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World goes HUM, Magnetic N-Pole shifting and illuminati

Dutchsinse: North Magnetic Pole is moving towards Siberia increasingly fast; now 60 km/year. In the past several weeks there has been MUCH talk in the main stream media about “warm / mild winter” in the United States (and North-EU). Confirmed reports of the North “pole shift” towards Siberia accelerating: The area in Siberia will become the new center of rotation. This means that the rest of the “magnetic latitudes” have shifted northwest as well; Thus, moving the storm track/jet stream/warmer latitudes northwest towards Siberia. We will still see freezing temperatures for sure — but the long term track on this can only mean ONE thing; that eventually Siberia will be the center of a NEW arctic circle and the rest of the planets weather will adjust around that: warmer weather can be expected along with more tropical conditions in the summer time in North-US (EU). Other related sources: Earth´s polar shift at: Science Daily: Molecule in Earth’s Atmosphere Could ‘Cool the Planet’. No pole shift Nasa: The's magnetic north pole, which was in the northern hemisphere just a few months ago, now points south. Newitt; If the pole continues its current course, it will shoot across the top of Earth and end up in Siberia by mid-century.
Solar activity might be able to help alleviate the space debris issue? During periods of increased solar activity — like now — the sun turns into a passive vacuum cleaner of sorts.

COSMIC HUM! All around the world strange, scary noises heard from the atmosphere, 100 cases. And: in Finland. Ure: Costa Rica the other day –“Hum” out of Kiev is exactly what Elaine heard here at the ranch. First video that makes me believe moon landing by Apollo 11 was hoax. NASA´s deception:

Here one explanation effort: Harmonics may signal massive Earth core slippage. Despite the fact that a few believe the Earth may flip on its axis, that’s not very likely to happen. What is happening is the liquid iron core of the Earth is spinning at a different rate than the planet’s rotation and the slippage is causing a measurable migration of the Earth’s magnetic field. The global skyquakes might be an early warning of the major shift occuring deep beneath our feet…

The British lawyer Higgins called for laws by UN, to make it a crime against humanity to question man-made global warming. London Guardian: Higgins on DESERTEC, “charity of the Club of Rome,” which openly bragged of how it invented the climate change scare for manipulating the people to accept world government.

Homeopathic treatment for radiation disease symptoms: Cadm s, Phosph, Radium Br, stored for emergencies.
China, Indonesia, and Egypt new swine flu; H3N2v: swine-flu-strain. Not only calcium pills, but Fluoride causes deaths by cardiovascular disease. Drug resistant strain of TB sweeping India. The Telegraph India; Ab100-180 Indian children diagnosed with vaccine-associated polio paralysis (VAPP) each year. Amazing Skills from Brain Injuries, The Indianapolis Star: Thyroid cancer on rise by 6.5%. New York going to put scanners on streets, while a battle raging over whether the radiation cause cancer. And speculation that cell phones may reduce lifespan dramatically.; Gucciardi: Cancer drugs make cancer worse and kill patients more quickly. The findings come after research was conducted on the Beth Medical Centre in Boston.

Latest Fulford: The Fed System and the Washington D.C. corporate gov are hoping to offer enough reforms that they can stay in power. Their money has been frozen, by a group that would rather see them all put in jail.

But some doubts there are ab “frozen money” and “codes for accounts”. May be Fulford makes also some wishful remarks, wanting to give hope to people and threaten the cabal, but after all it is great that they are so devoted in effort to change the world better. Besides many things doesn’t happen as the cabal or they themselves plan. Here Fulford explains, that The Feds wants to fund EU, but they do not have any real money to do it with. The real money in the world is mostly in Asia.

The new financial systems coalition/s seems to be also very secretive, Fulford has to dig out all info through his sources - there is no clear administration, public relations. So it is hard to know what they will end up to do, but at least something better than at present. Some selfless spiritual people should be made the advisers of the leadership, (at least they have Marshall Artists) but saints are not the ones making big noise about themselves, and needs to be requested to come forward with their wisdom, morality and selflessness. Anyhow that future will arrive soon that the spiritual people will be respected greatly.

