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Disclosure race going on

Short cut From Wilcock; Positive ET's are forcing cabal to disclose. If they don't, the positive ones will do it. The negative Dracos are muscular 14 feet tall; The current Pinder, leader of the Illuminati is the Rothschild family. The Cabal's prophesied histories (by Dracos etc) are revealed as fraud causing many defections to the 'light' side

Besides Dracos, the Dark Fleet includes; Insectoids, Mantis, Hybrids. Reptilians. Earth as "the experiment. " Our DNA is consisting of many origins, easy to upgrade when galactic shift happens. Our solar system is in a very special place in galaxy, because there is portal to other galaxies very close to earth, which other races use constantly. The Solar Warden want to end the money slavery and bring new tech to humanity. They use organic replicators, such as hemp oil.
First sphere the size of neptune showed up on the outskirts of the solar system; Petterson. Photo of sphere; In 2012 hundreds planet size spheres appeared in the solar system. The Sphere beings, Alliance/Blue Avians are also working with Putin. Photo of Blue Avians;

They are the Ra the brothers and sisters of sorrow, because they made a mess here and now they have to clean it up. The Sphere beings has upgraded Solar Warden's fleet and tech, I.e with non lethal weapon, which increases the size of metals, making cabal weapons useless. No more any major war. Russian Onyx missile can't be found on radar. (Putin's craft also made US ship to stand still in Caspian sea, DA). AEGIS here was destroyed nov 2014. Cabal got really scared. 
The "rods of the gods" bolts can be dropped from space to destroy underground bases. Bitcoin was made by the alliance for exchange when the Cabal FRN collapses. AIIB and BRICS alternatives. Some cabal tech for exposing the future have shown that solar shift will happen in 2016 – 2017 [here]. The Cabal has been still left with HAARP, Chemtrail tech, and mind control.

The ascension shift before 2018; The Dark groups that chose STS (service to self) will experience a 'world ending scenario'; super volcanoes go off, due to karma. The massive solar event is pushing humanity to fourth density; telepathy, clairvoyance, astral travel, etc. There are 50 tall "Stasis beings" from Atlantean time are on earth inside a time bubble underground waiting for the ascension. They are starting to wake up now. 
April 24; The US Treasury; Debt Has Been Frozen for 21 Days? US government taking money out of people's accounts. WE have no idea of the immensity of the coverup. And UFO doing disclosure in San Diego; NBCS;

Russians plan to find ET life in 10 years: “To improve the effective use of budgetary funds in the creation of competitive products of the rocket and space technology...” And; new slide of Roswell ET taken by Bernard Ray, found after his death in 1998 by Milenio TV.  Britain; ttp:// and Read more. ETs See also Draco, reptilian ET; Five Photos for Friday #9. Lots of aliens;
Truthers blaming each other; GDuff Roasted by Stew Webb, Glenn Canady, Gene Chip Tatum etc; Fulford; I am sometimes in direct contact with Gordon Duff and think for the most part he is trying to do the right thing. Duff once admitted putting out disinformation (in order to survive), so I know he is a controlled source. The Boston bombing and the Baltimore riots are clearly exercises aimed at establishing the feasibility of implementing martial law. (Jade Helm and Gordon Duff;

The fact that the UK, Germany, France, Italy etc. agreed to sign up with the AIIB is a sign the Chinese are working with certain Western cabal factions. And

I have had my own war with Duff, - I will nail a truth, and two or three days later the duffer will publish the exact same topic and spun in with so much crap it is seriously damaged. Two people involved in trying to expose Gordon Duff’s censorship have had attempts on their lives. Apple watch needs to see your blood, link and Someone;

Baltimore and Freddie Gray; In that area there is thick secret cord or cable from a military base (Massachusetts area?) extending into the Atlantic ocean as communication line. If Russia were to attack, they would not want to lose it. They (US) have to be on high alert...any reason to keep an over abundance of military in that area is needed...Secondary reason for the rioting is due to upcoming elections; having a problem and being the solution to be the hero to the people. Freddie Gray's injuries got worse, when he had the altercation with the police, ultimately some kind of infection settled in.

