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What is the Prout then about !

I think Sarkar mixed well the best sides of Capitalism and Communism and made it fitting for spiritually minded people. The time is approaching, spirituality is on rise. Also the present activists (as we have seen in Occupy movement etc) seek unity and cooperation, which is the practical side of Prout too; local decision making and the co-operatives. We do not make people dump and apathetic (like in communism) by giving same salary to all and to be led from the state bureaucracy, rather we courage them to work according their capacity, inspiration and talents for their co-operative, where they also are part of the management.

One may have desire to have airplane, and why not - but then one has to do some service for others or research or may be just let also others fly. Higher technology is encouraged i.e. in order to shorten working time, and share it, that everyone can have a job. One may do some own business by producing luxurious items etc, but at the end if it becomes too rich it should be made co-operative.

And we also put some ceiling to salary and wealth, because greedy people don't know how to control themselves. There will not be exploitation like in Capitalism. That's shortly Prout, genuine love towards humanity and sharing.

Here still some point about Prout;
Wholistic approach into all aspects of human life: physical, mental and spiritual
Decentralisation of economy; local economy with local leadership and planning
Basic necessities to all – guarantee of purchasing power through employment
Local self sufficiency, especially food
Global solutions concerning climate, human rights, etc. collective interests of humanity
Sustainable development and growth, emphasis on psychic and spiritual
Natural resources – common heritage of the whole human society – righteous and rational distribution.
Ceiling on salaries and wealth – exceptions by collective body
Profit motivation to be replaced with consumption motivation
Private small scale industry: handicrafts, tailoring etc. When growing larger should become cooperative or serve the community.
Mostly cooperatives, collective farms etc. The basic salary would be equal to all, but the surplus would be distributed amongst meritorious. For those in special need or meritorious workers, should be organized incentives, advantages and assistance according time, place and person. Every worker would be encouraged to educate and develop their skills, knowledge and spirituality
Large scale key industry owned by government; special production and services, infrastructure; hospitals, mines, energy production – no loss no profit.
The taxes would be levied rather on production; especially luxury items, unhealthy products, those polluting, unusual natural resources. On transition period some taxation would be still levied on income of the wealthiest.

I have sent letters and Prout hand books to ab 30 world leaders. I have got several answers, and couple of them were not just regular official answers - although not from leaders themselves, but secretaries. I think some of the leaders have also red about Prout already. I have sent also the book to Putin, he seems to be reading it vigorously!!! At least he seems to have got some moral courage to oppose the Western elites endless war mongering and effort to control and manipulate independent countries (including Russia).

Dada S went in Jamalpur with old margi to tour around the places where Sarkar used to move. That old margi told that one day they were with Sarkar. They all were sitting on tigers crave and Sarkar asked the margies to go to some distance. They saw that some strange ab 2 meters tall people came near Sarkar and they started to talk with Sarkar in strange language and he responded with that language. Then they left. Margies were very curious to know who those people were, but couldn't interrupt Sarkar, who kept on talking about other matters like nothing strange had happened. Finally He asked if they were interested to know. And He pointed up to some spot in the sky and told, they came from there.

Google about Prout, Proutscandinavia; Communism, Capitalism and Universalism of Prout

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