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Sarkar tours India and the world 1968-90

DS and others memorise:

While boarding the plane in the airport in India to Philippines, Sarkar spoke about Vivekananda and Tagore. Vivekananda became famous while speaking in US, Chigago in the World Religious Conference and the whole world gave him recognition. Only then he was respected also in India, although before he faced severe opposition. As well Tagore´s song collection; Gitainjali created complaints in India of being anti-religious, but when it was translated into English, it brought him even Nobel prise - the first one to India. While Sarkar reached Philippines the state had arranged official reception, but in India he was heavily opposed during that time. Sarkar and his teachings are also recognized world wide.

One Sarkar´s disciple, Dada, met famous parapsychologist, a consultant to NASA and presidents of many countries, on the plane. He was curious about Dada while he was doing meditation. The man told that he felt very strong vibration on the plane, so he searched its source and found Dada meditating. He asked Dada to give his master´s photo, which Dada gave him only to touch on backside of Sarkar´s photo. The man said he had being searching him all his life etc… Such an attraction Sarkar had and thus so many people came in contact with him, but he never wanted to become famous. He wanted people to find him through his teachings and in their hearts, as a true tantric guru, leader, and scientist.

India was a country where the races started blending in Shiva´s time. Aryans came from North, Mongolians from east, Africans from south blending with the original inhabitants; the Austrics. Shiva came to India in order unite the different races and create order in the society, including marriage system. He also traveled different places in the world with his yak and spread the tantric wisdom and spirituality. Krishna came to India also, while most of the population lived there. Hundreds of kings were ruling the country and fighting amongst themselves. He not only stopped the fighting, but also further uplifted the spirituality, where it had taken already its root.

So India was a proper place for Sarkar also to give his life time spiritual inspiration, all round wisdom, and his effort to unite all the moralists starting from the grass root level to the top - although West might more easily accept his external approach. He started multidimensional organization covering all aspects of human life: spiritual, cultural, science, literature, ecology, medicine, animal and human rights and socio-economics with his Prout.

1979: Some members of Sarkar´s organization had close relationship with president of Switzerland, who could arrange through his embassy Sarkar´s and his delegate´s visas for sudden visit in the country. They spend 10 days in Fiesch with hundreds of margies (proutists) attending the programs. Sarkar told that those mountains were once the highest in the world and 300 millions years old. Himalayas came to existence only 50 million years ago due to collision of tectonic plates and huge earthquake. Sarkar further told that life cells migrated to the peaks of Alps from Mars and advised that archaeologists could trace the evolution of living cells and the different species of plants, animals and human beings there. Sarkar told also that Shiva visited with his yak the Alps 7000 years ago. In Shiva´s time tandava dance was performed with fire and snakes. One margi then caught a snake and danced with hanging it on his hand, the others were dancing with fire torches. Even there was automatic water sprinklers in case of fire and smoke, they didn’t function that time, which was surprising as otherwise they were working, that was the power of the tantric tandava dance perhaps!!!

In Berlin Sarkar visited Berlin wall, he told that one day the people would take it down. About ten years later it became true.

When Sarkar went to Taiwan, he received state quest reception with red carpet on Taipei airport. Several government officials hung very long cloth from the ceiling down to floor with poem written in it. The whole city was decorated and Indian and Taiwanese flags were everywhere. This was because Sarkar won the communists of India and Russia with his court case, so he was kept as hero in those countries like Taiwan, which was fighting against Chinese communists. One day Sarkar was walking in the forest and while talking about plants and animals in Taiwan he also mentioned that Taiwan had huge oil reserves, and would become rich, if the oil would be found and refined. Sarkar stayed 15 days in Taiwan and kept speeches on all those days.

Sarkar told also: The South-American civilization was transplanted from South- India. The Andhra kings used to rule South-America thousands of years ago. People in S-America looks like occidental from outside, but are oriental from inside, because of the S-Indian influence.

The Indian new government, after Indira Gandhi´s torture of Sarkar, changed their attitudes and gave him VIP status, and after that communists stopped also harassing Sarkar and members of the organization.

Sarkar toured all over India. Once while in Varanasi he told that Varanasi was the oldest city in the world (I think it had perhaps different name that time?). Shiva used to go for summer time to Himalayas, but in winter time he used to stay in Varanasi. Baba dictated there the book about Shiva´s life and teachings; Namah Shivaya Shantaya.

