maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

The nuclear war, Iran speculation

Many worries going on about Iran/Israel war: Conflict is seen as inevitable as long as the regime (Iran) pursue their nuclear ambitions,” The Sun, senior Whitehall official. Israel working with Terrorist groups like MEK, which also US politicians support openly. Fulford: Netanyahu had insane plans to work with Mossad to start WWIII. But seems now the Navy seals don´t want war:

DEBKAfile: The White House invited PM Netanyahu for talks with Obama on March 5, topic; No Iran strike? And Obama´s 80 Percent Disarmament of Nuclear Arsenal.; John Kettler, whistlebower: Last Nov Iran delivered 40 ballistic missiles to Venezuela; Bay of Pigs potential to be the start of WWIII…

On Febr 2, Fajr Film Festival in Tehran, President Ahmadinejad inaugurated an international conference, on Hollywoodism; US-Zionist glorify “the Holocaust”. May be one reason for waging war against Iran and the other according; Voice of the White House ( is that Iran has got too sophisticated target system; could hit any building in Israel., then, for Sept 18, 2009:].

Rumors the cabals are meeting for world government agenda in China, while China is having border disputes with India: And there are secret underground bases in China: And; US State Dept Seeks “Special Fund” for Arab Spring. Congress passed bill to make it easier for the gov to fly drones in U.S. Egypt Fight Against NGO Agitators, a real revolution could follow.
Putin plans to increase his arsenal 585 billion € to defend Christians in other countries who are persecuted for their faith?

Magnetometers show HAARP activity, UFOs and strange metal boxes appear and disappear …and tide high, during 6.0 quake - all this going on in Oregon!!! US own UFO landing in airbase: And the astronauts tell about aliens:

Thousands of chaplains refusing: US Senate passed S 1867 to repeal of Article 125, which suppose to make it illegal to engage in sodomy with humans or sex with animals. Shockingly, the Senate voted it down 93-7! Rome military became corrupted with rampant homosexuality and fell off from power. Berlusconi and US Treasury Geithner have been detained for questioning about the high level corruption, both have been very cooperative and have been released since. There have been productive meetings between White Dragon Society and South Korean government officials in Seoul.

So what is that thing, which cause Web bot to title end of the world scenario? It seems to be actually more like `either or not thing´ and transition to new. Also as their predictions are always exaggerated, if at all becoming true. New soviet union; Putin as president, but depends if WWIII? Secrets out by China and Russia ab their high tech weapons. Dec 21 starts the 3,5 years period - the beginning of the end. Antichrist appears 2012, but only later known as such. Pope die and black pope is the last pope. Japan people get sick. Sun spots become stripes. March 2-10 take your breath - never seen before. ETs watching after us, lots crazy stuff in the sky. The Zionists, CIA, banksters cheating, murdering and war: will sink US naval ship, as false flag event. They intend to provoke the US, Russia and China into killing 1 billion people.

Last year Nov Web bot expected huge things to happen, did it? Actually Wilcock wrote about ETs emptying underground bases, stopping warships, nuclear weapon storages etc. It was profound take down of might from OWO. And actually ETs have watched after our nuclear use already for centuries.

Radiation levels on rise: After Fukushima quake the readings were normal, but has increased now. And kids eat the snow: Yearly radiation equals spending over an hour at Chernobyl ! Someone: Radioactive steel can be rendered less contaminated with HydrOx plasma torch processing…simple and inexpensive. Bacterias orbiting high above the Earth found in a British river – a new power source for the world, using microbial fuel cell? www.dailymail.c

Wilcock says; `first everything seem to collapse - and something might also happen - but (whether ETs interfere or not) eventually things will turn into better´…

I am also hearing more stories ab Sarkar saying; the 1962 alignment calamity was avoided because people were praying so much. He wrote in his book also ab it, where he convinces: “The destruction of the earth is still long way off.” He has told many times not to fear the coming crises, but prepare – also to help others and do spiritual practices in order to avoid or lessen the crises.

