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Gurukula education, Ramayana and Atlantis

Gurukula used to be the centre for education in India. After Mahabharata time (Chrisna´s time ab 3500 ago) almost all the children from 5-25 were sent to Ashrams for 20 years with Guru - detached from their families. They became spiritual and disciplined. After that they became householders. And after 50 years old they went to forests and caves and dedicated their life totally to spirituality. Spirituality was highly regarded in the society and daily life. Even the thief went to Ashram for prayer before going for stealing.

Interesting story; one man suppose to go for stealing. But first he went to Ashram. He heard there that one should always talk truth. After that someone asked were he was going? He said that he was going for stealing. Nobody believed and when he stole and confessed even then nobody would believe him. Then one day he thought why to steal, as nobody even believes it.

When one and each is engaged constantly with spirituality, then the culture is different. That time people were humble and noble. Everything changed when the Muslims, English and the capitalists destroyed the Indian spiritual culture. British took over Gurukul. Cleverly they changed the education and used it for creating first class civil servants for their own purposes. They educated Indians, but the manners and education was English. When exploitation reached the momentum, as a consequence, there started to be beggars in the streets. In Simla school they educated new rulers for India and later they educated the children of the leaders and rulers. England destroyed also the Chinese culture by giving Opium to them and the rest went during communist rule.

The Muslims didn’t succeed well, because the vitality of Islam is not that strong. Muslim´s identity was weakened and they became similar with Hindus, as if only the Burka makes difference. Today the Indian schooling is defective and makes people materialists and cynical.

We should inspire people each and everyone to become spiritual and radical - then automatically the life and the world will change better. Nobody should be forced to die without food. Not even the worst enemies.

Sarkar used to say: Respect with love the seniors, and love affectionately the juniors.
When communism collapsed, Sarkar said were not ready, but when the collapse will happen next time Prout will take over. But it will not happen before we are ready, and it will happen quickly. (Finland was one country he mentioned Prout will be established first in Europa, Australia being the first country in the world, but we will see). Mainz, Germany 10.2-12.Dada Shubhatmananda´s speech, part of it.

Sarkar ab Gurukul: If human beings think seriously, they can perform small and big tasks unitedly in a beautiful manner…the welfare of a maximum number of persons can be affected…Institutions with 5000 – 500 000 students were called Gurukul.

In later times, when in ancient Greece, the system of Academies progressed, they were upgraded and during the Roman Empire, they were reconstituted as “Universities”. The Universities represented a grand educational scheme. During the tenure of the British Empire, the institution of universities were also initiated in India. We have lost the tradition of over a thousand years.

Sádhu – the detailed meaning is, he who uplifts others in all the strata of life. That is, he who helps others in their physical, psychic and spiritual development is a sádhu. Whoever has got more points than you, more resultant points in favour of merit, is a sádhu for you…Utilize each and every moment of your life in enjoying the company of sádhus.

When the Western system of education was introduced in India, some pandits…refused to send their children to English-medium schools. Did this decision benefit them? Two generations later circumstances compelled them to accept English education, but in the interim their social progress had lagged somewhat behind. In that same period a group of obstinate mullahs issued a fatwa against the English language… (fearing) they would lose their religious identity and become Christians. This attitude of the Muslim vipras had a very harmful effect on Indian Muslims. Later they had to found the Muslim University in Aligarh to repair the damage.

PROUT does not reject the western educational system. But at the same time, the western education system utterly failed to inculcate a sense of morality, reverence and a high standard of behaviour among the students of India during the time of the British Raj.

People in many countries throughout the world are painfully experiencing the detrimental effects of education through the medium of fear…A thirst for knowledge must be awakened, and, to quench that thirst, proper education must be given. Only then will education be worthwhile and develop the body, mind and ideals of the student….Through stories children can easily be taught the history and geography of various countries, and they may also be taught the initial lessons of how to practise universalism in their lives. Children love play and stories almost equally, so in their case the two should be equally utilized… In order to educate young adults, a harmonious blend of idealism and realism is required.

The Rámáyańa has great educative value, yet it is not history or itikathá. Rather, it is a purańá, a myth... The puspak chariot, the imaginary flying vehicle in the Rámáyańa, may mislead someone to believe that during the Rámáyańa period the people of India knew how to manufacture planes. By reading such written records of our ancestors, many people today may misunderstand history and be misled into believing that the unreal is real, and thus indulge in superstition. (I heard also Sarkar has said that the Atlantis people were not that advanced, as it is claimed nowadays, and that they used to live somewhere between India and Australia, where there was land mass, the other people claim he said that Sarkar told Old Atlantis is now underwater, except some parts of it in Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Iceland. There should be surveys around the coast of Iberia, some new clues to be found…)

Song No. 5018, composed by Shrii P.R. Sarkar on 20th Oct. 1990 at 11 p.m. This was his last song, in last day of his life: We will establish the Gurukul. We will dye each and every bud with the light of knowledge. No one will stay away. We will bind everybody with the thread of love and create a garland of incomparable beauty. No one will stay behind; none will be thrown at the bottom. All will exist with kith and kin with their minds full of sweetness and tenderness for all.
Didi Annapurna