maanantai 27. helmikuuta 2012

The Economic war waging

Vice-president of EU commission Rehn seems to be torturing Hungary because of tiny trading deficit: as a consequence Hungary would loose 495 million EU-support next year, which means 0,5 % of Hungary´s GDP.

Fulford: There will be controlled implosion of the Fed and the EU Central Bank, before a new financial system can go online. Resignation of dozen bankers on $15 tr fraud case in the UK… and $6 tr in Italy. Meeting of White Dragon with dragon family to discuss a meritocratic economic planning agency. (While in China the cabals are meeting for world gov agenda?) According Fulford told ab $6 tr bonds in Nov 2011 - stolen from Japan - on Wilcock blog 12. Dec 2011. Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain not going to pay their debts to banks.

White Hats: We have worked hard to make sure…it would be heard like a shot. Over the next months we will report on the investigations in the UK, EU, Hong Kong… the magnitude of coming events will be catastrophic to the world markets. The $15 Tr stolen from the people of the US by and through the Fed and the Dep of Treasury is deplorable. Right now, they all want to go to their estates in Paraguay. Not this time. They need to be held accountable.

Transcript of Lord James -
White Hats and Ed Falcone have been meeting House of Lords, Lord Blackheath and UK Agencies at the highest levels. The White Hats are using the U.K. arena to commence their work due to the total control of the Dark Cabal...Bushes, Clintons, Obamas etc, including the US Main Stream Media.

Lord James urging the House of Lords to conduct an investigation into a possible bank heist to the tune of US$ 15 Tr. Ben Fulford confirming that a March 31st deadline has been set by the Gnostic Illuminati against the Khazarian Cabal to transfer power over to Prince Harry to effect Global Settlements. 15 tr case is separate from US $16 tr being doled out by Obama adm: “Source linked to the late Marcos” verified to be authentic, and signed by Queen Elizabeth…

Really many bank managers, heads of the different gov officers etc leaving their jobs… either caught in fraud or fearing more clean up times. The war is really going on underground and heads falling, but what will be the new order, new financial system, difficult to know as it is also secretive so far – BRIC countries heading it, with Putin making their coins (acc Wilcock) and Gnostics (who are they by the way) are handling the 300 cabals, marshal artists with fighting spirit etc - lets hope for the best - they are really doing something to make things better… DA.

Fulford blog mentions also Finnish Economist Jukka Davidsson/Stakes: The stock market rise is artificial; the real downfall is just ahead. A plan set for EU: The economic war games will replace the real wars. Democracy will be used to kill the nations. Agenda 21; each citizen is guilty, if not proved innocent. World gov is the goal. Finland was under control of the oligarchs in millennium, whether the economists and politicians knew it or not, believing into NWO. The economic depression was staged - to get Finland into EU and euro. The fair trial was removed. Banks were entitled to transfer any customer to arsenal or force the company in bankruptcy.

But is Finland getting more though now? First Finnish politicians demanded backing of the Greek loans. Finnish mayors of the communities and cities resist the EU Nuts agenda; forced unification of the communities,DA. Ville Iivarinen, money matters:

As Wilcock told there are faked real US bonds, but are these 6 tr faked-real or real-faked bonds - getting confused??? asks; How can $6 trillion in glaringly fake bombs be a "threat to international financial stability?" Bloomberg: Phony U.S. securities, cases previously in 2009: $116 billion in Aug and $134 billion in June. (Reuters): In 2009, Italian police seized $742 billion of fake U.S. bonds. Rocky Montana: Recently in Italy, found a briefcase containing $20 billion in fake bonds.

Ure, The Baltic Dry index is hovering midway between grim and disastrous! Ron Paul continues to tell it like it really is...which ensures he won't make it. Moody's Investor Services putting 100-top tier banks on credit watch could start to trigger a financial avalanche. Obama’s CFR Economic Council Director Calls for Global Tax. Canadian oil to China: While Saudi Arabia Cuts Oil Output.

Obama donates 7 oil rich Alaskan islands to Russia: The Department of Interior estimates billions of barrels of oil are at stake. The agreement was negotiated in total secrecy. This is despite the fact the Alaska Legislature has passed opposite resolutions: Joe Miller, former judge, economist, University of Alaska. Miller reports for WorldNetDaily.

Activist Post: The DNSChanger, FBI malware haunt; 3 million computers possibly infected -could leave them without access to the Web. But Krebs on Security, the FBI's DNSChanger Working Group trying to extend the March 8 deadline? Why the US would not apply a rapid fix as suggested by Russian experts - Kremlin puzzled and concerned.

