lauantai 18. helmikuuta 2012

Sarkar, Indira Gandhi and Olof Palme

Prout is opposing communism due to its inhuman suppression of spirituality and the dictatorial authorities fooling the people. Sarkar also predicted how communism will die. When the Proutists covered all the walls over India with slogans against communism and on favor of Prout, Indian government jailed Sarkar with false charges by the demand of Russian intelligence, due to fearing Prout would replace communism. Dec 1971 Sarkar was taken to Patna jail for seven years. 1973 he was given poison by jail authorities. He survived, although almost lost his sight and teeth. He started fasting with curd water and horlicks.

Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the coming prime minister, and three other prominent members of parliament came to visit and requested Sarkar to stop fasting. They also told that the communist intelligence was behind the government decisions, planned in Moscow and executed through Delhi. They gave statement in a press conference: “We requested him to give up his fast, which he declined by saying that he considers his ideals of dharma, morality and humanity more important than his life. These ideals he considers to be the basic principles of democracy.” The Russian intelligence was training police officers to kill Sarkar, but after all he survived miraculously all attempts. Many people self-immolated due to protest for the inhuman and criminal torture of Sarkar. All the members of AM were either put in jail or they went underground for years.

Indira Gandhi´s declared state of emergency after she lost the elections 1975. She even went so far that she banned, together with opposition leaders, members of Aanda Marga and Proutists. But for the Proutists it was not that bad, as most of the opposition leaders who came to power after, came to know Prout and were inspired by it and the sincere spiritual practises of our members. Sarkar also spread his mission throughout the world during his prison years. He never lost his faith to final justice and was sure about winning the case. When they attempted to give him death sentence, he avoided it, due to his wise advices to his lawyer.

DS was also sent by Sarkar abroad. He couldn’t get Indian passport, due to his previous jail time and perhaps partly due to his family background - his relatives being government officials and opposing very much his missionary life. DS had been jailed with false accusations and treated unlawfully in the past. DS applied finally world citizen passport, which some individual in Switzerland was printing. It was totally useless and even considered unlawful document by some countries, but without knowing it he managed, by the grace of his Guru, to travel with it to Taiwan and Laos, where he even got permanent residence, while coming in contact with the son of the president.

Finally DS flew to Sweden where he requested for political asylum. He had written already in Laos a long explanation about the harassment that he and Sarkar had experienced from Indian authorities. He was allowed to enter to Sweden. But he was worried, if he would get political asylum, because India and Sweden had close relationship.

DS contacted many officials to help the Sarkar´s case in India. He collected 10 000 signatures which then required action by the Swedish government. Swedish officers took the matter up in United Nations Human Rights Floor, condemning India government of violating human rights while torturing Mr Sarkar in jail without any relevant reason. The Indian government was unpleasantly surprised. mentions: United States Congress House Committee on International Relations: Human Rights in India: Hearings before the Subcommittee on International Organizations, U.S. Govt. Print. Off. 1976
Sheppard MC: Report on the trial of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar Ananda Marga leaders in Patna, India THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION OF prepared for JURISTS THE INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE FOR Geneva and THE RIGHTS OF MAN New York, Montreal, Canada, August 9, 1976.

DS contacted also Prime Minister Olof Palme and requested him to grant asylum for Sarkar in Sweden. Palme gave him letter to be taken to Swedish Immigration department. The immigration officer spoke with DS more than five hours and arranged first asylum for him. Officer also told that if Mr Sarkar would come to Sweden he would be given all respect. The officer left DS the task to arrange Sarkar to Sweden. When DS went next week to get his asylum papers, he was given Swedish passport.

DS got also to see the letter that Indian government had sent to Swedish and other embassies, in which it was claimed that AM was a criminal organization, and they were requesting all countries to ban AM. Anyhow those countries didn’t seem to take it seriously.

Indira Gandhi herself wrote once a letter as an answer for Swedish sister: The declaration of emergency and the people´s spontaneous response to it by showing me discipline had been widely welcomed by India and by people in other parts of the world…For they realize that I have acted not only to save democrazy in India but very existence as a free nation. If this cost me my life, I shall give it cheerfully. Your sincerely Gandhi… This letter clearly shows how serious treat she felt AM and Prout…

Many organizations and lawyers came to support Sarkar´s case with letters to Indian officers. One was Mr William T Wells, the British Queen’s council, former member of Parliament and member of the Magistrates Courts Rules committee. He assisted and attended the court cases of Sarkar. Mr Jaya Prakash Narayan was a famous leader of India and Mr Abdul Bhukhari was a leader of Muslins in India. They were supporting Sarkar and condemned Indira Gandhi. They helped to mobilize the masses against the declaration of emergency in India. Many UK parliament members and US senate members wrote letters demanding release of Sarkar.

Indira Gandhi organized new elections in 1077, but Indian people revolted against her. A new coalition ministry took over. Stuff of many embassies all over the world left their postings as they didn´t want to face the members of AM complaints and protests. New court case was opened and all concocted charges by Gandhi were quashed in 1978. During the time of Sarkar´s imprisonment AM had spread to ab hundred countries! Thousands of his supporters were receiving him out from jail. He said to them and people on audience: “You have heard of the victory of dharma in the past, you are seeing the victory of dharma in the present and you are going to see the victory of dharma in the future also.” (Meaning that the spiritual nature of human being and righteousness is victorious).

While in India the government confiscated all AM properties in 1975 (later opposition leaders claimed back for AM), outside India schools and projects were growing, and there was need to create more volunteer workers; monks and nuns to run the activities. So DS requested that time Sarkar, if he could start a training centre in Sweden for creating dedicated workers for the mission all over the world. Sarkar sent his blessing for the training centre while still in jail. That´s how the Swedish training centre was started, and is still today functioning and creating new volunteer workers for the projects and missionary work.

Today Prout is still waiting the right moment when India and the world are truly ready for Prout, righteousness, spirituality and welfare for all.
PS: I also dedicated my life for the service of humanity in TC, Sweden, Didi Annapurna