so many others whose sexuality is not ordinary type? So many questions to be considered, as they might have soon huge impact to the society as a whole. In yoga there are methods to check the sexuality that one may control it, although not to suppress it. I have seen also ancient writings somewhere about changing sex into other kind with yogic methods. I heard that while changing sex with medical means and operations, women has to be first sterilized. Sarkar said that sterilization will affect the psyche of human being and should not be done. Anyhow eventually the children will be made in test tubes and sexuality would lose its importance while people become spiritual.

And then comes the question of active euthanasia??? Sarkar probably didn´t accept that, because it is better to go through ones karma. Although there are other means to lessen the karma, but sure not by someone killing.

Some texts by Sarkar about marriage how it started etc: The same Shiva who applied a healing balm to human beings’ external life by inventing medicine and the science of healing also regulated all levels of human life and gave humanity the top rung as the supreme and final achievement [tantra].

From what we observe in the early and medieval periods of the Rgveda, we can conclude that a well-regulated social order was not yet evolved… Family instinct was no different from that of the elephants, lions, pigeons, etc. Due to this inborn instinct, males and females arrived at a loose, but workable compromise regarding family life. But in that there was no sense of responsibility born out of a developed conscience; rather, due to their loose relationships with each other, one person used to desert another and go anywhere he or she liked. The number of such libertines was very high, and they used to disturb the peace and harmony of the so-called family members and become the cause of many serious quarrels.

The women of that day stood at Shiva’s door and said: “O Sadáshiva, save us from this beastly, distressful condition...” Shiva’s heart melted; he understood their pain. He introduced the custom of marriage and firmly fixed the rights and responsibilities of the father. For the first time human beings felt the contact of a peaceful environment in social life.

Still some wicked-natured men remained and some libertine women as well. Then, with the help of his followers, Shiva obliged those wicked men to marry by punishing them with the rod and rope. Just as there were libertine men, there were also some libertine women…

These sinners used to make úh-úh sounds in pain and tried to flee… The followers of Shiva forced the makers of this úh-úh sound to marry and to accept the responsibility of caring for their offspring. Over time this úh came to mean “to marry”.

In today’s society also there are a few of these wicked-natured men. The leaders of the society or the state should make them utter this úh sound by creating the requisite circumstantial pressure. This introduction of the system of marriage raised human beings one step higher than the animals.

Shiva was the first man to marry in earnest so the people of that time called him vyúd́ha out of respect. Shiva saved the womenfolk from complete ruin. He also saved the men from cultural degradation. For this reason every person in the world is indebted to Shiva.

Sarkar said also: The need for marriage differs with individuals. For example, marriage of those persons who suffer from some physical or mental disease, or who are not financially well off, or whose present circumstances are not favourable for marriage…those engaged in the fulfilment of an ideal, or some mental occupations, should not marry, because they will not find it possible to fulfil their family commitments properly. The marriages of such people are harmful to the society in many cases. Although marriage is not desirable… there remains a possibility of their indulging in vices stealthily if they are not married. To avoid this, they should work for the attainment of some high ideals or do rigorous spiritual practices…one has to exercise control in every sphere of life, whether big or small. Such control does not imply killing the desire but controlling it.
Sarkar introduced revolutionary marriage to further cultural blending of human race. The husband and wife to be from different race or culture. The marriage is rather based on spiritual equality; both being in same level spiritually. In that case the race, cultural, psychic etc differences would not hamper the successfulness of the family. Besides he went further; the society should care about the family´s physical, psychic and spiritual well being. In practice, this means i.e, if there are problems in the marriage, the society would have mediators to help with the problems.

He also created the so called sannyasi system - nuns and monks dedicate their life entirely for social service and teaching spirituality for the welfare of humanity.

Sarkar considered spiritual satsanga (spiritually elevating company) and unity important aspect of human well being.

Sarkar said about sannyasiis: These exceptional people are sometimes seen as a bunch of lunatics by others, but the fact is, these so-called lunatics do something new and constructive for society.
Nr Yajiṋa [service] is of four kinds: (a) Shúdrocita, (b) Vaeshyocita, (c) Kśatriyocita and (d) Viprocita. [Physical, financial, intellectual and spiritual service].

Sarkar about happy society: The six factors which guide society, which make it vibrate in bliss and dance in bliss when its different entities realize the fullness of existence in every fibre of their existence, are the śad́aráh samája cakra [six spokes of the social cycle]. [Spiritual practice, spiritual ideology, social outlook, socio-economic theory, scripture and preceptor.]

The inner import of society is collective movement. The primary stage of this movement is morality. The idealistic element of mind which inspires the human beings towards the cosmic goal is moralism… Without spiritual ideals true morality based on universal love cannot be awakened.

If there is no proper adjustment amongst physical, psychic and spiritual movements, the psychic side of humans will get unbalanced and many new psychic diseases will get created. This is the present position of the world.

In the absence of discipline, social security may be endangered. So for social security, both justice and discipline are essential.

You should remember that in human society nobody is insignificant, nobody is negligible. Even the life of a 100-year-old lady is valuable. In the universal society she is an important member – she is not to be excluded.

O human beings, build the social structure considering the needs of humanity. Do not try to do anything for your petty personal and group interests, because whatever little you want to do with your limited outlook cannot last.

To maintain the unity and solidarity of the social structure, all spheres of social life must be strengthened and developed.

The task of the family man is more difficult: he has to serve both his small family and his Universal Family. For the renunciate [nun, monk] there is only the Universal Family to serve. A family man cannot serve the Universal Family 100 percent; he must attend as well to his small family. To dedicate oneself completely to the service of the Universal Family, one must follow the life of a renunciate.