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A bit more US, UK, EU and - GMO !

Wilcock made unbelievable claim that some people are tens of thousands of years old, due to some secret tech from ETs. (???). Anyhow; Scientists Discover the Secret to Keeping Cells Young. It may be possible to slow and even reverse ageing by keeping DNA 'packaged'. D Rockefeller's sixth hearth transplant succesful at age 99...
Sarkar; If people could give senility and death the slip by replacing old glands with new ones, what else could they want? Humanity is now capable of doing this through medical science. One of the reasons the physical body dies is, because its glands become old and weak. So death can be postponed, if a person’s glands are replaced.

Of course humans will not achieve immortality…Mental feelings like “I am”, “I do”, etc., are expressed by the brain. Naturally the brain will become fatigued and distorted if its existence is prolonged and it is used incessantly. If the entire brain is replaced, the whole personality will undergo radical changes. In such a case a new personality emerges and the former one ceases to exist.
Prince William and Kate's Baby; in order to be sure to get healthy baby and right sex, genetic engineering (in both her pregnancies) was used. The baby is slightly older than they are admitting, the "powers" wanted this baby tied to a date in May, moon cycle. She was even told to wear a "fake belly" to hide the true date... to earn approval from a higher force (the Queen or even higher?). Please keep in mind they brought a beautiful life into the world. It only takes one person to ascend in order to move many people. I see this baby with some kind of light about her. Diana is very connected to her (guide to her).
William and Kate's Princess shares birthday 2 May, with David Beckham (long time friend of the royals). David praised the royal couple's parenting skills. (!) May 2 was also a birthday for Catherine the Great, leader of Russia (1729 to 1796); and; born several days earlier and kept secret.... Kate had worn a fake pregnancy belly.

See more; Kate Middleton Nurse J Saldhana was killed, because she became knowledgeable of "odd" practices - like a ritual of sorts and also the royals were telling her how to fill out paperwork, (birth?) times, dates, etc;
Draco movie for fun; Or you may listen: ‘Alien sounds’ recorded by infrared microphones aboard a Nasa student balloon experiment. London Telegraph. NASA’s NExSS to Lead Search for Life on Distant Worlds; And UFOs Confront Soldiers During War; And Multiple Reports of UFO Activity in Philippines. And police introduce UFO;

New photo by NASA on Mars crater called Spirit of St. Louis; (see if any alien happens to be there, DA). Corey ( commented on article we posted back in 2014; Having worked with and knowing these groups this is very very close to accurate!!!: The Reptilian Aliens and the Council of the 13 ‘Royal’ Families; the true current Pindar is the head of the Rothschild family, based in Germany near Frankfurt. Excerpts from Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict & Creation.

According Kerry Project Camelot; During one week, several alternative media personalities 'have been taken off line'. Kerry was struck by pinched nerve, could not interview Mark Richards. Mike Harris was 'safe', with Keshe in Italy. Jeff Rense got car accident. Gordon Duff, dropped 2 journalists from VT. She thinks it is perhaps an attempt to push both Fetzer and Webb into saying things that may get them taken down...due to Jade Helm? which could either be a major distraction in one part of the U.S. while false flag in another part...or be a veil to round up some patriot leaders...

And how Mike Harris gets it; Kerry's recent poorly veiled attack on me... is a sign of dementia. I like Kerry... There were no botched assassination attempts. One man likely had a minor stroke while driving. The other is a known liar and drunk, simply making things up for attention. Just because Wal-Mart has closed some stores for remodeling and plumbing upgrades, does not mean FEMA camps. (!!!) And Kerry, Divided We Fall.
Sarkar; Behind all the strife, cruelty and mistrust within humanity, there is misguided intellect. That is, intellect is not moving on the right path – it is not connected to the collective welfare. Until changes are effected in the human mind, no permanent world solution is possible. (1979)
Related to JH; Jimstone consider Fulford to be an ally. 'Really good read, even if not totally accurate.' The Photographs of gold owners... Jimstone: 'The file name "DSC_0287" is 100 percent consistent with this being 100 percent real, and having Fulford be 100 percent connected directly with these people he is talking about. It could not possibly be more credible than this. Fulford is first contact after the photos were taken on a very new camera and the file name proves it.'

