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Controversial stuff, average truths

There are huge debates going on in the world. I think commonly, that the truth is somewhere middle, because that’s how we human beings are; we stick in one truth and tend to avoid seeing the other side. Anyhow I admit in some case truth could be in one side alone, but more likely. And when is this duality going to end? I think at least then, when we start to communicate telepathically and no-one can hide anymore anything.

One debate is the climate change. Some believe the climate change is caused only by human beings and some deny it. The deniers believe climate change caused by some interplanetary and solar matters rather….or not happening at all.

One example here (as all the links don’t function here see the original page rather): Al Gore’s trek to Antarctica with global warming activists Branson. Gore warns of rapid melting and rising seas! And NASA’s Hansen and Climategate’s Trenberth alarm the public. But Climate Depot’s A-Z Climate Reality Check: Antarctica cooling, according to recent peer-reviewed studies and data. European Space Agency; global sea level ‘decline continuing’ & ‘In Aug 2011, NASA: global sea level dropping.’ [Climate Depot's Rebuttal to Gore's & Greens Give Gore 2 Thumbs Down]. Except from page 7 of Climate Depot Special Report: A-Z Climate Reality Check — ‘The claims of man-made climate promoters failing’. ANTARCTIC: The Antarctic sea ice extent peaks record. Miller on Antarctica: ‘last 30 years slight cooling trend’, but large fluctuations.

Is the climate changing? I think it is clear, that the whether is fluctuating very much at least, and many of us believe increased amount of earthquakes and volcanoes going off. Should we believe more our senses than the scientists who seem to have their own agendas and not the genuine science in their heads? I think the truth in this is also somewhere between; partly human beings and partly galactic effects are causing the climate change on the earth. The Antarctica may cool down and the Artic might be warming up, seems. (According Dutchsinse´s observations the Arctic warming up and the rest of the planet adjusting – could speculate that’s why Antarctica could be cooling, who knows). Besides the interplanetary matters - why not?

I think could stop the money and time wasting to this debate and do our best to plant trees each time we take one off, let’s find less polluting energies and bring free energy systems, let’s not waste anything unnecessarily and what more natural common sense things we could do ? The factories should produce things that last and can be circulated. Let’s consider getting out from too much individuality that consumes huge loads of energy and as we as human beings should unite, share and take care.

Fukushima is the latest debate, while some claim its radiation to cause global danger….and some claim; Tokio and Fukushima is fine.

Then comes the Illuminati and NWO controlling everything in the world with the help of Mainstream Media. Or most of people think such kind of Illuminati is not even existing. So let’s consider some Illuminati, NWO is there, (at least they talk about NWO also themsleves) but leave the extremist thinking.

Also there is debate going on whether Nazis gassed millions of people or just few thousands or not at all. Some people who has experienced the concentration camps tells details about the conditions and you can understand how crude the Nazis were, but at the same time it seems amongst all those who died, only some part died on gassing. There are lots of books that claim incredible amounts of people gassed, millions altogether. As there is so intense debate and some parties getting also benefits of it (if not compensation money, but from selling books) we can guess the truth to be somewhere middle. I would guess perhaps some 100 000 died by gassing.

Some writings which deny gassing been done, which is more rear than accepting the holocaust as such with gassings: TBR News: The Voice of White House, Jan 28.1-12:
By Craig Gottlieb: The CIA’S Nazi Friends. A large number of prominent Nazis were hired by the CIA. Gehlen was CIA-Nazi organization. Many German nationals belonging to the CIA-controlled Gehlen, have belonged to either the Gestapo or the RSHA intelligence before.
TBR news article mentions long list of Nazis who worked for both the CIA and U.S. Army Intelligence: I.e Former SS- Dr. Six was responsible for the murder of the Jews in the Russian city of Smolensk. 1952, Six was released. The former SS, Krichbaum was an associate of Heinrich Müller, head of the Gestapo and a later CIA agent. Krichbaum was in charge of the deportation of the Hungarian Jews in 1944, which took nearly 300,000 lives… including the killing of Soviet prisoners of war. The SS Rauff; Supervised gas vans, filled with Jews who died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Moved to Chile with new identity papers. SS Odlio Globocnik in Vienna was fired by Hitler for theft and pillage. But he stole millions more in the Lublin camps in Poland while gassing Jews and Poles.

In book: CIA´s former DDCA, Robert T. Crowley and Gregory Douglas (short cut) mention that Hitler got clean away along with his mistress and a few trusted people, Central America as the final resting place. Hitler was not talking about the German Jews, who were well-integrated into society as professionals… No, Hitler had the flood of really nasty, dirty, vulgar Polish Jews descended on his country…wonderful target for Hitler to blame everything on. And Hitler never, ever, spoke of gassing or killing them off, but to force them all out of the country. Müller often talked about this and he was in charge of the expulsion program. The gassing stories were invented after the war´. I have…microfilms of them, of the German camp systems and gassing inmates was not done. 1945 about ten thousand were left behind because they were too sick or weak to make the march to the west so the guards, local Poles, went in and shot most of them to death before the Russians got there. Understand that both the Poles and the Russians hate Jews with a passion and do love to kill them. Well, I guess the Jews of the present era have discovered how to make gold out of blood…Müller and his friends all came to work for US. The Jews are a political power in this country now…they will eventually go too far.

German anti-Semitism ‘deep-rooted’ in society, BBC News. Anti-Jewish feeling is “significantly” entrenched in German society, according to a report by experts appointed by the parliament. Internet has played a key role in spreading Holocaust denial, far-right and extreme Islamist views, according to the DPA news agency. The expert group, set up in 2009, is to report regularly on anti-Semitism. They see extremely high levels of anti-Jewish sentiment in parts of Poland, Hungary and Portugal. Before 1989, the Jewish population was below 30,000 but an influx of Jews, mainly from the former Soviet Union, has raised the number to 200,000.
Sarkar mentions the destruction caused by Hitler, but he didn’t write any details about that part of history. As well he mentions crudeness of Stalin. He admits human beings with forest cutting causing warming of the earth, but at same time he mentions the interplanetary and geological changes on earth. He accepted nuclear energy production. What comes to homosexuality Sarkar´s policy was that it should not be promoted or encouraged. He couraged women in high positions.

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