Casper: Our sources say that Fed is not down as others have reported. And most of the money being distributed to Euro Banks by the ECB is originating from the Fed. But we assure you that WE are more certain than before of a positive outcome. But so far bad guys watch their Fiat World collapse around them. And Keep an eye a on the halls of the UK as the exposure mounts. See also White Hats reports:

Kerry about New Financial System: We have a group of people who are acquiescing to a change of the system when those in power will simply use that opportunity to put their NWO in place in the interim. Project Camelot: illuminati... etc.; profound research about Fed, Freemasons and Illuminati. Fed secretly lent out 26 trillion dollars' from 2007 to 2010 -- much of it to foreign banks. That’s almost $100,000 for every man, woman, and child in America (or quarter million robbed from every single family in the US.) The yearly budget of US is “only” $3.5 trillion. Airliners, crumbling roads and bridges could have been fixed and invested in clean energy technologies. The directors and board members of the 12 Fed banks are also running the top financial institutions. They just printed 26 trillion dollars and gave it to themselves. Isn’t it strange that you’ve hardly heard anything about this in the mainstream media, although proven fact? Audit: Svali, Illuminati – until she escaped in1990s. Transcript. Svali: All higher degrees of Freemasons are part of Illuminati. Europe will be the centre of world government. Finnish freemasons initiation rite: Juhani Julin wrote and happened to die after few days, Dec 15 2011:

China has a key role in the 122-nation alliance to take down the Powers that Were. Dec 31st mainstream media article that seemed to be getting people ready for it.

STT–AFP. Russian election mistakes/fraud 3000 cases, but no proof for massive fraud, say the court. Famous Brother Nathanael; ©2012: A new clash of civilizations unfolding before our eyes…In World Economic Forum, Davos 2009 PM Putin to the Judaic-empowered West: “Not only the architecture of global finance is to be changed….system of interaction based on a number of centers should replace a unipolar world (one world order?)”. And Merkel will open the next World Economic Forum in Davos 25.1, which will be attended by global policy makers including U.S. Geithner and 1,600 executives. It begins with a debate on whether capitalism is failing society! AFP: Leading Economists pan idea of new U.S. gold standard.

Two president candidates of Finland were questioned in TV about New World Order, which they have used in their speeches. Lipponen answered, that G-20 is the order that is leading the global economy etc.

Fourth US ship reaching Hormuz. Russian adm is in high alert and will support Iran and Syria and is getting also support of other BRICS countries China, Brasilia ja S-Africa. US naval forces has dropped 12000 soldiers to Libya, Brega, on the most important oil and strategic harbor area. In Finland two president candidates are continuing for the next election. The other is homosexual and other right wing representative.
Previous presidents seems to have been left wing representatives.; People dreaming also about 314. March 14? Web bot prediction hit: tragic sinking of the Costa Concordia in Italy and the mysterious blonde on the ship of state - the decks were named after states of Europe. Clif: We are at the very leading edge of data gap. At least it is on the news somewhat; opposition against SOPA (restrictions over internet). The real cyber war! Feds respond to SOPA and PIPA protests, by launching domain seizure.

UFOs: Unexplained Object Near Sun Heading Towards Earth? Venus Awakens! Amazing Flare Up From The Planet Surface. Finnish Karivieri hypnotised abducted person: More UFOs:

English scientist´s evidence animals´ ESP powers: Animals know owner’s accidents in far away places. Cats try to hide when taken to the vetenarian. Indonesia in 2004: Animals of every species fled the coastline before earthquake.

The Obama adm turned down the Keystone pipeline project this week. Means if we would be leaving the Middle East oil fields, we need all our own oil pipelines… Canada Pledges To Sell Oil To Asia, As US Becomes “Uncertainty”. CNN: The aircraft carrier USS ALincoln arrived in the Arabian Sea. Israel cancelled the drill although US brought already 9000 troops there! DEBKAfile: Israel-US fight? Business Insider: The Pentagon admits the US SEAL team, that stormed Osama bin Laden last May, deployed near Iran.

Sheep mentality: Just five percent of the people decide crowd's direction - and the other 95 percent follow.
Counterpunch: Eva Golinger on US-Venezuela relations…astonishing, in12 years Chavez transformed Venezuela into one of the hemisphere’s most vibrant democracies, with a 50 percent reduction in poverty since 1999 and guaranteed free healthcare, college education, and civil liberties under the constitution. The US build-up against Venezuela has rapidly accelerated. – Chavez diverts money from the 1 percent to the 99 percent at the bottom.

HAARP Luciferian mad scientists; how chemtrails and HAARP work together? Changing the base-line moisture gradients via HAARP and desiccating chemically with barium, aluminium and potassium mixtures - change weather patterns. Steward: Snows were late because of the HAARP manipulation, now more snow storms. Summer coming late in N-America and EU. Mother Nature will fight back to teach the Illuminati a lesson. Fukushima was no accident. Nuclear Scientist Moret; HAARP used Atmosphere above Japan heated before Earthquake. That´s HAARP: "

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