Stew Webb and Jeff Rense... Jimstone ab Webb slandering Fulford by calling him a "disinformation agent; 'I witnessed it myself; I received report about Fulford from Stew Webb. Webb may have been trying to be honest, but I knew too much about Fulford already to get on the bandwagon. Fulford says ab Jeff Rense's nonsense about Fukushima, I could not possibly aggree more, Rense really slept with the dogs with regard to Fukushima!'

Jimstone: 'I think Rense probably was the victim of a murder attempt, because he is doing a great job with -"herd" culling brain eating vaccines. Saudi king Salman fired indeed crown prince Muqrin and Saud Al Faisal as Fulford claim'.

Jade Helm update from Cobra; Jade Helm military exercise will give the Positive Military much needed real life simulation intel for the time of the Event. The cabal tries to spin it and disseminates fear based scenarios as part of their psychological warfare Light forces have said very clearly that the martial law in the US will NOT be introduced under any circumstances. They have also strongly suggested that everyone remains calm and does not engage in any conflicts the Cabal might try to engineer. Cobra Update - May 7, 2015

Drake say it’s pretty much impossible for 1200 troops to invade and subjugate an entire nation. The military IS practicing for martial law, however—but not against the American people. They are going to be going after the US Corp. government criminals. Very soon. Read more.
Garland shooting: Twitter suspends account that warned about a ‘Texas attack’ 15 min before incident. London Independent; Account show allegiance to both al-Qaeda and Isis. Obama is about to use Special Forces to put Texas under martial law; I find it very interesting that the first "ISIS" attack on U.S. soil corresponds so neatly with the start of Jade Helm. The White House; Too soon to say if ISIS behind Texas attack. Martial Law Preparations Confirmed.  

And US Federal Govt falls apart right before your eyes. Armstrong. Calm before storm; It is not a bad idea to have a minimum of 2 weeks of food and water just in case of short term or minor disruptions. "Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it". GoodETxSG.
Five WalMarts closed (more later) by 4D STS and 3D, Mossad...will be used for Military/civilian command centers... DHS or FEMA. These WalMarts are chozen due to size, suitability, location - ultimately will be connected to Jade Helm. They expect something coming down... "War games" against masses - "things" tend to "happen" during such exercises. And Boeing military jet disappeared from the radar over the English Channel for one hour due to 4D bleedthrough. Glitches making the PTB nervous.,38163.msg573317.html#msg573317.

Fulford; The Feds try to use unrest to trigger a civil war to hide their own problems. “Jade Helm” is a psychological warfare operation against the US people and military... and attempt to give credibility to fake opposition Stew Webb and Jeff staging murder attempts against them. Stew Webb had slandered me as “disinformation agent” in order to get me to say something hostile about Webb, just before the “attack” on him, and a scheduled, but cancelled, US broadcast of me on “Caravan to Midnight”. ”Jeff Rense is a front for the Bush family...

The Pentagon is thinking of allying with the Yemeni Houthis to carry out regime change in S-Arabia. (???) Facebook chief death was message to the Rockefellers, (who own Facebook); high tech industry in California would be under military control now;
US and Chinese secret gold history was revealed to WDS and Chinese royals in meeting. Manchu gold owners ($30 trillion), Kim Hee and Zhang Zhi has published their photos to secure their life (after several attempts to kill and replace them with look alikes):
The US Fed (Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller) are being asked to pay their debts in gold. The red shirt movement in Thailand, the “Arab spring”, invasions of Mali and Libya, and tsunamies of Haiti and Japan were all aimed to get their gold by US. And now Obama regime sucking up to Iran, because of Persian gold $46 trillion. The Iranians responded by blaming the US for 911.

