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Latest from Wilcock: The Final Sections

Short cut, see original: http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1026-financial-tyranny-final. Ab the occult economy of BIS: http://www.rense.com/general85/tower.htm. New insiders: Lee: You get into game with 500M to invest. Peter: "Gatekeepers" on high level decide who is allowed into the occult economy. Alexa: Four "fake" bond boxes are made for every real box. But even the real boxes contain 20 % counterfeit bonds. This way, any legitimate bond holder could be arrested.

Dandelion Books, On Oct 31, 2003, CIA insider revealing the occult economy. The insider was dead before finishing the book. http://www.rense.com/general43/dand.htm. Book: “The brotherhood of the money”, by Murray Bloom. An NBC show revealed this secret world to the public - only to write it off as a "Nigerian email scam for rich people: Suicide is Painless: on Febr 3, 2010. At 20-minute mark; Israel's involvement with the bonds on video.

Scottish newspaper and a UK television revealed; "CIA records show secret mission to remove gold from China". Who Wants to Be a Trillionaire? http://journeyman.tv/?lid=12192&tmpl=transcript. And http://www.scotsman.com/news/international/naive_scam_or_secret_cia_counterfeits_1_665329.

All efforts to cash the bonds have failed...the banks and institutions have been told, that under NO circumstances are they to cash the bonds. The Treasury has conducted secret talks with a few of the note holders and has made offers to redeem them for a small percentage (1-10%) of their face value. Sterling and Peggy Seagrave research on David Guyatt's pioneering work. Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold.

http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/30468. At the end of Golden Lily operation, June 1945, General Yamashita, head of the Japanese occupying army in the Philippines, knew the war was lost. He held a farewell party for Japanese chief engineers, in one of the 175 underground tunnel complexes the engineers had constructed. At midnight, Yamashita slipped out and detonated dynamite at the tunnel's entrance. Buried 70 meters underground, the engineers died with gold bars, looted by the Japanese army from Asia….US President Truman set up a secret, high-level gov team to launder the stolen assets into 176 bank accounts in 42 countries. US President Clinton allowed the CIA to remove Golden Lily documents from declassified US records.

According to the Seagraves, during George Bush junior's presidency, two US Navy ships were sent to the Philippines to replenish US gold reserves. One Swiss bank holds more than $190 billion in a covert US government account, the Seagraves report. "Black gold" was laundered by US banks.

Obviously, the 26 trillion dollars in secret Fed bailouts shows that this occult economy is not working anymore. The rest of the world, outside the key G5 countries, has systematically cut them off. As a result, the banks are going into - undeclared default. How much longer they can prop it up…http://www.jsmineset.com/2012/01/30/the-impending-undeclared-default-of-5-major-us-banks/. www.EllisMartinReport.com: This has the potential to cause a second financial crisis. Bloomberg article Febr 6th, 2012: Impending default of Bank of America, JP Morgan, UBS and Goldman Sachs. The subprime mortgage home foreclosures - reaching a head. Multiple Cases Against Banks. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-02-06/bofa-jpmorgan-ubs-foreclosure-deal-goldman-in-court-news.html.

On Jan 30, 2012, Alt Market title: http://www.alt-market.com/articles/540-baltic-dry-index-signals-renewed-market-collapse. The Baltic Dry Index have previously predicted imminent market moves. http://www.alt-market.com/articles/540-baltic-dry-index-signals-renewed-market-collapse. BDI shows global shipping rates of goods, and demand of materials. From 2001- 02, a similar sharp collapse in the BDI preceded a progressive drop in the Dow of around 4000 points…In 2008, the index fell to near record lows once again just before the derivatives and credit crisis hit stocks full force. Canada's sudden legal uprising against Financial tyranny; Dec 19, 2011. http://www.rense.com/general95/centbank.htm.

The IMF, the World Bank, the BIS and the many federal banks, Sarkozy, Blair, the Bushes and many others have continually used funds illegally, stolen from the accounts. KEENAN: The gold bunkers do exist, and Al Gore’s nephew Bruce is there at this moment trying to work it…. But it is all part of the Global Accounts and registered. Judge Mulligan is not a Khazar [Illuminati]. He made sure that everything was backed by evidence and fact before putting his name on the complaint.

