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Yogi Christmas and New Year

My mind is not letting me to forget one small happening that made for me kind of christmas last year. Hoping that the one unknown traveler also and others like minded, would happen to read this... kind of offering of my deep gratitude. The story goes like this:

It is wintertime and I'm staying all alone in the middle of nowhere in Poland. Day before the Christmas eve I had spend most of the night on computer and eventually couldn't sleep at all that night. I did my morning meditation and during that time it came to my mind that it is Christmas time, and although I don't know if the dogs care much about religious events, they would certainly be happy to eat something special. Myself I eat just vegetables and grains etc simple - and may be peanut butter or something, and that's it, so I don't care much about shopping. So I decided to go to city that afternoon and buy some “delights” for the dogs.

During the daytime I started to feel sleepy and sick, but anyhow prepared myself and then walked half kilometer to the main road for waiting a bus, but it never came. A taxi driver passing to other direction stopped and I could understand that much from his Polish that the bus is not coming. Only then I realized indeed it was school holiday. 

I thought of hitch-hiking, but I knew usually it took me hours to wait for some car to pick me up. Obviously my trolley bag didn't inspire anyone to stop, neither my orange yogi clothes in heavily catholic country. I felt so awful and shaky that I couldn't think of waiting for hours. Mentally I told to my Guru; 'if you want our dogs to get some special christmas meal, then you may help me. If nobody picks me up in one hour, then I can't wait more, and our dogs will not get their christmas...' and on and on.

Almost immediately one car picked me up. Luckily the couple were from England, so I was happy that I could speak English with them. The driver asked where I was going, so I mentioned that I wanted to buy some christmas food for our dogs and may be some other things as well, because it was not easy for me to go shopping during holiday and winter time.

I didn't tell him anything about my shaky condition, but after asking me which shop I would go, he told that he will come to pick me up when I finished my shopping. He gave me one hour time, so I happily managed to buy all possible food stuff for the dogs; sausages, snacks, cheese etc. Besides I bought some food for myself and also for the members of our organization who come occasionally to take care of the house or visit. 

I didn't see the English couple before I was paying my goods, only then the driver appeared and carried my things to their car. He was a bit concerned in which condition the road up to our house would be, but he drove me home where the dogs were happily waiting. When he had made sure that I got door lock open, and still asked if everything was OK now, I just felt like tears starting to rise up on my eyes. 

I gave my deep Namaskar, which means; I greet the divinity within you with all my heart, all my mind and all my soul – and I really meant that. After they left I went with the dogs downstairs into warm central heating room and filled their cups with all sorts of “delicacies” and enjoyed by watching them eating. That would have been my christmas present...if I would celebrate the Christmas.

I got also my New Year present, when I struggled to go with one taxi, two buses and one car over the border to neighboring country. One family invited me there together with 75 year old yogi nun from Russia. We did about 5 hours mantra singing and more than 5 hours collective meditations during those two days. Two children of the family joined half of the time us and the baby made the days joyful with her smiling face. I always feel like babies can read a bit our minds, and they do remember their past lives too during some of their first years. It was also nice to hear others' spiritual experiences, cook and eat together, watch thousands of fire crackers zooming on the sky etc. 

The old yogi nun wanted to go parachuting with the family dad, who is a professional, but luckily we other woman folks got her to give up the idea as it was too cold, more than minus 10. She has done it several times before, but now she had just chance to make others to play mysterious games instead. On second Jan I came back to our warm house which was taken care during my absence by one kindly member.

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