So we see above that human beings are causing destruction to earth with so many means, chemtrailing, causing earthquakes with Haarp, eating animals into extinction, waging wars, polluting with fossil fuels, burning wood in oven, cutting all trees without planting new, spreading dangerous bacterias purposely etc. Now we have to think are the inventions, even how innocent, to be banned in order to avoid destruction of health, nature or earth - and go back into Stone Age – and should we do something to human beings who are abusing the power, wasting unnecessarily and destroying?

Most of the people are not fighting against their own wasteful habits or the destructive people, but against the innocent inventions. The nuclear energy is the most blackmailed thing, although it has brought tremendous possibilities for development in the earth. I don´t say we should use it carelessly, nor we can play with anti-gravity, or free energy sources - when we get into them. Although they can make the earth like paradise without causing pollution, but they can be probably very dangerous in wrong hands, could imagine star wars etc…

But there is no permanent progress in material level, says Sarkar and what else he says: Within an atomic structure there is a nucleus around which so many electrons are moving in a particular flow. If there is the slightest variation, the balance of the atomic structure is jeopardized, and the equipoise is lost. The fusion and fission of atomic structures releases a tremendous amount of force - for the greater welfare of humanity, we can bring about imbalance in the atomic structure and amass a certain amount of energy thereby.

Some people fear that atom or megaton bombs may one day cause the extinction of the human race…It is human intellect which is responsible for their production.... It may one day invent such weapons which may render ineffective even atom or megaton bombs…

It is a fact that in the past human beings discovered many destructive weapons and those weapons have killed human beings. The operation of many gigantic machines by human beings can kill many lives. This fear of atom bombs is of course there, but that is not the appropriate reply to the question. The reply is that human beings are the creators of atom bombs – the physical strength that a person has is definitely much less than the physical strength or the crude strength that atom bombs have.… (But atom bombs) they do not have the power to destroy the minds of those who created them. The human beings who invented atom bombs will also be able to provide safeguards against them.

But in the future, human beings may manufacture something about which I have already hinted which may possess a mind also, but in that case the mind of that object will be weaker than the mind of its creator, the human being…So there is no reason to be restless and to cry about the impending dangers from atom bombs. There is only one thing for human beings to be afraid of. What is that? Human beings have to be alert against those who are demons in human form, those who posses immense psychic power and yet behave like demons, causing harm to humanity. Collective efforts have to be made to protect humanity from these demons. That is the only fear.

The pitiable destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bears witness to the uncivilized action of the so-called civilized nations. Though they are culturally advanced, they are most backward in civilization. They should sit at the feet of the Indian Adivasis and learn about civilization. Those who possess atom and hydrogen bombs have to be taught the lesson that this universe is for human beings and not for demons...

That is why I say that there is no fault in the development of science. Time is also not to blame. The fault rests with us. Science does not tell us to use nuclear energy in destructive ways. To do so is to use science to establish our animality. Those who have invented destructive weapons with the help of science are not sages.

It is an age of science. Science should be utilized for service and blessedness. There should be rationalization of industry that is; an old machine should be replaced by a new and more scientific one. It is no use continuing with old and worn-out methods such as the carká [spinning wheel] in the age of radioactivity [nuclear energy] and rockets.

You should not be afraid of any power in the universe. Atom bombs are so insignificant…No one really knows how much potentiality this or that object has. One can get an exact idea of the potentiality of something only after a thorough investigation. In this world everything comes to fulfill a historical necessity.

Protoplasmic cells are molecular ones of heterogeneous nature. If the nuclei of protoplasmic cells are split up, they release innumerable times more energy than a nuclear explosion does. Obviously, living bodies, being composed of countless protoplasmic cells, possess huge proportions of energy – something which is beyond ordinary comprehension.

The small system is the atomic system, and bigger than the atomic system is this ethereal system of ours. In the atomic system there is a small nucleus, and electrons are moving round it. And in our ethereal system, the earth is the nucleus and the moon is moving round it.
It is commonly known that seaweed can alleviate the suffering from radiation as well as iodium can help with the thyroid, by inventing why those things help may be could create means to counteract the radiation harm totally, as well more simple preventive measures could be found.

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