sunnuntai 14. lokakuuta 2012

From bottom to light

Wilcock explains his dreams (which many have been very accurate in the past): "I was quite clearly being asked to abandon everything I was already working on --including LIBOR, mass shootings – to stop "fighting" the negative elite". This is one part of David´s dream; David was attacking the one dying negative elite – a person from India or Southeast Asia was watching – and begged David to stop pounding on the “skeleton”: "He's almost gone now. If you attack him it will only make him stronger!"
If given "negative elite" more publicity:… “I would have created fear – and thus actually been making them stronger”. Dozens of his dreams are predicting ´an imminent global event - where Financial Tyranny is fully rooted out and exposed on a mass level. Imminently.... before the end of this year. No more mainstream media lies or mass denial´.

´It will look like very scary economic collapse -- but that we will come through it miraculously unscathed'. David predicted BP oil spill and Fukushima in advance and that we would be OK, while many other people were expecting the worst.

He says that the urgency and strength of the dreams since the beginning of Sept are higher than before any other major event. He expects the outcome to be `ridiculously positive´. Disclosure about all the other humans (ETs) out there -  will heal our planet, and throw us straight into the Star Trek age.

Apparently there are no timelines left in which the negative elite can prevail. Things could get a little crazy for a few days, but it will all work out beautifully. Law of One passage: "In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma." Forgiving others IS forgiving yourself.
The economic collapse might not be that bad, seems. I think humanity need to learn a lesson to surrender. Human beings need to get "panicky" in order to change their lives and habits. This is now happening perhaps…but due to new technologies things will recover fast. DA

Fulford asks: Turkish "war" against Syria is part of a secret plan to restore M-Eastern peace by placing Turkey in charge of the region: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and may be Irak. (???) This would mean the Rothschild plan for region would blow up. 

In the US key leaders of the Sabbatean sect or Khazarian mob are being cut off from outside world. Unknown parties acted to prevent funds from falling into the hands of the usual bunch of old world, as secret horse-trading continues around as the attempt to create a fascist world government collapses.

China’s long term plan is to take over Japan. China has 10 times the population of Japan and that they could best accomplish their goals through peaceful means like immigration, purchases of Japanese corporations, student exchanges etc. Chinese immigrants in the Japanese workforce was also to flood Japan with 100 million boat people. 

WDS suggested to speed up the Asian integration process by moving some of the capital city functions of Beijing to Japan as part of the international economic planning agency, with services of the Pentagon. 

There were also parallel secret negotations about gold, oil and replacing the US dollar. In the US, the Pentagon with the US militia coordinate the dismantling of the US Corporation and to restore the Republic of the US. Thus key cabal members have already started vanishing one by one from public view.

Pope and Queen funneling billions to get Obama re-elected - against the Bush crime family who want Romney in power. In either case it will be decided behind closed doors and Mossad companies, who count US votes. The pentagon and the agency guys say they will make sure the election does not go ahead until democracy is restored. They are working with one militia group linked to Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul and “Drake.” But only believe it when you see it.

Some articles: Europeans did not inherit pale skins from Neanderthals:

Beeswax Filling Dentistry; Prehistoric builders reveal trade secrets:

Ex-butler 'abused Pope's trust':
Massive German War Plane Wreck Found:

Pyramids Found in Italy: Nazi-acquired Buddha statue came from space: Alien Planets Found Around Cluster of Stars:

NASA turns to 3-D printing for self-building spacecraft:

Britain spent nuclear fuel to power deep space craft:
Space surgery possible with zero-gravity tool:

The ultimate fabric of the universe:

"We can't tell you how we're going to stop crude oil". Two quantum physics guys Nobelated today. Something to worry about; USGS data... large earthquakes - continuing to increase. Executive order 13528 of Jan 11, 2010".  6.4 off New Zealand Meningitis Ourbreak may involve upwards of 13,000 is the latest guestimate.

Ure, urbansurvival: This will keep you warm on this cool fall nights...graphical mapping of US (and other) nuclear tests. Louisiana sinkhole has enough methane in it to be harmful.  Cliff’s “coastal event” is obvious. Courtney Brown’s Farsight confirmation of webbot prediction regarding global coastal event. Multiple parallel timelines to consider.

OK, meningitis in nine states now.  Patrick Geryl: CME hit today... possible earthquakes. In Sept  we had an unexplained earthquake while the Earth was hit by a proton storm...   If we don't have a 7 plus quake today or tomorrow, then it is possible Oct 12-13."…. the 6.0 down south

S- Korea this weekend, the gas was poisonous. "National Bank of Canada foreclosing Americans' homes ". Pope Benedict named 12th Century mystic, Saint Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) a Doctor of the Church. Why?   Wikipedia: Hildegard apocalyptic visions.  The Catholic Encyclopedia . Pope could be the next to last…  By the way:  Chavez may be effectively president for life since his health issues....

CIA’s Free Syria Army Vows to Carry Out Attacks in Lebanon. Effort to ignite a wider and more consequential war in the Middle East well underway
Obama No Different Than Chavez: Hugo Chavez’s re-election in Venezuela.
Lockheed Martin to Control Pentagon’s Global Information Grid .They already do.

Sarkar:  Only dreaming of a bright future will not suffice. One must remember that all the potentialities of the future lie embedded as seeds in the womb of the present, just as the blossoms of the present were sown in the past. 

Human beings want to channelize their whole range of vision towards the bright future – a future which will transcend all individual or group interests, all territorial limits of countries and states, and transform the fates of many people into one destiny. Human beings no longer want to rely on so-called providential favour.

Forget the past. Be the [vanguard of] a bright future; and the crimson light of that future breaks on the eastern horizon. We should welcome it – we must welcome it. There is no alternative but to welcome it.

Living beings are more physical than psychic, but in the future they will become more psychic than physical.

Those who predict the future by scrutinizing a particular individual’s mode of living, conversation, the letters of their name, certain solar or lunar dates, traditional ideas, etc. based on certain processes, or else those who are able to give some hint of the future after having visualized it by dint of a little concentration of mind, are called iikśańaka or iikśańika. This science of iikśańa has yet to become a fully developed science. 


And lets remember that we should not take any side in the battle between evil forces, which eventually will destroy themselves. We should concentrate now on establishing Prout. There seems to be anyhow more and more positive forces coming up, so the day when they will accept Prout, to stand for the welfare of entire humanity  - might not be that far anymore.

Google also; Proutscandinavia, Galloping jump into future

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