Committee of 300 Certificate
. President Marcos as a holder of “Gold, Silver, Platinum and Other Precious Items. The document also says the financial intention is for “Humanitarian and National Development Program.” Queen Elizabeth is the Head of the Committee of 300 -- But in Rothschild’s City of London, she has to get permission to enter…and they believe it is their duty to control the World!

Keith Scott, previous OITC; The gold of all nations was surrendered (forcibly taken by armies) to central banks -- and through them to the Fed US during the WWII. Type “Hirohito meeting 1921 London” into Google. It became apparent to all of them that the gold standard was one reason for the First World War, so the gold standard had to be eliminated. Belgium, Italy, France, Japan, Great Britain and Germany, with a group of Fed banks worked toward the creation of the Bank for International Settlements, BIS. They also decided to allow all nations equitable access.

Some bonds were the property of the Dragon Family – no question about that. If we manage to get them open, we will be able to expose the revolving frauds committed by banks. Chinese Gov honor the old agreements and keep this gold secure for the benefit of the Global Financial system. People can criticize China on many things, but in this case they have been very honorable.

The Green Hilton Agreement was effort to change the matrix of the global fiat financial system. Kennedy intended to get rid of the Fed (corruption had started) with setting EO 11110 …and by creating gold backed US Dollar. A fiat currency system could not co-exist with a gold standard system. So Kennedy was killed and Johnson amended EO11110.

GUYATT: There are two sorts of gold. The "white" gold of the West. But the "black" gold of the Orient is not official, not in books. The price of gold would have plunged to the depths -- and remained there forever.

SCOTT: The concept that the Chinese provided all this gold is nonsense… Every country in the world contributed their gold into this same system, including Australia, Canada, Great Britain, all European nations, Russia, India, China and Japan. Templar Knights gold in France and Jews gold was gathered up by the Gestapo and eventually transferred to Philippines. Marcos, like Hirohito, was a servant of the system. 170 sites in Philippines is merely a part of it, but more in Indonesia, China, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Malaysia.

SCOTT: The official gold is 120,000 tons. The total is more than Two Million tons. The black gold… underpins the currencies of the world through the use of SDR's (Special Drawing Rights.) Via Khazarian control of the central banking system, the original system has been totally perverted to serve the interests of the owners of the Central Banks. This is where everything has gone wrong. WWII Japanese & Nazi Gold (2002). http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/the_spoils_of_war.htm.

SCOTT: The Bilderbergers are post war Nazis, working toward a One World Government.
GUYATT: The Trilateral Commission - the Bilderberg group dressed in another frock (includes Japan’s elite). Prior to his death in 1974, Sta. Romana (CIA) told his wife that he was a senior member of the Trilateral Commission, which “controlled world finance.” He also revealed he was deeply involved with a secret society known as the “Illuminati”, which had set in motion a fifty-year plan to “corner the major part of the worlds gold supply.” SCOTT: All true.

Hirohito’s Gold; http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/hirohitos_gold.htm.
http://www.deepblacklies.co.uk/the_electronic_black_market.htm (http://www.thaipost.com) "1.8 million ounces of unprocessed gold in 12 kilo bars." The Japanese Golden Lily (Seagrave). http://gold.greyfalcon.us/gold10.html. The Black Eagle Trust, http://gold.greyfalcon.us/gold11.html

SCOTT: If a specific item such as gold is used as the basis of currency, the rich keep acquiring the gold. Prior to WWI, gold in Europe and America was predominantly owned by Jews…by private families Nations had no control over their own economies. This is why we cannot return to the gold standard. Fiat currencies may appear to be debt-backed, but that debt would be backed by assets of value. It worked well for a few years, and then along came securitization, mortgage packaging. This is a breach of Charter. And it became totally perverted during George Bush Snr, Clinton and George Bush Jnr. times. Today the entire system is totally corrupted, with the powerful robbing everyone.

