maanantai 9. tammikuuta 2012

Free or green energy solutions
Efficient solar panels –researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory just announced that they have found a way to create more efficient photovoltaic cells using 50% less energy. It uses intense light …absorbed only by a silicon wafer, not by the walls inside the furnace. The result is more efficient solar panels that are cheaper to produce.
Solar home systems are bringing the benefits of electrical power to millions in rural Bangladesh (see below what Sarkar said before 1990, which has proved extremely successful. More than 500,000 SHS systems have been installed cumulatively as of year-end 2010.

The Düsseldorf International Airport is to switch on one of the largest solar arrays in Germany.

Netanya on Israel
, the new twisted mixed-use tower will be lean on materials, flooded with natural light, and it will generate much of its energy from geothermal resources.

Kenya solar lights;
WakaWaka – a solar LED lamp concept that can fit snugly onto a soda bottle, that hopes to hit the market with a low US$10 price tag, and is equivalent of 2-3 months worth of toxic kerosene fuel. The WakaWaka provide 16 hours of light from one day of solar charge.

And: Npsag Night Light is a conceptual pavilion that harvests solar energy and transmits it back as an event light after dark; a collection of solar powered painted cells which glow in the dark, using just four hours of daylight.

Stephan Boyer, MIT student who has built “The Bullet”: an electric unicycle, semi self-balanced and reaching up to 15 miles per hour.

Freeing energy from the grid. What would happen if we could generate power from our windowpanes? Entrepreneur Justin Hall-Tipping shows the materials
that could make that possible…. These carbon nano-chips are amazing: able to let the sunlight&heat pass through or deflect it as we need; can provide us with visibility in darkness (so our windows during day may become our "light-bulbs" at night) and both store or transfer the energy without a grid. Basically, this technology may enable us to have an access to clean, efficient energy... eventually for free! Which may come in handy when we'll have to desalinate or purify the water we need for drinking and such...

Proutsits have used since eighties bio-gas and solar energy; solar lamps, led torches and some of our friends use technology to reserve home made energy into batteries for later use… etc

Sarkar: The greater the understanding of energy and accordingly of matter also, the greater is one’s right to use matter as an object of enjoyment. The energy remains and maintains the structural solidarity of each and every entity of this universe by taking the form of its container according to the structural solidarity of the different entities.

Fundamentally, energy is “one”, but it has got several expressions. The so-called energies are interchangeable. Sun rays are light energy, which as per the rule, may be converted into electrical energy, sound energy, magnetic energy and so many energies known and unknown to the world. Human vital energy can be converted into magnetic energy as well.

And speed comes from energy. Without energy there cannot be any speed. Everything moves with the help of energy…Rather, energy and movement are inseparable. So there should be maximum utilization of the potentialities of the expressed and emanated energy as well as of the expressed and emanated microvita.

Energy which can be produced on a small scale includes solar energy, thermal power, bio-gas, hydroelectricity, electromagnetic energy, tidal power and pneumatic power.

Two types of power can be developed in Bangladesh…Tidal power would be very cheap to harness there. Solar power can also be harnessed, but this source of power is not so developed yet. It will become increasingly important in the future. If bio-gas is developed it will also help alleviate the scarcity of manure which is chronic in Bangladesh.

Mental force (energy) very often performs the same functions as physical force…And the fat stored in the human body is nothing but its work energy in latent form. When fasting or doing physical labour, it becomes liquefied, and then transformed into vital energy or work energy. So when people perform little manual labour, their fat becomes their enemy and pushes them to their death.

Those who regard atoms of energy as the initial manifestations of Prakrti (nature) and want to deny the existence of consciousness beyond them should know that these so-called atoms of energy are indeed dancing on the bosom of Consciousness Himself.

The practice of Sádhaná aims at converting the crude physical energy into subtle psychic energy, and the psychic energy into spiritual energy or cognitive faculty, and in the final stage enables the practitioner to become one with the Supreme Entity. Thus, in successive stages, sádhaná converts matter into energy, energy into idea, idea into consciousness, and at the highest stage, ensconces one within Supreme Consciousness.