Related: China's physical gold withdrawals from Sanghai gold exchange; And Golden Lily. And And And US loan applications fell by 40% on year. Over 6000 US retail shops recently closed;
Nerves at edge; WSJ Slams Bernanke: “Stop Blaming Everyone” For Your Mistakes. Zero Hedge; The mainstream is beginning to sound a lot like some fringe blog. Newsweek wanted comment from Finnish lawyer Hellevig just whether Finnish army reserves would be called, but the matter became serious according Newsweak; 'This article was edited to update a response from the Finnish DM and president.... Comments from Jon Hellevig were removed after previous offensive remarks were brought to our attention'....but anyhow they got also some pro-Russians interviewed; Finland boosted the readiness
Around the World. What is going on?? France (DRI build up into NSA) moving in the same direction as many countries; gradually tightening control over the people.There is an overall fear of people awakening. The Australian (New S-Wales) government has increased helicopter flights around residential areas due to worry that other country is trying to sneak in to occupy. The people are under close observation to make sure this doesn't happen. 
Some countries are trying to bully Philippines and take ownership of the land (China?). Ultimately, the Philippines have to make deals (for protection) to remain independent. A famous leader Mr Lee Yew of Singapore has just passed away. He worked on alliances and ways to improve the entire socioeconomic system. He encouraged education, family (quality not quantity)...with beliefs much like Hitler, for good or bad? 
Eight executions carried out in Indonesia (2 Australian) due to drug trafficking. President is being paid off by some drug traffickers, because they don't want outside people coming in and taking their business? Indonesia killed, raped, and tortured W-Papuan tribals due to wanting the resources desperately, to get their economy healthy to "compete" with the rest of the world.
Sarkar; The same polarization is taking place now as occurred in the past…The struggle between the good and the evil forces terminates in the latter’s rout – Only remain vigilant that the evil forces under no circumstances receive any indulgence from your side.
Jimstone is tortured again; both New mail box and .is mail boxes are blacklisted due to spamming, when no mail was ever sent from the jstonemail box and the other .is mail box only sent replies. He has put now synagogues and Israel embassy IDs to be hacked by people. It is WAR TIME! (I didn't put the link to embassies or synagogues here, as I don't know if revenge is so good, who knows. You may find them here if you want;, DA)

And I told you so! The NSA has, on file, provided by your cell phones, everything you have ever said around them, since 2006. Call me B.S and wait for next 'Snowden, MSM news'. If you want to see the Mossad in action, it does not get any better than this Click here
His GMO chicken video, is now confirmed by The L.A. Times; Scientists have already made genetic changes to thousands of organisms. New technology allow common scientists implement changes to DNA permanently and passed through the generations'. Now that the genie is totally out of the bottle they are informing the public. A reader: 'I decided to go take a look at the Chickensaurus drumsticks. Wow. They really are huge. And ashen coloured.' And GMO, T4 nanobots (in vaccines). Never get a shot...although they are now making it compulsory. And the rumors were true: Scientists edited the genomes of human embryos;

The jellies started washing up all over US beaches, Photo: Dead Velella perhaps billion, experts say. KOMO, The Weather Channel, Beach Connection, The Oregonian and Malibu Times, Blue Jellyfish Taking Over Malibu Beaches... By ENENews. And Thousands of Farmers in India Rise up Against Monsanto; known for causing suicides in India.

And weather wars going on?; And Ft. Worth / Dallas Texas man made microwave generated tornadoes....Another large volcanic eruption in Chile, Major unrest all over. And major Earthquake activity in the US; Michigan, Texas, Mississippi, California, Idaho And Washington. Michigan was just hit by the worst earthquake seen there in more than 60 years?
Sarkar; For a person who has no food to eat, who suffers from the cold weather due to want of clothing, who is forced to live under the sky due to lack of shelter, will it ever be possible to turn to spiritual practices? 1966.
Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust: Myth and Reality; All of the belligerents in World War II are guilty of falsifying info, and must be condemned for this moral transgression. Poland summons U.S. ambassador over FBI head's Holocaust remarks; And did you know, that writing against holocaust is criminal in 14 EU countries!
Sarkar; It is usually found that those who are victorious in war try others once the war is over, as if they had a holy dispensation... In the last world war the Allied Forces (England, France, USA and USSR) were victorious and the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy and Japan) were defeated. The Allied forces passed judgement on many so-called war criminals without properly verifying who were guilty and to what extent. 1988.
Here is more Disclosure race going on

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