(Fulford believes on gold standard). Fulford has said that the trading programs have recently been shut down. SCOTT: Around 200 top people are still using it. Dollar has a safety net (i.e. the collateral accounts), but the Euro has no safety net -- just the dream. The Euro days are numbered.

WILCOCK: why allow gold in central banks in EU and America?
SCOTT: It appears normal to people. Investors like to think there is some form of safety net. Countries in general have knowledge of the gold agreements. China i.e has vast amounts of gold, but never touches it -- so therefore their economic stability is never threatened.

It is the underlying value for a fiat system. The Irish have taught Europe a good lesson on what happens when the Fiat system is abused. Europe will have little chance of collecting on the debts of Greece, Portugal, Spain and probably Italy. This is because they entered the debt against the note maker without completing the conversion process, which is the registration of the debt within the Treasury.

WILCOCK: Your lawsuit would be doing - repatriating assets and bringing them on-market, reducing gold to at least 10 percent of its current market value?
SCOTT: We have no intention of repatriating the assets, and I would warn anyone against thinking this way. The basic system be retained and operated correctly. The gold in the accounts should never be brought onto the market.

WILCOCK: What are your personal feelings about how best to re-design an economic system that benefits humanity and the Earth in the most genuine way possible?
SCOTT: Fundamentally, it is really a simpler vision of the Bretton Woods plan -- with a clean management. One of the main issues is transparency. Simply expose them and then take their money away.

WILCOCK: or will most people become furious and take to the streets? How do we avoid going through profound economic suffering in the midst of this transition?
SCOTT: The solution to the so-called debt problem can be eliminated almost overnight. Specifically, there will be 100 Trillion dollars a year that can be devoted to improving the planet and its people’s welfare. The Monaco Group have now 138 nations involved.

CLOSING THE DOORS -- CEASE AND DESIST. NKeenan: The collateral accounts have been illegally used for years. The bickering over the accounts is finished as of this C & D. Our observers saw them enter the BIS early in the day, and exit the BIS late at night. Lagarde, IMF, has already made it clear that the IMF will no longer launder the FED’s money…telling the Cabals that their day in the sun is over: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-16689211.

All Central Banks, with the exception of two, are controlled by the FEDS. The BIS and IMF are also controlled by the FEDS, who are in turn controlled by six major commercial banks. They are illegally creating money from smoke and mirrors. The Irish scared the living hell out of them by simply requesting to see where the money came from. They cannot show this, because all the money came from smoke and mirrors.

If you do not pay back this money that never existed, they will take your high-ranking political posts, your energy rights, et cetera. Remember the 147 Super corporations owned by these FED-associated companies? And who is doing this? A couple of rankled old men who used to work behind the Iron Curtain -- and still believe in Global Domination. The EU is a group of appointed dictators, who are dictating to elected Governments.

We are closing their doors, not ours. Link. http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=2539741.
Cease and Desist Notice? It acts as a provisional notice, informing everyone who is not entitled to touch those Accounts that they must leave them alone, or be responsible for the consequences. (This includes the BIS, who are hand-in-hand in all the thefts.) We have mentioned worst offenders specific institutions and individuals. (There are long list of individual names go and see:http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1026-financial-tyranny-final.)

“This Cease and Desist Order is issued and effective from this 5th Day of Jan 2012 to all Parties specifically nominated and stated below”….
At the end it says: * ALL GOVERNMENT offices in the US, Germany, UK, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Japan; *ALL Commercial and Central BANKS,
Signed : Jan 5, 2012 by Keith Francis SCOTT and Neil Francis KEENAN

Now 122 nations (Monaco accord) have agreed to set up a new system -- and this lawsuit is part of the process: http://www.divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/995-lawsuit-end-tyranny.

The Illuminati public ritual by Madonna during the Super Bowl…most-watched show in the history of TV on Febr 5th, 2012.
So many people began 'outing' the Illuminati symbolism that Daily Mail closed their comments section online. Madonna is as a God in this ritual. The show was to announce Illuminati presence, as it is coming open anyhow. Alex Jones' about this stunningly blatant display:

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