maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

The universe is finite

Sarkar said that the destruction of the earth is still faraway,so these speculations might not lead to the doomsday, but something may happen:

Weathers: Finnish researchers have kept so far saying in every occasion “it is normal” whether it has been increased lightnings, storms or earthquakes etc (except warming), while nothing has been normal for long time already, but still there is no reason for panic and doomsday. Some of the scientist seems to expect Super volcano doomsday this year.
And what is this about NASA finds super volcano under sea: Rumours constantly; New Madrid fault purposely being activated - now with "ShakeOuts" (drills). There was actually one small Quake 12.3 miles from New Madrid, not in any reports. Global earthquake swarm of large proportions!

20 times more earthquakes after March 2011 than in previous 9 years in Fukushima area, AFP. HAARP epicentre in Nashville, caused tornadoes:

Research on geomagnetic reversals at Earth. 5 Ways the World Will Change. Moonquakes on valleys of moon, UK's Register. Wynn: Astronauts who left the magnetic field of the earth, had some kind of spiritual awakening? Where the magnetics are very low, tremendous change appear to occur. Scientists discovered finally, that it actually does exist - dark rift in the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy - a black hole. The Sun and the Earth is in Direct Alignment with the Black Hole in 2012. Scientists speculate magnetic pole shift happening as a result. Merlin magician predicted that the planet’s rotation will "run riot". The Mayan had talking crystal skulls which gave them information. "Talking stones" could mean Quartz (stone) technology in cell phones and computers. Quartz stores information. Quartz crystal technology. Hewlett Packard studied results. And supercomputers; breakthrough in nano-transistors could make computers billion times faster.

Ure:; Web bot predictions and end of the world speculations…Data cap on 2012 to 2013 possibly by solar flares. Could be massive destruction in some parts of US (earthquakes?) and area of Chile-Australia-Japan-Alaska. Europe could change in a blink of eye; Island /Ice Sea and area of Mediterranean Sea. March 2-10 gloom…The 3,5 years period of beginning of the end of the (finite) world starts from Dec 2012. See insider; chemtrails - scary stuff, any truth on it?:

Short cut… Watchman, 18-Feb-2012. From Fema workers: A big quagmire might happen. They've been training for many months on the fault zone of New Madrid. If big earthquake "breaks loose" like they've predicted, it will bring massive casualties to big cities in the Midwest. Natural gas pipelines will rupture causing fires, along with several nuke plants!!! Could bring Marshal Law. Some of the communications and power grid will be down, and the panic will cause widespread looting and disorder. "Vinny5036; of", FEMA Friends Will Be Gone "For Some Time"; URL:

Schedule 2012: May 20 annular solar eclipse. June 6 the second solar transit of Venus of the century. Nov 6, US elections. Nov 13 total solar eclipse and 28 lunar eclipse. Dec Jupiter oppositions. Dec 21 the sun reverse its magnetic poles and end of the 11 year cycle, winter solstice of Northern hemisphere, summer solstice on southern hemisphere. .
Sarkar: According to some persons, this universe is infinite, but this is not true. As this universe also is a created manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness, due to the influence of the static principle of Prakrti it is bound to have a particular shape and form. And since it is under the static principle, it must be under bondage and limitations. Hence the universe is certainly finite, although it is very vast; it is not infinite or ananta.

I have already said that this world is a relative truth: jagadapi satyamápekśikam [“the universe is also truth, but relative”]. The world always undergoes metamorphosis; this is how it maintains its existence – through evolution, through transformation…The Sanskrit word jagat means that which is always moving, always changing. Gam (the root verb) plus kvip (the suffix) [i.e., jagat] means “that whose nature is to move”; sam – sr (the root) + ghaiṋ = saḿsára, or “that which is always changing its position”. Jagat and saḿsára are synonymous. So those who deny the mobility of the world and declare it as false are only practising self-deception.

It is not possible for anyone to remain inert. Take the case of a dead body where neither the mind nor the soul is operating; but as the physical is within this universe, so it too is moving along with this revolving universe…No one in this universe has come to stay. Like the cosmological order itself, all the microcosms will have to move unceasingly, and not only the living world but also all objects and entities, animate and inanimate, will have to move around the nucleus of the cosmological order, for movement is the bounden duty of each and every microcosm.

Likewise the cosmological order has a rotational movement, and it too is neither round nor oval: it also has a particular irregular shape. It is somewhat like the solar system, but very vast in comparison. Whenever there is a nucleus in any structure, two belligerent forces become operative; one is the centrifugal force, and the other is the centripetal force. Similarly in the cosmological system, two mutually contradictory forces are working: one is the vidyá shakti and the other is the avidyá shakti.

The cruder the object, the less its capacity of expansion and vice versa. Thus the degree of expansion and subtlety of liquid is greater than that of solid. The aerial factor is even subtler than liquid. The ethereal factor is the most expansive and subtlest of all the five fundamental factors. That’s why it is not perceptible to the indriyas (sense organ).

Take the case of this planet earth which is composed of the five fundamental factors. The living beings of this earth are presently able to select the path of salvation or liberation. But when, due to the crudifying influence of Saiṋcara, the earth’s environment will become uncongenial for habitation, unit beings will not get any further scope to advance along the path of liberation. Under these circumstances the planet and its atmosphere will gradually get condensed. It will become so small that it will become unrecognizable as a planet. When its internal factor reaches the nadir point of crudity it will appear to be non-existent outwardly. At this stage it will experience jad́asphota causing an immense explosion. That tremendous energy release converts the solid body into the ethereal factor. The celestial bodies of the universe which are unfit for human habitation are all moving through the process of jad́asphota and are hurtling towards a catastrophic explosion. This is the inevitable fate of each and every celestial body. But it is possible to increase longevity of a particular planet with the assistance of a highly powerful celestial body such as a comet or nebula.

If the atmosphere gets too polluted, or if the release of energy from the sun decreases, this world may become unfit for human habitation. But in the universe as a whole there will never be lack of space for human habitation. People of this earth may settle on other planets which may not be included in our present solar system.