RT, Anonymous attacking: CIA. Boston Police Dep, the FBI, the DOJ, the U.S. Copyright Office and two of Brazil’s largest banks, conference calls between the FBI and Scotland Yard. [via AFP]. NSA Propaganda: Anonymous Cyberattack Will Take Down Power Grid. and; Occupy Greece -style threatening to delete an Inland Revenue debts of Greek citizens. ( Business Insider: confidential 10-page memo distributed to senior officials in Europe. Leaked Memo Blows The Lid Off Of The Entire Greek Bailout. EURUSD: Greek Deal -Same Deal As July 2011.

Rome military became corrupted with rampant homosexuality and fell off from power.
Sarkar: The Christian or Roman civilization was also considerably higher on the ladder of development. Yet they were lacking in social outlook. There were no feelings of fraternity and equality. The slave system was rampant and human feelings were on the wane. Furthermore, the lack of a proper socio-economic theory generated a kind of fascist mentality in them. Those rolling in luxury and adverse to labour became indolent. Naturally they were defeated by a stronger and more strenuous force.

Those who shudder at the sight of various social vices and lament: “Everything is lost; righteousness is gone; morality has vanished” should realize that among all the causes behind this so-called all-round degeneration, the principal one is the social injustice.

The voracious may overeat and be attacked with diseases; the seekers of luxury may overspend on their luxuries and incur debt. That is why it will be easier for an individual to be established in aparigraha (simple lifestyle)…To unify society we must first remove social and economic disparities. In a society where one person wallows in luxury while another gradually starves to death, the bondage of friendship is inconceivable.

This also changes according to time, person and place. For example, one person may easily bear certain physical hardships, while another person under the same circumstances may possibly die. Under these circumstances the latter requires greater comforts of life than the former to remove his or her difficulty and this will not be against aparigraha.

We must not forget even for a single moment, that the entire animate world is a vast joint family. Nature has not assigned any portion of this property to any particular individual. Private ownership has been created by selfish opportunists, as the loopholes in this system provide them with ample scope for self-aggrandizement through exploitation. When the entire wealth of the universe is the common patrimony of all living beings, can the system in which some roll in luxury, while others, deprived of a morsel of food, shrivel up and starve to death bit by bit, be said to have the support of dharma?

In all human actions the tender touch of humanity should be present. Those with the tendency to not deprive others cannot, on the grounds of justice and equity, accept the principle of private ownership… Those who want to promote public welfare without antagonizing capitalism will have to oppose mechanization… With the double increase in the productivity of machines, the working hours of labourers will be reduced by half.

Not always being preoccupied with the problems of acquiring food, clothing, etc., people’s psychic and spiritual potentialities will no longer be wasted. They will be able to devote ample time to such activities as sports, literary pursuits and spiritual practices.

The necessity of the trade union movement, to safeguard the interests of workers, cannot be denied. To guide this movement along the proper path, appropriate steps must be taken… to clearly accept the right of workers to participate in the management of industrial, trade and commercial enterprises… Political leaders with party interests tend to dominate trade unions. Their primary objective is to promote the selfish interests of the party, not the welfare of the workers.

Instead of rectifying themselves, politicians want to accomplish everything through their grandiloquence. By identifying the weaknesses in others and by resorting to bombastic language, they incite one section of people against another so that they can usurp the seat of power and cling to it. Human beings will have to remain vigilant against persons of this type. People should cast their votes for deserving human beings – not for the lamppost holding the party ticket.

The banking system must be vigilant about two important points. First, the intrinsic demonic greed of the banks must not be allowed to jeopardize the life of the common people… Secondly, the banks must not allow unwise administrators or governments to print monetary notes indiscriminately without reserving the proportionate amount of bullion in their treasuries.

The banking system must continue, otherwise the mobility of money will be hindered. If people oppose the banking system because they are guided by selfish whims or any other sentiment, then their economy will stay in the dark ages. The banking system will have to be managed by cooperatives. The central or federal bank will be controlled by the immediate or local government.

The fundamental aim of the banking system is, “Keep money rolling.” Let governments be active. Let people purchase as much rice, pulses, vegetables, oil, salt, sugar, etc., as they can with money. Let money go to the grocers, the sugar cane vendors, the confectioners, the factory workers, the labourers and the weavers. And let the colourful saris of the weavers be purchased and worn by the newly married brides, adding to the beauty and prosperity of society.

Human longings are infinite. If these infinite human longings are allowed to run after objects of worldly enjoyment, conflict among human beings is bound to take place. As material wealth is limited, over-abundance for one leads to crippling scarcity for others. These infinite human longings can be fulfilled only through psychic and spiritual wealth.
Didi Annapurna