Karen Hudes and The Vatican - being lined with gold. People have paid high prices for both protection and communication with a higher power, ETs. These ETs are neutral. Portal exists near the Vatican in which these ETs travel. Karen Hudes is aware of this. ETs have elongated heads, and the Vatican tries to mimic their appearance??? Hudes is trying to bring things open, but is being treated like a traitor to discredit her. By they way - CIA caught again on cocaine business; 
From Gene Chip Tatum; The Flim Flam Men; after all information of past presidential families' misdeeds, the public just may allow the return of one of those to the White House! I was fortunate (or unfortunate – depends) enough to work for every president since LBJ. The Clintons and their mysterious circle of death (101 to date)...The Bush Crime Family, their Drugs, Uranium, Money Laundering, and  war enterprises; and;

A bit more from Fulford; the bankruptcy of the West was postponed... Pentagon is undertaking moves against China. Earthquake in Nepal was generated using high energy electronic warn both China and India. The basic message was “only the Pentagon can defend India against China”... and that Chinese moves in the South China Sea is evidence China is an aggressor. (Now May 2, China says U.S. welcome to use civilian facilities in South China Sea, And US rejects China's suggestion... S-China Morning Post.)

US pretending its debts have stopped increasing since March 15;
They are cooking their books. The same is true of the Eurozone...
Setting up a new meritocratic agency to take over the functions of the IMF and World Bank has been agreed by British, Vatican, Chinese, Pentagon and BRICS (to be announced soon?); see Alcuin and Flutterby (British Intelligence ?);

The Pentagon Veteran’s Today about the Khazarian mafia; The US Khazarians are fighting for their lives; civil war fighting in both sides in Syria and Irak. The EU have offered the Egyptians the control of Libya’s oil in exchange for stopping African refugee flood to EU, courtesy of ISIS.

The Chinese try to alter the genes of a human embryo, GMO homo Sinensis? These are the sort of issues a meritocracy could cope with; And
Russia signs up to $100 bn BRICS fund to rival IMF; Moscow is expected to contribute $18 billion.
Greece Muncipal Union refuses to hand over “Confiscated” Cash To Central Bank; Bloomberg confirms; “they won’t transfer cash reserves to Bank of Greece.” Snowden gave an interview to German TV network ARD. YouTube keeps removing it as soon as it is posted, here: Snowden points out in this;, that NSA and Pentagon officials disclose their desire to kill him, because Snowden has LOT more info to be released. And disinformaizone has begun? ; And

Nerves at edge; WSJ Slams Bernanke: “Stop Blaming Everyone” For Your Mistakes. Zero Hedge; The mainstream is beginning to sound a lot like some fringe blog. Police introduce UFO;

Many talk about bad, negative people going to end up having to experience all calamities on 3 dimension, while all the good, positive people will go to enjoy into 4 dimension. I feel that a bit strange idea, and nobody seems to explain what it really means. What I think will happen is that those who are positive, spiritually and service minded don't need to experience all the calamities, dangers etc personally, because their intuition and other higher spirits protect them, but they will live amongst those that are affected. 

I have seen this protection happening all the time amongst our yogis and family people. We all do sincerely meditation, live healthy life style and do service, and we seldom get into accidents, or get hit with calamities etc. Just some examples; in India during earthquake our members and schools in the area were protected, while the surrounding neighbour's schools and homes crashed down. Now during Nepal quake nobody has so far being hurt. During Congo war there were reports coming that our people were miraculously saved while fightings were racing around. The same thing we experience in our daily travels, working in projects, and even when people are attacking us directly. Although sometimes it happens - when someone seems to need a lesson...! 

Anyhow we should prepare a bit for calamities and crises, nothing will save us if we just think we will become divine at once...And also the world will not hop into 4 th dimension at once. I think the "4th dimension" is rather individual experience - gradual transformation into more spiritual outlook. Saying that the 3 rd dimension beings will experience calamities and those going into 4 th not, sounds again like hell and heaven religion.

What comes to negative, STS people, they seem to experience all the horrors easily, as they don't have any protection, and their karma puts them into situations where they have chance to realise that they have to change their direction. Our duty is to try to help them to change and come along to the Golden Age, which is for all. DA

Some links to my previous writings; GoodETxSG shortly

101-year-old rescued after Nepal quake as fears grow in rural areas. Nepal's earthquake claimed at least 7,200 lives and sicknesses spreading. Our AMURT relief team in Nepal is requesting not to send funds to their account, because Nepal government is stealing the money!!! DA.
PR Sarkar, helped person A to remote view ETs; take your mind to planet of the star Asvin. Does life exist there? A; yes. PRS; what kind of life? A; human life. PRS; does this life bear any resemblance of human life on earth? A; no they have different physical structure. PRS; what is the standard of spiritual civilization? A; they are far more advanced than human beings on earth. Their young children are initiated into advanced process of meditation.
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