maanantai 5. maaliskuuta 2012

Communism, Capitalism and Universalism of Prout

Communism is based on materialism - human being is rather economic being - while the spiritual needs are suppressed. Prout is based on spirituality, guided by socio-psychological factors and encourages non-materialistic life style. Communism stands for anti-exploitation sentiment and collectivism, but individual needs, liberty and expression are neglected. Prout stands also for anti-exploitation, but also for the oneness of humanity - the cosmic sentiment - and for collective welfare, but it recognises as well the individual needs, liberty and expression. While communism advocates equal distribution, Prout promotes rational distribution. Communism is rather born out of reaction, while Prout is a holistic plan responding to human needs.

Communism recognizes state corruption and class exploitation of two classes the proletariat and bourgeois and stands for classless society. Prout states that classless society in that sense is impossible, but in some sense we may call Prout less classless society; Different varnas (warriors, intellectuals or rich) has led the society each at their time, but in the future every human being is encouraged to adopt qualities of all varnas, thus each person become rather classless and the resultant could be called classless society. Communism is for dictatorship of proletariat - state capitalism, and thus leads to corruption etc. Prout has benevolent "sadvipraship" with moral and spiritual leaders, who aim to lead the society for universalism.

Now capitalism – it is based on individual ownership and interests, but Prout is for collective welfare; mostly the ownership lies on the hands of society. Capitalism makes person either richer or beggar, thus i.e criminality and prostitution are increasing. Capitalism believes in democracy and extreme centralization; concentration of wealth for individuals, corporations and groups. Prout is for decentralization and democracy is encouraged in local economic decision making. At present in global capitalist system unemployment and recessions are common, in Proutist system the jobs are guaranteed by sharing - rather the jobs seek the workers - and thus there is no need for recessions as purchasing power is guaranteed, which increases production, which create more jobs etc. Prout economy is well planned according needs and consumption, while the capitalists “free trade” only profits the rich. Political democracy (different from economic democracy) is so far the best system – but while politicians engage into extreme corruption and have become a tool to buy votes etc - people are frustrated and soon might want to demand the moralists and sadvipras to lead, so that´s how we could go soon into the Proutist system. Capitalism is based on materialism, while Prout is based on neohumanism, which is declaring that resources are collective inheritance of humanity for sharing.

Capitalism has staged unhealthy competition, but Prout is for cooperation and coordination in economics. At present capitalist dominance wars and terrorism are used for “solving” disputes and showing up superiority, while Prout is for peace, unity and love. Capitalism exploits religious and other sentiments in order to control the masses. Prout has fighting spirit against suppression and exploitation - with moral courage. Capitalism motivates people to work; it increases production and innovations. Prout motivates even more and also gives more satisfaction. And Prout is beautiful!

Sarkar: on 14.7-88: Today communism is burning in the fire of its own failure, and your work is to add some fuel to that fire.

13.11-89: PROUT came in 1959, and communism collapsed in 1989. If PROUT had not come, communism would have lasted 30 to 35 years more. Now communism has to quit the field.

13.11-89: Communism has already died a premature death while still in the stage of youthful vigour, but when capitalism dies it will die a mature death. Communism had to face a black death while dancing in the ecstasy of terror and massacre. Due to the suppression, repression and oppression caused by communism… In this state people have no connection with the Self or soul.

24.3-90: Years ago when I was walking by the Berlin wall (May 1979) and said that communism must go it was a dream, but now that dream has been transformed into crude reality. This is a natural change, not a catastrophe. Be ready for the coming changes; be prepared for them. They are something natural.

In communism, the leaders want to control the people through brute force, but in PROUT we will inspire people through selfless service. There are many good people in this world who want to do good work. You should convince them, work with them and organize them to do maximum service for the suffering humanity. The downfall of both capitalism and communism is inevitable due to their inherent staticity. The system of gaining support in capitalism is through money, and the system of gaining support in communism is through fear.

Countries which have both laborious and intellectually developed citizens have never accepted communism. For example, Karl Marx was born in Germany but his theory was not accepted there. Similarly, England gave shelter to Marx but did not accept his theory.

Communism is state capitalism which is why it is not free from the defects of capitalism. Marx was a good man. He had strong feelings for suffering humanity, and out of compulsion to do something he wrote his theory. However, his theory was not practical…The books of Marx reflected his concern for the downtrodden humanity and convinced many people. Leaders like Lenin and Mao took up the task of materializing his ideas in the society…Realizing that the theory was defective, they became frustrated and started committing many atrocities. Stalin was a demon who killed millions of people. This all occurred because of the inherent defects of Marxism.

Communism and capitalism are essentially materialist philosophies. Both encourage a psychology of material attachment…. People living under either of these two systems develop the psychic pabula which run after crude physicalities. Capitalism and communism have polluted the air, water and environment in this peace-loving world. By nature human beings are peace-loving, not war-loving.

Capitalism has always adapted to changing circumstances. Thus we see that in different periods there have been different forms of capitalist exploitation. Today even communism…has become a blunt and obsolete tool (for capitalism). Psycho-economic exploitation is the latest form of dangerous and all-devouring capitalist exploitation. A day is therefore sure to come when capitalism will burst like a fire-cracker.

The final and most dangerous form of economic exploitation is fascist exploitation (pseudo-communism means it seems to be communism but practically it is not). Following the example of the British, Mussolini of Italy and Hitler of Germany moved along the same path… The Soviet leader Joseph Stalin propagated the concept of the Slavic supremacy. Likewise, the Chinese leader Mao Zedong built up Chinese superiority… grabbing land from neighboring states...

PROUT supports democracy in a limited sense – we support restricted democracy – because a better form of government will come in the future. Certain democratic principles are best for the time being.

Human beings have unquenchable, infinite physical and… psychic longings, and out of these excessive psychic longings psychic ailments arise and people become abnormal… if the infinite longing of the human mind does not find the proper path leading to psychic and spiritual fulfillment, it becomes engaged in accumulating excessive physical wealth by depriving others. Let there be a human society of coordination and cooperation… This is the last stage. We are waiting for the rising sun with crimson rays. Even now the crimson rays are a bit visible.
Didi Annapurna