Rajasthan is a place were Krishna spent most of his time. It was protecting India from invaders. Sarkar visited also there. He wrote a book about Mahabharata, which tells about the battles in Krishna´s time, 4500 years ago and about Krishna´s life. There was a fight amongst Rajput kings, which helped Muslims to take over the kingdoms of India. Jaipur city in that area is the first planned city in the world. Paris is also planned city.

When Bhopal incident took place, and gas was leaking all over the city, where thousands of people died. There was our school but not even one child became sick or died there, due to strong spiritual vibration that was created there.

In 1930-1940 while Sarkar lived in Calcutta, famous Indian independence fighter Subhash Chandra Bose was in contact with him. Bose revolted against Brithish rule while Gandhi practised his inefficient non-violence.

Sarkar told that in our solar system, in more than 50 planets there was life, and not only life - but people, and not only people – but far more advanced people than us. They are developed in all respect; science, economy (Prout), technology, culture, arts and spirituality. They are telepathic and their thoughts are known to each other.

Once, while with Sarkar, one brother doubted that how Prout could be established ever in the world? Sarkar took a glass and threw it out from the window without saying anything. When the brother left outside, he saw the glass, which Sarkar had thrown unbroken, but the rock under it had broken. Then he understood what Sarkar meant; everything is possible, Prout would not break. At the present huge polarization is going on, but at the end the Prout and spirituality will be victorious.

Sarkar used to do demonstrations on people. Once he asked a brother to meditate and take his mind and go into Kremlin and enter Stalin´s mind. The brother was shocked to see Stalin´s thoughts about planning to set nuclear attacks in many countries including US, India and European countries.
Soon after Stalin died.

Some writings about Stalin and his death:

An American Engineer in Stalin's Russia: The Memoirs of Zara Witkin, 1932-1934. Soviet Union and view of Stalin's bureaucracy - construction bosses whose cover-ups led to terrible disasters.

Modern History Sourcebook - Stalin's Purges, 1935 of the arrest and execution of thousands of perceived enemies of the state.
Nightmare in the workers paradise BBC article 100,000 US citizens who emigrated to the USSR in the 1930’s, and became victims of the Stalin terror Forced Labor Camps - Gulag system.

The mystery of Stalin's death, By Leonida Krushelnycky: March 5.1953, the Soviet leader, dictator Josef Stalin died. Did he die of natural causes following a brain hemorrhage, or was Stalin killed because he was about to plunge the Soviet Union into a war, while its people were in no position to fight?

Out of the ordinary for a man as obsessed with security as Stalin, he gave an order for his guards to retire for the night - he was not to be disturbed.
But actually it was not Stalin who gave the guards the order to go to bed, but by the main guard Khrustalev. The guards slept late the following morning, and so it seemed, did Stalin. Lozgachev was finally sent in to check on Stalin, and he found Stalin making some incoherent noises. His broken pocket watch showed 18.30.

The guards rushed to call Stalin's previous night drinking companions, the Politburo, who did not hurry to help Stalin. Some people think that Stalin was injected with poison by the guard Khrustalev, under the orders of KGB chief Lavrenty Beria. Stalin wanted war - World War III. I.e he said, that there was opportunity to create a communist Europe etc. But Beria, Khrushchev, Malenkov understood it was terrible to begin a war against America because Russia was a country, which had no resources but only nuclear weapons. And Beria knew Stalin had planned on 5 March to begin the deportation of Jewish people from Moscow. At 9.50 pm on 5 March Stalin died. Several millions came to see his body. Several hundred were rumored to have died in the crush.

Robert Wilde, The Truth:
Stalin died on March 5th of a brain haemorrhage. He had series of minor strokes before 1953. Beria and other leading Russians delayed acting, possibly because they wanted Stalin to die and not include them in the forthcoming purge… The doctors found Stalin partially paralyzed, breathing with difficulty and vomiting blood.
Autopsy report has never been found. This missing report, and the actions of Beria during Stalin’s fatal illness, have led some to raise the possibility that Stalin was deliberately killed.

Stalin’s rule – his forced industrialization, his famine causing collectivization, his paranoid purges – killed, according to many estimates, between ten and twenty million people.
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