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Interesting times ahead ?

I have forgotten to post this previously on 14.2, so here it comes:

Powerful Energy Release From The Earth’s Core: The Geodynamic Monitoring, GNFE (UK), registered on Nov 15.2011 a powerful energy release…by all ATROPATENA stations: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Indonesia. Atropatena stations record particular three-dimensional gravitational anomalies that occur 3-7 days before strong earthquakes; when the tectonic stresses reach critical point. Now all Atropatena stations registered, almost simultaneously a very powerful gravitational impulse…which led to the conclusion that this might be possible only if the source of the stress waves was in the Earth’s core…a powerful energy burst in the Earth’s interior. This may result in the accelerated movement of lithospheric plates and consequently, strong earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis etc geological cataclysms. WOSCO International Scientific Information Agency.

Space dust/interstellar cloud that we have entered into and the Superwave interview; Chad Adams: interstellar mass of electromagnetic energy. Susan Rennison "Tuning the Diamonds" on electromagnetism. And Jake Simpson. INTERSTELLAR FLUFFY CLOUD will be streaming out this week. Last week: TIMEWAVE ZERO Before It's News: NASA hiding cloud:

According Web bot predictions Ure is expecting something profound to happen on beg of March, some of his suggestions:(-if not only fearful headlines): An economic collapse, solar CME, like Carrington Event. False flag - war in Syria, Iran. Climate - polar shift. Bird flu, internet off, censored. OR Disclosure of ETs and the Free Energy. The 'white hats' (military patriots) round up the TPTW, (Old World Order). BUT after last report, Clif continued to run the data - and named it: The Last 26 Days of life...???? Ure says hopefully just some (computer/google) code gone wonky!

(But may be web bot just is not able to tune to the subtle spiritual timeline of golden age!!! According the looking glass watchers the other timeline is only gloom and doom, but interestingly, they claim that those both timelines will converge on 2012. Which according them means, that there would be only one future – (the middle path?) even which ever way humanity would try to procede, DA). Web bot hit "ski the 7 hills of Rome" coming true: For the global warming enthusiasts; snowing in Rome and in Algiers in Africa! And the snow cover of Himalayas has not decreased - left scientists stunned: NASA have found a second possibly habitable planet, and named it the “Holy Grail”! In Scorpio Constellation! Yikes–they found my people!

'Old engineer' Coast to Coast AM radio: "anti-gravity is easy. You take two flat cylindrical expensive ($7,000 each) magnets with a hole in each center. Turn them so they repel. 3. Bolt them tight together. 4. Twirl high voltage wires thru the center. 5 pass a high voltage current thru the wire: (I wouldn't try this inside. Someone said he created a hole in his home.) Another: Try monatomic gold, heat gold to 8,000F for 70 seconds, anti-grav effect is pretty damned remarkable. using both pulses magnetics; first with one magnet fixed and operation with one pulsed, and if that works, then to multiple pulsed magnets... London city’s mayor cycling enthusiast, hydrogen fuel taxis(zero emission) for the 2012 Olympics! Mayor Johnson’s fest:

Anonymous reveal: 2005 Haditha Massacre left 24 Iraqi civilians dead (info by leaked phone call). Wuterich got no prison time. Acta: Europe protests over anti-piracy treaty. BBC, Further protests 100 expected to happen in EU. Helsinki 400 people. New protest on 25.2.

NaturalNews: Gates funds the chemtrail research: I.e. Keith owner of Carbon Engineering, in which both Gates and Edwards have stakes – over $10m. Besides Keith receives funding from Bill Gates each year. Apt worked with Keith and Aurora Flight Sciences: drone aircraft technology for the US military. The study of costs of 1m tonnes of sulphate particles. Keith admits: "It's changing as countries like India and China become involved. The era when my voice…was dominant is over. We need a very broad debate."

Rianovosti > After decades of drilling, Russian scientists have managed to reach the mysterious lake, Vostok, sealed for the past 20 million years. It is thought that end of the Second World War, the Nazis moved to the South Pole . In 1943 Karl Dönitz was quoted saying “Germany's submarine fleet is proud that it created an unassailable fortress for the Fuehrer on the other end of the world,” in Antarctica. According to German naval archives, months after Germany surrendered to the Allies in April, 1945, the German submarine U-530 arrived at the South Pole. Crewmembers constructed an ice cave and supposedly stored Hitler’s secret files. Hitler was obsessed with New Swabia name given to the area of Antarctica, which he believed would one day be the world capital of his “master race.” Movie from Finland; Iron Sky. Ab Natzies who escaped to the dark side of the moon after WWII. It is now on Berlinale-moviefestival. And another remarkable movie on cinemas in Finland: The sands of Saraswati ("Sarasvatin hiekkaa" by Risto Isomäki, which also claims that Atlantis was in India coast. According Sarkar; "At one time there was one vast expanse of land which stretched from old Gondwanaland to Australia. The original inhabitants of this vast region were the ancient Austrics". Verbally he mentioned that Atlantis was somewhere there, but it was not that advanced as has been claimed.

