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ETs and Golden age

Here is short cut of Kerry Cassidy´s interview with Robert, Bob Dean, former US Army and SHAPE (NATO at Europe), who used to be very negative about the future of humanity, but he changed after Oct 2011 near-death experience and meeting the galactics - who showed him future of earth, after the shift - this year? Kerry while interweaving Bob and Clifford Stone is pouring out her own negativity fearing that there is a malevolent galactic presence to take over the Earth.

Bob Dean believes that the humans are in the middle of the battle of the good and bad guys since last ten thousand years, but he thinks third party has now intervened the game; an advanced spiritual culture. Because the human race has reached critical point in their evolution, the ETs are going to see that the human race makes this transition into a new species. He thinks it’s happening already, no more wars.

While Kerry thinks the Illuminati, run by Reptilians and Anunnaki, might not have their best interests in mind, Bob mentions that he was with ETs six weeks, and they said, that human beings don’t grasp who they really are and that we have a unique genome, covering at least 12 different races of the universe, one of the richest zoological garden in Galaxy. Clifford adds, that if we don´t grow spiritually, we are going to become victims of our technology, which they want to prevent.

Kerry mentions Iran and Israel, and Iran launching missiles into Venezuela, which the ETs prevented. She also mentions the chemtrails that ruin health of people and are meant to make the earth conditions suitable for some ET hybrids, that they can take over the earth. Clifford says that the benevolent ETs will neutralize that threat. He tells that 1952 US military was given order to shoot UFOs down. And he thinks the Soviet Union is still firing UFOs. He is having copy of the British report from 2000.

Kerry thinks that there is a rogue group running the US with ETs, against other ETs. But Cifford believes that the Watchers over this planet allow the evil for some time, but when it threatens the whole humanity, they step in.

Bob says that when Reagan and Gorbatchev were waging the cold war the good guys knocked off the computerized guidance systems and melted the warheads in missile silos and stole some of them in both countries. And the Chinese said, “You guys are not going to screw up this God-damned planet, there will not be a nuclear war.” And now these guys are in control.

Kerry thinks US is on the verge of civil war. She talks about the secret government and their black projects and ET technology suppressed from common folks while NASA is taking astronauts off the planet. And then she is asking ab Roswell case.

Bob says that he has known some of MJ-12s. He thinks that there is powerful third party to intervene the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, in a big way. He says that since he was near death in October and saved by ETs, he got strength to stand up and raise holy hell and to be a command sergeant major again. He thinks we are going to take our natural place in that infinite community of life and discard the doomsday. He has come to conclusion human spirit is infinite with power that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

Clifford wants his message to be a message of hope, while growing spiritually only travel to other planets is possible. NASA has technology and plans for setting up permanent bases on the Moon and Mars, but the quarantine is still there.

Kerry points out that the quarantine is off and we have been invaded every way by various races. She asks Bob that what the Anunnaki is doing while walking the halls of the Pentagon? Bob answers that most of them are basically good guys, while having met some of them face to face.

When Kerry is concerned about declining US economics, Bob says that it is bullshit and mentions his old organization, the Templars, who established the banking system, in the eleventh century. Then Kerry takes up the assumed tons of gold in the Philippines.

Bob knows that US has been bartering gold for Anunnaki technology. They turn the gold into ORME, powder gold, which makes their genomes immortal!

Bob remarks people don’t have to worry about that anymore, but more important is that the average guy out there realizes who he is, to be free. And remarks; if people don’t read and understand the Constitution, then they lose their rights. Project Camelot:

Stew Webb: Drug money for black projects:
Wilcock: ET Intervention will throw off any attempts to start World War III. Over 40 different attempts have been thwarted in the last 2 months. John Kettler is giving testimony that supports the "China's October Surprise" story. (See Project Camelot interview).

NASA is planning to fire off five rockets in five minutes March 18 for a mission that will create luminous milky-white clouds to study the high-altitude jet stream. Online; NASA “Chemtrails”with trimethylaluminum (Jordon) is flammable liquid and vapor. Harmful if inhaled or swallowed. May cause eye, skin, and respiratory tract burns. Reacts violently with moisture. Decomposes into dust that may cause liver and kidney damage. Self-contained breathing apparatus and protective clothing must be worn by rescue workers.

As someone succinctly termed it: "The purpose of chemtrails is terraforming (making the place for Dracos, Reptoids and Greys) and bioforming us. But there are aliens who even apparently have ships "eating" chemtrails!

More allies have joined the fight in burning determination to liberate this planet. And it is they who are holding the New Madrid Fault System together in the face of concerted efforts to rip it wide open, wrecking the country and killing untold millions. Their obvious efforts to enslave and kill us, is running scared.

Ure, There are expected quakes when 2 or more planets align on the opposite sides of the Sun etc.
4-7 March date. First Mars and Earth line up with the Sun Then Mercurius and Venus X5.4 Flare on 3/7 - Sunspot 1429.

Dates that we expect solar events, due to planetary alignments: March 21st. April 22nd, May 25th, June 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th, 25th till 27th, July 29th, Aug 12th, Aug 22nd till 28th, Sept 21st, Oct 3rd, 14th till 22nd.Nov 13th. Dec 3rd.
Let's look at the planetary alignments of December 16-17 2012, Jupiter, Earth, Venus aling (not with the Sun). Venus, Mars and Neptunus align (not with the Sun) And on 18-19 December... Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Sun align...

Update: Ure added this later: Patrick Geryl more: Triple Line ‘Strength’... March 19-21, one and April 22... 3! And 1. Dec 2012 there are 3 line ups: 15-17-12 and 18-19-12 and 20-21-12. : solar activity/earth connection.

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