UK Daily Mail, Merging human brain with computers. Each experienced what other felt, thought, knew and saw. Star Trek, the Vulcan mind meld. By Professor Jan Morris. And ‘Thought-controlled’ weapons operated by thought control and helmets that stimulate soldier’s brains for more accuracy. Supersoldiers, Project camelot - similar claims??? or
The US National Science Foundation predicted ‘internet- telepathy’ by the 2020s,

Tony Ring, interesting decline in small earthquakes since 2006 - but more big ones. All over earthquakes expected; Yellowstone. Between Baja, Mexico and Washington… Europe; north of the Alps from the Canaries to Poland. Iceland through the sea of Norway. Central and S-America — S-Mexico and Chile/Peru. New Zealand, Indonesia, India to Afghanistan. Philippines — large . U.S. Obama embraced controversial hydraulic fracturing, while Bulgaria's 240 parliamentarians voted to impose an indefinite ban on it. Dutchsinse checks out daily the earthquakes by HAARP:

The Great Central US Shakeout drill being run by FEMA in New Madrid Fault Zone on Febr 7, 2012. The drill is on same day, month, and year and two centuries after 1812 earthquakes - which brought a lot of speculation on forums: And Activist Post: 20,000 troops from eight countries take part in North Carolina and Virginia:

Weekly Fulford: The takedown (of Washington controllers) is proceeding smoothly. Despite widespread pessimism, the cabalists are... approaching truth and reconciliation committee by Panetta, Pentagon etc. Fed needs to be dismantled and the cabalists jailed. One sign of ´dismantling´ was the stoppage of the Fed owned Clearing House Interbank Payments System on Febr 3rd and another sign; the 65% drop in the Baltic Dry Index (the price of shipping) this year, related to growing global boycott of the G5, and refusal of US dollars or Euros for trade.

Fulford suggests US Pentagon, Russian and Chinese Military to form global peace-keeping force. Microsoft (MSFT) and Western media to be fragmented. High-status public arrests imminent. Fulford interview: He thinks Polish leaders might have been killed in order to force Poland to give up the Zloty and financial independence, and join the Euro. Fascist P2 Masonic Lodge and the Khazarian (not Jews), BIS behind it. In order to get Polish into debt and privatize everything. Donald Tusk is a traitor.
He has been previously writing about the bonds that were previously sized in Italy and you might hear more from him soon as there is now new case of: This is very closely related what Wilcock wrote about these bonds, that US made them looking fakes that nobody can ever cash them: This giga-debt disclosure (Fed, G5 bank cartel) will end the management of five major American banks and will be replaced. In London, the rats are fighting; Bumi Resources coup against Rothschild, here. the UK and Indonesia are at opposing ends of the Monaco Colloquium. The Rothschilds control the US Fed cashflows. 30th Jan 2012, $4.7 tr fiat fumes laundered from the Fed …to EU commercial banks.

Illuminati show of Madonna: And Madonna’s Illuminati Worship Ritual Super Bowl show exercise in Illuminati symbolism. Homeland Security’s See Something, Say Something campaign: the hot dog sellers at the Super Bowl were trained by the TSA to spot terrorists. Super bowl event; there is huge interest in the ads, and YouTube.

Gucciardi: According to fluoride expert Jeff Green there can be much more fluoride in non-organic food than fluoridated tap water! “Cryolite is actually sodium aluminum fluoride… effective at killing bugs,” Green says; “when they spray it, it stick on produce.” Agent Orange Maker Monsanto Seeks Return to Vietnam for GMO Crops, And Pharmaceutical waste runoff causing shrimp suicides . First humans, then dogs, now shrimp?

(NaturalNews) Keith Heller, M.D, a surgeon, shocker: "I do not believe that this epidemic of (thyroid cancer) is real. It is due to ultrasound biopsy of thyroid nodules (partly removal) which makes patients cancer-phobic and lifelong dependent on thyroid medication.... In Finland tiny nodules are considered normal. So they get to keep their thyroid glands. Cancer is fungus and it is curable. Rene Caisse, cancer clinic in Ontario, cures "terminal" cancer patients. Sodium_bicarbonate and molasses.

Newsmax Health report: on prayer? Startling, FREE video presentation. Prayer changes your brain, 47 benefits: pain relief, reduced risk of heart attack, lessened depression. . .prevent memory loss, but can also make you sick… Brain Science Behind Prayer! Omega-3 fat (DHA)…easily digested nutrients from seafood into the human diet coincided with the rapid expansion of grey matter in the cerebral cortex -- deficiency may lead to brain degeneration. Journal Nutrients1.

Hoagland:. NASA brought actual samples of the ancient technologies from moon - for highly classified efforts at “back engineering.” 1963, the President Kennedy suddenly issued a public invitation to the Soviets an offer of a “cooperative, joint U.S./USSR lunar expedition.” After two months Kennedy was dead. America’s achievements in space science and rocket engineering done by men with secret pasts - Germans, Egyptians, Englishmen and Americans… the “Magicians”, the “Masons”, the “Nazis”.

Wayne Madsen: In 1965. Obama’s stepfather Soetoro was assisting Suharto and CIA to overthrow President Sukarno in Indonesia. CFR members:

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